563 Positive Spiritual Affirmations for Awakening, Alignment, and Enlightenment​

563 Positive Spiritual Affirmations for Awakening, Alignment, and Enlightenment

We live in such a busy world now that there never seems to be any time for ourselves, especially when it comes to spiritual or personal development.

If you want to get in touch with your spiritual side and discover your light, positive spiritual affirmations can lead the way.

When you get deeply connected to your spirit, you feel more empowered and aligned to your inner being, making your affirmations become stronger and more realistic.

What is it that you are really longing for? How do you awaken your spirit?

What is your divine nature? How can you find balance amidst all the chaos? With so many questions, where do you start?

The answer lies in practicing affirmations for spiritual growth to align our minds.

Let’s find out more.

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What are Spiritual Affirmations Work?

Spiritual affirmations are positive statements that you repeat to yourself to improve your inner state.

They can be said out loud or silently, and they are used to help you manifest your wishes and desires.

They can help you to reprogram your subconscious mind, which is responsible for over 90% of your thoughts and actions, while the conscious mind only makes up 10%.

This means that when you’re not paying attention to what’s going on around you, your subconscious mind is doing most of the heavy lifting—and it’s programmed with the beliefs that have been planted there throughout your life.

How do Spiritual Affirmations Work?

As affirmations go, you are trying to replace negative thoughts in your mind with positive ones.

By following the saying from the Law of Attraction, “like attracts like”, you want to remove self-limiting thoughts that are holding you back.

When it comes to spiritual affirmations, we are working on improving our spiritual awakening.

That means we are trying to have enlightenment, achieve nirvana, and have a new sense of the world.

It can be quite a scary thought as if you are waking up to become a brand new person.

First popularized by the psychiatrist Carl Jung, spiritual awakening has been a long part of our history where we reach a higher conscious state of mind.

There is no set way to achieve that.

Different people have different triggers, but one thing that everyone has in common is the use of affirmations for spiritual awakening.

Affirmations put you in the right mindset to achieve what you desire on your spiritual side.

They work by planting the right ideas in your subconscious, which is the most powerful part of your brain that influences your behavior and thoughts.

How to Become Spiritually Aligned?

Whatever your spiritual beliefs, you can’t deny that the world is a chaotic place.

The news is full of stories of violence and injustice, and it can be difficult to feel at peace when you’re surrounded by so much negativity.

So how do you become spiritually aligned? Here’s what I would do:

Look for the good in everyone.

Be a good listener and ask questions about what they’re saying, don’t just talk about yourself.

Have compassion for others, even if they don’t deserve it.

Show respect to others and treat them as you would want to be treated.

Don’t judge others, because we all make mistakes and have our own journey to travel through life

Difference between Religion and Spirituality

These 2 subjects might seem similar to you, but they are quite different. 

Religion has more to do with an organized way of belief system and values that are shared among a group or community.

On the other hand, spirituality has more to do with an individual finding their purpose and their own definition of the meaning of life.

Just imagine you are playing a game of basketball.

The rules of the games are like religion.

They guide you in playing the game the right way.

That does not mean you cannot play without the rules and umpires though.

You can still enjoy the game and find your own meaning in it, and that’s like spirituality.

No matter if you are Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Buddhist, or anything else, you can find your own spirituality and soul. 

How to start Spirituality Awakening?

As you embark on your own personal spiritual journey, you might imagine that it has to be some kind of life-altering situation or a mystical place where you can become “awakened”. Luckily, it does not work like in the movies. 

The way I look at it is like trying to press the reset button.

When we were young, we had compassion, kindness, love, and so many other positive values.

These start to get changed as we grow up and get battered by the world around us. 

Discovering our own awakening feels like a reset, to become all that once used to be.

Here are my tips on how you can start this process:

Start getting rid of clutter in your life – decluttering is a good way to get organized and remove chaos.

It helps to simplify things and keep your mind clear-headed

Focus on self-care – it is very important to take care of yourself the right way, both physically and mentally.

