175 Affirmations For Realtors And Real Estate Agents To Be A Top Producer​


Realtors and real estate agents frequently operate in high-stress environments, having to deal with increasing targets and demanding clients.

To get to the top, you need every edge you can get.

In this post, you will find a long list of affirmations for realtors and real estate agents that will boost your mindset and set you apart.

If you want to sell more houses, get on the list of top 100 producers, or simply need that extra bit of motivation and encouragement, you’re in the right place.

How to use affirmations?

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Identify the negative thoughts that you wish to get rid of or something that you wish to manifest. Affirmations work in both scenarios, but you need to be clear about what you want.

Use the following list as a source of inspiration and guidance. 

You may use any affirmation as it is, or modify it to make it your own.

The key thing here is that the affirmations MUST resonate with you and is a statement you truly believe in.

Pick out at least 2 affirmations and start using them. 

Begin a routine of practicing at least twice a day of reciting the affirmations with each session lasting 3-5 minutes.

Repeat each one 10-15 times daily.

You can do this in front of a mirror, or speak out loud, or do it in your mind.

Do not skip any sessions.

Download and print out your own affirmations worksheet below to use as a guide for manifestation.

Stick it on your mirror/journal/vision board, or anywhere you can easily access throughout the day so that it can serve as a constant reminder to you. 

Be patient! It usually takes a month or so to see results.

List Of Realtor And Real Estate Agents Affirmations

The list contains affirmations that will help you develop the right mindset to be a top producing agent.

Each of these positive affirmations is unique and you should adapt them to your own particular situation. 

You can expect to read about the following types of affirmations in the list that follows.

Mantras For Real Estate Agents

I project a powerful image to my clients.

I do not depend on luck and gamble on unrealistic possibilities.

I deserve to be happy, healthy and wealthy.

I am grateful for all I have.

I always set my goals high.

I am turning my expertise into income.

I always create a wonderful first impression.

I have a perfect sense of timing and I use it in all I do.

I can make as many sales as I want.

I am making a positive impact in the lives of others.

I close many sales a year.

I successfully persuade people with patience and benefits.

I am successful, intelligent and confident.

I stay up to date on the latest market trends.

By investing in real estate, I am helping to strengthen the economy.

I am gregarious with all people.

I have an uncanny ability to recognize amazing opportunities.

I get paid well for doing the things that unsuccessful people won’t do or can’t do.

I am proud to invest in real property.

My level of success is not dependent upon uncontrollable circumstances.

I am attracting new buyers.

I am in control of my destiny.

I am strategic in all presentations.

I open my heart and allow wonderful things to flow into my life.

I am a powerful real estate professional.

I am healthy and fit.

I am attracting new sales each and every day.

I achieve my goals.

I am intelligent and resourceful enough to figure it out.

I always keep a minimum of 12 listings in stock.

The clients and custom­ers I work with are worthy of my valuable professional services.

Each day I work harder and harder at real estate trading.

My talents and skills are improving each day.

I am the best real estate agent.

I love having financial freedom.

My potential as a real estate trader is limitless.

I finish what I start wisely, successfully and appropriately.

I will do what I fear most and thus I’ll control my fear.

I will win.

I know that my atti­tude affects my level of success.

I am extremely knowledgeable about the real estate market.

I will become recognized as a real estate investment authority.

I am comfortable and confident talking with new people every day.

I always sense the best time to buy or sell real estate.

I do not wait for prospects to come to me. I actively seek‑out qualified prospects.

I am building a huge dedicated clientele.

I do not rush through transactions leaving unsolved problems that I hope will disappear.

I am a truly effective negotiator.

I make smart decisions.

I have a tremendous power of persuasion.

Affirmations For A Successful Real Estate Business

I am making important connections in the real estate industry.

I constantly keep myself updated and educated about the latest in the property industry.

I am going to close more deals.

I am changing and improving every day.

People want to list their homes with me.

I find new clients effortlessly.

The real estate commissions I receive are not just a reward for having a real estate license; they are payment for providing valuable professional services.

I have the ability to be successful.

I will be massively successful in real estate.

I am smart and successful.

I only work on properties and with prospects where there is a reasonable probability of success.

I carefully guard my working hours.

I am a natural at real estate trading.

I talk openly, easily and naturally with all people.

Affirmations To Help Realtors Sell More Houses

I do not argue with customers or clients or run from problems.

I am comfortable with all people no matter what their status in life.

Watching my properties increase in value is exciting.

My mind is fine-tuned for real estate trading.

