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This section is designed to provide you a little more information regarding my background, why I started this site, any disclaimers, and an explanation of any advertisements you may see on the site.

about meI began this site because I am a firm believer that our thoughts affect our lives.

In other words, if you consistently think negative thoughts, then negative things will manifest.

Likewise, if you have positive thoughts, then positive things will manifest.

I feel that there is a lot of research that needs to be done on the types of energy we release.

This site will discuss the benefits of positive thinking and self improvement to illustrate ways to be the best person you can be.

I feel that we are continuously learning and growing.

We will never be perfect, but we should strive for being the best we can each and every day.

The great thing about this is that each day is a new beginning and a new opportunity to be better than you were yesterday.

A little background about me personally, I haven’t always been a person that talked about positive thinking or wanted to be the best version of me.

But that all changed in 2008.

I was in a long-term relationship. We were talking about marriage, buying a house, starting a family, etc.

At the time I didn’t know why, but I ended things abruptly. At first, being single was fun. I hadn’t been single for over three years.

But as time went on, I realized what I had given up and became depressed. I withdrew from my friends and family. I didn’t like my job.

In fact, I didn’t like anything about my life at the time, even though I had good things happening.

I then read The Secret and it changed my outlook on things. I began to realize that our thoughts become things in our lives.

I’ve noticed many times when I think certain thoughts, those thoughts manifested into actual things. I also realized that everything works out in the end.

Of course, it’s not like a switch was flipped and overnight I was this joyous, positive person. Far from it.

It took me time to see the positive things in life. Little by little, day by day, I became happier.

There were still parts of my life I didn’t like, my job for instance, but I was able to see the good in it as well.

As time has passed, I’ve become much better at identifying negative thoughts and getting rid of them quickly. I see the bright side more than the dark side.

But I still have times of negative thinking and I always will. I am human and it is a part of life. The key is not dwelling on those thoughts.

I have continued to expand my views into how much healthier positive thinking is.

Regardless if you believe in what The Secret talks about or not, you cannot argue that negative thinking is bad for you, and positive thinking is healthy for you.

Because there are many other people who are struggling with thinking positively, I created this site as a resource for them to be a better person and think more positively and strive to improve their lives every single day.

15 Fun Facts About Me

1. I am an introvert.

Being in large crowds is not something I enjoy. In fact, many times I end up finding a reason to leave the room/area to be by myself.

This allows me to recharge and relax for a little bit. Then I am ready to go back into the large crowd.

2. I have a great imagination. 

I grew up in a rural setting and there were only a couple kids my age on my street. When they weren’t around, I had to find a way to keep myself occupied.

I ended up creating imaginary games where I would be playing football or basketball by myself but I imagined I was playing against Michael Jordon or Jo Montana.

For the record, I have many more scoring titles and championships than MJ and was a better quarterback than Montana!

Today, my imagination is just as strong. And it serves me well with two toddlers running around the house.

I am hoping I can pass along my great imagination to them. I truly feel it is a gift that has helped me countless times in life.

3. I am super competitive.

I am always turning what I am doing into a game and trying to be better than I was before. Even lifting weights or doing cardio, I always am trying to be better than I was last time.

Though this sometimes gets me into trouble.

I definitely have to dial things back in some instances.

And I am making a conscious effort to not be “that Dad” at my kids sporting events. I want them to enjoy what they are doing and have fun, not be worried if their Dad is going to embarrass them.

4. I am very organized.

Being organized is a blessing and curse.

I love that things are always neat and orderly and I can find things easily.

It is a curse when it came to a previous job I had. My boss always saw a clean desk and assumed I never had enough work to do.

The truth was, I just put things away that I didn’t need.

And today, it is a curse when it comes to cleaning up our kids toys. While they enjoy cleaning up with me, the issue is when their friends come over.

Things get put in the wrong bins that I have re-organize them. I also have to open up the puzzle box and games to make sure all the pieces are there.

5. I’ve always been an entrepreneur.

As long as I can remember, I have always been working to create side hustles and businesses.