Eat healthily and do exercises.

Let go of expectations – we are frequently burdened by expectations, both internal and external.

Don’t expect that your spiritual awakening will happen right away or at a set time. Let it come to you instead.

Recite affirmations for spiritual growth – by reinforcing your beliefs, you are setting yourself on the correct path to spiritual awakening. Use the affirmations in the list below to help you out and guide you along.

List Of The Best Powerful Spiritual Affirmations

Below you will find a long list of positive affirmations that will help you in your spiritual growth journey.

Take your time to browse through the list a few times and identify those that you can resonate with the most.

Adapt them to your own personal use so that they work best.

You might also want to get your own affirmations worksheet and spiritual affirmations PDF to help you along.

Your spiritual awakening journey is about to get started now. Turn these affirmations into your reality.

The headings below will provide you with an overview of the type of affirmations you can expect to find.

Affirmations for Spiritual Alignment

Spiritual Affirmations from the Bible

Spiritual Awakening Affirmations

Spiritual Business Affirmations

Spiritual Daily Affirmations

Spiritual I Am Affirmations

Spiritual Manifestation Affirmations

Spiritual Morning Affirmations

Spiritual Positive Affirmations

Spiritual Self Love Affirmations

Spirituality Affirmations

Universe Affirmations with God

I see myself as everything. I love myself as everyone.

Everything happens in its own time, and I am happy to live this journey.

I embrace the connection I share with all life on this Earth.

The Spirit of God within knows the perfect “how” to every need and desire.

Therefore, all my needs are met.

I am holy.

I open the doors to my good and claim my Divine inheritance.

It is safe and good for me to speak up for myself.

Everywhere I go, everything I see, everything I experience provides visible proof that I am supported and sustained by the entirety of creation.

I am love.

I am sheltered by the mercy of the Spirit.

I enjoy a divinely guided soul mate union.

I am open to receiving gifts, abundance, prosperity, and wellness from God.

My spirit is enlightened.

I value and honor my boundaries.

I am open to experiencing a new reality for myself.

I am surrounded by God’s love, and He is mine.

I enjoy a healthy, long-lasting soul mate bond that will stand the test of time.

I love myself.

I make healthy amazing choices.

I am the child of God and God loves me.

I am peaceful in my body, heart, and soul.

When I heal myself as an adult, I am also healing the inner child within me.

I am now enveloped by the Divine, embraced and cherished, nurtured and protected.

I was born with the power to heal myself.

I treat others as I want to be treated.

I create happiness within me.

I have unshakable faith in my divine path.

I am capable of being whatever I want to be.

I receive blessings of prosperity from Universe with thanks.

I surrender to the loving will of the Universe.

I am a spirit having a human experience.

I move closer to my goals with each passing day.

Everything I do will make me stronger.

I am now connecting with my true purpose on this planet.

I thank God for what He has revealed to me.

I am confident that everything in my life is working for my highest good and I am receiving all that I am entitled to have.

The abundance of the Universe manifests through me now.

I validate my inner child’s spirit by honoring their thoughts and feelings.

Every moment is filled with infinite possibilities and I feel his blessings upon me.

I have healed myself, which results in healing my inner child as well.

My spirit is whole.

Every day, I will seek happiness more and more within my mind, and less and less through material pleasures.

All my needs are always met.

I am tuned in to the flow of the universe.

I am better today than yesterday.

I bring laughter into my life.

We put ourselves on the same level to connect and be mentally together.

I give to others from my abundance.

I feel the power of divine love.

My body is a lovely home for my radiant soul.

Affirmations for Spiritual Growth

I make the conscious choice to look at others’ circumstances with hope and compassion.

I am a child of God living on this planet

I am an infinite being. The age of my body has no bearing on what I do or who I am.

I am healthy.

Good dominates my every experience.

I am rooted in the energy of Mother Earth.

I forgive myself and set myself free.

