271 Bedtime Sleep Affirmations For Relaxation And Deep Sleep

Are you having trouble sleeping? Or do you feel that you are not getting restful sleep each night?

I am no sleep expert but I know that sleeping well is one of the most important things we can do in our lives.

The trouble: we sometimes have too many things on our minds that impede the quality of our snooze time.

On a similar note, if you are feeling nervous or anxious often, you might want to check out this post about calming affirmations.

What can we do about that? In this post, I will share a list of sleep affirmations that can help with insomnia and getting that quality sleep that you deserve.

You will also learn a few tips that can improve your sleep time.

Tip: check out our resources page too to learn which tools can help you get better sleep.

Why do we have sleep problems?

We often try to cram too much into our days due to our fast-paced lifestyles.

Add in the reality that many of us spend our days addicted to computers and laptops and our evenings glued to tablets and smartphones!

This disrupts our natural circadian cycles and may have a negative impact on our sleep patterns by interfering with light-sensitive cells in the retina of the eye.

On top of that, we face stress and pressure each day from our workplace or at school, adding to the issues that cause us to suffer from sleeplessness or poor quality sleep.

How can sleep affirmations help you to sleep better?

“Affirmations,” in general, are “positive comments repeated every day to replace current incorrect and negative attitudes.”

Affirmations can help you erase negative thoughts and set reasonable expectations for the night ahead when used before bed.

They are basically a type of meditation, and several types of meditation have been demonstrated to aid persons with insomnia and poor sleep quality, even if they don’t have any.

Meditation slows your heart rate and respiration on a biological level, indicating that your autonomic nervous system (the system that governs your body’s unconscious physiological responses) has transitioned from “fight or flight” to “rest and digest.”

According to a study published in the journal, Explore, it also lowers levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

I use the Headspace app to help me with guided meditations. You can try it for free here.

How to add sleep affirmations to your sleep routine?

There is no one size fits all solution to this, but there are some tips that can greatly help you to add positive sleep affirmations work for you and improve your sleep quality

Make sure that the affirmations are highly related to what you are aiming for

Be in the moment and only think about your affirmation, keeping your mind off distractions

Print out your own affirmation cards and place them beside your bed to serve as reminder to recite your affirmations

Types Of Sleep And Insomnia Affirmations

In the following section, you will find a long list of sleep affirmations. This list aims to cover as in-depth as possible the different scenarios that affect our sleep and provide a positive affirmation to each of them.

While we rest at night, it is the best time to reiterate to ourselves a positive mindset and have happy thoughts. Most experts agree that dreams derive from our thoughts, and if you want to have happy dreams, you might want to develop a positive mentality now.

Here are the situations you might find these sleep affirmations useful:

Affirmations for self-love before you fall asleep

Night affirmations for better dreams

Night affirmations before sleep

Affirmations to release stress and anxiety

Gratitude affirmations to have a peaceful night

Sleep affirmations for success

Bedtime affirmations for kids

Positive affirmations to end the day

Best end of day affirmations

List Of Sleep And Insomnia Affirmations

I will now confidently rest. I’m confident in my dreams.

I love my body and all that it does for me.

Even when things didn’t happen how I wanted, I know I’m on the right path.

All my actions today guided me precisely to where I need to be.

I let go of my responsibilities of the day.

I am worthy of success and wealth.

I let go of tense thoughts.

I breathe deeply and slowly.

I am happy to be able to sleep.

I am grateful for my body and my body is relaxed.

Everything is unfolding for me in perfect timing. I release worry and choose to trust.

I forgive it all.

I forgive myself for any mistakes made today.

I am worthy of rest, healing, and rejuvenation.

I worked hard today, and deserve to rest. There is nothing more I can do tonight.

I love myself. My mind, my soul, and my body are beautiful. I will attract loving dreams.

I am filling my mind with calming, relaxing, loving thoughts.

My mind and spirit are still and tranquil.

I am making decisions that contribute to improving my mental, physical, and emotional health.

Resting and sleeping are essential to my success.

Tomorrow is full of fresh possibilities.

Nobody needs me right now. All is well.

