559 Self Improvement and Personal Growth Affirmations That Will Change Your Life

In our journey of life, it is important to strive for positive growth and constantly be our better self.

Through positive affirmations, we can develop the right mindset to help us achieve that.

Whenever you are feeling down or feel stagnant, make use of this list of self improvement and personal growth affirmations to lift your spirits and keep on going.

Do not let depression set in!

Use it to stay motivated and serve as inspiration as you chase your goals.

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How to use affirmations?

Identify the negative thoughts that you wish to get rid of or something that you wish to manifest.

Affirmations work in both scenarios, but you need to be clear about what you want.

Use the following list as a source of inspiration and guidance. 

You may use any affirmation as it is, or modify it to make it your own.

The key thing here is that the affirmations MUST resonate with you and is a statement you truly believe in.

Pick out at least 2 affirmations and start using them. 

Begin a routine of practicing at least twice a day of reciting the affirmations with each session lasting 3-5 minutes.

Repeat each one 10-15 times daily. You can do this in front of a mirror, or speak out loud, or do it in your mind. Do not skip any sessions.

Download and print out your own affirmations worksheet below to use as a guide for manifestation.

Stick it on your mirror/journal/vision board, or anywhere you can easily access throughout the day so that it can serve as a constant reminder to you. 

Alternatively, you can check out our Daily Positive Affirmations Cards that is designed and organized for you.

All you need to do is print them and take it everywhere you go!

Be patient! It usually takes a month or so to see results.

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List Of Self Improvement and Personal Growth Affirmations

The list below aims to help you create the right positive mindset as you move forward and improve yourself and your life.

Whether you are a student, someone new to the work force, or a seasoned professional, or anyone, you can certainly benefit from practicing these affirmations daily. 

The list is long and gives you a lot of options.

Pick out a few that resonates with you the most and start your affirmations journey here and now. 

Here’s what you can expect to find.

Affirmations For Growth Mindset

I embrace the many ways I’ve already grown.

Each and every day I challenge myself to accomplish greater things.

I embrace the possibilities and potential of this day.

I know that my growth will help me feel good about myself, and the people around me will feel better about me, too.

Roadblocks are simply shortcuts to something better than I had planned

I give myself completely to my purpose and my purpose gives me completely to success and happiness.

I joyously leap out of my bed and greet my morning with a glad heart.

I will surround myself with positive people.

I was made with divine intention.

Everyday, in every way, I am getting better and better.

I fully accept myself and know that I am worthy of great things in life.

I am totally committed to improving life.

A bright new day dawns for me.

I expect to succeed.

I myself do fully trust the expansive process of love.

I am in the process of positive change and I deserve the best.

I am the kind of person who is always learning and discovering.

I commit myself to my own personal growth.

I am a beautiful person, inside and out

I deserve to evolve.

If I stay committed, I will reach my potential exactly when I should.

Personal growth is an important part of my life.

I am constantly evolving for the better.

I am becoming an independent and powerful human being.

I am transforming into someone who is always learning, discovering, and developing.

My growth as a character makes all of my relationships more satisfying. It also inspires others to do the same.

I celebrate what it is that makes me unique and unrepeatable.

I will improve one day at a time.

I enjoy commuting to work, and use this time to improve my mind.

This week I am breaking new ground in my life and it feels great.

Nature doesn’t hurry, yet all is accomplished.

I remain focused on what matters.

Every day I learn new ways to improve my life.

I am my best source of inspiration.

I have the right to take up space.

I am happy to take steps toward my potential, because I can see how good it will feel to get there.

Every day, I can grow by at least 1%.

I am a unique and very special person and worthy of respect from others.

I narrate the story of my life.

Today I am attracting the people, places, and things that are perfect for my growth.

I can overcome obstacles in my life.

I wish happiness and success for everyone I meet.

Don’t get stuck.

Every day I set aside time to consciously develop my life and my character.

I have the power to create the life of my dreams.

My passions are my calling.

I am becoming the best version of myself.

I invest time and energy towards improving my life.

Today I am planting the seeds of growth in my life.

I don’t worry about the things I can’t control.

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Affirmations For Self Confidence

Today I am entering new and exciting realms in my life.

I thrive on every opportunity to become more than I have ever been before.

I love and accept my body completely.

Nature does not hurry, yet all is accomplished.

