13 Best Tips To Practice Daily Affirmations

Are you struggling with a negative mindset?

Do you find yourself dwelling in negativity and doubt?

You’re not alone.

Many people suffer with negative beliefs swirling around in the minds.

Luckily, there is a way to change for the better and it is called practicing positive affirmations.

By replacing negative thought patterns with positive thinking, you lift up your mental state instead of dragging it down.

And if you use these positive statements on a daily basis, you will begin to see positive changes in your life.

This includes living a happier life as you will find encouragement every single day.

In this article, I’ll share with you 13 tips on how to do affirmations so you can start to enjoy their many positive benefits.

How To Practice Daily Affirmations

What Are Positive Affirmations?

how to practice daily affirmations

Positive affirmations are simple positive sentences and phrases filled with gratitude and encouragement.

They act as the gratitude you need to counter the negative self talk that is holding you back from reaching your full potential.

It’s so easy to dwell in your insecurities, fears, and doubts and this alone can hold you back from accomplishing your goals.

Positive mantras can help you overcome that negativity and reprogram your subconscious mind into a more positive light.

It’s not magic, but these simple statements can push you in taking the necessary action to create a better life for yourself.

In a world where it’s easy to be chained by your insecurities and fears, gratitude will prove that it’s strong enough to counter every ounce of negative belief you have.

All you have to do is allow affirmations do the work in your life.

Here are the tips to help you make this possible.

#1. Make A list Of Your Perceived Negative Qualities

I know you’re probably thinking why you would need to make this list if we’re focused on positive phrases.

However, in order to make the best positive affirmations for yourself, you need to know the specific areas you perceive as your negative qualities.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed or you’re spiraling into this habit of overthinking, what are the negative thoughts about yourself that you tend to have?

Are there specific goals you want to achieve, like overcoming anger or letting go of hurt?

Write down all your criticisms and negative beliefs you believe to be true and don’t hold anything back.

This will be incredibly helpful when you’re trying to come up with positive affirmations.

There’s no need to judge your perceived negative qualities whether they’re valid or not, but simply write them down.

You also shouldn’t feel bad if you tend to have a lot of negative beliefs about yourself since this is normal and our mind is a very powerful tool we have.

The purpose of positive affirmations is to reverse the negative thought pattern you’ve been accustomed to into a more positive light.

#2. Write An Affirmation On Your Positive Qualities

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the purpose of writing down your negative qualities is so you can reverse them to create effective positive statements.

If one of the negative beliefs you have is that you’re not worthy enough, then create positive beliefs that say something similar to ‘I feel worthy enough today.’

Try to use positive emotions to your advantage to make you believe in these affirmations.

The goal is to realize that your negative beliefs aren’t an accurate representation of who you are.

You could also ask your most trusted friend to help you out with creating positive affirmations if you are struggling.

You can also see if they have any suggestions to make it sound stronger and more powerful.

#3. Speak Out Your Affirmations

It might feel initially weird and unusual to speak out your affirmations, especially if you have a lot of negative internal dialogue with yourself.

But realize this is the best way to get yourself to believe in these pieces of encouragement.

Remember that positive mantras aren’t magic so unless you believe in these affirmations, they won’t do any work in countering negative thoughts and beliefs you have about yourself.

Practice speaking these affirmations out loud, at least three times for each affirmation you say.

It’s advisable to make a consistent practice of saying affirmations three times a day, morning, afternoon, and at night.

However, the time of day isn’t as critical as making sure you recite them multiple times daily.

In total, you’d be repeating affirmations 9 times throughout your day.

The way you speak these affirmations differs per person so this is the trial-and-error period you go through to determine which method works for you.

For some individuals, they prefer to say it out loud in front of a mirror, as it empowers them more that way.

For others, it could be anywhere at all.

#4. Get A Trusted Friend To Repeat The Affirmations To You

Getting someone to repeat your affirmations to you can be just as powerful as saying them to yourself.

This is especially true in the beginning when you tend to doubt the words coming out of your mouth.

Choose someone you trust to repeat these affirmations and make sure that the phrases you choose are effective and powerful so they can work in your life.

Instead of using ‘I’ remind your trusted friend to use ‘You’ so that the focus of the phrases is still accurate.

The reason why this works is our mind automatically is filled with doubt and insecurities, even when we’re repeating the most powerful affirmations to ourselves.

As mentioned, we tend to dwell in the negative statements, so when a person says those affirmations to you instead, it acts the same way a complement does.

You end up feeling good about yourself because of the reassurance coming from a loved one.

If you’re someone who tends to doubt and second-guess everything they say, then getting a trusted friend to say these positive affirmations to you is your best option.

Tips For Making Effective Affirmations

Relaxtion Techniques

#1. Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Positive affirmations aren’t magic as they will simply act as the encouragement you need for the day.

Affirmations will only work if you meet them halfway.

The most they can do is to reverse your negative thought pattern so you’ll finally have power over your thoughts and ultimately, your life.

No matter how powerful your affirmations are, at the end of the day, actions will always speak louder than words.

Affirmations can help you be inspired and motivated to push yourself to become better, but it’s executing the necessary action that will define their effect.

Through both the combination of actions and words, you’re on your way to accomplishing your goals and dreams in life.

