183 Motivational Wednesday Affirmations

A lot of people find themselves struggling during the middle of the week. 

They feel like they’ve been dragging since Monday and it’s only Wednesday. 

As a result, staying in a positive mindset can be tough.

No matter how you feel, here are some Wednesday affirmations that can help make the middle of your week a bit better. 

By saying these positive statements to yourself, you can start your day off on the right foot and be motivated to achieve your goals.

183 Motivating Wednesday Affirmations

Wednesday Affirmations For Work

wednesday affirmations

#1. I am happy that I shall get all the important work done this Wednesday.

#2. I am content and satisfied.

#3. There are numerous possibilities which are opening themselves in front of me this Wednesday.

#4. Everything I need is within me. 

#5. I always see the good thing in others.

#6. Every moment is a new beginning.

#7. The more time and effort I put into taking care of myself, the stronger and happier I am going to be.

#8. The hard work that I put in today will reflect tomorrow.

#9. I am happy in the now.

This day is going to be the most important day of my career.

#10. This day is going to be the most important day of my career.

#11. My good health comes from love and appreciation.

#12. I am happy that I am going to meet some amazing people today.

#13. I am a humble human being.

#14. I am extremely happy that I am getting closer to my dream life each day.

#15. Success is all around me.

#16. I am inspiring people through my work.

#17. Success and abundance are my birthright.

#18. I am worthy of success and wealth.

#19. I am excited about the success I shall achieve in my work this Wednesday.

#20. I am ready to take over my career on this beautiful Wednesday.

#21. I am not defined by my past. I am driven by my future.

#22. While the competition is busy getting over the hump, I am busy closing business.

#23. While people are struggling, I shall get closer to my dreams on Wednesday.

#24. The success of my week depends on the work I do this Wednesday.

#25. My life is satisfying and I am happy. I feel satisfaction for what I’ve achieved in life.

#26. I am confident.

#27. Everything will be okay.

#28. The miracle that I have been waiting for all this time is going to come my way on Wednesday.

I am a living, breathing example of motivation.

#29. I am a living, breathing example of motivation.

#30. I am super thrilled to achieve my goals.

#31. My life is fulfilling for me and I feel really happy with my life.

#32. The career that I have chosen is meant to find my calling.

#33. I feel refreshed and happy to wake up and get my work doing.

#34. I am thriving and I shall make my dreams come true.

#35. I am happy to face all the challenges that shall come my way.

#36. Every hurdle that I shall overcome today is meant for my growth.

#37. I am super-charging my mind, my heart, and my body for a successful and happy Wednesday.

#38. Some miracle will touch my life this Wednesday.

#39. I am supercharged to get myself at work this Wednesday.

#40. I am happy with myself, my life and I am proud of what I have accomplished.

#41. I am filled with focus.

#42. My dreams are within my reach, if not already fulfilled.

#43. All the right and correct circumstances are making their way towards me.

#44. I am going to get closer to my dreams today.

#45. I am a success magnet.

#46. My life is filled with blessings.

#47. I am not pushed by my problems. I am led by my dreams.

#48. I am sure that more is about to come my way this Wednesday.

#49. I am working hard to become one of the best versions of myself.

#50. I am intelligent and focused.

#51. Each and every day, I am getting closer to achieving my goals.

I am so thankful for this wonderful day.

#52. I am so thankful for this wonderful day.

#53. I am super excited about the new day.

#54. My failures will not discourage me.

#55. I am confident that I shall make the most out of my day.

#56. I am all hyped up for the week.

#57. I am the master of my goodwill.

#58. This is a new day, with new opportunities to make my life better.

#59. I am a complete person and my happiness does not depend on people.

#60. My thoughts are powerful. Each one of them shapes who I am today.

#61. My life is full of beauty and joy.

Wednesday Morning Affirmations

#62. I wake up motivated.

#63. I am beautiful, powerful and strong.

#64. I am investing in my health because I know I am worth it.

Today is a new day with so many possibilities.

#65. Today is a new day with so many possibilities.

#66. I am here for a reason and I am going to strive towards it faster.

#67. Today is a good day to start over.

#68. I am having a positive and inspiring impact on the people I come into contact with.

#69. I am beginning to learn about my capabilities with each passing day.

#70. I am grateful for everything I have in my life.

#71. I am attracting abundant health and wealth.

#72. I am going to stay persistent throughout the day.

#73. Today, I will show up for myself.

#74. I am attracting the correct resources that shall help me achieve my calling.

#75. I am listening and open to the messages the universe has to offer today.

#76. I am going to prepare hard for this Wednesday so that I can reap the benefits on Thursday.

#77. I am attracting wealth and prosperity.

#78. Today is a phenomenal day.

#79. Today I will not stress over things I can’t control.

#80. This Wednesday I shall discover my full potential.

#81. This Wednesday the Universe has sent me in the right direction to achieve the right thing.

#82. I am so lucky that I get to meet my friends over lunch this Wednesday.

#83. I am in awe with the abundance that is coming my way.

#84. I am comfortable in my own skin.

#85. Wednesday is my day. While others are getting over the hump, I’m climbing to my dreams.