I believe in myself.

I feel myself more at peace with every breath I take. I deserve good dreams. Tomorrow I’ll receive the things I dream about.

I am open to waking up well-rested, refreshed, and recharged to be the best mom I can be.

I am ready to receive happiness through my dreams.

I am grateful for every single experience I had today.

I naturally have positive dreams.

I will wake up refreshed and happy after having a good night’s sleep.

I accomplished what I could today and I will accomplish even more tomorrow after a night of deep sleep.

I am in control of my thoughts and I choose to only think positively.

I am allowed to take a break and I deserve a restful night.

Everything is working out perfectly.

I fill my days with sleep promoting habits.

Rest has the power to overcome my fears, my anxiety, and my doubts.

I am embracing who I am, loving, appreciating, and approving of myself.

I will wake up feeling fresh and relaxed.

I am attracting a night of deep sleep and gentle dreams.

I am relaxed and prepared for a night of deep sleep.

I am entering a deep sleep.

No matter what was left undone today, I know that I am always enough.

I always fall asleep quickly.

I let go of all the negativity of this day.

I trust that all things are working for my good.

My bedroom is a sleep oasis.

Instead of wishing I could change the past, I focus on this present moment.

I am in a natural wellness state.

I can rest well knowing all my desires are coming to me.

I am inviting peaceful and restoring sleep tonight and every night.

I let the day’s excitement drift away.

Bedtime affirmations to help relieve insomnia

I can sleep all through the night.

I surrender to this present moment and release any worries I felt today.

My body is relaxed, and my heart is at peace.

I am starting to listen to my body’s sleep signals.

I take this moment to see the goodness around me.

I am inviting peace with every breath I am taking.

I am thankful for the opportunities that came my way today. Now I shall rest.

I will not let anything disturb my peace.

I attract many good opportunities for my business.

I always sleep deeply.

I am grateful for waking up with new insights and directions.

I unplug tonight in order to conquer tomorrow.

I am going to have a calming and peaceful sleep.

My life is really beautiful. I wouldn’t change it for anything.

I am the writer of my story, it’s safe to follow my dreams.

Sleep and rest are essential to my success.

I will sleep right through the night.

I am learning to love myself more every day.

I take what works from today and leave the rest behind.

I get all the sleep I need.

I rest inside a pause.

I am grateful for tomorrow.

Today is gone, I am going to sleep in peace.

I let go of all the feelings of stress and open myself to receive new perspectives for my challenges.

I am grateful for my bed, my room, and my quieting body.

I am powerful and have the ability to master my emotions and thoughts.

I am very sleepy and drowsy.

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but I am positive it will bring me experiences I can learn and grow from.

I release all negative energy from me.

I am grateful for this day and its purpose on my journey. I release this day now.

I fall asleep easily and quickly.

I give myself permission to do nothing.

I am a good sleeper.

Sleeping deeply is normal for me.

I am getting very tired and sleepy.

Sleep is a natural process.

I let go of negative thoughts and any negativity from today.

I have done my utmost best today and that is enough.

I release anything that didn’t go well today.

It is time to let every worry go and met my mind rest.

All is well and I am supported.

In my bedroom, my thoughts naturally detach and slow down.

I invite peace and serenity into my space.

I am stronger than this emotion.

I open myself to alignment with my true self.

Not everyone is going to like me and that’s ok.

I give myself permission to relax and slow down.

I am thankful for today.

I am a heavy sleeper and nothing wakes me.

Tomorrow I will show up ready to take on the day.

End of day Affirmations

I deserve a good night`s sleep.

I am worthy of self-care and I deserve rest and inner peace.

I am allowing myself to rest easily and inviting my mind to be still.

I am grateful to be able to enjoy all of the little things in life.

I naturally fall asleep.

I am grateful for all the opportunities that tomorrow will bring.

I am grateful.

I breathe in relaxation and breathe out negativity.

I release worry and choose to trust.

My mindfulness is my priority.

I am ready to receive through my dreams.

As I rest, my dreams are being drawn to me like a magnet.

My mind is in synchronization with the natural state of the universe.

