216 Quit Smoking Affirmations To Kick The Habit Forever

Quitting smoking can be a difficult thing to do, especially when you’re addicted to cigarettes.

How do you quit? The first step is to find motivation, and there are many ways to do this.

You can find community support for quitting, or look for other people who want to quit.

But one method of finding motivation that’s becoming increasingly effective is using positive affirmations to quit smoking.

An affirmation is a positive statement that can help change your mindset and thoughts to achieve your goal of quitting smoking.

They can also help if you want to build confidence, learn how to love yourself, or just feel better about life in general.

Read on to find the right affirmations to help you butt out fast!

quit smoking affirmations

How do I develop the mindset to quit smoking? 7 tips that can help

Why is it so hard to quit smoking?

I’m sure you have asked yourself this question many times after yet another failed quit attempt.

Lots of people ask themselves this same question and even more don’t even realize that their own mindset is preventing them from quitting smoking.

Your mindset can be one of the most powerful tools that you have at your disposal for helping you to quit smoking.

Here are 7 tips that you can use to get yourself in the right mindset when it comes to kicking the habit:

Point out the good stuff to yourself.

Think about how much you will save, how good your lungs will feel, how you don’t choke up the office when you return from a smoke break.

Don’t tell yourself that you have to quit.

Think about the goals you wish to achieve after quitting and use them as motivation to stay away.


Imagine what your lungs look like right now. Imagine how you would suffer if you were to perform physical activity. Imagine all the nasty stuff associated with smoking.

Treat yourself.

Reward yourself by indulging in a nice meal, especially with a loved one who has supported you.

Seek help.

Enlist a friend or partner to help you on this journey.

They can be your source of encouragement and support, providing you with timely reminders of the reasons why you wanted to stop in the first place.

Alternatively, consult with a professional.

Pick up a sport.

Endurance sports are best since they really need you to have a clean pair of lungs.

Set yourself some goals that you wish to achieve within the next 3, 6, 12 months.

Practice affirmations to quit smoking.

These short but powerful statements are meant to right your mindset and give you the confidence to succeed.

Think of it as brain training. Daily positive reinforcement will strengthen your resolve and help you get over this challenge.

What can replace the feeling of smoking?

We know it can be hard to quit smoking, especially if you’ve been at it for a long time.

What can possibly replace the high you get from lighting up and taking that sweet first drag?

As it turns out, there’s a lot of stuff that can fill that void.

Research shows that engaging in exercise and physical activity is one of the most effective ways to reduce cravings because it releases endorphins and stimulates your brain’s reward center.

And while you’re waiting for your nicotine cravings to subside, try chewing some sugar-free gum—the act of chewing will help keep your mouth busy and distract you from your need to smoke.

You should also try to avoid triggers like places or people who remind you of smoking.

This includes not only bars and other social spots, but also friends who smoke.

They don’t mean to be trigger-y—but they probably are anyway!

Finally, try replacing the time you’d normally spend on smoking with something else you love to do.

Whether that’s reading, writing, or going for a run—whatever it is, use that time and energy to invest in yourself instead of giving it to cigarettes!

List of Affirmations for Quitting Smoking

Every day I feel healthier and more alive.

My lungs are feeling better each day.

I am so proud of myself for finally overcoming nicotine addiction.

I appreciate the new sense of freedom I have as a nonsmoker.

The relaxation and calm that I am now feeling are priceless and worth keeping no matter what.

I choose to live a healthy life.

I now have more money to spend on things that improve my life.

I breathe easily and effortlessly because my lungs are healthy and clean.

It feels wonderful to be totally free from the slavery of smoking.

Smoking is now a faint memory from my past.

I easily overcome unhealthy habits.

I love living in a smoke free environment.

I let all urges pass by accepting them for what they are and watching them disappear.

I deeply love and respect my body.

The whole idea of smoking is repulsive to me now.

Being smoke-free makes me appreciate the taste of foods so much more.

As a non-smoker, my eyesight has improved immensely.

Choosing to be free from nicotine is a decision I’m happy to make.

I will be calm, at ease and willing to get over my bad habits

This is the greatest investment I have made in my life.

I am calm and relaxed as a nonsmoker.

I always do what is best for my body.

As a non-smoker, my lungs now work at peak efficiency.

I will effortlessly stop smoking completely.

I have healthy habits, which keep my organs clean and healthy

Now that I am living a smoke-free life, my complexion is clear and radiant.

I enjoy breathing clean, fresh air.

Since I know my self better every day, I know how to stop smoking with ease.

I have finally taken back control of my life.

Now that I am a non-smoker an overwhelming sense of power infuses my life.

Now is the time I choose freedom from smoking.

I am strong enough to overcome any habit.