Today old paradigms are falling as I find new and better ways to live.

I choose to live confidently.

I will achieve success in every area of my life.

I am happily moving my life onward and upward.

I am committed to being the best person I can be.

I feel proud of myself when I put my distractions aside and do something that will help me grow as a person instead.

I choose to improve my life, and I take steps every day to achieve this goal.

Take the faith and courage of the ancestors with you.

Every day I am expanding my capabilities.

I am interconnected with everything in the universe.

I am a work in progress, but what a work I am.

I am happy to help other people grow with me.

All is well, right here, right now.

I live a balanced life.

I can gain knowledge in anything if I’m willing to learn.

In the eye of the storm, I remain calm.

Each day I find it easier to take action and go after the things that make me happy.

The blessed awe within me is growing each instant.

I must be the change I wish to see in the world.

If I want something I’ve never had, I must do something I’ve never done.

Today, I open my mind to the endless opportunities surrounding me.

It is in the brokenness that I am healing.

I can accept criticism without taking it personally.

I am starting to make positive changes in my life.

Leave it better than you found it.

I enjoy seeing every task as an opportunity to improve.

I find new opportunities to help me grow.

Today I risk for my reward.

I believe in my ability to succeed.

I am gentle and forgiving of myself.

Today I am taking one step beyond where I have gone before.

In no time at all, I’ll be far down the road.

I’m optimistic about the future.

Whenever possible, I listen to inspiring words and motivating music.

I surprise myself every day.

Today I am building bridges from the world that is to the world I choose.

I am determined to become the best person I can be.

I expand my potential by learning something new every day.

I will keep making progress.

Most of the limitations in my life are fictional.

I have complete confidence in myself.

I believe in the goodness of people.

Negativity is banished from my world.

Today I am working on improving my skills.

I focus on what is in my power – and ignore what I can’t control.

I am improving myself.

I am totally committed to making positive changes in my life.

Self Improvement and Personal Growth Affirmations

Affirmations For Success In Your Life

Every day I work to be better.

I embrace my full potential, even if it makes others feel uncomfortable.

It is never too late to be what you might have been

I take total responsibility for improving my life.

I am worthy of love.

I put my best effort into everything I do.

I was born worthy.

I am consciously finishing the unfinished business in my life.

All difficulties that enter my life are an opportunity for learning and growth

I release my need to impress others.

I celebrate my victories and embrace my failures as opportunities to learn and grow.

I look forward to facing challenges as opportunities to grow.

I control my effort and my attitude.

I am the prize.

I am willing to change and grow.

I see how far I’ve come, and I know how much further I can go.

Personal growth and development are important to me.

My life is filled with one positive experience after another.

I move outside my comfort zone because I know it is the only way to grow.

Every day I fill my mind with empowering new ideas.

Sadness is a stepping stone to happiness.

The only person ahead of me is me from 10 years into the future.

I struggle, but I grow. I fall, but I get up.

I have many strengths, skills, and talents.

I take every opportunity to expand my mind and improve my life.

I will succeed.

I am thankful for everything in my life.

People will like me if they truly get to know me.

What doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger.

Bring the rain. I’m eager to grow.

Bring the sunshine. I’m ready to bloom.

I am committed to making the person I am today an improvement of who I was yesterday.

I constantly learn and grow.

I deserve pleasure in my life.

My presence is my power.

Today I’m strong and I understand.

Every day I push myself a little further.

I can find happiness in every moment.

My life is filled with possibilities.

Today I am taking action to bring the life I want into alignment.

My life is getting better and better.

I know that positive change is but a thought away.

I make peace with each of my mistakes, because they are in the past.

Every weakness I think I have is an angel whispering grow, grow.

I make use of every experience in my growth.

Every activity I perform helps to improve my life.

I am harnessing my inner peace and power.

I am happy, thankful and grateful now that wealth, growth and prosperity comes to me easily in an increasing number from multiple sources on a continuous basis.

I live in harmony with myself and others.

Having confidence in myself is becoming easier with each passing day.

I am courageous and confident.

Affirmations For Life Direction

I embrace any progress that I can make.

I let go of all reasons and excuses for not improving my life.

I am in the process of creating the perfect me.

I constantly work to improve my talents and skills.

Today and every day, I do at least one thing that stretches me.

I am dedicated to my passions in life.

