177 Back Pain Affirmations To Get Better Faster​

Back pain is the nemesis of many people around the world, and it has been reported in the United States that close to 65% of the population have reported related problems.

This leads to limitations in daily activities, and in some severe cases, the inability to make a living. 

It is a sad truth that faces many, but there are ways to get through it in a less traumatic way.

Making use of the power of your mind to heal and relax, you can actually start to get relief from back pain and make the experience more bearable.

In this post, you will have a list of back pain affirmations that sought to instill positive thinking and takes your mind off your present struggles. 

177 Back Pain Affirmations To Get Faster Relief

How to use affirmations?

Identify the negative thoughts that you wish to get rid of or something that you wish to manifest.

Affirmations work in both scenarios, but you need to be clear about what you want.

Use the following list as a source of inspiration and guidance. You may use any affirmation as it is, or modify it to make it your own.

The key thing here is that the affirmations MUST resonate with you and is a statement you truly believe in.

Pick out at least 2 affirmations and start using them. 

Begin a routine of practicing at least twice a day of reciting the affirmations with each session lasting 3-5 minutes. Repeat each one 10-15 times daily.

You can do this in front of a mirror, or speak out loud, or do it in your mind. Do not skip any sessions.

Download and print out your own affirmations worksheet below to use as a guide for manifestation.

Stick it on your mirror/journal/vision board, or anywhere you can easily access throughout the day so that it can serve as a constant reminder to you. 

Affirmations to help you get through back pain

Physical pain often leads to mental stress, which can lead to more tension in your body.

This can lead to some people trying to find an easy way out such as heading down the path of drug abuse or alcohol addiction

Finding a way to help your mind relax can yield many health benefits. In order to break this vicious cycle, you need to take control and take action. 

The affirmations for back pain listed here aims to help you achieve that, and put you on the path of recovery.

Take the time to read through each of them and identify the ones that resonate with you most. You need to believe to make it work. 

With that said, here are some powerful affirmations:

I take good care of my body.

My back is healthy and pain-free.

I trust the process of life. All I need is taken care of. I am safe.

I seek out places in my body that feel good.

I accept my pain.

My body is more than capable of supporting me.

Thanks for the messages brain, but I am OK.

My back is naturally strong.

I am not defined by my pain.

I protect my back when lifting heavy objects.

My body is healthy and thriving.

I am sending positive healing thoughts to my back.

I give myself permission to let go of the past.

I identify and experience the feelings I was trying to avoid.

I don’t need to eliminate my sources of stress, just be aware of them.

I let go of having to hold it all together all the time.

I find it easy to relax my back muscles.

I welcome my pain and invite it in. I am working in partnership with my pain to find peaceful solutions to resolve it.

I meditate every day to calm my mind and absorb my emotional work.

I can’t be overcome by pain.

I will create a body that supports me.

My back is naturally straight and aligned.

My pain is not dangerous, it is just a symptom.

I can do it.

A healthy back is my natural right.

I am strong, capable, and confident.

Taking care of my back is something I just do naturally.

I can let go of the stress and tension in my body.

I can create any body I want.

I am more than my pain.

My body, mind, and spirt are happy, healthy, and in harmony. I am free of pain.

I move freely and joyfully in my body.

I choose peace and happiness now.

I have the allies and tools necessary to heal my back. For this I am grateful.

I am finding it easier to relax my back muscles.

I will keep going.

I always take care of my back.

I will heal my back.

My body is strong and capable.

I open up my ears and my heart to listen to my pain.

back pain quotes All the world is full of suffering. It is also full of overcoming.

Affirmations for lower back pain

I did not bring this pain on myself.

I will starve my pain of attention and fear.

My body is healthy and free from pain.

I will become free from back pain.

Everything happens for a reason. Everything leads to something positive.

I have no structural problems, I am well.

I gratefully acknowledge the ways my body serves me right now.

I am not intimidated by my pain.

I will develop strong back muscles.

Movement is an exploration and I am a curious explorer.

I read my affirmations aloud every day, I take time to hear and believe every word.

I am willing to look at other issues in my life once the pain is gone.

I love my body and accept my pain.

I can choose to love my pain now because I know love is more powerful and will help my pain heal.

I am glad to be completely pain free.

I will not feel worried, frustrated or intimidated.

I am free of back pain and I am grateful.

With every breath I take, I am sending, love and gratitude to every single cell in my body

I journal every day to teach my brain that it’s OK to think unthinkable thoughts.

I can heal, I can be more active, activity is good for me.

If I feel resistance, I will carry on.

Health is my birthright and I am grateful to be pain free.

I am happy, healthy, and free from back pain and I am psyched.

I have harmless pain and I’m learning to deal with my stress.