Now that I am a non-smoker I realize how wonderful food tastes and smells.

My body is my temple, and I am its caretaker.

I respect and take care of my body.

I love how much better my world smells now that I am smoke-free.

There is no genuine pleasure from smoking, that’s why I will find quitting easy.

My body is now able to cleanse and purify itself.

It is empowering to know that I have the power over my life choices.

I will never smoke again.

My breathing is improving each and every day.

I am stronger than any habit.

As a non-smoker, my positive self image is magnified 100-fold.

It feels great to finally be taking control of my life.

Being free of the smoking habit makes it easier for me to relax.

Now that I have conquered the nicotine habit, every organ in my body can now function perfectly.

I’m a non-smoker and it feels great.

I know all urges will eventually pass.

Food tastes so much better now that I am a non-smoker.

Now that I have conquered nicotine addiction, I know that I can do anything.

Stop Smoking Affirmations

Every day in every way my life gets better as a nonsmoker.

My circulation improves daily now that I am nicotine free.

My willpower is stronger than any habit. (read Willpower Affirmations)

I totally love being free from the smoking habit.

I am calm, easily and willingly over my bad habits

It feels magnificent to be in control of my health and my life.

I am very proud of my healthy lifestyle.

My lungs are strong and clean, and feed my brain with all the oxygen it requires.

I will care and respect my body each day and let go off unhealthy addictions.

I easily resist all temptations to poison my body with toxic substances.

I deserve to live a smoke-free life.

People admire my willpower and support my decision to have a smoke-free life.

I can easily stop smoking forever.

Being nicotine free has given me renewed life.

I take back control of my life.

As a non-smoker, my body is free to return to perfect health.

I am willingly over smoking.

My clothes and my breath smell fresh and clean all the time.

I am cleansing myself from the toxins of smoking.

Being nicotine-free makes me feel young and alive.

Being smoke-free, I now feel complete ease in all situations.

I am totally committed to keeping nicotine out of my body for the rest of my life.

I am happy that I breathe fresh air.

Being able to say “I don’t smoke” gives me an incredible sense of pride.

I feel so much more alive now that my life is smoke-free.

I gain nothing as a smoker.

Every day in every way I feel happier and healthier.

Day by day I am winning the battle against addiction.

It feels fantastic to awake every morning feeling energized and alive.

I am stronger than any cigarette.

My skin is now supple and radiant.

I love myself more than I love smoking. I say yes to life and no to smoking.

I am free from the control of addictions.

As of today, I only engage in habits that support my well-being.

My lungs are clean and healthy as I only inhale clean air

I choose to breathe fresh air into my lungs.

I am so happy to be a non-smoker.

My body de-ages with every smoke-free breath I take.

My heart beat is now strong and steadfast.

It feels fantastic to be in control of my life and my health.

Stopping smoking is easy.

I am so happy I chose to ditch the cigarettes for happiness and health.

I am not addicted to smoking

My body is my sanctuary and I am its guardian.

I can easily overcome my smoking addiction.

I breathe fully and deeply now.

I will be free from smoking and do it very happily.

Every deep, clean breath I take brings more and more well-being into my life.

I will either make myself happy or miserable, the amount of work is the same.

I love how clean my body feels now that I am a non-smoker.

Positive Affirmations for Quitting Smoking

Now that I am a non-smoker I feel an infinite inner serenity.

I will keep and maintain healthy habits, which keep my organs clean and healthy.

Now I can say “I don’t smoke” and that gives me an incredible sense of pride.

I am highly motivated to stop smoking.

Every new day I move away from smoking and towards a new, healthier me.

Day by day, I am gaining more control over past habits.

Being free of the smoking habit makes me feel incredible.

Through the power of my thoughts and beliefs, I have beaten the nicotine habit.

My body is now free to return to perfect health.

Because I am now a non-smoker, my exercise routines benefit me 100%.

I have it all to gain as a nonsmoker.

I am in control of every aspect of my life.

Being healthy is my priority.

I prefer to breathe fresh air every day.

I am much more comfortable and relaxed without having to hold a cigarette in my hand.

I easily relieve stress and tension without the use of nicotine.

I now have a keen sense of smell.

Now that I am nicotine free, my circulation improves every day.

My lungs are becoming healthy and clean.

I have stopped smoking forever with ease and comfort

Now that I am a non-smoker I feel a great sense of lightness and well-being.

Every day as a non-smoker I feel a great sense of accomplishment and pride.

As a non-smoker, I am totally free to do other things.

My senses are sharp and I enjoy fully tasting and smelling the food

Every day I notice positive new changes in my body.

It feels incredible to be totally free from nicotine addiction.

I enjoy not smoking.

Every day as a non-smoker brings me closer to my perfect self image.