Every day I ensure that I expand and improve.

I can change my thoughts and mindset with practice.

I naturally expect to succeed at whatever I’m doing.

I improve my life with each passing day.

I believe that self-improvement is natural and healthy.

Today I am aligned with energies that heal my past and grow my future.

Nothing will stand in my way.

I ask for help when I need it.

I critically question and reject negative stereotypes and society’s lowered expectations of black leaders.

I am creating positive changes in all aspects of my life.

I have all the material luxury I need.

My limits yesterday are my starting point today.

I greet this day with gratitude.

I am committed to doing something new every day to improve myself.

Today I exchange my need to always be right for my need to always be growing.

I am absolutely thrilled with the new me I am creating.

I begin every task by thinking of better ways to accomplish it.

I listen to motivational recordings regularly.

I read and listen to positive self-improvement material every day.

I am completely inspired to be the very best I can be.

I read motivational books every day.

I am committed to making my own improvement a higher priority than short-term pleasure. My distractions can wait.

I am putting my life in order so that I may expand and grow.

I am love.

Small changes on a daily basis lead to big changes over time.

I live a life filled with meaning and purpose.

I am always changing and growing.

I am purpose.

I am meant to do big things. I embrace that.

What you harvest in your mind, manifests in your life.

I will overcome any challenges.

Troubles melt away and are replaced with peace and contentment.

I am always open-minded to opportunities that will help me grow.

Today I begin a new life.

I like who I am, but I am also inspired to improve my being.

I am powerful.

I am surrounded by positive vibrations.

There is the life that I live and the life that I want.

I have the power to change.

If I can overcome this, I can overcome anything.

Today I release old habits and blaze new trails.

Happiness is a choice.

I base my happiness on my own accomplishments and the blessings I’ve been given.

I have the resources to take care of my family.

The summit of every success is the foot stool for my next success.

I am absolutely thrilled with the new me I am creating.

Affirmations For Personal Growth

I am focused on being the best I can be at all times.

I can look at any situation from multiple perspectives.

I deserve to experience life’s pleasures.

I am a naturally balanced and healthy person.

I see money as a useful tool for helping myself and others.

I have the ability to change anything in my life that I choose.

I choose to be happy, healthy, and successful.

I was built this way for a reason, so I’m going to use it.

Believing in myself is my normal state of mind.

I believe in myself. I can do anything!

I am grateful to learn from new experiences, even if I struggle.

My past is one big learning experience.

Nothing stands between me and my highest good.

I take the small steps in the right direction.

Today I take one small step towards improving my life.

Even as i stretch and strive to be who I can be, I am happy with who I am now.

I face the day with energy and courage.

I will develop and improve myself.

I stand strong in my beliefs and dreams.

I will always nurture myself.

I wake up ready to make the most of each day.

I am so proud of the improvements I am making in my life.

Every decision I make helps shape my destiny.

Today I am liberating myself from the shadows of my past.

I help my loved ones to see without fear

I am improving in mind, soul, and body every day.

Taking risks is the path to growth.

All that I need comes to me at the right time and place in this life.

Nothing starts out easy.

I will grow one day at a time.

I feed my spirit. I train my body. I focus my mind. It’s my time.

I may not live forever, but today I strive for better.

My life is full of wealth, blessings, and supportive loved ones.

I am putting forth a genuine effort and will recognize that that is enough.

I am confident and able to handle any obstacle thrown in front of me.

Playing it safe keeps me safe from every dream I have.

I try new things.

I am focused and persistent.

I can only give happiness to others once I have found happiness in myself.

I matter and what I have to offer this world also matters.

As I inhale deeply I open up every cell in my body to all the good vibrations of the universe.

I am making real positive changes in my life.

Every day I am creating a new and improved me.

The more I practice, the more I improve.

I no longer anticipate or dwell on negative thoughts and feelings, instead I allow everything to go with the flow, and let it go.

What stands in the way becomes the way.

I am continually recreating myself for the better.

Every failure can be a learning experience.

I deserve to live a great life.

I feel a deep sense of power and possibility within myself.

Today I am liberating myself from the shadows of my past.

Affirmations For Personal Development

I will trust the process and celebrate myself for my progress.

My mind is clear, strong and focused

I discover new ways to improve my life every day.

I have the confidence to succeed.

Feelings are your personal property.

I get my work done effortlessly.

