165 Empowering Affirmations For Girls

As fun as life is as a child and teenager, there are times when there is struggle.

You are growing and learning all the time and at times, things don’t make a lot of sense.

Even worse, there are times when you don’t understand why people act the way they do.

This is when negative thinking can begin and as a result, we need to teach children, specifically girls in this case, how to think positive thoughts.

A great way to do this is through positive affirmations.

By learning positive self talk, girls can become more confident and self aware.

So here are 165 empowering affirmations for girls that you can share to help them with this process.

They are broken out into various sections so you can focus on the ones you want to work with most.

165 Positive Affirmations For Girls

How Make Affirmations Effective

affirmations for girls

If you are new to manifesting positive thoughts, here is a quick run through of how they work.

I encourage you to read the post below to get a more detailed look into making affirmations a part of your daily life.

To start, you need to read through the list of sayings below and pick out the ones that mean something to you.

To understand which ones matter to you, say them aloud and pay attention to yourself as you say them.

Do you experience a calm come over you as you say them? Do you feel a sense of empowerment?

These are signs that it has meaning to you.

Pick a handful, ideally 5-10 and then make it a point to say them multiple times a day.

You can choose when you say them in your day, but try to stick to a schedule as much as you can.

This will make reciting them more automatic and they will be easier to do.

For example, I highly suggest you say them first thing in the morning.

This will set the tone for your day as a positive one.

Then during your day, if you encounter struggle, take a few minutes to be alone and say them aloud to help reset your mind and your mood.

Finally, feel free to tweak these sayings to fit you.

If you like one but want to change some words, have at it.

The more personal you make them, the better.

Girl Power Affirmations

#1. I can powerfully attract what I want.

#2. I can make mistakes and still reach my goals and be successful.

#3. I open my mind and heart to the perfect love of the Universe.

#4. I will show kindness, even when it seems hard.

I can change the world.

#5. I can change the world.

#6. I am strong and steadfast and can overcome adversity.

#7. The love I have for myself is the basis for my confidence.

#8. Failure is great feedback.

#9. I am open and accepting and ready for new ideas.

#10. Anything is possible and my wildest dreams can come true.

#11. I am worthy of accomplishment, success, and abundance.

#12. I am determined and have the ability to succeed.

#13. Just do it.

#14. My voice, my opinion, and my truth matter and should be heard.

I accept myself and my flaws, they are what makes me who I am.

#15. I accept myself and my flaws, they are what makes me who I am.

#16. It is OK to ask for help when you need it, you do not have to be an island and do everything alone.

#17. I can handle anything that comes my way.

#18. I deserve happiness and to be content and joyful in what I have and what I have done.

#19. A happy, joyful life is being created for me right now.

#20. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn.

#21. I allow love to fill every inch of my skin, and I will embrace the warmth this love gives to me.

#22. I will only compare myself with the best version of myself.

#23. My mind and body are in complete alignment with the universe.

#24. I will accept my flaws.

I believe in me and in what I am capable of doing.

#25. I believe in me and in what I am capable of doing.

#26. I choose happiness of this moment, and not pain of the past.

#27. I combine femininity and intelligence beautifully.

#28. My feelings of self worth are growing every day.

#29. I am confident.

#30. I can make a difference, I have the power to affect change and to make my world a better place.

#31. Feel the fear, do it anyway.

#32. I am important and loved beyond my wildest dreams.

#33. I can, and will reach my goals.

#34. My mind is clear of self doubt, and I am ready to embrace every challenge that comes my way.

I am enough.

#35. I am enough.

#36. I accept what I cannot change.

#37. I commit to living a joyful and happy life.

#38. I completely and honestly love and accept myself.

#39. I am creative and imaginative and can come up with a solution to anything if I put my mind to it.

#40. I trust that I have the capability to achieve my goals.

Affirmations For Females

#41. My contributions are unique and meaningful.

#42. I am important and my presence is important to myself and to others.

#43. I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.

#44. I deserve to feel safe, comfortable and confident in this body.

#45. I listen to my heart.

#46. I will be compassionate to myself and others.

I do not have to be perfect to be loved or to be accepted.

#47. I do not have to be perfect to be loved or to be accepted.

#48. Everywhere I go, I attract joy and happiness.

#49. I accept myself the way I am. My body is perfect the way it is.

#50. I am smart and open to learning.

#51. I respect other people, even when we have a difference of opinions.

#52. Every day I am getting happier in every way.

#53. I am more than what I see, feel, and think. The wisdom of the whole universe lives inside me.

#54. Being a woman is the greatest gift the universe has given to me.

#55. I believe in myself.

#56. My body keeps me strong, my body keeps me healthy.

#57. I can accept help from others, it does not make me weak.

#58. I would be missed if something happened to me.

I am worthy of a wonderful life.

#59. I am worthy of a wonderful life.

#60. I manifest my full potential to being.

#61. Working together does not make me lesser, needing help does not make me lesser.

#62. I attract energies and situations that fill me with joy every day.

#63. I am strong.

#64. I see the beauty and value in others and in what they can accomplish.

#65. Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure.

#66. It is OK to be scared and confused. I do not have to always have a clear direction.

#67. I am worthy and so are my feelings and trepidation’s.

#68. Baby steps will move me forward.

#69. I can help others and change their lives, I want to help others.

#70. All is well in my life. I am immensely blessed.

I trust myself.

#71. I trust myself.

#72. I can have all kinds of friends.

#73. The universe’s healing power flows through all the cells of my body.

#74. I am safe and secure.

