262 Positive Sunday Affirmations


Sunday is a great day to relax and recharge, but it can also be a great time to affirm your goals and intentions for the week ahead. 

To accomplish this, I like to take some time on Sundays and recite affirmations.

Not only do they help me to have an enjoyable Sunday, but they also help me to frame my mind for success for the upcoming week.

With that said, here are the best Sunday affirmations to help you start affirming your goals as well.

262 Positive Sunday Affirmations

Sunday Morning Affirmations

sunday affirmations

#1. Today is a new day.

#2. I am blessed to wake up on this beautiful Sunday morning.

#3. Today I will rejuvenate my soul, mind and body.

#4. On Sundays I count my rainbows.

#5. I love who I am, and so does my partner.

#6. I am breathing.

Today I recharge and get ready to rock my week ahead.

#7. Today I recharge and get ready to rock my week ahead.

#8. Each day is a blessing. I’m having a happy Sunday.

#9. I am healthy, energetic, and incredibly optimistic.

#10. I am conscious of my body. My actions and habits support its purification, vitality and radiance.

#11. I am lucky that I am celebrating my Sunday with those near and dear to me.

#12. Today I’ll take time to do something nice for myself.

#13. Sunday is my happy day to spend with my best friends.

#14. Sunday self-care makes me feel and look beautiful.

#15. I love to have fun. I’m playful and never take myself or my life too seriously.

#16. I am open to all the wealth life has to offer.

#17. I am happy and full of joy on this Sunday.

#18. I give each of my endeavors 110%, and consistently express the very best within me.

#19. I look forward to my Sunday self-care.

#20. On Sundays I’m making time to enjoy everything that makes me happy.

#21. Today I choose to create a better day than I chose to create yesterday.

#22. Sunday is my day to relax and refresh.

#23. I am powerfully courageous. I do not let feelings of fear of doubt stand in the way of my greatness.

#24. On Sundays I am grateful to spare time for my loving family and great friends.

#25. This Sunday I am full of joy.

#26. I am learning and growing to be better with each passing day.

#27. Sunday is my day to get in touch with my spiritual roots and I always take that opportunity.

#28. This is going to be a really, really good week for me.

#29. Sunday is my day of rest and I take it.

#30. This week I choose success and happiness and I’m taking all necessary steps to support my choice.

#31. I am dedicated to never-ending growth, knowing that everything I seek in life is already right here within me, waiting to be awakened.

#32. Today I take the time to slow down and enjoy my day.

#33. I am courageous and brave.

#34. I am open to love.

#35. Sunday is my day to pursue my hobbies and I always make the time.

#36. I love Sundays.

Today is an opportunity to grow and learn.

#37. Today is an opportunity to grow and learn.

#38. I am in a happy relationship with myself.

#39. The world requires me, and it’s fine if people rely on me.

#40. Today and every day I choose healing for my heart, mind, body, and spirit.

#41. I take this day to care for my own needs, I deserve it.

#42. Sunday is my day.

#43. I am high on my life.

#44. Today I open my eyes to a brilliant new day of light and love.

#45. I ‘m proud for taking care of me today, tomorrow will be even better.

#46. On Sundays I’m focusing on myself and my happiness.

#47. I love Sundays. They are a true blessing in my life.

#48. I am patient, kind and forgiving. My compassion replaces anger with love.

#49. This day is going to be super fun and happy.

#50. Today I’m only focusing on what makes me feel good.

#51. Sunday is my day to connect with God.

#52. This is a very promising day and I am thankful for it.

#53. I love myself so I’m doing Sunday’s right.

#54. Everyday I become stronger and healthier.

#55. I am lucky to receive the blessings of my loved ones today.

#56. I love myself.

#57. To take care of others I need to take care of myself.

#58. I love and respect myself so I listen to all my needs.

#59. The world is a beautiful place.

#60. I am making the best of my Sunday.

#61. I am here to learn from all the failures in my life.

