542 Self Discipline Affirmations To Achieve Greater Success​

542 Self Discipline Affirmations To Achieve Success

In my mind, the secret to success boils down to only a few factors, one of which being self discipline.

To me, it is an essential ingredient that allows us to breakthrough and achieve what we desire in life, be it career success, happiness, or the lofty goals that we dream about each and every day.

Self discipline affirmations are an incredibly useful tool that we can utilize to keep us focused.

I had struggled with keeping my focus for a long time.

Between getting work done and lying down to watch TV, it seems that the latter always wins.

I knew that this was leading me nowhere, and I made a promise to myself that this would change, even though I did not know at that time what that change meant.

Years later, I am now free of the job that stifled me and living a happier life than before.

I attribute self discipline to my success, and now it’s your turn to define yours.

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How do I give myself more self discipline?

I bet this is a question that lots of people ask. In our minds, we know we need to be less lazy, but what exactly should we do about it?

If you have thought about this question before, the good news is that you have taken the first step by asking.

Without knowing or acknowledging that there is an issue, you will not be able to shift your thinking to the right track.

A lack of willpower can certainly hold you back, but the following tips are guaranteed to help, as long as you take action. Time to build your mental muscle, people.

1. As I wrote earlier, by acknowledging that you need to change is a excellent start.

At this point, your main task is to identify your weaknesses.

Be honest with yourself, and list down the things you think are stopping you from moving forward.

2. Create your own plan.

You can start small here and begin conditioning your mind to get used to a new habit or routine.

Want to cut off supper? Want to work out at least twice a week? Been watching too much TV? This is the time when you write down your own plan to improve on your unique situation.

3. Remove resistance by staying away from the things that are holding you back.

I mean, if you want to cut down on junk food, you shouldn’t be stocking up your cabinets with them right? You can alternatively reduce the amount you buy, or consider alternatives. 

4. Conditioning your mind with positive affirmations for self discipline.

As you start changing things up, it will get uncomfortable.

Affirmations for self discipline reminds you of your plans and keeps you focused.

You should also try to visualize the outcome you have in mind.

Rewiring your subconscious mind takes time, but it is extremely powerful when it sticks.

Why positive affirmations will help you become more disciplined

You see, affirmations are not magic pills.

They don’t turn back time and make you young again or turn you into Einstein or something.

To me, they are just tiny reminders.

We know what we want, but thanks to external influences and self limiting thoughts, we get side tracked and start to do things that society wants. Not our own dreams and goals. 

By practicing daily positive affirmations, we remind ourselves about our abilities, our goals, and our capabilities to see things through.

It brings about positivity in our lives and gives us the confidence that we can do it.

Don’t take my word for it. Research [1] has shown that positive thinking can improve a person’s mood, make them work better, and solve problems more effectively.

Yes, it is pretty awesome, but the most critical factor is that you need to take action.

The champagne is not going to pour itself, don’t you think?

Start forming good habits, getting rid of bad ones, and adopt a more positive mindset starting today.

Take action for self improvement and stop procrastinating!

List Of The Best Self Discipline Affirmations To Keep You Focused

The affirmations below are here to help you develop the right mindset to improve your self-discipline.

Each of them is unique and different people will find different ones useful for them. 

You need to take your time to browse through the list and identify those that resonate the most with you.

Reciting affirmations calls for you to have belief, and that’s why you need to find the right message that you totally believe in.

You may also consider downloading your own free affirmations worksheet to help you along.

Print it out and stick it somewhere you can look at every day.

Best Affirmations For Building Self-Discipline

I practice, practice and practice.

I only accept those urges that support my desires.

When I get off track, I pick myself up and get right back to the path.

People know they can depend on me because I always finish what I start.

I am in complete control of what I do in my life.

I don’t dwell on the past.

I enjoy the feeling of remaining dedicated towards everything that I take up.

I am consistent in my disciplinary habits.

I resist all temptations as they arise.

My time on Earth is precious and I value every minute of it.

I am comfortable with getting uncomfortable while achieving my goals.

I am released and I am free.

Large projects don’t scare me. I can break them into small pieces and finish each piece.

I am using my time wisely.

I persist and persevere no matter what.

I don’t let things pile up.

I have adopted the virtue of discipline since early childhood and I shall continue to be disciplined.

No matter what I do, I always do my best.

Discipline has enhanced my productivity.

I do not let anything distract me until I have completed my tasks.

I am allowing my fulfillment.

Every moment of every day I am becoming more and more disciplined.

Discipline provides me with the structure in which I should execute my thoughts to achieve the desired result.

Every minute of my day is productive.

I can overcome setbacks.

I apply my willpower to improving my character and abilities.

I will achieve massive success because of my unbreakable willpower.

I am thankful for all I have.

I try to put in my best efforts in everything that I do.