I meet challenges bravely.

I grow stronger each day.

I know that my personal growth will bring me a more fulfilling life.

Sharing my successes can lift others up, and sharing my mistakes can protect them.

When life gets tough, I can persist.

I am absolutely committed to watering my seeds of growth every day.

My life is beginning to improve.

I completely forgive myself for all past mistakes and failures.

I am open to changing my beliefs in the face of new information.

I choose to do those things that I know will improve my life.

I can reframe any negative thought.

I have the desire to be healthy and happy.

I show myself love and appreciation by becoming the best that I can be.

I feel strong and empowered to continue moving forward.

I look forward to each new day as an opportunity it improve my being.

I am capable and confident.

I begin every day by thinking of ways to do things better.

I will try something different today.

I am confident that i am thriving each day in growing stronger, healthier and better.

I will always believe in my ability to achieve whatever I set my mind to.

As I takes steps to improve my life, my self-esteem improves as well.

I will let go of the desire to change people.

I feel proud whenever I make another step in the right direction.

Believing in myself is natural and normal.

I have full and complete trust in my true nature, values, and who I am.

I am strong, smart, and successful.

I constantly work at improving all aspects of my life.

I embrace new challenges.

I look forward to a bright positive future ahead of myself and my family.

I understand that sometimes mistakes are an important part of my learning.

Everyday I become more empowered to take control of my life.

I treat others with kindness and respect.

I have abundance and inner strength.

You are uniquely gifted.

I can program my own mind.

I exude purpose and joy.

Every day I do my best to improve myself.

Every day I try something different.

I embrace experiences outside of my comfort zone.

Your faith in yourself and your mission will take you far.

I am inspired and motivated by my dreams.

Most of the time there is nothing to fear.

I see physical self-improvement as a means to improve my self-esteem.

I am happy with myself.

I am a magnet for blessings.

My awareness is always expanding and developing.

Affirmations For Personality Development

I know that I have nothing to prove.

I am up for the challenge.

I spend as much time and money on empowering my mind as I do on adorning my body.

No risk, no reward.

I will be more conscious when acting and making decisions.

I see adversity as opportunities to grow.

The only thing I want in life is to be as perfect as I can be.

I choose faith over fear.

Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.

Every day I strive to be the very best I can be.

I give up the habit of criticizing myself.

I am taking steps to better my life.

I can think infinite positive thoughts.

The past is a blessing because it is my teacher.

Every day I raise myself to a higher level of being.

I forgive anyone who has hurt me in the past.

I am proud of what I have achieved, and each day I am becoming more confident, determined and focused.

I know when to relax and not take life so seriously.

I have the power to create my own happiness in life.

I am proud of myself and all that I have accomplished.

My negative emotions can serve a positive function.

I exercise freedom in all aspects of my life.

My consciousness always expands to embrace the opportunities and challenges in my life

I am ready to face the challenges of the day.

I refuse settle for where I am, when I know I have better within me.

I am a proactive problem-solver.

I dedicate one hour every day for self-improvement.

I am productive in achieving what I want in life.

I improve my life with every task I perform.

I now choose a more direct path to higher awareness.

I enjoy improving myself and bettering my life.

I vow to use every day as an opportunity to improve my life.

I treat others with respect and appreciate their individuality.

It is always easy for me to adapt and change. I am flexible and flowing.

Everything that happens in my life perfectly prepares me to fulfill my purpose.

I can feel what it’s like to be where I see my future self. I’m committed to doing whatever it takes to get there.

I determine the meaning of my life.

This too shall pass.

Everyone has something to teach me.

Listening to my emotions can help guide me to make better decisions.

I have a right to take up space in this world.

Each new day gives me the opportunity to improve my being.

I see things in others that inspire me to improve myself.

I am filled with joy, happiness, and love.

It feels great to have others complement me on the improvements I’ve made.

I overcome fears by following my dreams.

I enjoy working to improve myself.

I am the sum total of my choices which make me who I am.

My attitude permeates all external conditions

I am a dynamic being.

I am superior to negative thoughts and low actions.

I enjoy improving myself and bettering my life.

Mantras For Self Growth

The positive things in my life, are those that multiply, as that is what i choose to focus on the most.

I choose to accept myself just the way I am.

A new start, a new mind, a new me.

The future is a blessing because it is my opportunity.