#62. I am interested in learning how to build resilience.

#63. The week is just beginning and I am prepared to make it the most amazing week.

#64. I love my body and do everything possible to keep it healthy and energetic.

#65. Sundays are my favorite days.

#66. I am kind, patient and gentle with myself.

Sunday Positive Affirmations

#67. I think only positive, loving, empowering thoughts. I hold no space for negativity in my being.

#68. I use Sundays to lift myself up and focus on the positive.

#69. I am a good person.

#70. I am ready for all the surprises that the next week has in store for me.

#71. I deserve to be loved.

#72. I believe in myself, truly and deeply.

#73. I follow my heart and listen to my inner wisdom in all matters.

#74. I am exactly where I’m supposed to be.

#75. I accept each of my loved ones exactly as they are, and offer them unconditional love.

#76. I deserve to prioritize self care.

#77. I feel relaxed and confident. I can face any challenges Monday brings.

#78. I choose to be happy this Sunday.

#79. I feel confident and calm as I am about to take up the challenges.

#80. I deal with all of life’s challenges from a clear, calm and positive place.

I choose to be cheerful and joyful this Sunday.

#81. I choose to be cheerful and joyful this Sunday.

#82. I can handle whatever this week throws at me.

#83. I choose positivity and let go of negative judgment and comparisons.

#84. I deserve to pamper myself today.

#85. Every adversity that I shall face today shall turn into a beautiful opportunity tomorrow.

#86. I am productive as well as disciplined.

#87. I allow love to fill me up and guide my every action.

#88. I am capable of completing difficult tasks.

#89. Even if it appears impossible to continue, I will not give up on myself or others today.

#90. I do not raise waves of anger towards myself for being human.

#91. I cherish the time I take to refill.

#92. I am excited about everything that the day has in store for me.

#93. On Sundays I celebrate myself as I deserve.

#94. I am a confident person and I shall practice confidence throughout the year.

#95. I am attracting the perfect person for me.

#96. I am becoming a better person by facing my fears.

#97. I am enough.

#98. I can do hard things.

#99. I define who I am.

#100. I am fully open to whatever the divine wants to express through me in this life.

#101. I choose happiness today.

#102. I am always grateful to the people who stayed with me through thick and thin.

#103. I forgive others for their shortcomings. I forgive myself for my own shortcomings.

#104. I am good with what I am becoming.

#105. I am generous.

#106. I use every challenge as an opportunity to understand myself, take responsibility, and grow.

#107. I am balanced in my ability to both lovingly give to others and gracefully receive from others.

#108. I forgive myself and others for anything that happened last week.

#109. I allow myself to be at peace and enjoy the calm life.

I am capable of anything.

#110. I am capable of anything.

#111. I always appreciate the good in me and try to better the bad.

#112. I feel beautiful and healthy today.

#113. I accept and love myself, just the way I am.

#114. Good things are about to flow in my life.

#115. I am forever grateful to enjoy a positive Sunday morning.

#116. Every Sunday is a new opportunity to start fresh and chase my goals.

#117. I choose to live a life of love, happiness, gratitude, and peace.

#118. I find love everywhere I go.

#119. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and every single experience of my life serves my highest growth.

#120. I am receptive of all the great opportunities that the Universe has in store for me.

#121. I am alive.

#122. I am ready for everything Sunday holds for me.

#123. I am always grateful for the perfect days that I have.

#124. I believe in my thoughts and they are going to turn into action.

#125. I accept all my emotions as I work through them and walk my path. Feelings are a privilege and crying is a healthy mechanism.

#126. I always take calculated risks.

#127. I deserve to thrive and just not make a mere living.

I approve of who I have become.

#128. I approve of who I have become.

#129. I deserve happiness and success in all areas of my life.

#130. I am safe, and protected by divine forces.

#131. I choose to be happy every single day.

#132. I always choose to be happy and productive.

Sunday Affirmations For A Good Day

#133. I shall do everything today which makes me happy.