I relish the feeling of working through a difficult task.

I am finishing all tasks that I start.

I finish what I start.

I resist all temptations and remain focused on my dream.

I have great control over my impulse.

I am a man of my words.

I am allowing.

I am now in control of everything I say and do.

I have the self discipline of a zen master.

I have an unshakeable dedication to my goals.

I work on myself each day and that enhances my discipline.

I am loving my life.

I wake up early and accomplish my most important tasks.

When I exercise self discipline I am proud of myself.

I enjoy when I am appreciated for my dedication.

I may change direction if needed, but will not quit.

I am fully in control of all that I do.

I utilize my resources to the best of my ability.

I have my complete concentration over the tasks that I perform.

I accomplish my tasks and always follow through.

I possess great inner strength and fortitude.

Self discipline Mantras

I am grateful for the opportunities I have.

I use my time wisely.

I am purposeful with my actions.

I take total responsibility for all my decisions and actions.

One of my greatest powers is to stay focused and disciplined.

I am highly productive.

I make good use of my time.

I am building a highly focused mind.

I learn discipline from nature.

I overcome obstacles that get in my way.

Discipline has taught me to put away my disappointments and rise above them.

I am flourishing.

I plan my work and work on my plans.

I create results.

I show love to others, and myself.

When something doesn’t go as planned, I simply move on.

I have the required will power that helps my actions match my words.

I am allowing myself to follow through on my choices.

I am allowing myself to be successful.

I no longer waste my time. I budget it according to my priorities.

With the help of self-discipline I get better at everything that I do.

I am capable of learning what I must in order to achieve this goal.

I respect the discipline that I have achieved.

All my choices are in agreement with my desires.

I keep my space clean and clear.

Nothing can distract me from my goals.

I focus on the process, not just the outcome.

I finish all tasks that I start.

I always count on myself to achieve my targets.

I have the discipline to accomplish my goals.

I am very clear about my goals.

I am the master of my life.

My willpower is strong because I know what I want and keep going until I succeed.

I am following through on my commitments.

I know that it is always too soon to quit.

I will trust in the Lord to strengthen me in any area that I may fall short.

I achieve my set goals smoothly.

I am the controller of my thoughts, words and actions.

I am allowing myself to be all that I can be.

I will finish my tasks and consistently work towards my goals, no matter how I feel.

Hard work pays off in the end and I am fully committed.

I steer clear of bad habits that have distracted me in the past.

I have laser focus.

I am in complete control of myself.

I celebrate every win, no matter how minor.

I embrace hard work. I love the discipline of it.

I take time to set my intentions and then follow them with complete discipline.

My goal challenges and inspires me.

When I make a mistake, I am not too hard on myself.

I direct my will power to focus on the vision of what I want with the faith that it is already mine.

self discipline affirmations for success

Affirmations for Procrastination

Every day I improve my willpower through persistent practice.

I have abundant oomph and staying power.

I am capable of finding or creating the resources I need to complete this project.

I am not afraid of failure.

I am craving only that which I have made my goal.

I work hard, but give myself breaks when I need them.

I have the willpower and perseverance to overcome all obstacles.

There is only one way, the way of discipline.

My willpower becomes strong through my habits.

I establish clear boundaries in my personal and professional relationships.

I am doing so well.

I dedicate my hundred percent strength into whatever I do.

I never give up.

I can stay focused and work through every project.

The mindset that I am developing is highly focused and dedicated.

Quitting is not an option.

I call the shots in my life.

I live my life with laser focus.

I have power over my mind, and I am in command of my every action.

I am authentic and genuine.

I achieve everything is life because of the discipline that I possess.

I feel focused and my mind is clear of distracting thoughts.

My will power is as strong as steel.

I am dedicated to becoming the best version of myself.

I create an environment that makes it easier to focus.

I am in charge of my own outcome.

Nothing can stop me from reaching my goals.

The decisions that I take are for my benefit.

My self control is growing stronger by the day.

My will is all powerful.

When I feel resistance, I push past it.

I am easily resisting anything that attempts to distract me from my path.

I have real oomph and staying power.

I am constant learner.

Every day my willpower becomes stronger through my habits.

I am worthy of discipline.

I attract success.

I am achieving my goals.

I let go of insecurities and distractions and move towards my goals.

I am full of discipline, I am focused, and persistent.

I have plenty of energy to do everything I need or want to get done.

I am blessed to have extraordinary self discipline.

I am getting more disciplined every day.

I use conscious consideration when making choices regarding my time.

I am the sole controller of my mind.

My amazing self-control keeps me on track with my goals.

I am perceived as a highly disciplined person by others and that is true.

I am capable of navigating difficult situations.

Every day my willpower is improving.

I never procrastinate.

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Affirmations for Dedication

I get things done right away.

I focus on things I can control.