All of my relationships are harmonious.

I assure my success by consistently getting into actual selling situations.

I am a master at making phone calls and generating business.

I am worthy of having many clients.

I don’t waste my time, energy, or money on unqualified clients.

I love to talk.

I enjoy living an abundant lifestyle.

I am growing my business every day.

I have a natural talent for real estate.

I make excellent presentations.

I am so worthy so that I am dealing with the clients and people in the very best way.

I am detail oriented with all of my paperwork.

I listen carefully.

I am so grateful because I am getting all the positive things in life.

I will always choose the right properties.

I can persuade anyone that I choose.

I can easily sense when it is the right time to buy, sell, or walk away from a deal.

I have complete financial freedom and stability.

I am a successful real estate trader.

I believe in my personal value and the value of my office and company.

I follow up and follow through effectively.

I always show enthusiasm and confidence to my customers, clients and fellow associates.

I know the right time to sell a house.

Closing deals comes naturally to me.

I can easily sell many houses.

I am going to kill it today.

The more gratitude I have, the more reasons I find to be grateful.

Attracting new clients comes naturally to me.

I am becoming a better realtor every day.

Negotiating real estate deals is fun and easy.

My mind is naturally attuned to the real estate market.

I am attracting potential buyers easily.

Affirmations For Top Producers

I am so worthy so that I am getting all the things even thinking about them.

I show concern for all situations, but I only accept responsibility for controllable circumstances.

I am a sincere giver.

I create my success through my thoughts and my actions.

Selling houses comes easily to me.

I make decisions easily and effortlessly.

I am so worthy so that I am doing all the good things in my life for me.

I am so worthy so that I have done all the good things in my life so far.

My mistakes do not define me.

I have a natural intuition for real estate trading.

I am brave and fearless.

Affirmations to help realtors find more clients

I am so grateful because I am turning the mud and dirt into gold and silver.

I always ask for the order.

I do not think, talk or act negatively about the real estate business.

My dedication to success is growing.

I will honor my journey and free myself from the expectations of others.

I ensure the attainment of my objectives.

I am personally responsible for my level of success.

I always get the job done well.

I will achieve an excellent price and a ratified contract on a wonderful residential real estate investment property.

I improve my real estate skills daily.

I prosper wherever I turn.

I am fully committed to my real estate business.

I am particularly good at getting price reductions.

My business is growing and so am I.

I enjoy every aspect of buying and selling real estate.

My value is measurably greater than the competition’s.

I know that I must be available when prospects are available.

My property values are increasing.

I radiate with confidence and people feel that.

It’s the start that stops most people but not me.

When I believe in myself, so do others.

I pay close attention to people’s wants and needs.

I am worthy of financial security.

Affirmations for Agents Getting Into Real Estate

I am excited to start my day.

My life is overflowing with opportunities.

I must think successful and act successful to be successful!

I am very knowledgeable about the real estate market.

I do not disguise reality by telling people only what they hope to hear.

I sell people the way they want to be sold.

My real estate business is very successful.

I love dealing effectively with strangers.

I am a highly successful real estate agent.

I am so worthy so that I am attracting the wealth and property towards me.

It’s a good day to have a good day.

I choose love, joy and freedom.

I will remain committed to my process of analyzing one deal per day without being emotionally attached to my results.

I know and understand how to attract buyers.

I specialize in getting autographs from customers.

I am committed to being successful at buying and selling property.

Affirmations to boost realtors confidence

Success does not come to you, you go to it.

I am so grateful because I have the potential to work hard and make money.

I accept responsibility for situations which are in my control.

Real estate trading what I live for.

I am becoming more successful every day.

I do not allow other people to interfere with my work schedule.

I tell my custom­ers and clients the truth and sell them on the benefits.

I am good at selling and buying houses.

Affirmations to increase realtors motivation

I maximize my probability for success by working proven real estate systems.

I have a limitless potential within me.

I do not avoid difficult tasks and uncomfortable situations.

I will make sound investment decisions.

I am so worthy so that I am trusting myself and making all the good decisions every time.

Real estate is becoming my life.

With gratitude, I am attracting an eager seller willing to negotiate.

My clients enjoy working with me.

I am filled with drive and determination to do an excellent job.

I have the right to be successful.

I am so grateful for having a perfect fate that is attracting the wealth towards me.

I have a lot of knowledge about selling houses.

I am a client magnet.

Others respect me as a real estate trader.

I am an impactful leader.

I have a trusting relationship with my clients.

I will improve every facet of my real estate skills.

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