I’m grateful for the healing.

I am pain free, happy, and healthy.

I am free from back pain.

My body, mind, and spirit are healthy.

I know that my pain is here to teach me.

I can get through anything.

I am in control of my back muscles.

I no longer resist remembering painful memories.

I appreciate my healthy body, mind, and spirit.

I choose happiness.

I am choosing peace every day, regardless of how much pain is there.

I know that I can banish these symptoms forever.

I will be careful when lifting and bending.

I am not afraid if my symptoms move around or get worse.

I am wise and have overcome pain.

I am not my pain.

Look after your body and your body will look after you.

Affirmations for middle back pain

I am grateful the battle is over.

I breathe deeply and fully. I take in the breath of life.

I welcome my emotions and allow them to move through me.

I experience every emotion and allow each to move through my body and be released.

If I hurt, that’s OK, I carry on regardless with love.

I consistently take all of the necessary action steps to heal my back. These steps help me to be pain free.

I know I can control my body with my mind.

My back muscles are relaxed.

I consciously eat good food and nourish myself.

Life changes, and I have the ability to adapt to those changes.

I release any grief, fear, or anger I am holding from the last moment.

In each moment, I choose what I will carry with me into the next moment.

I let go of my chronic pain.

I acknowledge my pain and give it permission to go.

I am at peace with my pain.

I know my body has an innate healing power within it.

My body is healthy.

My body is a miracle.

My posture is improving.

I am a winner.

My back is strong and healthy.

I am grateful for my healing, it is already happening.

Positive affirmations for sciatica

I enjoy feeling healthy and am grateful that my back is healed and free from pain.

I am grateful that my body is telling me what it wants. I am open and ready to listen.

I’m listening and learning from my pain.

I know that I do the very best I can.

I am grateful for my body’s amazing ability to heal.

I find it easy to control my pain.

I feel the pain leaving my body every time I exhale.

I am healthy, happy, and in harmony.

I am grateful for my healthy pain free back and body.

I call bullshit on my brain, I understand what it is trying to do.

I exercise regularly to help ease my pain.

My body is healing, even if it feels slow.

I am free of pain.

I will not avoid other issues in my life.

I am releasing tension in my back.

I know that I am learning from every situation.

My pain is not my fault.

My back is free of pain and I move through my life gracefully and joyfully.

Affirmations for upper back pain

I have faith in my body’s ability to heal.

I always maintain a healthy posture.

I am healthy, healed, happy, and pain free.

I watch videos and listen to podcasts to keep my belief strong.

Good posture comes naturally to me.

This pain will pass.

I am patient and kind to myself, I can’t win at this straight away.

I am not rushing my healing, I surrender to it.

I have a naturally healthy back.

Love can help me heal my pain.

I am now choosing to create a body to love and support me.

I am respecting my body and doing what I can, with where I am now.

I am educating myself but I am not a student of pain.

I enjoy my healthy body and am free of any and all residual back pain.

My breath invites softness into the constricted places in my body.

My body is full of energy and pain free.

I am healthy, happy, and thriving.

I enjoy my pain free back and my pain free body.

I am safe and well.

My mind is calm and stress free.

I will develop a strong and healthy back.

Each day my back feels better and better.

My back is strong and flexible. I walk with ease and grace.

Each day I feel less and less pain.

I am thankful for healing.

I can mourn the loss of my old way of life and still move toward my new way of being.

I am healed.

My back is healthy, strong, flexible and pain free.

I am not damaged, I am not broken.

I can effortlessly control my pain.

I choose a life that is free of pain, happy, and healthy.

My body is not against me. My body loves me and only ever works with me.

My peace is more important than any pain.

I release the stories I tell about myself and my life.

I have a natural ability to heal myself.

I conquer pain.

I will get through this.

I take good care of myself.

My back is healthy, strong, and flexible.

Affirmations for slipped disc

I won’t be discouraged when the pain isn’t gone when I think it should be gone.

I revert my attention to my feelings instead of my symptoms.

Positive thinking is beginning to help my back pain.

Just because I am in pain now, does not mean I will be in pain forever.

I am feeling better every day.

I don’t compare my healing to anyone else’s, this is my journey.

I have an attitude of disdain towards my symptoms.

I enjoy playing in my body I am grateful that I no longer have back pain.

I am healthy, strong, and able.

I am confident that this pain will pass.

My mind and body are connected, in sync, and working towards my health.

I can live a rich, successful life surrounded by friends and family.

I do not oppose my pain.

I find it easy to stay positive.

I shine the light of my awareness on each area of my body, without judgement.

I am open to learning from my pain

I deserve to laugh and enjoy life.

My back is starting to feel more relaxed.

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