I am in a safe space to sleep.

As I inhale peace, I exhale release.

Being successful is something I am good at.

Spirit, thank you for all the blessings of today.

It’s safe to rest, knowing I am being taken care of by the Universe.

I am in a natural wellness state. My body deserves a good night.

I am safe.

I feel my worries slowly detaching from me.

My bedroom is a place of relaxation and deep sleep.

I let go of all the feelings of stress and open myself to conquer any challenges that come my way.

I am prioritizing my health so I can nourish, protect, and provide for my family.

I am enough. I did enough. I can let go.

I let go of worry.

I am grateful to be able to get some rest tonight.

I am safe and I can enjoy a full night of restful sleep.

I have the power to control my thoughts and emotions.

I love myself fully now, just as I am, as I continue to grow.

My body feels light and relaxed.

I am becoming more successful each day.

Nothing wakes me in the middle of the night.

My body heals while I sleep.

Tomorrow my mind and my body will shine again.

I have done enough today. I’m at peace with the universe. Great things come after a good night of sleep.

My dreams are beautiful and full of happy thoughts.

I am grateful for the simple and profound joys of the day.

I am becoming someone who can let go of stress at the end of the day.

Tomorrow is going to be a great day.

My eyes and head feel heavy.

I am exactly where I’m meant to be.

I am grateful for my unlimited potential.

I am free from insomnia.

I am thankful for the chance to sleep and open my eyes in the morning with a fresh perspective.

I will get up as soon as my alarm goes off and feel fresh and alert.

My children are safe, happy, and healthy.

I release today.

Everything I did today is leading me to a better tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will wake with a positive attitude.

sleep affirmations quotes

Affirmations to go to sleep right now

I am ready to sleep.

Everything around me resonates with peace and harmony.

I am healthy and I will thank my body with a good night of rest.

I give myself permission to relax and fall asleep.

I am invoking ease, grace, and serenity into my space.

I choose calm. I choose peace.

I choose to relax my entire body and sink deeply into the bed.

My eyes are closing effortlessly and I will enjoy an undisturbed night of sleep.

I will naturally fall asleep.

I am grateful for today and this night, where I am going to get my rest.

I am deserving of a good night of sleep.

I am grateful that I have a bed to sleep in.

I am allowed to take a break.

My mind is naturally calm in the evening.

I experience restorative sleep each and every night.

I am letting go of stress.

My good night of rest has the power to overcome my fears, my anxiety, and my doubts.

I am a magnet for my dreams and desires.

I am thankful for the people I encountered today.

I am releasing and forgiving what happened in this day and surrendering to sleep.

I inhale peace and exhale fear.

I can rest knowing I’m never late, my timing is divinely guided.

I’m winding down for today and all is well.

I am releasing all heaviness from my mind and body.

I am capable of making my dreams happen.

I am grateful for this day but I release this day now so I can fall asleep with ease.

Today, I did my best. And tomorrow is another day.

I have permission to fall asleep.

May my sleep be peaceful and filled with sweet dreams.

May my sleep by calm and peaceful.

I am attracting my wildest dreams with ease and peace.

I am thankful for all I’m learning and I know I can be better for it.

My body is relaxed and ready for sleep.

I empty my head of racing thoughts. I let them float along, or I tuck them away for another time.

There are so many reasons to be grateful for this day. I choose to focus on my appreciation.

I worked today for a better tomorrow.

I am welcoming happy, positive, hopeful dreams tonight.

I feel safe in my sleep. My sleep calms me and recharges me for a better tomorrow.

My body and mind are totally relaxed.

I am ready to allow my body and mind to rest and relax.

I am happy. I am healthy. I have people who love me. I have everything I need.

I am calm and peaceful now that my day is done.

I am falling asleep right now.

I deserve to sleep tonight so I am refreshed for tomorrow.

I will let every worry go.

I release of all the worries I had during the day.

I will enjoy deep, restorative sleep tonight.

I feel sleepy and calm in this moment.

I am a better mom when I get proper rest and sleep.

I am choosing to be still and to find serenity within myself.