#86. This Wednesday will help me find the love of my life.

I am so cheerful to have such a great Wednesday morning.

#87. I am so cheerful to have such a great Wednesday morning.

#88. Today, my only job is to show up for myself.

#89. I am independent and self-sufficient.

#90. I am charming and confident.

#91. I am proof enough of who I am and what I deserve.

#92. Wednesday makes me the most cheerful person.

#93. I am in connection with the Universe today.

#94. Wednesdays are my favorite day.

#95. Today I will be full of ideas.

#96. I am so mesmerized by the beauty of nature.

#97. I am held and supported by those who love me.

#98. I am going to appreciate people for their perseverance today.

#99. Wednesday is the day I overcome all my adversities.

#100. I am free from worry and anxiety.

#101. Today, I will choose happiness.

#102. I am growing and I am going at my own pace.

#103. Today will be a good day.

#104. I am getting healthier every day.

#105. I am good and getting better.

#106. Wednesday is go time. I’m ready to finish this week strong.

I am attracting great opportunities.

#107. I am attracting great opportunities.

#108. I am just halfway through the goals I had planned for this week. Wednesday is great.

#109. Wednesday rocks. Today I am halfway to this week’s goals.

#110. I am following a very abundant lifestyle.

#111. Today is the center of my week and my opportunity to refocus and recenter myself.

#112. I am an unstoppable force of nature.

#113. I am in charge of how I feel and I choose to feel happy.

#114. Wednesday is just my day, mark it.

#115. I am going to enroll in a volunteer service today.

#116. I am going to remain productive throughout this Wednesday.

#117. Today will be a productive day.

#118. What a wonderful Wednesday morning.

#119. Wednesday is going to be the day I come across the opportunity I have been waiting for so long.

#120. I am in control of my life and feelings.

#121. Wednesday is the day full of wonders.

#122. I am cherished and lovable.

Powerful Mid Week Affirmations

#123. I am trying to avoid the mid-week lull and am supercharged even on this Wednesday.

#124. I inhale confidence.

#125. I shall make people fall in love with themselves this Wednesday.

#126. I know that I am enough and I shall always be.

#127. I chose to show gratitude to everyone that I meet today.

#128. I have a beautiful life and it’s only going to get better from here.

#129. I decide to recenter my life today and stay focused the entire week.

#130. I stay motivated and focused.

#131. My body is strong and capable.

#132. I shall break my own records this Wednesday.

#133. I shall earn a lot of money today.

#134. I have all the things that I need to be happy today.

#135. I have a clear mind and heart, ready to be used for good things.

#136. I am more than my circumstances dictate.

#137. I now free myself from negativity and destructive thoughts.

#138. I feel joy and abundance in my life and a tremendous sense of happiness.

#139. I shall learn new lessons from all my mistakes today.

#140. I shall motivate people to rediscover themselves today.

#141. I deserve to be loved wholeheartedly.

I will manifest new business opportunities today.

#142. I will manifest new business opportunities today.

#143. I am loved and worthy.

#144. I am open to healing.

#145. I have people that love me.

#146. I can do hard things.

#147. I am turning down the volume of negativity in my life, while simultaneously turning up the volume of positivity.

#148. All that matters in this moment is what’s happening right now.

#149. Life is full of abundance.

#150. I am mentally and emotionally strong. I feel happiness everyday.

#151. I have the power to change my life.

#152. I am optimistic because today is a new day.

#153. I am peaceful and whole.

#154. I permit myself to be cheerful and happy this Wednesday.

#155. All the worries of my past are gone.

#156. I shall cherish this beautiful day with my near and dear ones.

#157. I shall help people find their happiness today.

#158. I deserved to be appreciated today.

#159. I am living with abundance.

#160. I shall help people smile more today.

#161. It’s OK to have boundaries and limits with others.

#162. I am manifesting success and freedom.

#163. I have a lot to be grateful for.

#164. I use obstacles to motivate me to learn and grow.

#165. I am moving towards financial freedom.

#166. I am worthy of love.

#167. I feel more grateful each day.

#168. I shall overcome all the pain and miseries today.

#169. I can be whatever I want to be.

#170. I can make healthy decisions for myself.

#171. I’m rising above the thoughts that are trying to make me angry or afraid.

#172. I am only three days away from the weekend.

#173. I receive love from others because I love myself the most.

#174. I deserved to be loved each day.

#175. When others are dead and dull in the middle of the week, I am all energetic and happy.

I shall be appreciated for my hard work on Wednesday.

#176. I shall be appreciated for my hard work on Wednesday.

#177. Life loves me exactly as much as I love myself.

#178. I chose to be at peace with others today.

#179. I desire more happiness which is coming my way.

#180. I have enough that I need to lead a great life.

#181. I will always be surrounded by love and light.

#182. I shall inspire people to change their lives today.

#183. I will take care of myself today.

Final Thoughts

Wednesday affirmations are a great way to start your day and stay positive throughout the week. 

By taking a few minutes each Wednesday morning to recite some positive affirmations, you can set the tone for a productive and happy day.

This will make hump day more productive and allow you to focus on the upcoming weekend.

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