I give 100% to everything I do.

I am grateful.

Possessing great willpower is one of the top priorities in my life, and I practice this feeling every day.

I can achieve this large vision through small, doable steps.

My mind is strong, capable, and disciplined.

I am allowing myself to commit to what I really want.

I am grateful that I conduct each task with discipline and sincerity.

Only good will come out of this situation.

I can achieve my fitness goals with the help of self-discipline.

I love knowing my own mind and what I really want.

I am giving 100% to everything I do.

I am an abundant source of energy.

I focus all my energy and will on what I know must be done.

I am proud of the focus I bring to my life.

I am facing all challenges with keen resolve.

I make the most and the best out of my time.

I make time for the things that matter to me.

I am consistent with my choices and actions.

I am committed to achieve my purpose of life.

I have the potential to become the best in my field.

I am a positive, determined person.

Each day presents me with a unique opportunity to make myself better.

I focus my thoughts and actions only on achieving my goals.

Discipline is part and parcel of my life.

I shall achieve my purpose in life with the help of discipline.

I am worthy.

I have unwavering resolve and perseverance.

I like to fill my day with meaningful activities.

I have a very strong and disciplined mind.

Every day I take action towards reaching my goals.

I take the first step and make things happen now.

Whatever didn’t get done yesterday, or needs to get done today, can wait for now.

I am highly organized and disciplined.

With each passing day I gain more control over my impulses.

I have mastered my will power.

I have an admirable dedication.

When I do something right, I smile and give myself credit.

I believe in myself and I trust the process that is unfolding before me.

I have the self-discipline required to be a winner.

I am so grateful for the new opportunities that keep coming my way.

I know what I want from life.

I never get distracted.

I don’t get discouraged when progress isn’t immediately visible.

I am willing to wait for reward.

I am a wise user of my time.

I am directing my willpower to focus on the vision of what I want.

Discipline is the root of all good qualities.

No matter how luring discomfort is I constantly work hard to achieve the goals of my dreams.

affirmations for willpower

Affirmations for Willpower

My hard work always pays off.

I keep my eyes on what I want, and this empowers my will.

I make daily choices that align with my vision for my life.

I continually improve my time management skills.

I am thankful to the Universe for giving me the strengths to fight the odds every day.

I persevere towards my goals.

Self-control greatly elevates my sense of confidence and self-esteem.

I attract the perfect opportunities that align with my goals.

I have all the resolve I need to realize my goals.

The better I manage my time, the more time I seem to have.

I always try to become the best version of myself.

I am fearless.

I exercise self-restraint in all that I do.

I am the boss of my time.

Today I bless my being with unlimited resolve.

My present moment is shaping my destiny.

When I start working on my goal, it is almost half of the battle won.

Today I decide to break my old, bad habits.

I am allowing my self discipline totally now.

I am beginning to love the feeling of working hard and finishing what I start.

I do today what they won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what they can’t.

It’s okay for me to take the time that is necessary to work on me.

I am in charge of my life.

I am attracting the perfect opportunities that align with my goals.

When the going gets tough, I get going.

I require very less effort to reach my goals.

I can stay aware and on top of multiple priorities each day.

I refuse to allow any thoughts or actions to undermine my purpose.

I am in charge of my behaviors and actions.

I have incredible self-control.

I am willing to do whatever it takes.

I am efficient and productive.

Self-discipline is a natural phenomenon for me.

I am allowing myself to accomplish my goals.

I can count on myself to finish this project.

I have all the resolve I need to succeed.

My thoughts and actions are completely under my control.

I have total control over my actions and behaviors.

I am allowing my happiness.

I only do that is important and must be done.

My willpower is always stronger than any temptation I encounter.

I can tap into my willpower whenever I need to.

I am loving accomplishing what I really want to accomplish.

I will keep working hard consistently towards my set goals.

I am productive and I pay attention to detail.

I trust the universe that helps me strengthen my will power each day.

I choose to put in the time, effort and discipline required to achieve my goals.

I am not a quitter, I am an achiever.

I am the creator of my destiny.

Whatever I decide to do becomes irrefutable law in my life.

affirmations for focus

Affirmations for Focus

I take risks and go outside of my comfort zone.

I am consistent with my efforts.

With every act of discipline, I grow stronger.

I never get shaken from my goals due to distractions.

I don’t indulge in self-sabotaging and self-defeating behaviour.

I have built my strong self from the small acts of discipline.

I easily resist all urges that jeopardize my goals.

I always make the correct choices.

I am in control of my time and my life.

I make good choices on a daily basis.

I enjoy hard work and adversity.

I don’t compare myself to others.

All my habits are under my complete control.

I succeed because I have self discipline.

I am a balanced individual.

With each passing second, my will power strengthens.

I will become someone who others see as a hard worker who always gets things done.