Sleep affirmations to calm your mind before bedtime

I am in a relaxed state both physically and mentally and in the morning, I will be well rejuvenated.

Tomorrow my goals are always possible.

When I choose to look for them, I can see how so many beautiful things happened for me today.

A lot happened today, but I choose to live fully in this moment right now.

It is very difficult for me to wake up at night.

My mind is quiet and calm. Sleep will soon come.

I am content with myself and all of the progress I have made.

I love and accept this body. I will nourish it through loving thoughts in my dreams tonight.

I am inviting serenity into my space.

I am a peaceful sleeper and all my dreams are beautiful.

I will wake strong, inspired, and energized tomorrow.

I let go of the past and the future. I focus on the present moment.

I wake up feeling refreshed and alert.

I have the power to make positive changes in my life.

I let go of any worries or concerns and give them to Spirit.

I believe in what’s possible.

I let go of what I cannot control.

I will let go and be at peace.

I am grateful for the blessings in my life and the people I share it with.

Perfection is unrealistic.

Today wasn’t perfect, but it was beautiful.

I am grateful for the infinite blessings in my life.

Sleep rejuvenates me.

Tomorrow will be a fantastic day.

I am calmly drifting off to sleep.

Tomorrow I will be well rested and full of energy.

I am turning my bedroom a place of comfort, restorative sleep, and deep relaxation.

I can rest knowing all my desires are coming to me.

I’ll enjoy a full night of sleep and will wake up recharged in mind and body.

My to-do list can wait until tomorrow.

I invite the qualities of good sleep.

Today might not be a good day but tomorrow I will try again.

I release my insomnia.

My body deserves a good night.

When I enter my bedroom, I leave all the stress and anxiety at the door.

My mind, body, and soul are worthy of rest.

Peace and happiness are my priority as I finish my day.

I am allowed to feel good and relax at the end of the day.

I am embracing calmness, stillness, and peacefulness within me.

My eyes are tired, my body and I deserve a good night of rest.

My mind is calm.

It’s okay to say no.

I now fall into deep and peaceful sleep.

I did my best today and now I rest.

I am enough. I have always been enough. And I will always be enough.

Calming thoughts and optimism will fill my dreams. I am in a safe space to sleep.

I only hold on to positive feelings from today.

I am calm and relaxed and let go of my worries.

Great things come after a good night of sleep.

This evening, I feel gratitude and joy.

quotes about sleeping

Affirmations to have a good night sleep

With each breath, I relieve my mind and my body of all anxiety and stress.

I am aware of my surroundings and feel at peace.

My thoughts are becoming calm and relaxed.

This is just the beginning of something beautiful.

I heal my mind and body through sleep.

I am at peace. I am loved.

Tonight I allow myself to let go.

Each night I find it easier and easier to fall asleep.

My dreams are a place of positivity and hope.

I have the power to make tomorrow a great and wonderous day.

I live with unshakable trust that all things are working for my good.

I allow myself to leave the worries of the past behind as open my heart to new perspectives.

I am grateful for the hardships I experienced today because they allowed me to grow.

I release any worry or stress I felt today. I know that everything will be okay.

I am open to sleeping deeply and peacefully all through the night.

I deserve good dreams. Tomorrow I’ll receive the things I dream about.

I choose to be calm and peaceful.

Stress and worries can’t control me. I will let go and be at peace.

I know that good things are always happening for me.

I have faith that everything works out for my highest good.

My body is relaxed and my mind is peaceful.

I have a healthy sleeping pattern.

My mind is at peace.

I am allowing myself to fall into a deep healing sleep.

I embrace my dreams.

I am choosing peaceful, positive thoughts, so I can create a peaceful, positive home.

I feel calm. I feel peaceful. All is really well.

I manifest my desires with ease and joy.

With every breath I take, calmness washes over me.

I let go of what I can’t control and gladly embrace trust.

I deserve love. I deserve happiness. I deserve rest.

My mind and my body are ready to rest.

I am wonderfully created: body, mind, and soul!.

I give myself permission to fall into a deep sleep.

My head feels heavy on my pillow.