I am infinite.

I wake up worthy every day.

I am in tune with my inner guide.

Being connected to my soul is one of the top priorities in my life.

My partner and I connect on a deep, spiritual level.

I am submerged in eternal light.

It permeates every particle of my being.

I am living in that light.

The Divine Spirit fills me within and without.

I gratefully accept the allness of my good.

The Universe naturally provides for all my needs in abundance.

I breathe in light, peace, love, and joy through my third eye.

I perceive another person’s body and mind as just a screen, behind which I can feel their true reality, just as I feel mine.

The world is my classroom and the people are my assignments.

The past is over.

I am loved, cherished, and adored by this Universe.

I trust that the Universe gives me exactly what I need at exactly the right time.

I am a beautiful soul.

I accept the abundance the universe has to offer me.

I now place full trust in the Universal Force.

I am anchored in love. I am buoyed by love.

The wings of love lift me into perfect communion with all life everywhere.

I have a mission to accomplish, and I must do so.

I trust my intuition.

I am willing to learn through love.

I surround myself with people who uplift me and I uplift them.

I am receptive to divine healing.

Everyone has my unconditional love.

I will purify my mind with the thought that God is guiding my every activity.

It is a big part of my spiritual journey to heal my inner child.

I manifest goodness in my life.

I am a spiritual being having a beautiful Earthly experience.

I own the lovingness within me.

In accordance with my spiritual nature, I am becoming a loving, kind, and forgiving self.

I am filled with the loving light from the highest spiritual realms.

I am connected to the wisdom of the universe.

As I love all His creation, all of His creation loves me.

I openly accept spiritual guidance from a higher power.

Pure white light flows through me and heals my body, mind, and spirit.

I am cherished, treasured, and loved by God.

The healing power of the Spirit is flowing through all the cells of my body. I am made of the one universal God-substance.

God is wonderful, and His plans for me are always the best.

I am always gently held and lovingly guided by this Universe.

I am loved and cherished.

Wholeheartedly, I surrender to God. He is always with me. I abide by His will.

I am connected to the unlimited abundance of the Universe.

My spirit and courage are unwavering.

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Affirmations to Raise Your Spirituality

Higher spiritual consciousness leads to more peace, happiness, love, joy, and abundance in my daily life.

Hope influences my actions.

I have the ability to accomplish any task I set my mind to with ease and comfort.

The power of spirituality and positive thinking is within me at all times.

I allow my inner guidance to access my deepest wisdom.

Everything I seek is now seeking me.

Love, wisdom, and discernment coexist in my heart.

I infuse my spirit with positivity and that helps me manifest my deepest desires.

I abide in the perfect oneness of His creations.

My life’s journey was specially fit for my personal growth.

I am kind to all living things.

I am worthy.

I am pure, beautiful, radiant light.

I surrender to the highest good for all.

There are many things I want to do with my life, and I’m going to accomplish them all.

All my thoughts, words, and actions are inspired and guided by God.

Every lesson uncovers new strengths in me.

Having hope is a form of spiritual magic, one which I possess.

I am connected to a limitless source of creativity, abundance, health, happiness, and love.

I am a child of the Universe.

I find love everywhere I go.

I create my own vibrations that positively affect everyone around me.

I expect something wonderful to happen to me today.

I trust and believe that everything is always working out for my highest good.

My childhood is not my reality now, I create my own reality through healing.

I deserve love and happiness.

I give myself permission to be happy and fulfilled in my life.

Everything is always working out for me.

My body is a beautiful home for my radiant soul.

I am a magnet for the unlimited good of God and I attract it effortlessly and easily.

I am deeply and unconditionally loved by the Universe.

My work is needed in this world.

I am made of stars. The light I seek is always within.

I love God more than anything. I am His, He is mine.

I am ready to lift the veil of the spiritual realm.

I thankfully and respectfully ask for Divine guidance on anything and everything.

I know that my light shines because the Divine Light within me is always shining brightly.