#134. I’ve enjoyed a loving weekend and I’m ready to kick start the week ahead.

#135. I shall take out time to sit and chill with my friends.

#136. I’ve earned a day of rest and relaxation, and I’m taking it today.

#137. I am taking over life as a real star.

#138. I am the only one who is in charge of my life.

#139. I happily give and receive love this Sunday.

#140. I shall overcome all the obstacles that ever come my way.

#141. I have the power to turn my dreams into reality.

#142. I’m grateful for a fresh start and a new week.

#143. I have my arms open for the abundance that is coming my way.

#144. I never allow the negative criticism of people to adversely affect me.

#145. I am tougher than my own problems.

#146. I am strong and courageous.

#147. I am so happy to be who I am.

#148. I promise to give myself more time this Sunday.

#149. I have a life full of love from my near and dear ones.

I have firm faith and believe in my abilities.

#150. I have firm faith and believe in my abilities.

#151. I let go of my fears and open myself up to new beginnings.

#152. I am the creator of my reality. I have the power to make my life an extraordinary masterpiece.

#153. I shall spend some time alone with myself.

#154. I’m excited for Sundays. They’re a new opportunity to go after my dreams.

#155. It’s OK to put myself first every now and then.

#156. I know I am trying. Every day I am a small sun.

#157. I shall practice gratitude throughout the week starting Sunday.

#158. I shall not give up looking at the adversities in my life.

#159. It’s going to be an amazing week.

#160. I am thankful for my happy Sunday and ready to surpass myself this new week.

#161. I have compassion and understanding for myself as I watch life move fast. I accept my current emotional state.

#162. I have all the things that I require to stay happy.

#163. I’ll take some time to recharge and prepare for the upcoming week.

#164. I’m going to start my week radiating positive energy and excitement.

#165. I am worthy and deserve all of my blessings, big and small.

#166. I’m grateful for a peaceful Sunday and I’m ready for everything this upcoming week brings.

#167. I shall overcome all the challenges that come my way this week.

#168. I am thankful for the joy and prosperity that I have in my life.

#169. It’s been a long week full of progress and success. Today I recharge and take care of me.

#170. I have the capability to direct my thoughts towards positivity.

#171. I promise to love myself throughout the week.

#172. I see abundance everywhere.

#173. I’m thankful for this beautiful day and I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

#174. I live with open eyes and witness the infinite beauty that exists within every moment of my existence.

#175. I have some amazing bunch of friends.

#176. I’m ready to start the new week on a positive note.

#177. I know there is always a solution to any problem.

I shall feel loved and respected this week.

#178. I shall feel loved and respected this week.

#179. I am thankful for all the good things that happened for me last week.

#180. I am very much confident about the abilities that I possess.

#181. I am thankful for the beautiful health that I have.

#182. I radiate positive energy.

#183. I inspire people to turn their lives into their dream life.

#184. I am the master of my free will.

#185. I live with mindfulness and gratitude, so as to be worthy of all the incredible gifts I am given.

#186. I’m looking forward to today.

#187. I must first nourish myself before I can flourish.

#188. I’ve decided to make the most of today.

#189. I am the magnet of abundant wealth.

#190. I’m grateful for my life, even on bad days.

#191. I am worthy of love and happiness.

#192. I am surrounded by people who love me and inspire me.

#193. I’ve enjoyed a positive Sunday and I’m ready for a week full of new opportunities.

#194. I inhale confidence.

#195. I live with an open mind and continually invite new perspectives and fresh ideas into my world.

#196. I shall reap the fruits of my labor this week.

#197. I know this week shall be full of opportunities.

End Of The Weekend Affirmations

#198. My Sunday was well spent. I’m refreshed and ready for a creative Monday.

#199. I am going to be super productive starting Sunday.

#200. I am going to spend time with my friends.

#201. I am grateful for all that I have.

#202. After a week of hard work I deserve to enjoy my Sunday and I am.

