168 Positive Affirmations For Running To Stay Motivated And Overachieve​


168 Positive Affirmations For Running To Stay Motivated And Overachieve

I used to run short distances really well when I was younger, with the 400m race being my favorite.

After completing my studies though, running has been on the back burner for a long time until recently when I took up running again.

The beginning was tough, and as I work towards my longer-term goal of a marathon, it becomes tougher and tougher. 

I knew I needed to psych myself up and be in the right mental state before I see any breakthrough, and I was right. Since I started practicing affirmations for running, I could see marked improvements in my performance. 

It’s pretty amazing what your mind can do when you embark on a tough challenge like this, and no matter if you are just starting out running or aiming for an ultra marathon, affirmations for runners are a great tool to have in your bag to stay strong and crush your goals.

Here are my personal top 5 affirmations for running:

I am strong, tireless and endurable. (pre-run)

Every mile, I’m getting stronger and stronger.

I am proud of myself for exercising regularly.

I have the energy to finish running.

I will push through the run by managing my pace and my breathing.

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affirmations for runners

Running and positive affirmations

For the longest time, I neglected my body and never really exercised.

Not surprisingly, my weight started to balloon and my health went the other way.

I felt like I was caught up with life, following a routine of skipping yoga, working too much, and partying too hard.

Luckily, I did not have any major health scare till this point and I count my blessings each day.

It also reminds me that I needed to take control and take action. 

Of all the sports I enjoy, I took to long-distance running instead which was something I never liked.

I took it as a challenge to myself. In fact, one of my long-term goals is to complete an ultra marathon, but for now, it is very much more about being consistent and improving a tiny bit each day.

I think a lot of runners will agree with me that running is as much a mental sport as a physical one.

When you start racking up the mileage and going longer distances, your mind starts to play tricks on you, all in the hope of slowing or stopping you. 

This is when your mind takes over and wills you across the finish line.

I find that reciting positive running affirmations helps me to stay focused very well and distracts me from the negativity.

Ever since I started doing it, particularly pre-run, it prepares my brain to take on the challenge ahead.

During the run, I stick to one main thought and it helps me stay on the course much longer.

Now, don’t get me wrong. You will not get from couch potato to world-class athlete (read next: Affirmations for Athletes) just like that, but I see that my timings have improved and the overall feel while running is so much better.

List Of The Best Running Affirmations

In this section below, you will find a bunch of affirmations for running.

This will help you whether you are just trying to develop a positive attitude towards running, training for a marathon or ultra, finding your own personal positive mantra for running, or anything else.

I personally find that it is a good practice to write down all the negative thoughts that prevent me from running my best on a piece of paper first.

Stare at the list, crush it up, and dump it.

This action is incredibly powerful and really flipped the switch for me when I first started.

I also developed my own pre-run routine so that each time I head out for a long run, I am comfortable and familiar with exactly what I would be doing and feeling. 

I use only one pre-run affirmation and one more during my runs so that I stay laser-focused.

Take your time to browse through the list below and develop your own affirmation.

While you are at it, you might want to use the affirmation worksheet to help you out.

Positive Self-Talk for Runners Motivation

Affirmations for runners injury prevention

Pre race affirmations for runners

I am a fast runner.

I am ready to run.

I am filled with energy.

When injury prevents my body from running, I maintain my running momentum in my mind.

I am a world-class runner.

I have great stamina.

I am getting stronger with every step.

Today my body is becoming stronger.

I have a great staying power.

Running feels natural and easy.

My lifestyle is active.

I am stronger than this hill.

My endurance is building.

I will grow my love of running. My endurance and confidence will continue to build.

I can easily run long distances.

I have great continuity.

I am excited to exercise right now.

My conditioning is strong.

I am motivated to run every day.

Choosing to train hard comes naturally to me. I am motivated by my personally goals.

My mind is strong and focused.

My ability to endure increases every time I train.

I love the run and go in to each one with enthusiasm and joy.

I am focused on becoming a better runner.

I eat good food and keep my body in top condition.

I love every cell in my body and it loves me back.

I am focused and determined.

I am focused on running.

Affirmations for sprinters

I naturally develop my endurance ability. People see me as a hardworking, determined athlete.

Motivation to run comes easily to me.

I will reach my marathon time goals. I will choose to be a healthy eater.

Today I run right through my wall and find glory on the other side.

It’s easy for me to get up for my morning workouts.

When I feel good, I run. When I run, I feel good.

I can do anything.

I am a great runner and today I run a great race.

I have completed many similar runs and trust in my body to do so again today.

My body and my mind always operate at peak efficiency when I run.

All I need is within me now and I have the courage to see it through.

I am a strong runner.

I look forward to finishing this race.

I am a great runner.

I have the energy to finish running.

I love running hills.