I am manifesting my dreams with each thought, action, and intention.

The love of God is flowing through me now and always.

I am willing to be led by the Universe.

I love myself for who I am.

The energies of the Universe guide me toward a better life.

I accept miracles in my life.

Now is the time for my good.

It is safe for me to be who I am.

I open my heart to the guidance of God.

When I give love to people, I receive even more love from them in return.

I am so grateful to be alive today.

Connecting with the Divine helps me to keep my thoughts pure

I am peaceful. I am centered. I am grounded.

Alignment Affirmations

My true power lies in the present moment.

I allow my inner child to come out to play, it makes my spirit feel light, joyous, and happy.

I allow miracles and magic to unfold in my life today.

God is omnipresent and God guides me at every step.

I see the very best in myself and others.

I am connected to an unlimited source of abundance.

I am kind.

I live every day of my life as my highest self.

I am focused, I am intelligent, and I have earned my victory.

Being hopeful is the first step toward living the life that I want.

Every day is an opportunity to be hopeful and excited about the future.

I am worthy of unconditional love from divine energy.

I hear my intuition loud and clear, and I’m happy to follow it.

I am a magnet for money and abundance.

With full faith, I submit to the will of God, who creates joy and provides justice.

Today I will be kind to myself and others.

As I proceed with absolute faith in the Creator, the Universe rearranges itself accordingly.

I dream of a better, happier future for myself and for those around me.

Listening to and respecting my inner child’s spiritual needs brings me closer to my spirit.

I feel happy, rich, and prosperous.

I am sheltered by the mercy of God Almighty.

I possess the power of hope, which I can share with others in need.

I am worth the time to nourish my soul.

I gracefully accept all I have been given.

I honor my inner knowing and trust my path.

I see the best in everyone and they in me.

I am aligned with my spirit and I trust in the divine plan for my life.

I forgive myself for every time I chose to withhold love from myself.

God made me special and is always by my side.

I hope for the best and gracefully accept whatever happens.

God is within and around me, protecting me; so I will banish the fear that shuts out His guiding light.

I relax and cast aside all mental burdens, allowing God to express through me His perfect love, peace, and wisdom.

I have the energy to realize my goals.

I trust that soul mate love is on its way to me now.

My spirit is at peace.

My heart is tranquil.

Every day, I offer gratitude, trust, and faith for everything that happens in my life.

My peace is so vast and so deep, that anything that is NOT peace, disappears into it, as if it had never existed.

I now place complete trust in my higher self, and trustfully look forward to connecting with it every day.

I can see clearly in both the physical and spiritual world.

I don’t waste moments, I squeeze value from every second I live.

I am committed to the spiritual path that is within me.

I am vibrating positive, loving, abundant energy, and I attract this same energy in return.

I access an infinite supply of spiritual support.

Finding enlightenment each day comes naturally and effortlessly.

I am a magnet for miracles.

I am healing more and more every day.

I open my mind and heart to the perfect love of spirit.

I release any feelings of guilt or shame.

I shine my spirit and light on those around me.

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Daily Spiritual Affirmations

Everything I need is already within me.

There are no limits to what I can achieve with my inner child’s spirit by my side.

I deserve a deep spiritual connection with another human being.

Today is a wonderful day and I will take control.

My limitless spirit is filled with positivity, love, and hope for a bright future.

I choose courage above fear.

The will of God is working through me and always

All that I seek is now seeking me.

With complete submission, I ask for Divine guidance on anything and everything.

I respect myself, and I know that no one else will care for me as I do.

The universe supports my twin flame union.

My positive thinking leads me to great things.

I am authentic and present.

I am ready to create the deeply fulfilling relationship of my dreams.

God within me is mighty, powerful, and unstoppable.

I love and accept myself.

I am capable of anything I put my mind to.

Every day I love my inner child and accept their thoughts and feelings.

I can do anything I decide to do.