In college I tried to get a business off the ground but it didn’t work out. I then began flipping yard and estate sale items for a profit. Then I turned to reselling items on Amazon.

Next, I started a t-shirt company and then turned to blogging.

Right now, I have a few ideas floating in my head, but with running websites and having a family, my time is tight already.

6. I loved playing video games growing up.

Growing up, I started out with an Atari 5200 and then moved onto an NES. That was a game changer for me.

I continued to play various consoles up to the Playstation 2. Then I got busy with life and video games took a back seat.

This was also due in part to the games themselves. I loved playing role playing and adventure games.

Back in the old days, you could spend a reasonable amount of time following the storyline and completing the game.

Now these games have no set path. You can go in any direction you want and can play endlessly. I don’t have that kind of time.

However, with the release of the NES Classic, I have played some of my old favorites again and it takes me back to my childhood and brings back some great memories.

7. I enjoy wood working in my spare time.

My Dad was one to fix things himself before calling in a pro. As a result, I learned a lot of tricks as a kid. Now that I own my own home, I am always working on things that need fixing or updating.

Recently this has turned into me building things from scratch, including floating shelves and a coffee table.

I have a grand idea of building a farmhouse table that can be passed down, but that might not happen for a few more years.

8. I love watching movies.

Any genre is great and I am always open to watching one. The only problem is once I start a movie, I have to finish it. Even if it is really bad.

In fact, there is not a single movie I started that I never stopped watching.

Some of my favorite movies include:

  • Major League (I have easily seen this one close to 1,000 times. No kidding. I can quote it verbatim and can point out editing mistakes in it too.)
  • Dumb and Dumber
  • The Shawshank Redemption
  • Pulp Fiction
  • Field of Dreams
  • National Lampoons Vacation
  • The Dark Knight Rises
  • And anything with Ryan Reynolds, Liam Neeson, or Julia Roberts

9. I am a picky eater

But I am working on this as I try to be better every day!

My main issue is with vegetables. I can eat fruit all day, but there are only a handful of vegetables I like and am not a fan of just munching on a carrot or celery as a snack.

As a result, I try to load up on them during my main meals or sneak them in so I won’t notice them.

For example, I load up my breakfast smoothie with spinach. I make Kung Pao Chicken and substitute the chicken for cauliflower.

In either case, you don’t taste the vegetable.

The one food group I am not a fan of is seafood. I just can’t eat it.

I’ve tried many times without success. However, my mother-in-law did make salmon with breading on it that was good. So maybe there is still hope here.

10. I enjoy watching wrestling.

Yes I know it is fake, but it is still entertaining to me. I do skip out on it now and then when the storylines get old, but I always come back.

And I always buy the big pay per views each year.

About The Site

I began this site not only as a way to help keep me accountable in my journey to be the best me possible, but also to help others.

I see so many people unhappy in life, stuck thinking there is no way out and mired in negative thinking. They hate themselves and everyone and everything around them.

We only get one shot at life and I want to enjoy every minute of it.

I hope that the articles I write and share with you will help you to be be the best you and help you to enjoy everyday of your life.

Because you never know what day will be your last.

I encourage you to sign up and take part in my free 7 day email course and get new posts as well.

By taking action, you can live your best life.

To help spread the word about UnfinishedSuccess.com and my goal of helping as many people as possible, I’ve worked hard to get featured in larger media publications.

Below is a small sample of some places where my work and my mission have been featured.

  • The Wall Street Journal (Link)
  • The Leftkoe Institute (Link)
  • Self Growth (Link)
  • Media Shower (Link)
  • Start of Happiness (Link)
  • Possibility Change (Link)

Finally, if you are interested in contributing to Unfinished Success, there are two options.

  • If you are a fellow blogger, you can email me for information about guest posting.
  • If you are a company and want to sponsor an article, you can check out my Advertising section.

If you are representing a company and are trying to get a guest post and sneak in a commercial link, save us both the time and hassle and visit my advertising page.

I’ve been at this for a while and know when you are just trying to get a link.

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