#75. The world deserves my authentic happiness.

#76. I love myself deeply and unconditionally.

#77. I will fill my heart with the peace of meditation. I will pour all of my joy into peace thirsty souls.

#78. I can change the life that I have for the better, I can believe in myself.

#79. I have the courage to share my true thoughts and feelings.

#80. I can learn hard things.

#81. If my body requires healing, I will take joy in doing it.

#82. I do not have to be perfect all the time, I can let my guard down and still be loved and accepted.

Affirmations For Tween & Teenage Girls

#83. I am a problem solver and I will find a way.

#84. I should be accepted for the person that I am.

#85. I do not have to fit in to belong or to be important.

#86. My emotions and feelings are valid and should be heard and listened to.

#87. It is OK to be different than my friends.

I am brave, I am loved, I am good enough.

#88. I am brave, I am loved, I am good enough.

#89. I forgive others for their flaws, they are what makes them who they are.

#90. I give permission to my inner goddess to work her magic.

#91. Today I am centered in my heart, and closer to the universe.

#92. I accept the things I cannot change about myself, they are what makes me who I am and do not make me any less special or loved.

#93. It’s okay to be sad.

#94. Being scared does not make me less, it does not make me weak.

#95. Thinking positive thoughts about myself is a good thing and can help me grow and change.

#96. I am beautiful and perfect the way I am, no one can tell me otherwise.

#97. should not compare myself to others, I am my own person.

#98. I can speak to myself with words of kindness and forgiveness, it is ok to cut myself some slack.

#99. My exquisite female body radiates loving kindness to the world.

I am worthy of experiencing a wonderful life.

#100. I am worthy of experiencing a wonderful life.

#101. I embrace being a woman.

#102. It is OK to be proud of myself and my accomplishments, I worked hard for them.

#103. Even though I’ve felt ashamed of myself, I commit to loving myself for who I am.

#104. I am an important part of my family, I am needed.

#105. I love myself.

#106. The world is filled with endless opportunities for me.

#107. I move in alignment with my highest self. I affirm my ability to merge timelines, and rejoice as everything comes to me with ease.

#108. I appreciate the female cycles that my body experiences.

#109. I am important.

#110. I am kind and compassionate and can feel love for myself and others.

#111. I am a good friend.

#112. No one can make me feel inferior without my consent.

I am enough, I do not have to change myself to be enough.

#113. I am enough, I do not have to change myself to be enough.

#114. Positive energy nourishes my body, and helps me radiate joy to others.

#115. I am loved and more people care about me than I know.

#116. I love living in my divine female body.

#117. No one looks stupid when they are having fun.

#118. This too shall pass.

#119. Every challenge I face is an opportunity to grow and improve.

#120. My body is a tremendous gift, and I will treat it with love and kindness.

#121. I am allowed to feel proud of myself.

#122. It’s okay to ask for help.

#123. I respect myself and my body, I do not have to compromise my morals for anyone.

#124. It takes guts to be kind.

I am at peace with my body.

#125. I am at peace with my body.

#126. I should be accepted for the person that I am.

#127. My body is my responsibility, and I will do what’s best for me, for me.

#128. I am confident in my sexuality.

#129. All my words, thoughts, and actions are divinely guided and protected.

#130. I may not look like models in magazines but my body is strong and healthy and capable.

#131. I empower myself and all women in the world.

#132. I trust my decisions and the instincts that I have.

Affirmations For Daughters

#133. I can make mistakes and my family will still love me.

#134. What I tackle, I conquer.

#135. It is a good thing to stand up for myself.

#136. I am awesome!

It is enough to have done my best.

#137. It is enough to have done my best.

#138. I am a girl who has lots of ideas.

#139. The universe will guide me on anything and everything divinely.

#140. I am a wonderful daughter to my family.

#141. I belong and I am loved for exactly who I am.

#142. I have all the happiness, love and positive energy I need today to have the most amazing day.

#143. You have to be a beginner before you can be an expert.

#144. I can forgive myself and others, even for larger transgressions.

#145. I have family and friends that support me and will help me overcome challenges.

#146. The universe has my back, always.

#147. I recognize all the blessings in my life, and each of them fills me with joy.

#148. I will speak up, even if my voice shakes.

I am brave.

#149. I am brave.

#150. I am safe and loved by my friends and family and those that know me.

#151. It is OK to be scared, or hurt, or angry. I do not have to be strong all the time.

#152. I can fight with my family and still love them and be loved by them.

#153. I am allowed to feel my feelings.

#154. What I have to say matters.

#155. My body is perfect the way it is.

#156. I am thankful for everything in my life.

#157. It is OK to listen to my heart and trust my better judgment even if it goes against the advice of someone else.

#158. I am smart and clever and am willing to learn when needed.

#159. I can disagree with my friends and family and still be loved and needed.

I believe I can change the world.

#160. I believe I can change the world.

#161. I’m happy with who I am.

#162. I am generous and grateful for what I have, I can make the lives of others rich and happy as well.

#163. I am kind, I am smart, I am important.

#164. My hopes and dreams are important and should be heard.

#165. I work hard and am ready to be challenged to get what I want.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, learning positive self talk through affirmations is a great skill to possess.

No matter where you are in life, there will be times when self doubt and negative thoughts enter into your mind.

The goal isn’t to eliminate them, as they are an ingredient in being a well rounded person.

The problem begins when you allow these thoughts to overstay their welcome and change your outlook on life.

By using these affirmations for girls, you can take proactive approach into not letting negative things control your thoughts.

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