My hope grows each day as I focus on my goals and dreams.

Every day, I feel more connected to my spirit.

I am the creation of God and God is with me always.

I am on the path to enlightenment.

I increase the volume of positivity while turning down the negativity.

I am open to receiving romantic guidance from the spirit realm.

My hope is my guiding light as I explore new possibilities and begin new journeys.

I am connected to the abundance universe.

I am always enough.

Soul mate and twin flame love are deep within my spirit.

I feel the presence of God all around me and He guides me at every step.

I am filled with God’s grace, peace, and joy.

With the sword of devotion, I sever the heartstrings that tie me to delusion.

My inner guidance leads me to the long-term relationship of my dreams.

I deserve the best life I can have.

I believe in all that I am.

I am connected.

The Universe delivers hope to me every day.

All is well in my world, as it should be.

I excel at the perfect living of Life.

I am creatively incarnate.

I can tap into source energy at any time.

I am now connected to the source of abundance, prosperity, and success.

I always let love lead the way.

I live in a world of infinite love.

I approve of myself.

Spirit is always guiding me.

Our spirits, souls, minds, and bodies join together as one.

I am a spiritual being in a human body.

Every day, I move closer to my goals.

I am guided by hope in all of life’s journeys.

Deep Spiritual Affirmations

I rise above negative thoughts and embrace positivity.

I am now allowing myself to be guided by the universe,

Every cell in my body is now functioning in perfect Divine order.

I abide in the perfect Wholeness of creation.

I am God.

I now live limitless love and joy.

I can take things one step at a time.

I am guided by my good feelings.

I am living the embodiment of joy.

Everything is happening only for my highest good.

I focus not on the 100 things I may have to do at some future time, but on the one I can do now.

In every moment, I am inspired to perfect action.

As I unclutter my life, I free myself to answer the callings of my soul.

As I work in accordance with the laws of nature, I live in total abundance.

The entirety of creation is now conspiring for my good.

Everything that is happening and is going to happen is only for my highest good.

I love my inner child.

I am open to being healed by the Universe.

My soul mate and I share a deep, spiritual connection.

I know I’m being guided toward the highest good.

Everything that happens in my life, I know happens for a specific reason.

I believe in divine healing.

I am made of the light of the Universe.

I am creative enough to express myself.

I will always find Happiness.

I feel love and live in peace.

I am grateful to Universe for naturally and freely providing for all my needs.

I listen to that small sweet voice inside me, encouraging me.

I take good care of myself.

Deep love is my birthright.

I enjoy spiritual practices with my soul mate.

I am free.

I feel safe and real when I am open and vulnerable.

Opportunities flow to me because I create them.

I thank God for everything I have.

I easily see the lesson or the blessing in all that is.

I am a strong, resilient being deserving of good things.

Spirit is now guiding my steps and all is unfolding for my good.

I receive Divine guidance for all my thoughts, words, and actions.

My spirit is moved by the power of God.

My angels and spirit guides help guide me toward tender self-compassion.

Today, I take a step back and let the Universe guide me.

I am sacred.

I know that Spiritual Affirmations are one of the ways to take me nearer to God.

Religion helps me to develop moral and ethical values.

Spirituality to me is a way of life. I strive to live a morally and ethically pure life.

I have the clarity, strength, and wholeness of the universe.

Every day I hope for the best and receive the best.

I am focused, I am motivated, and I deserve everything I desire.

I confidently open my heart to that of another.

I Am Spiritual Affirmations

I choose to see my difficulties as opportunities to grow closer to God.

Spirituality helps me be more mindful of the thoughts, words, and deeds I choose on a daily basis.

Being myself involves no risks. It’s my ultimate truth, and I live fearlessly.

We have deep, spiritual conversations about spirituality on a regular basis.

I am aligned with my higher purpose.

My mind, body, and soul are in complete alignment with the Universe

When faced with two choices, I always take the higher path.

Today is a sacred gift from life.

I am the epitome of health and strength.

