223 Hair Growth Affirmations To Look Your Best​

223 Hair Growth Affirmations To Look Your Best

Our hair is an important part of our appearance. It is often the thing that stands out most when someone sees us.

In fact, many people have used their hair to gain iconic status.

Think of people like Mr T, Jennifer Aniston, and Elvis Presley, what is the first image that comes to your mind? I bet it is their hairstyle. 

That said, many of us become stressed over our hair when they don’t behave, and we crave the perfect hair that seems so out of reach.

The thing is, when we start stressing over matters, they make them worse.

Which is why it is so useful to recite hair growth affirmations (among many other hair related affirmations) to develop a positive mindset when dealing with our naughty crown.

In this post, you will find out how you can manifest hair growth/beautiful hair and also read a list of powerful positive affirmations that can guide you along.

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Do hair growth affirmations work?

Yes, they do, but only if you want them to. That sounds like a trick answer, but I can assure you that it is not.

Affirmations are not miracles conjured up by some mysterious guru, nor are they quick fixes to your life’s problems.

What affirmations do is put you in the right mindset and let you take the right actions to achieve your goals.

They help to rewire your subconscious and rid yourself of the negative thoughts that have accumulated in your mind over time.

Trust me, they are there, but you can remove them.

This in turn increases your self-confidence and lets you trust yourself more.

When that happens, you naturally know how to take the right steps to improve your life, including “smaller” things like the way you look, if you have clear skin, or something related to your hair!

How to manifest hair growth?

These steps are important for you to follow when you are trying to manifest hair growth or something else regarding your hair such as soft hair, straight hair, or simply long black hair.

The steps on their own are great, but when combined, you reap the most benefits.

Fair warning here though, nothing good comes easy. 

The start will be difficult, but when you build up momentum, there will be no stopping you!

1. Get rid of negative thoughts

At the heart of most of our problems lies our mind.

It is often filled with lots of negativity that we are sometimes unaware of.

These are accumulated over many years and interactions with negative people will make them more pronounced.

They might not seem obvious. Here are a couple of examples: 

I always have bad hair days!

My hair is not cooperating today!

As you keep repeating these harmful statements, they become your truth. You manifest the issues you face!

What you need to do is to stop thinking negative thoughts.

Start accepting the problem and think of solutions instead.

Once you start changing your mindset to a positive one, you start loving your hair more and find ways to take good care of it.

2. Start a routine of reciting positive affirmations for hair growth

As I mentioned earlier, affirmations are not miracle pills.

There are over a hundred affirmations in the list below, but you do not need to memorize them all. 

What will work is you finding your own affirmation, something that you truly believe in, something that really resonates with you, and stick with it.

I have a few tips for you on how to use affirmations properly in the section below.

3. Visualize your end goal

Visualizing is an important tool during your manifestation process.

Being able to see yourself in the end state can really accelerate the entire journey to your goals.

Each day, spend a few minutes in a quiet environment to visualize yourself with the hair that you want.

Think about how much it will mean to you, how you will love your new hairdo, and how your life will change with it.

Try to feel your new hair, like really touching it.

When you are done with your visualization session, try your best to remember the feelings you felt and let it stick.

The more you do so, the more you will start to see better results.

4. Take practical steps to care for your hair

There are lots of hair care products out there that can help us to care for our hair.

From hydrating shampoo to anti-frizz cream and everything else in between, your options are unlimited.

But how do you choose which to use?

I personally try my best to take good care of my hair too, and there are a few products that I swear by.

I did not start out using them but once I found one that works, I stuck with it.

You should try out one product at a time and observe what works best for you.

Once you find the winning formula, as they say, don’t fix what ain’t broke.

Consider the following to add to your self-care arsenal. 

List Of The Best Affirmations For Hair Growth and Great Hair

The list below suits both men and women who are struggling with hair issues such as falling hair, frizzy hair, receding hairlines, and much more. 

Take your time to read through the entire list at least once and identify the sentences that align with your goals the most. 

You can use them as it is or create your own affirmations (far more effective!) by using them as a reference.

I have also created an affirmations worksheet that might help you stay focused and achieve your goals.

Be sure to grab your free copy down below.

Thick Hair Affirmations

Straight Hair Affirmations

Affirmations For Hair Loss Problem

Subliminal Affirmations for Hair Growth

Subconscious Hair Growth

Natural Hair Affirmations

Affirmations for Facial Hair

Hair Growth Mantras

Affirmations For Hair Regrowth

Healthy Hair Affirmations

Affirmations for Curly Hair

My hair grows black, thick, strong, and fast.

