69 Basketball Affirmations to Prime for Success


When I was young, I was very into basketball and played a lot.

Even though I do play anymore these days (more running now), I still miss the game and watch it regularly, especially now in the midst of playoff action.

Many basketball players dream of getting into the NBA or WNBA, or maybe they are yearning for a spot on the college team, or to get a sponsorship.

While diligent practice helps, players need to improve on the mental aspect of the game as well.

Did you think that Michael Jordan succeeded based only on his playing abilities?

No, that’s not the case. If you read enough stories about MJ, you would know about his competitive fire and having the right mindset to deal with setbacks and get himself to the top.

Reciting basketball affirmations is one way to condition your mind and get you closer to success.

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Positive self talk in basketball

I remember reading about an experiment.

In it, players used visualization and positive self-talk to “train” themselves on how to shoot free throws, and the results were pretty astonishing.

It goes to show the power of the mind and how it can help aspiring players to further improve their games.

Why use positive affirmations for basketball?

Positive affirmations are statements that are meant to help someone rewire their subconscious mind and get rid of negative thinking that has been hampering one’s growth.

It puts you in a better state of mind to get better at your game, both physically and mentally.

Positive self-talk has the ability to consciously turn negative thoughts into positive ones, and it can help basketball players of all levels improve their performance. (read: Elite Athlete Affirmations)

When you’re playing a game, there are many things that can go through your mind—especially if you’re frustrated or not playing well. You might think things like:

“I’m going to mess up.”

“This is so hard.”

“Why did I sign up for this?”

When you have these thoughts, they may be true—but they also serve as obstacles that prevent you from playing your best.

Instead of letting yourself get stuck in these negative patterns of thought, try replacing them with more helpful statements like:

“I will focus on making my next shot.”

“I’m doing my best right now.”

“This isn’t easy; but I’m going to keep working hard until I succeed!”

Think everyone can take the buzzer-beating shot?

Worse, do you think it is easy to rebound after missing a buzzer-beating shot?

All these setbacks require a strong mind, and affirmations are one way to motivate and keep you confident in your abilities. (read more: Daily Affirmations for Motivation)

List of Positive Affirmations for Basketball Players

I will pass the ball accurately.

My game is improving.

Winning the game comes naturally to me. It’s easy for me to focus during practice.

I am excellent at catching the basketball.

Basketball loves me and I love basketball.

I am focused on training.

I will shoot hoops like a pro.

My skills are impeccable.

Today I will give myself to the game and have fun doing it.

I will dribble smoothly.

I am a talented basketball player.

I can shoot hoops with precision. I will dribble smoothly and confidently.

I am very quick and coordinated and rhythmical when dribbling a basketball.

I will not give up easily or take unnecessary breaks.

Winning is natural and normal for me.

Playing basketball comes naturally to me.

Every missed shot is a lesson on how to improve my shooting skills.

I know how to properly defend. I am dedicated to the game.

My focus at practice is unshakeable.

I shoot to score and maneuver through my opponents with skilled perfection.

I score effortlessly.

I will score huge amounts of points.

I am an excellent team player and I will do all I can to help the team win.

I am a dedicated player.

I truly find practicing enjoyable. I concentrate on winning so it comes.

I will practice to become a pro player. I can do what it takes to win.

I am increasingly adept at successfully performing lay-ups, drills of all kinds, jump-shots, dribbling, passing, and catching.

I play hard and leave everything on the court.

I am improving my game every day. I will be unstoppable.

My mind is always focused on winning.

I am truly a fantastic assists man in the game of basketball.

Basketball is my sport.

I will become a great basketball player.

I will develop into a pro player.

I am fantastic at dribbling the basketball.

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I am increasingly great at basketball, in every good way.

I play basketball with absolute ease and perfection.

I know when to pass the ball to my teammates. I will practice hard and diligently.

I will focus easily during the game. Playing basketball is my talent.

I naturally score. I am driven to help my team win.

I dribble effortlessly through the court. I am an incredible basketball player.

I find winning both natural and normal. Putting my team comes first allows us to always win.

I am a superior basketballer.

I am a successful basketball player.

I am a skilled dribbler.

I will practice often.

I will work on my game repeatedly till I succeed.

I am a great basketball player.

Practicing basketball is fun.

I am very versatile and solid in my jump-shooting ability

I am driven to win.

I am increasingly fit and healthy when playing basketball, running, sprinting and jumping.

My reflexes are extremely sharp.

My skills are always improving. I thrive under pressure.

I do not take things personally when things do not go my way.

I am a basketball king, a genius of the game, and I play superbly.

I will do everything possible to win.

I play basketball well like a pro.

I am great at passing the basketball.

I will focus on becoming the best player I know. I am confident I can become an incredible basketball player.

I am a reliable teammate. I have an accurate shot.

I have an accurate shot.

I am a passionate leader that drives my team to play hard.

I will focus my mind on becoming a top level basketball player.

I am a winner, and I will lead the rest of the team to victory.

I am very accurate when making my jump shots.

My presence on the court makes my opponents tremble.

I am improving at basketball every day.

I am a fast runner.

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