I am spirit and spirit is to my instincts.

I am successful in everything I attempt.

I have unwavering faith in my Creator.

I am responsible for my spiritual development.

I am sailing the sea of abundance.

I open my mind and heart to the perfect love of God.

In every moment, I know exactly what to do and how to do it.

My thoughts are positive and loving, just like the intentions of God.

I am thankful for my health and continuous healing.

I fill my spirit with hope and positivity.

I am a Divine creation, a piece of God. Therefore, I cannot be undeserving.

I emanate love and joy, complete presence and openness, toward all beings.

I send divine energy out into the universe now through these divine words.

I get what I truly want because I ask for it.

Every day I am healing my inner child, which in turn heals me as well.

I release any fear that has been holding me back from living life fully.

My mind and body are in complete alignment with God and I am always receiving his blessings.

My attitude is filled with the light of hope and optimism.

Spiritually, I am willing to take chances and try new things in order to manifest my dreams.

I believe I deserve it so now the Universe will serve it.

I breathe in the light of God.

I am a perfect, open channel for divine Peace, divine Love, divine Abundance, and divine Inspiration.

I have a deep sense of inner peace that is always within me, no matter what happens.

By recognizing the presence of divinity in others, I acknowledge the divine in myself.

I love and abide with the perfect love of God.

I need not prove myself to anyone.

I like to be a grateful person.

I am healed by the divine love of the Universe.

I share my wisdom with the world.

I manifest money easily.

God’s perfect health permeates the dark nooks of my bodily sickness.

In all my cells His healing light is shining. They are entirely well, for His perfection is in them.

Every day, there is always enough.

I am powerful.

All that I do is under the guidance of my higher self

I create more of what I want every day.

I allow the Universe to work through me.

Our souls are destined to be together.

I shift away from negative thoughts that could otherwise hurt me and others around me by focusing on happy memories instead.

I surrender control and allow the Universe’s loving presence to guide me.

I derive happiness from the spiritual nourishment of the Universe.

All of my thoughts, words, and actions are influenced by the divine.

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Morning Spiritual Affirmations

I acknowledge God in every creation.

God is the living, breathing Spirit of me. I am now whole, perfect and complete in every way.

Small steps lead to big things, and I will take the steps needed.

Today, I am connecting to God.

I know who I am and I know where I’m going.

With the deepest love, I lay my heart at the feet of Omnipresence.

I am guided by the spirit realm to a future that guides me towards my goals through confidence, hope, joy, and love.

I deserve to be safe, happy, and loved.

I am now attracting everything I need, effortlessly and easily.

Love flows through me.

I am happy.

I am an extension of the Universe.

I am acting on my intuition.

Positive Energy flows to me and flows from me.

I always listen to my inner guide.

I love with the perfect Love of God. I see with the perfect eyes of God. I am peaceful with the perfect Peace of God.

I am in charge of my own happiness.

I release doubt and welcome faith.

I validate my inner child’s thoughts and feelings.

I release the struggles of the past and look to a bright future.

I am grateful for the positive vibes that come into my life each day.

Putting things into perspective helps me move forward and find happiness in the future I create for myself.

I ask for forgiveness from all those whom I may have hurt. I forgive all those who may have done wrong to me. All is well.

All problems are illusions of the mind.

I am one with the Universe.

The secrets of eternity are now revealed to me.

The Universe has a divine plan for me to live a fulfilling life.

Today, as God opens the windows of heaven and pours me out a blessing, I make room to receive it.

I experience love wherever I go.

I remove all obstacles to my spiritual connection.

Spiritual Affirmations for Today

I love all people equally and forgive those who have hurt me, in return I receive even more love.

I live in the moment and am grateful for all my life experiences. All of them.

The love of God is flowing through me and it always does,

I am aligned with the Universe.

I am connected to All That Is.

I love my life.

I am successful.

I let go of the past and move into the now.

I am connecting to my higher self.