I am more than the thoughts that happen to occur.

I am free to be in the present moment.

I feel happy, confident and ready to go to sleep.

I can overcome any obstacle.

Right now the answer to my problems is restful sleep.

My confidence and happiness increase as I sleep.

I am grateful for every step of this journey and every second of my imperfect, messy, beautiful life.

I am in the process of positive change.

I am in my sanctuary. Everything will be okay.

I can see how all experiences I had today brought me either joy or growth.

As I sleep my body, mind, and soul are being aligned with the best version of myself.

I accept others just as they are.

I relax my head, face, neck, arms, stomach, legs, and feet. I let them sink deeply into the bed.

I have done my best today, and I am willing to forgive the rest.

I’m at peace with the universe.

Affirmations for anxiety that’s keeping you up at night

I am in control of my sleeping patterns.

I can sleep whenever I choose.

Today is over. Tonight I will rest. Tomorrow is a new day.

I feel relaxed. I feel whole. This is exactly where I’m meant to be.

I give permission to my mind, body, and soul to calm down, be at peace, and relax.

My dreams are a place for positivity and hope only. I believe in myself.

My mind and body deserve to rest and rejuvenate.

I am centered and focused.

I allow myself to let go of the day.

I remain relaxed and at peace, even if I can’t fall asleep right away.

I attract new clients with my energy.

I am not defined by my mistakes of today. I deserve a good night of rest. I am worthy of tomorrow.

I’m deserving of a good night of sleep.

I know that tomorrow’s going to be another really beautiful day.

I am in harmony with the universe.

I am starting to easily wind down and relax before bedtime.

My body relaxes naturally at the end of each day.

I appreciate the abundant opportunities that tomorrow brings.

I now enter a place of deep and restful sleep.

I don’t have to do it all today.

My sleep is peaceful.

I choose sleep, rest, peace, and relaxation over stress and worry.

I am falling into a restful sleep.

My body clock naturally sends me to sleep at night.

Waking up refreshed feels wonderful.

I am grateful that my heart is beating and I am alive.

I am ready to fall into a deep sleep.

I am grateful for my body, my body is relaxed. I look forward to tomorrow.

My body and I deserve a good night of rest.

I offered my very best self today.

My body and mind need rest and rejuvenation to function well.

I always sleep well.

I am committed to the kind of life I envision.

Tomorrow is a new opportunity to start afresh.

I am safe in my room and choose to relax without worry.

As I lay here, I let go of all that no longer serves me.

I enjoy relaxing my mind.

I am not worried about things I can’t control.

I heal through my sleep.

I am opening my mind to peace and that is where I will find sleep.

Everything that happened today is bringing me closer to my dreams.

I am a beautiful being. I deserve to sleep.

I am thankful for this day and I am looking forward to tomorrow.

I am able to fall asleep quickly and effortlessly.

Tomorrow will be even better.

I am forgiving myself and others and focusing on the light within.

I have better and better dreams each night.

I feel calm, relaxed, and at peace.

I am now falling asleep without anxious thoughts and any other disturbances.

Nothing will disturb my peace unless I let it.

i have permission to fall asleep

Affirmations to feel more relaxed

My dreams are happy and harmonious.

I embrace rest. I welcome sleep.

I am becoming a more relaxed person every day.

I am worthy of love, wealth, success, and happiness.

I did my best today, and I’m proud of myself.

I have prepared myself for a beautiful morning.

I will not dwell on my to-do list, I will deal with it tomorrow.

I am taking care of my family and now it’s time to rest.

I will break free from insomnia.

I am worthy of relaxed and stress-free sleep.

Insomnia is no longer a part of my life.

I am grateful for having a warm bed waiting for me.

Today is now in the past and I let it go.

I did my best today. I am ready to be recharged. Tomorrow is a new opportunity.

I am slowly drifting away to sleep.

I am calming my body and mind.

Tonight I am following my heartbeat, towards a good night’s sleep.

My body’s natural sleep cycle helps me to drift off to sleep.

I’m proud of myself for listening to my inner knowing, even when I felt afraid.

I release all emotional negativity.

