20+ Second Person Affirmations: What are they and how do they work?

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Having practiced affirmations for a number of years now, I have seen different people take different approaches towards it.

Well, there really is no right and wrong way to since this is not science or math, and the key thing is to discover the way that works for you.

Traditionally, most people would get their start in affirmations by practicing “I am” affirmations.

This means that they are speaking in the first person, and many people have found success with this method.

In fact, most gurus seem to say that this is the best way. 

On the other hand, second person affirmations work by using “You”, which seems a bit unnatural or awkward if you are saying to yourself in the mirror or reading it.

It could also be down to a lack of confidence, in which case you need to learn how to trust yourself

However, if you are listening to an audio recording or watching a video, a second person voice is actually very beneficial as you are receiving affirmations as if an external you is telling them to you.

Recently, there is also another school of thought that claims that third-person voice could work well too.

This is when you imagine from a third-person perspective, just like an observer would. 

What kind of visualizer are you?

Knowing that there are 3 perspectives you can use is good, but which one suits you the best? 

Again, there is no right and wrong answer, only answers that suit your personality and behavioral patterns.

In fact, you may benefit from different methods depending on the stage of life you are in right now. 

Let’s take a closer look:

First person – Using “I” to lead your affirmations.

You are in a positive state and feel good about the activity/idea that you are trying to affirm.

You might have experienced something similar and can draw on those emotions. 

Second person – Using “You” to start. You are facing something difficult, and you need some push to get forward.

You want to put some distance between you and negative thoughts that might have come about because of past experience. 

Third person – Using “You”, but like an observer.

You need a breakthrough, a new start.

You want to change your behavior towards a goal. 

How can you practice second person affirmations?

Think about this for a second. Most people are practicing positive affirmation with “I am”.

What if your negative thoughts stem from people who over the years have been subconsciously programming your mind?

For example, you might have worked for a nasty boss for a long time.

Each and every day, this person tells you “You are inefficient!”. Over time, this becomes part of your identity and you start believing it.

While it is useful to start practicing affirmations with “I am efficient”, an alternative way that could be more powerful is to use second person affirmations. 

Try saying “You are efficient” with the voice in your head instead.

It draws similarities to the way your (hopefully) ex-boss has talked to you, and it is likely better at replacing your old thoughts. 

Here’s what I would like you to try out:

Give yourself a short amount of time (couple of minutes, nothing more) and start writing down any positive thoughts that you have about what you are affirming.

Use “I” and say them out loud when writing.

Next, repeat the same timing, but in this round, use the voice in your head and using “You”, write down what you think you can do to become the person you aspire to be in the first exercise.

Compare your notes and notice the difference.

They can be similar, but the key thing is the delivery of the message. 

List of 25 Second Person Affirmations

Here are some second person affirmations that you can use as reference.

As always, be in a quiet and comfortable position, read from your list aloud, repeating for up to 5 minutes, and practice twice daily. 

You can also consider making your own recording to listen to, which is more powerful as you hear second person affirmations being read to you.

You are the architect of your life; You build its foundation and choose its contents

Today, you are brimming with energy and overflowing with joy

Your body is healthy; your mind is brilliant; your soul is tranquil

You are superior to negative thoughts and low actions

You have been given endless talents which you begin to utilize today

second person affirmations you possess the qualities needed to be extremely successful

You forgive those who have harmed you in your past and peacefully detach from them

A river of compassion washes away your anger and replaces it with love

You possess the qualities needed to be extremely successful

Creative energy surges through you and leads you to new and brilliant ideas

Happiness is a choice. You base your happiness on your own accomplishments and the blessings you have been given

Your ability to conquer your challenges is limitless

Your potential to succeed is infinite

You deserve to be employed and paid well for your time, efforts, and ideas

Each day, you are closer to finding the perfect job for yourself

You are courageous and you stand up for yourself

Your thoughts are filled with positivity and your life is plentiful with prosperity

Today, you abandon your old habits and take up new, more positive ones

Many people look up to you and recognize your worth

You are admired

You are blessed with an incredible family and wonderful friends

You acknowledge your own self-worth; your confidence is soaring

Everything that is happening now is happening for your ultimate good

You are a powerhouse; you are indestructible

Though these times are difficult, they are only a short phase of your life

Your future is an ideal projection of what you envision now

In summary

Affirmations only work when you want to believe.

No amount of positive affirmations will help you if you decide to shut off, so keep your mind open to new ideas and you will benefit from them.

Whether you choose to practice first or second person affirmations, the end goal is the same.

You want a better life and will change your mindset in order to achieve that. 


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