My way forward is paved with the strength of an open heart and the power of an open mind.

Today I take charge of my ongoing education.

Even amid adversity, I succeed and I prosper.

I have the power to create positive change.

I listen to my affirmations every day.

I find it easy to maintain a positive attitude.

I am always developing myself in every area of my life.

I trust myself to make the best decisions for me.

I love and accpet myself as I am.

I am aware that the strength and knowledge I’ve gained from my experiences can help other people who are on the same path.

Every day, I will look back at my past self, and see that I am better now than I was before.

It is easy for me to make lasting positive changes.

I find joy in every day.

I am responsible for my own Spiritual Growth.

My life is starting to improve.

I am full of life and full of light. Everything is right.

Mindfulness is self-directed neuroplasticity.

Every day I strive to improve my small corner of the world.

My ability to conquer my challenges is limitless; my potential to succeed is infinite.

I am a positive thinker.

I am worthy of positive relationships in my life.

If there are people in my life who try to disturb or threaten my peace, leading with love, I will remove them from my space

All changes that occur in my life make me a better person. I am grateful for my personal evolution!

My anxiety is motivation to change or improve.

Every day I make the time to improve some aspect of my life.

I learn something new everyday.

I love and approve myself.

My attitude is becoming more positive.

I receive all feedback with kindness but make the final call myself.

What I am doing today is getting me closer to my goals.

I strive to achieve my goals and values in life.

By releasing what is, I open the door for something better.

I am a good role model for my kids, because I know that they need their mom to be strong, healthy, and positive.

I take small steps everyday to be more healthy.

I am committed to taking every moment I can to grow.

All of my power is in the present moment.

I am transforming myself into the person I most want to be.

I can think rationally and intelligently.

I must help myself if I want to help others.

I am smarter than I think.

I stretch my ego’s comfort zone in all that I do.

Today I am changing my life for the better.

Insight shows us the true nature of experience, intuition and energy, opening us up to a new sense of purpose and illumination

I am always looking for new ways to expand my life.

I choose to live a rich and full life.

Affirmations To Build Confidence

I focus on the souls I share a genuine connection with.

Today I make the most of who I am and what I have to become who I can be.

Every day I take ten minutes to improve some aspect of my life.

I am growing outside of my comfort zone.

My mistakes don’t define me.

I am interested in everyone.

I deserve the best and accept it now.

Choose to do the very thing you thought you couldn’t do, and be inspired

Every day I am becoming a better person.

I see the bigger picture.

Today I am the person I came to the planet to be.

No matter what obstacles come across my path today I overcome them with renewed inner strength.

When I love myself, I permit others to love me too.

I will try to be more understanding of others.

I am free to create my own reality.

Things could be worse.

Today what serves me stays and what fails me goes.

I read an inspiring book every week.

I bask in the knowledge that today I am living up to my greatest potential.

I am ready, willing, and able to improve all aspects of my life.

I always take care of myself.

Personal development comes naturally to me.

My possibilities are endless.

I constantly strive to improve myself.

Each and every day I reach deeper levels of self-realization.

Today I live with a purpose and my purpose lights my path.

I see endless opportunities in my life.

I create value in other peoples’ lives.

I am committed to self-improvement.

I improve my performance by practicing daily.

My self-belief is growing.

That was Then, and this is Now. Live for today.

My confidence, self-esteem, and inner wisdom are increasing with each day.

Constantly improving in every area of my life is something I just do naturally.

Today I release older lesser versions of myself and grow into my greatness.

I consciously look for ways to improve my life.

I receive guidance and insight through meditation.

I choose to follow my heart and allow myself now to live my full potential and abilities.

Today, I recognize that my growth is only limited by how many opportunities I choose to take advantage of.

I am brave enough to try.

I can do anything I put my mind to.

I am climbing onward and upward.

I will love and accept myself unconditionally.

I use the Internet to increase my knowledge and understanding of the world.

I am compassionate, kind, and patient with myself.

Today I am the acorn courageously engaged in the process of becoming the oak.

The obstacles on my path are there to build my strength and understanding.

I create my own positive energy.

I believe in myself deeply.

I participate in life, I don’t wait for it to happen.

Affirmations For Self Improvement

I am very excited about the improvements I’m making in my life.

I trust my intuition to guide me

I am energy.

Live in the present moment.