#203. Sunday always recharges my battery and prepares me to achieve my goals.

#204. The universe has my back, and supports me in every possible way, even when I can’t always see it.

#205. On Sundays I recharge so I am overflowing with vitality and energy.

#206. The next week holds lots of happiness for me.

#207. Words may shape me, but they do not make me. I am here already.

#208. Slowly and steadily, I am turning my dreams to reality.

#209. I was meant to be at the place that I am at present.

#210. I am grateful for today and look forward to the week ahead.

#211. I am grateful for the remarkable family and friends that I have around me to celebrate my weekend.

#212. May the coming week be full of gratitude and happiness.

#213. I am grateful for all of my blessings.

#214. I welcome this new week with open arms.

#215. I appreciate the challenges and lessons learned last week.

#216. I am grateful for kind people I am surrounded with and this wonderful day.

#217. Over time I have become a very mature person and I love this self.

#218. When I speak my needs, I receive them abundantly.

#219. When I focus on my reason for being, I am infinitely brave.

#220. All of my weekly objectives will be met.

#221. The universe is bringing my soulmate to me.

#222. My life has meaning and purpose.

#223. Sunday is my day. I’ve earned a day of rest and relaxation and today I take it.

#224. I greet Sunday with joy and excitement.

#225. Someone in need shall receive my help today.

Tomorrow is the start of a new week, and I’m ready.

#226. Tomorrow is the start of a new week, and I’m ready.

#227. Sunday is my day. While others worry whether they did enough this week, I relax easily knowing that I have.

#228. Money flows into my life easily. I always have what I need.

#229. What a happy and better person I have become today.

#230. There are phases of myself, just like the moon’s, where I feel lost. It is OK to admit it. It is OK from start to end.

#231. My heart is open. My mind is at peace. My body is at ease.

#232.  My mind and my heart will remain open today.

#233. I am going to spare time for my family and play around.

#234. When I talk to myself as I would a friend, I see all my best qualities and I allow myself to shine.

#235. The more I understand myself, the more I fall in love with myself.

#236. I am going to work on myself on this Sunday.

#237. The day is now in the past and I will let it be.

#238. I am going to use the wealth that I possess to uplift others.

#239. I am going to expand my business this week.

#240. My happiness depends on my actions and not others.

#241. Sunday has rejuvenated me. Monday here I come.

#242. My self-worth is not dependent on the opinion of others.

#243. I go to sleep feeling happy and peaceful. My week is just beginning.

#244. All the hurdles in my way are making me stronger.

#245. Sundays rejuvenate me for the upcoming week.

#246. I value my family and consider this time precious.

#247. My upcoming week is going to be fruitful.

#248. Sunday is my day. I will not worry about if I did enough this week, this is a new week and I will prosper.

#249. I am going to reflect on my behavior this Sunday.

#250. I am grateful for this beautiful Sunday I enjoyed. I am ready for the new week.

#251. A new week awaits me tomorrow, where I can work towards my goals and dreams.

#252. I am grateful for a peaceful weekend.

#253. I am grateful for this wonderful Sunday.

#254. When I forgive myself, I free myself.

#255. My body deserves to be healthy and prosperous.

#256. When I feel fear, I feed trust.

#257. When I root into the earth, the earth rises to support me.

#258. When I release shame, I move into myself more beautifully.

#259. Sunday is my day. Today I refresh and rejuvenate in preparation for a happy and successful week.

#260. Today is my day. I am focusing my mind on happiness and success in the week ahead.

#261. Knowing that I give my absolute best to all I do, I can relax and allow the outcome of my efforts to flow to me naturally.

#262. I am going to attract love this Sunday.

Final Thoughts

The best way to start your Sunday is by reciting some Sunday affirmations. 

They will help you set the tone for a great day and get you in the right mindset to tackle whatever comes your way. 

Make sure you find a few that resonate with you and stick with them. 

You may be surprised at how much of a difference they can make in your life.

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