I am beginning to realize my running potential.

I am in the zone and I could do this all day long.

I run like the wind.

I am an excellent marathon runner. Each day I become faster and stronger than the last.

Every step energizes me and makes me faster.

I am committed to training diligently and consistently. I seek to push myself and become my best self.

I quickly forget bad workouts because everyone has them.

Positive affirmations for endurance runners

I start each workout strong and finish even stronger.

I am highly disciplined.

I have incredible amounts of endurance.

I am strong and can complete any exercise.

I will run effortlessly and easily.

I enjoy running.

I love the sun.

Others know me as a runner.

Breathing in I feel the pain of my injury, breathing out I run through it.

I believe in my running abilities.

I am determined and enduring.

I will increase my stamina.

I am proud of myself for exercising regularly.

I am an endurance machine.

Each step energizes me and propels me forward.

I will finish this race.

Running is a natural thing to me.

Positive affirmations for endurance

My limits are just an illusion. I can push past them.

No matter what my goal is, I can achieve it.

I am full of energy and vitality.

I am committed to this race.

My stamina is great.

My running goals transcend this injury and so do I

I am starting to look forward to running.

Positive affirmations for marathon runners

I am leaving all negativity behind me and running forward into a beautiful future.

Boston (or the marathon you are training for) is my goal and I shall hit it.

There is no finish line. It’s a continuous race and I’m always improving myself.

I naturally seek to keep my body healthy and strong.

I am able to push my body to do incredible and empowering things.

I will mindfully become an excellent marathon runner. I will become faster and stronger.

I have plenty of endurance and stamina.

Step by step and mile by mile, my endurance grows and grows.

I have a very strong body.

I am light and fast.

I will be motivated to run.

I am positive and hopeful while I run.

Running makes me feel alive.

I am becoming someone who finds strength amongst difficulty.

I will follow the training schedule that fits my body.

Running makes me strong! The more I run, the stronger I am.

My body says no more, but my mind pushes me on.

I feel great all the time.

Affirmations to not give up

I have incredible endurance. I choose to eat good foods to keep my body healthy.

I love running.

I will never give up.

I get faster, stronger, and more efficient each and every day.

I am a natural fighter.

I am energized and focused.

Running long distances comes naturally to me.

I am agile.

I am finding it easy to run further and faster.

I am powerful.

I will be known for my running ability.

Every mile, I’m getting stronger and stronger.

affirmations for running marathon

Affirmations for ultra trail runners

My endurance is naturally high.

Running is easy.

I always finish strong.

I will keep my eyes up.

I will accept whatever race I run.

I am able to push my body to accomplish incredible things.

I am determined to finish this race.

I am a natural born runner.

Running comes naturally to me.

Diet and exercise are all that I need.

I am running at a comfortable trot.

I am an incredible athlete.

I will say thank you to the volunteers.

I am getting faster.

I will run regularly.

I achieve greatness by pushing the limits.

When anyone tells me I can’t do anything, I’m just not listening anymore.

I’m prepared, focused and ready for this race.

I find genuine enjoyment in running. Intense sessions build my running capabilities.

I am in a great physical shape.

I choose to consistently follow my training schedule. I am positive and hopeful while I run.

I enjoy long races.

Slow and steady wins the race.

I demand a lot from my body and my body always responds.

I am not tired.

I am always achieving my goals and setting new, harder ones.

Running is part of who I am.

I am mentally ready for a long race.

I love running long distances.

Today is a new opportunity for me to grow and become a better runner.

I am in the best condition to win.

I am committed to my running and it shows in my results.

I always strive to go faster and further.

Running is part of my routine.

I run through the pain and right to the gain.

Running is fun.

I enjoy filling my body with the foods that are best for me.

I can run more and more every day.

I am prepared, focused and ready to complete this run.

I am completely focused on this race.

I am strong, tireless and endurable.

A great runner lives within me, and today that runner shows up on my run

I am motivated to run.

Affirmations for running motivation

I will complete the race at the perfect pace for me.

I will intentionally train even on days I don’t feel like it.

I will become extremely dedicated to running.

I am committed to running.

I am dedicated to my running routine.

I become faster each time I practice.

I am relaxed and focused.

I always look forward to running.

Not giving up is one of my strongest traits.

I am like a metronome, steady and consistent.

I endure through any obstacles or struggles I am faced with.

I am motivated to get great results.

My body is a finely tuned machine ready go out and race.

I am a champion and I can do hard things.

My body is my temple.

I enjoy training and pushing myself because I love to run.

I have a strong and healthy body.

I am naturally fit and strong. I run long distances with ease.

I feel great when running.

I will stick to my running routine.

Every day and in every way, I’m getting better and better.

I honestly find enjoyment in running. Intense training sessions build my running abilities.

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