I am the captain of my ship.

I am a loving soul in a human body.

I always have more than I need.

I delight in the grace of God.

Even when the world is immersed in darkness, I walk forward in faith, love, and light.

I am a spiritual entity having a human experience.

I have abundance.

Life is a gift and I’m grateful for it every moment of every day.

I pay attention to my inner callings and apply my own uniqueness to everything I undertake.

I am very well taken care of by the Universe.

I love my child within and protect their spirit.

I am an extension of the Universe.

Positive Affirmations for Spiritual Growth

I trust the universe is supporting me.

I let go of fear and I’m ready to realign.

My energies are in harmony with the Universe.

I am perfectly blessed and I am a perfect blessing for the world.

I am worthy of love.

I excel at creating my best life.

I listen to my inner voice.

I am supported by the universe.

I choose to view my obstacles as opportunities to get closer to God.

I am stepping into a new and fresh awareness

I have infinite patience when it comes to fulfilling my destiny.

Since childhood is not my present reality, I create it through healing.

This is a wonderful moment. I am embracing this precious moment.

My mind is open to receiving something wonderful from Universe today.

My mind is open to all possibilities for abundance.

I belong here.

I am at peace with myself and with the world.

Everything is unfolding in perfect timing. I release worry and choose to trust.

I fully trust that others do know what is best for them.

I have access to unlimited assistance. My strength comes from my connection to my Source of being.

I am grateful for today.

I bring harmony to everyone around me.

I believe in my dreams.

Each day brings me more blessings to be grateful for.

I bravely let go and allow the Universe to reveal its beautiful plan for me.

I am anchored in divine love.

I am divine.

I create the perfect plan for my life by choosing the perfect thoughts.

I feel safe in the arms of God.

I will help weeping ones to smile, by smiling myself, even when it is difficult.

Positive forces from the other side guide my every step.

I believe in loving God, who makes my life flourish.

I inspire hope in others.

I can now see and accept the spiritual world.

I trust that everything I need comes to me at exactly the right place and time.

We listen with our hearts and communicate clearly with each other.

I am giving thanks and I am grateful for all my successes in life.

I am safe and real when I share the deepest parts of my being.

I have unwavering faith in God’s divine plan for me.

I believe in the Holy Spirit, who flows as a refreshing spring of life,

I step back and let the Universe lead the way.

My twin flame, soul mate, or true love is on its way into my life now.

I empower my spirit with a hopeful, positive mindset.

I am love. I am light. I am connected to all.

I completely trust that the Universe will provide for all my needs.

I am a loving and caring being.

I allow God to guide everything I do.

I am the Source Energy in a human body, and I can do anything.

I am willing to accept miracles that exceed my expectations.

My life is saturated with the gratitude and compassion of God.

spiritual affirmations for healing

Spiritual Affirmations for Anxiety

I release negative thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve me.

Nothing that was ever done to me, or which I did to others, can touch, even in the slightest, the radiant essence of who I really am.

I am spiritually awake, healthy, and whole.

I allow rest, security, and love to wash over me.

I am an expression of the divine.

I am aligned with the highest frequency of love.

I am eternally connected to the divine source of the Universe.

Thank you for my life, and all that I have to be grateful for.

I am a part of the Divine and I deserve to be happy.

My life is a blessing.

God is always with me and I am with Him.

My soul and body are a divine expression of the loving God.

My intuition is my superpower.

I manifest friendships and fun relationships easily.

I am content with what I have. I rejoice in the way things are. I realize that there is nothing lacking. The whole world belongs to me.

I am centered and grounded.

My body is a holy temple of God.

My hope leaves my spirit feeling complete.

I live in the love of God. I let go of fear, anxiety and pain.

I am an eternal and infinite being.

God is my Divine Father, and Creator and He protects me and provides me with everything I truly need.

I am doing my best.

I live abundantly.

I am Divinely led, guided, and inspired in all I think, do and say.