Because I am now a non-smoker, my healthy diet benefits me 100%.

My life will be happier as a nonsmoker.

Smoking has absolutely no appeal to me.

My lungs are filled with air and my muscles are well-nourished.

I am so happy that I no longer carry any dangerous carcinogens near my children and loved ones.

It is great to live in a non-smoking environment.

I am completely committed to living my life free from addiction.

I am a calm and relaxed ex-smoker.

I shall breathe only healthy and smoke free air

I have cut down to five cigarettes a day and am right on target for my quit date.

It was incredibly easy to quit smoking, once I made the decision.

I choose good health.

Now that I have conquered the nicotine habit, my blood pressure is healthy and normal.

Eliminating nicotine from my life is easy.

I love how I feel, now that I am living a smoke-free life.

From now on, I live an addiction-free life!

As a non-smoker, my teeth are whiter and my gums are healthier.

I only engage in habits that support my well-being.

Every day as a non-smoker brings me an improved state of being.

Being nicotine free gives me more energy and stamina than I’ve had in years.

I am the master of my mind and body.

I care and respect my body and let go of unhealthy addictions.

positive affirmations to quit smoking

Stop Vaping Affirmations

I honor my body in every way.

I am so happy that I can hold my partner’s hand now without making it smell.

I choose to stop smoking and it feels good.

I have complete control over my all past urges.

I am calmly and confidently letting go of smoking.

I love how it feels to be able to say, “I am a non-smoker”.

Today I cultivate new, health-sustaining habits.

I love being free of smoking.

I have the willpower to live a healthy life.

Now that I am a non-smoker, my commitment to exercise yields fantastic results.

I am determined to stop smoking.

This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and it is worth it.

All urges and habits in my life are health-giving.

Smoking no longer serves me.

I know that breath is life – breath is sacred.

I love breathing clean fresh air.

Now that I have a smoke-free life, my blood flows freely through my body.

If you want to change your life, change your mind.

I am now living a smoke-free life and it feels great.

As a non-smoker, I am the full receiver of abundant well-being.

I feel much more attractive now that I am a non-smoker.

I love my new nicotine-free life.

Starting today, I treat my body with the respect and love it deserves.

I only spend my money on positive, life-sustaining habits.

Every time I need a break I just breathe and let go.

When I wake, I feel happy with the choice I made to be free from smoke.

I enjoy a smoke-free environment.

Every day as a non-smoker brings greater and greater rewards.

My body is clean and healthy as I stick to my healthy habits.

Stopping smoking takes no will power because I don’t want to smoke.

It is my resolute intention to live the rest of my life as a non-smoker.

Whenever I feel the urge to smoke, I replace that urge with a healthy substitute.

My self-image improves each day as a nonsmoker.

I have effortlessly stopped smoking completely.

I love the natural high I get from being nicotine-free.

Starting today, I only put healthy things into my body.

It is empowering to know that I have power over my life choices, including smoking.

The whole idea of smoking is completely foreign to me now.

I release the need for smoking.

My will power will overcome any addictive substance use.

I look forward to my life free from cigarettes.

My body is free from nicotine and it feels good.

I am free from smoking today and I very happy about it.

As a non-smoker, the fine wrinkles on my face are quickly disappearing.

I love and appreciate my body and treat it accordingly.

I am breathing healthy and smoke free air

Now that I am a non-smoker, my confidence and self-esteem increases dramatically.

I hereby release any need to smoke and accept a smoke-free life with open arms.

Today as a nonsmoker, I engage in activities that support my well being.

I am now and forever smoke-free.

I look to the future as a nonsmoker with excitement.

My lungs are clean of nicotine.

Now that I am nicotine free, all the cells in my body are becoming younger and healthier.

My natural state is that of a non-smoker.

I have one less obstacle to stop me from reaching my goals now.

I am finally free from the burden of smoking.

I am not addicted to nicotine.

My health and well-being are my highest priority in life.

If feels fantastic to awake each morning feeling rested and rejuvenated.

All aging damage in my body is now being rapidly repaired.

I ensure that all my habits are health-giving.

I have more time in my life now that I am free from the smoking habit.

I take life into my hands.

It feels good to be finally free from cigarettes.

Now that I have conquered the nicotine habit, my body heals itself quickly and easily.

I let go of my smoking addiction.

I have greatly reduced my chances of getting cancer.

Mantra for Quitting Smoking

Similar to affirmations, mantras are sounds or words that you chant repeatedly during a spiritual session.

Here are some that you might find suitable for your situation:

I quit smoking today.

I did it for my kids, and for myself.

I know that it’s going to be tough at first, but I also know that it’s worth it.

Because I will be healthier, and that’s what matters most.

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