I easily change my life for the better because I practice daily.

I know when to trust my intuition.

I am totally committed to being the best person I can be.

I trust the process.

I have the courage to grow regardless of the challenges I might face.

I am forever looking for ways to improve.

Every day I practice being the best person I can be.

Every day I find new ways to improve the quality of my life.

Happiness is a perspective.

I am in the process of becoming the best version of myself.

I am constantly improving.

Day by day and thought by thought, I am creating my ideal life.

My body is filled with energy.

I am committed to improving my life.

I am fearless and strong.

I am patient for my self growth.

I choose to breathe, trust, and let go.

I vigilantly work at improving all aspects of my life.

I am making positive changes in all areas of my life.

I have choices in all situations.

When people get to know me, they really like me.

I am my own best friend.

I know my strengths and weaknesses, and work daily to improve both.

I am a positive role model to others.

I accept that I can’t change what’s behind me, and I am committed to growing from it. I am in control of my future.

I achieve whatever I put my mind to.

I am a problem solver.

I embrace learning and personal advancement. I choose wisdom.

I know what changes I want to make in my life, and I begin this process right now.

I create my own life everyday and I work hard to create a life full of growth and expansion.

Challenges bring me opportunities to grow.

I am always abounding in God’s grace.

I see each new day as the perfect opportunity to improve my life.

I strive for self-improvement at all times.

I find myself growing in wisdom, courage and good health and responding to others with compassion.

I see positive growth in all areas of my life.

I have faced challenges before and overcome them.

Fear is the mind-killer.

Thinking positively is becoming easier and more natural.

I am happy to grow in any way I can.

Every day, in every way, I am growing.

Challenges give me a chance to grow.

What matters is who I AM not who I’ve been.

I focus on the beautiful, synchronistic parts of life.

Attitude makes all the difference.

I am grateful for the people in my life.

I am in control of my thoughts, therefore, I journal everyday what I will create for that day.

I am constantly creating my ideal life.

Courage is like a muscle that grows stronger every time I use it

To think is to practice brain chemistry.

I am becoming a better version of myself each day.

I am so resilient and strong.

I am loved and I am capable.

Positive thinking comes naturally to me.

Every day I make new improvements in my life.

Every challenge calls on me to be a better, stronger person and today I AM.

I am dedicated to self improvement.

Today I am working consciously toward a greater opening of my heart and my mind.

Mistakes can help me learn and grow.

My sexuality is sacred, and I create healthy relationships.

I wish happiness and success for everyone.

I am transforming into someone who lives a healthy and balanced life.

I am mindful of my health and well-being.

I love myself unconditionally.

Self-improvement comes naturally to me.

I love and respect myself deeply.

I go after my dreams.

The time I spend on self-improvement comes back to me multifold.

There is something in this world that only I can do. That is why I am here.

Every experience feeds my self-growth.

Courage is feeling fear and taking action anyway.

Obstacles are my opportunities for success, and to prove to myself what I am capable of.

My thoughts are my reality, so I think up a bright new day.

My brain is like a muscle, so I exercise it.

I am constantly growing and developing.

I matter.

I have a dream, and live it.

I bounce back from negativity quickly.

I can be anything.

Self-improvement is a habit that I nurture every day.

I realize that my mistakes don’t define me – how I react to them, and whether I choose to learn from them are what define me.

I accept myself for who I am.

Stepping outside of my comfort zone is necessary for growth.

I prefer reading positive self-improvement books.

I am a beacon of love and positivity.

My new life starts now.

I am ready. This is my time to shine.

My inner strength is a mighty fortress.

I dedicate my life to becoming the best person I can be.

I face today’s difficulties with strength and wisdom.

I improve with lots of practice.

I am ready to see things with a new perspective.

Today and every day, I am on a heroic journey from where I am to where I am destined to be.

I choose to replace the word failure with opportunity

I cast out all my fears and accept change.

I am grateful for opportunities to grow, regardless of what they look like.

Each and ever day I learn new lessons, expand my awareness, and develop my abilities.

I give myself space to grow and learn.

I am a source of motivation and inspiration for others.

My mind is focused one excelling in every area of my life.

I am beautiful and strong.

I belong in any space I walk in to.

Struggle is my bootcamp preparing for bigger and better things.

I only watch positive television shows.

Every day I ensure that I keep developing and growing.

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