I choose to be the light in all situations.

I gratefully accept all the goodness in my life.

I am loved even when I’m sad.

My partner and I are deeply spiritually connected in every way.

I am strong.

I choose to shine my light brightly I am allowed to take up space.

I do not pollute my beautiful, radiant Inner Being, nor the Earth, with negativity.

I am always in sync with the Universal flow.

I am abundant.

I honor the sacred divinity that exists within me.

As I abide in love for all of creation, all of creation abides in love for me.

Everything is working out for the best.

My actions are the reflection of the energies of the Universe.

I believe in endless possibilities.

Affirmations for Spiritual Healing

I am grateful for what I have, and I welcome more.

I receive the healing vibrations of God.

A big part of my spiritual journey is re-parenting my inner child.

I am connected to a limitless source of inspired ideas and beautiful creativity.

I acknowledge my inner spirit and am open to positivity every day.

I am with God and God is with me always.

I am well.

I connect with my soul mate love in a loving, supportive way.

I am open to connecting on a spiritual level.

The Universe is conspiring to unite me with my soul mate.

I am peace.

I am a one-of-a-kind treasure.

spiritual i am affirmations

Spiritual Affirmations for Confidence

I am ready to respond to my soul’s and guardian angels’ calls.

God indwells me as the living, breathing Spirit of me. Therefore, I am now whole, perfect, and complete in every way.

I put my life in the hands of Infinite Love and Divine Wisdom.

I always let love guide me.

My spirit guides are always there to guide me toward inner peace and happiness.

I emanate peace and love.

I am aligned with my purpose and truth.

Infinite Love flows through me, in me, as me.

Choosing hope opens possibilities.

As I heal myself as an adult, I am also healing my inner child.

I am divinely loved.

I am happy with my spiritual growth and welcome more.

Every day, in every way I am connecting to the Universe.

I am grateful for all the blessings I have received and am receiving.

I live in the present moment by being grateful for all of my life experiences as a child.

Natural healing energy flows through me.

I live in nirvana.

Spiritual Affirmations for Money

I surrender my pain and suffering to God who takes care of my healing.

No one is more deserving of success than me.

My boundaries are important to me, and I respect them.

Love and light fill my world because I ask them to.

I am creating my best life every day in every way.

My every experience is filled with joy.

I am a divine being.

I have been happy.

Love and abundance flow to me.

I trust the divine plan of the Universe.

I release the past and let go of the future.

All things are possible with God’s help.

My inner child is not alone because I am there now, to care for, listen to, and support them.

I am divinely protected, inspired, and guided by the Universe.

I delight in the grace of the Holy Spirit.

My faith provides me with the inner peace to let go of things over which I have no control.

I am grateful for the amazing blessings in my life.

Hope lives in my heart, and I aim to share it every day.

The Universe has my back.

I call on my higher power for wisdom and guidance in all situations.

God is the shepherd of my restless thoughts. He will lead them to His abode of peace.

I am open and available to fall in love.

I am guided by a higher power.

There is peace inside my soul today.

An unbreakable link connects me to Higher Powers.

I feel more connected to my source and give thanks.

I listen to and respect my child’s spiritual needs.

All that I seek I can find within me.

I am powerful enough to overcome negativity.

I am in touch with my inner guidance.

Spiritual Affirmations for Healing

My soul and mind receive nourishment from the Divine Spirit

I am pure.

Success is always available to me.

I am the source of my truth and my love.

I am a channel for inspiration.

The Universe is for me 24/7.

Today is a beautiful day, full of love and joy.

My soul is truly beautiful.

Positive forces from the spiritual realm provide me with healing, peace, and joy.

I deserve the best.

I am energetic and strong.

I am open to receiving spiritual guidance from the universe.

I release all blocks to my spiritual connection.

I am protected and nurtured by all that’s around me.

I do not give unhappiness, in any form, whatsoever, a dwelling place inside me.

The Universe shines its pure light upon me.

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