However, if you simply rely on positive affirmations alone to change your life, that won’t do the trick.

#2. Make Them In Present Tense

When creating an affirmation, make sure you write or say them as if they’re your current reality.

Avoid writing phrases like ‘I will be good enough to achieve success someday’ but rather, write it in its present state like ‘I am good enough to achieve success right now.’

It’s remarkable how changing the form of sentences can do for your affirmations.

You’ll be surprised how changing something as simple as the tense can give you a more powerful encouragement to fight off your negative beliefs and thoughts.

#3. Avoid Dull And Repetitive Affirmations

While it’s perfectly okay to have repetitive affirmations, there’s a lesser chance of that affirmation working in your life.

Avoid dull and repetitive sentences because the last thing you need is feeling obligated or forced with your affirmations.

Rather, create an affirmation that speaks out to you on a personal level.

Remember that you have full control over how you want your affirmations to look or sound like so don’t hesitate to be as creative as possible.

The purpose of affirmations is to make you believe them so it should feel empowering and strong.

#4. Find Pre-Made Affirmations

If you are struggling with coming up with an affirmation, seek out pre-written affirmations.

There are plenty out there on just about every topic you are looking for help with.

You can then choose to use any you find that speak to you, or you can re-word them to make them work for you.

Finally, when going this route, I suggest you read each affirmation aloud a few times and be present while doing so.

This can help you find the ones that speak to you the most.

How To Use Affirmations

how to use start affirmations

#1. Written Form

There are two ways you can use affirmations in your life and one of them is in the written form.

If you have a journal with you, you can write down the affirmations you create for yourself.

Some people prefer this method, especially when you’re not entirely comfortable with speaking out these affirmations.

This is great for you if you’re someone who tends to express themselves better in writing rather than in words.

Written affirmations also help you keep track of the affirmations you use daily.

The way written affirmations work is similar to spoken affirmations, where you write the affirmation 9 times in a day.

The only difference is that it generally takes more effort to do rather than simply speaking them out loud.

#2. Spoken Affirmations

This is by far, the most common way of using affirmations in your life.

With spoken affirmations, you say these pieces of encouragement out loud, no matter where you are.

Some individuals prefer this method as it helps them believe the affirmations as their current reality.

This is also the easiest way of practicing affirmations since you’ll be just saying them out loud and not taking the time to write them out.

#3. Find The Right Time Of Day

I mentioned earlier you want to speak your affirmations three times daily.

While it is up to you when you speak them, the best time of day to say them is upon waking in the morning and as you are getting ready to go to sleep.

The reason for this is your frame of mind.

By speaking these positive words at the start of your day, you put yourself into a positive mindset.

Now when something goes wrong, which something will, you can more easily brush it off.

In the past, you might have started your day in a negative frame of mind and any negative things in your life would make you spiral into more negativity.

The reason for saying these words before bed is the same idea.

You likely had negative thoughts or things happen that are swirling around in your mind.

For some people, this makes it difficult to fall asleep.

By speaking affirmations at bedtime, they calm their conscious and unconscious mind down so they can not only fall asleep, but get a better night sleep overall.

As for the other time you speak these statements, it is up to you.

Some people find late afternoon works best for them.

You know your day and when you tend to be stressed out the most.

These are the times to pause, take a deep breath, and speak your affirmations.

#4. Speak Affirmations As Needed

Another important thing is don’t think you can only speak these 3 times daily.

If you are having a hard day, by all means speak them more often.

Years ago, I was struggling with the end of a relationship that caught me off guard.

I was having a hard time concentrating and my mental health was suffering.

There were days I was saying my affirmations every hour.

Other days I said them 3 times a day.

The point is, don’t think 3 times is a rule you cannot break.

If you are having a bad day, take the time to say them more often to fight off the limiting beliefs.

#5. Have A Regular Practice

In order for the power of affirmations to work, you need to make them part of your daily routine.

You can’t get by speaking them a few days a week or a couple times a month.

They need to be part of your daily life.

This is why one of the previous points I was telling you when to say them.

You need to have a daily practice so they can become a habit.

Otherwise, you will get busy with life and forget to say them.

And over time, you will think they don’t work as a result.

But the issue is more that you aren’t speaking them enough, which means you aren’t giving them a chance to work.

Benefits Of Daily Affirmations

benefits of daily affirmations

I wanted to finish up by recapping the many positive benefits of affirmations and provide you with further proof of their effectiveness.

The main health research that has been done on positive affirmations comes from the self-affirmation theory.

This theory suggests that humans motivated by a sense of self integrity.

In other words, we want to see ourselves as good, virtuous people.

And by speaking positive daily affirmations to ourselves, we reinforce this theory.

There have been empirical studies that point to this evidence.

In one such study, an MRI showed that some neural pathways increased when the person was saying positive mantras.

This suggests that we are better able to process information about ourselves and not get sucked into a spiral of negative self talk.

Here is a great article that is easy to follow and understand about the science behind positive affirmations.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, using daily affirmations is great tool you have to change your negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

And this will lead to you living a happier life as a more confident person.

So use affirmations to your advantage to reverse your negative self talk, and you’ll begin to realize that your mind is the key to living the life of your dreams.

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