I take good care of my hair.

I will always think positively about my hair.

I am blessed to have straight hair.

I will do whatever it takes to have healthy hair.

My beard goes down to my adams apple.

My hair is one of my favorite parts of my body.

My hair glides through my fingers and a comb.

I love my naturally curly hair.

I love how healthy my hair is looking.

My hair is easily detangled.

My body makes my hair so strong and dandruff-free.

I will let go of stress to improve the health of my hair.

My hair has all the nutrients for healthy growth.

I am glad that my natural hair is straight.

I have enough hair to look beautiful.

I love spending time grooming my hair.

No mistakes were made on me or my hair.

I no longer grow hair on my legs.

My scalp knows only long healthy hair.

I will make taking care of my hair fast, fun, and not a lot of work.

I take care of my hair and use only good-quality hair products.

Everyone compliments my long hair.

I will learn the good things about my hair.

I love my natural hair.

I deserve to have beautiful healthy hair.

My scalp is clean and healthy.

It’s only good vibes and happy thoughts for my hair.

I can grow my hair to whatever length I want.

My hairline gets filled with new hair.

My scalp feels good and calm.

I will pay attention to my scalp.

No stress is as important as my hair health.

It takes courage to don this hairstyle and this colour.

I am doing and will continue to do whatever makes my hair happy.

My hair is full, alive, and abundant.

I will be attentive to my hair.

The health of my natural hair is improving.

I am on the road to have healthy hair.

I can easily handle my hair.

Taking great care of my hair is something I just naturally do.

I’m doing everything in my power to have nice healthy hair.

There’s no such thing as bad hair day, every day is the best hair day of my life!

It’s always a good hair day.

I am growing my hair on my head back, all naturally.

I’m excited to see my hair beautiful and healthy again!

My hair is beautiful, just the way it is.

My straight hair is easy to manage and style.

My beard reaches my cheekbones.

Growing my hair is not a lot of work.

Long Hair Affirmations

My hair is healthy, shiny, and strong.

My texture is easy to manage.

My curl pattern is easy to manage.

My head will not lose a single hair strand starting today.

I will take care of my scalp.

Everyone admires my long hair.

Thank you for my thick, healthy hair.

I am learning to take good care of my hair.

I am so happy with my hair.

I welcome the season of healthy thick hair.

I can regrow my hair easily.

My hair roots are very deep in my scalp.

My hair was never ugly. It has always been beautiful.

I will do everything possible to protect my beautiful hair.

The health of my hair starts on the inside, today I am choosing to support my body with nourishment, peace and self love.

Each day my hair becomes healthier and healthier.

I like my natural hair.

I will continuously improve the health of my hair.

I was born with beautiful hair.

I have all the nutrients for healthy and fast hair regrowth.

My hair is growing strong without any split ends and frizz.

I am pleased that my natural hair is straight.

I have strong and healthy hair cells.

My mustache meets my cheeks.

I often hear compliments about my beautiful straight hair.

I am going to reach my goal length very soon.

My hair is beautiful.

My hair looks perfect on me.

I pay attention to my hair and only use good-quality hair products.

My natural hair is beautiful and deserves love. I do not compare my hair to others.

I will grow my hair.

People love my hair and acknowledge it’s beauty.

My hair is growing faster than ever before.

Thank you universe for such amazing quality hair.

My hair will be whatever length I want it to be.

I will nurture my hair cells.

My hair always looks straight and shiny.

My hair is so smooth and bouncy.

I am grateful for every inch of hair on my head.

I am confident enough to wear whatever hairstyle I want.

I have beautiful hair and I’m going to protect it.

I accept the gift of fast-growing hair on my head.

My hair is growing.

I’m going to reach my goal length very soon.

I always take perfect care of my scalp.

I am thankful for my natural hair and I am being supported today.

Taking care of my hair is easy and rewarding.

I love that I have this beautiful straight hair type.

My hair is growing back wonderfully.

I think positively to send good energy to my head and scalp.

hair growth affirmations

Powerful Affirmations For Long Hair

My hair will grow back.

I have all the nutrients I need for my hair to grow.

I can easily detangle my natural hair.

I am entering a time of amazing hair growth.

My straight black hair is shiny, long, and healthy every day.

I love it that I’ve got this beautiful straight hair type.

I have beautiful hair.

The hair on my head is long, healthy and grows very quickly.

I am so pleased that my hair is curly.

I love and appreciate my beautiful hair.

I am having and will continue to have a successful natural hair journey.