My mind feels calm and serene.

I can rest knowing I’m on the right path.

I am grateful for my limitless potential.

I am fully deserving of enjoying a good night of rest.

I am grateful for my strong and capable body.

Sleeping is a natural state for me.

I always sleep soundly.

I am light enough for sleep to carry me.

My muscles are feeling heavy and relaxed.

I am letting go of every thought and feeling that doesn’t serve me.

I love and approve of myself.

I’m grateful for all that I learned today.

There is nothing I need to do to fall asleep. I can simply let it happen.

I see and appreciate the light in myself and those around me.

Regardless of what I did or didn’t do today, I know that my worthiness is not defined by my achievements.

I am still and calm.

My mind is relaxed and my thoughts are slowing down.

An easiness is in the air.

Everything I need to manifest my wildest dreams it’s already inside of me.

I give myself permission to sleep deeply.

I am honoring my body as I give myself permission to fall asleep.

I embrace who I am.

My bedroom is a sleep sanctuary.

I am allowed to fall asleep.

I am free from worrying about insomnia.

I have done my best today and tomorrow is another day.

I am more than my conditions, situations, and circumstances.

I look forward to tomorrow.

Tonight I will sleep well and wake up refreshed tomorrow.

I allow my body to restore and recharge with ease.

positive end of day affirmations for bed time

Sleep affirmations to say before bed

I am ready for deep and peaceful sleep.

My good dreams will become a reality.

My sleeping patterns are becoming healthier.

I welcome a peaceful, calming, and gentle night.

My mind is a peaceful place to be.

I can control my dreams.

I am relaxing my mind.

With gratitude, I welcome a good night’s sleep.

I let go of comparison and embrace my beautiful journey of manifesting my wildest dreams.

I am committed to being a positive mom and sleep is my power tool.

I am grateful for the lessons today taught me, so I am stronger tomorrow.

I have all the resources to make tomorrow an amazing day.

Sleep comes easily to me.

I invite the healing energy of love to heal my limiting beliefs while I sleep.

I am grateful for my body and what it does for me each day.

I am gratefu for all of the love that I have and realize how fortunate I am.

I wake up in the morning feeling refreshed.

I welcome and embrace the lessons I learned today.

I release the anxieties and stress of the day.

I can sleep the whole night through and wake up refreshed.

My mind is full. I am letting go today. Tomorrow my mind and my body will shine again.

I choose to stop worrying, stressing, and dwelling on negativity.

Having my wildest dreams coming true is part of my routine.

I am proud of myself for today. Tomorrow will be even better.

During my sleep, my body heals of all past toxic and limiting beliefs.

My body and mind deserve a good night.

I am optimistic for a fresh day tomorrow.

While I sleep, the Universe is moving things in my favor.

I release all tension from the body as I prepare for bed.

I will enjoy a full night of sleep and will wake up recharged in mind and body.

Today, I became a little bit wiser. Thank you.

I am at peace with my past and I am hopeful for the future.

I sleep deeply throughout the night.

I will develop a healthy sleeping pattern.

As I sleep, the Universe is gifting me with inner guidance.

I am learning, I’m growing, I’m excited for tomorrow. I believe in me.

My body will heal while I sleep.

I open myself for the possibilities the Universe is preparing for me.

I open myself to the blessings coming my way tomorrow.

I will sleep soundly all through the night.

I can have the life of my dreams.

I am thankful for this day, grateful for this bed, and I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

I am choosing to be at peace with today and let myself recharge for tomorrow.

I forgive others that made mistakes today. We are all human.

I can let my thoughts go.

Do Sleep Affirmations Work?

The bottom line here is that it only works when you believe in it wholeheartedly, and you need to practice it regularly.

It is about reprogramming your mind as you seek to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. 

Just as stated in the Law Of Attraction, like attracts like. If you desire a particular outcome, you need to start thinking and living it. 

Another point to note is that while you sleep, your brain activity naturally slows down.

It enters the theta brain state, which is when your subconscious mind is being stimulated.

This is the optimal period to reprogram it.

To read more about how you can have better sleep, check out this article.

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