I have woken up to such shiny hair.

I always get compliments for my beautiful curly hair.

I will always respect my hair without letting it define me.

My hair is strongly rooted in my scalp.

I am very happy that my hair is curly.

My cells are healthy and my hair grows in abundance.

I will reach my goal length.

I will do whatever it takes to manage my hair properly.

My hair can grow back.

I will not do things that damage my hair.

My hair is beautiful because it’s mine.

I am doing everything in my power to get good healthy hair.

No thin hair strand will be attached to my scalp.

I am transforming into someone with a perfectly healthy scalp.

My natural hair is growing faster than before.

My coils, kinks, and curls are growing.

I accept the gift of thick hair in my head.

My natural texture looks great on me.

My scalp is in peak health.

Managing my hair is not a lot of work.

I thank my body for taking such good care of my hair.

I am in full control of my hair growth.

People are wondering what I am doing to get such great hair.

My hairstyle is new and amazing.

Nutrition and blood are always flowing to my scalp.

I am finding ways to creatively style my hair each day.

My scalp produces new follicles.

My hair is completely healthy and strong.

I will continue to uplift others as well as myself.

My hair looks and feels healthier every day.

I will not compare my hair to anybody else’s.

My hair looks great in every hairstyle I choose.

My hair is healthier than it’s ever been.

I can have the hair I desire and I love my hair.

I have a proceeding hairline until it reaches the top of my forehead.

My hair is healthy and growing fast.

My hair is beginning to return.

I appreciate my hair.

I have naturally healthy hair.

affirmations for straight hair

Think and Grow Hair

I have great hair and that is how it’s always going to be.

I absolutely love my hair.

I declare the season of losing hair over.

I have realistic expectations for my hair growth process.

I am taking the best care of my hair.

I’m learning to take good care of my hair.

I am grateful for the thick hair I am getting.

My hair is growing longer and longer.

I naturally attract the best products for my hair.

My hair is well nourished.

My hair is naturally beautiful and strong.

My scalp is in perfect health.

I am working on my tresses and it’s going to look flawless.

I am blessed to have my hair.

I am learning my hair and will continue to do so.

I have exactly the hair that I need and I’m not comparing it to anyone else’s.

My hair grows an inch a month.

I nourish my hair and provide it with everything it needs for growth.

I have a full scalp of hair, full, strong, healthy, thick, equally spread, and lush and beautiful.

I have the strongest and shiniest hair.

I will avoid damaging products.

I have healthy, vibrant, manageable hair.

Curly Hair Affirmations

I often hear compliments about my beautiful curly hair.

My scalp produces healthy hair.

My hair has always looked straight and shiny.

My beautiful hair reminds me of Princess Rapunzel.

I will surpass my goal length.

My hair loss is arrested now.

My hair cells are working to create magic.

I do not, never had, and never will have bad hair.

I will not allow the negativity of others to rub off on me.

I will continue to nourish and respect my hair.

My hair has gotten smoother and shinier.

My hair type looks impressive, whether it’s long, short, or medium length.

My crown is powerful.

My hair enhances my beauty.

I am blessed to have curly hair.

Taking care of my hair is a form of self-care and self-love.

I am happy to have my hair this long.

My clean eating strategy provides my hair with everything it needs to be healthy.

My hair is returning naturally.

I protect my hair from damage and heat.

My natural hair type is easy to take care of.

My scalp is healthy.

I can hear people asking what I am doing to get such great hair.

Keeping my hair healthy is not a lot of work.

My hair cells are healthy and strong.

I am grateful for every bit of new hair I’m getting.

My hair is long and healthy.

My hair is strong and healthy.

affirmations for better hair texture

Black Hair Affirmations

I have thick and great hair.

I am completely satisfied and happy with my hair.

My hair cells are repairing and growing.

My hair is getting better and stronger every day.

My hair looks beautiful in every style.

I will always be thankful for my hair.

I have the most manageable hair.

My past habits will not be my future habits.

My hair cells are producing my natural hair color.

My hair grows effortlessly.

Daily Affirmations for Hair Growth

My hair is returning to its natural form.

Others admire my amazing hair.

My edges can grow back.

Growing my hair is easy and natural.

I am in complete control of hair fall.

I’m glad my hair is so long.

I have soft, silky, luscious hair.

My curl pattern is gorgeous.

My hair cells are starting to rejuvenate.

The gracious energy of the universe nourishes my hair.

I will not damage my hair again.

The only way my hair will be short is if I decide it.

I forgive myself for being harsh on my tresses and scalp.

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