I am capable enough to complete my task.

I never weaken my will by giving in or giving up.

With every breath I take, I am bringing more and more control into my life.

I tackle every task as soon as I’m able and follow through to the end.

I am loving following through on my intentions.

I will move forward and end up in a different place in life from where I started.

I am disciplined and determined to accomplish my goals.

I reward myself with free time when I complete my task.

I set and achieve goals effortlessly.

I am self disciplined every day.

I am in complete control of my thoughts, my actions, and my life.

I am dedicated to be the best version of myself.

I am focusing my energy and will on what I know must be done.

Nobody can hold me back, not even my own doubts.

I form good, healthy habits.

I control all impulses in my life.

I control the direction of my thoughts.

Focusing on my goals gives me something to work towards.

I find it easy to direct my attention on important tasks and not get distracted.

I am in complete control over past disempowering habits.

I am a strong and resilient person.

I choose to honor my highest intentions.

I listen to my emotions, but don’t let them rule my life.

I am in control of my thoughts, choices, and actions.

I have the willpower to commit to matching my behavior with my desires for the life I want to build.

I do things that will benefit my Future Self.

I am in control of my behavior.

Discipline can help me reach my goals faster.

Like a muscle, the more I exercise my discipline the stronger it becomes.

I remember what is important.

My biggest tutor is self-discipline.

I am choosing the direction of my thoughts.

I crave only that which I have made my goal.

affirmations for dedication

Affirmations for Discipline

I set goals everyday and strive to achieve them.

I am worthy of being all that I can be.

I always follow through on my promises so that people know they can depend on me.

I am consistent in sticking to my disciplinary habits.

My willpower is relentless.

Discipline has embedded in my personality.

Self Discipline comes naturally to me.

I possess the discipline of a zen master.

I have the power to complete everything I want to do today.

I am what I am because of the discipline that I possess.

I choose to do those tasks which will create a glorious future for me.

Exercising self-control gives me an immense feeling of accomplishment.

I will see this project through until the end.

I am persistent in the pursuit of my dreams.

I have the strength of mind to control my actions.

When I exercise self discipline I feel good about myself.

I don’t answer every text message or email immediately.

I never give up on mysel.

Everyone appreciates my sense of dedication and discipline.

I will always complete every project I start.

I acknowledge my resistance and move forward anyway.

I am the captain of my life.

I follow through on my commitments.

I am not afraid of achieving my goals.

I savour every moment of my life.

When I manage my time well I feel good.

All things are possible with self-discipline.

Every project that I take up is easy to work with.

The sooner I get things done, the more freedom I experience.

I make choices that help me achieve my goals.

I am committed to tending to my needs mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

I don’t under-plan or overthink. I prepare just the right amount.

My discipline helps me strive ahead despite the odds.

I love the hard work necessary to achieve my goals.

I stop thinking about what I want to do. I just do it now.

I am easily resisting all urges that jeopardise my goals.

I’m the kind of person who just doesn’t stop until I reach my goal.

I do things which scare me the most.

I remain focused about everything that I do.

I am worthy of success.

I am finding it easier to push through difficult or boring projects.

I am disciplined.

I am thankful for another opportunity to be my best self.

I will achieve my vision with the help of self-discipline and committed and consistent action.

I always follow through.

I am successful and full of life.

What I intend to do for myself, happens.

I am bigger than my excuses.

My willpower is unyielding.

I love myself.

affirmations to become more self disciplined

Affirmations for Consistency

I bring my dreams into fruition through self-discipline.

I take right information and right guidance for achieving my goals.

I always put forth my best efforts into everything I do.

I am above all temptations.

My life is far too important to waste.

I am good at setting my priorities.

It’s easy for me to maintain a high level of focus and dedication.

I have the power to keep on track.

One day at a time I will move towards this goal.

Today I will be intentional about establishing boundaries and limiting distractions so that I can achieve today’s goals.

I can count on myself to do what I need to do and hit my targets.

I am persistently practising my willpower.

My persistence is the result of the discipline that I possess.

I have an iron will when it comes to working on my goals.

The more I value myself the more I value my time.

I have the discipline to go to Him first in prayer so that I am aligning my goals with His promises for my life.

I am good at allocating the task on the basis of other people’s strengths.

I got closer to my ideal disciplined self with each passing day.

I do what needs to be done, even when I don’t feel like doing it.

I am recognising that my self discipline makes me happy.

I know that willpower improves with exercise.

I am the master of my thoughts and actions.

Being disciplined feels GOOD.

Freedom can be achieved through self-discipline by making oneself capable of achieving them.

I am developing an intensely focused and dedicated mindset.

I am a magnet for ideas, money and success.

I don’t limit my challenges, I challenge my limits.

My self-discipline can help me achieve the life of my dreams.

I can complete a lot of work in very less time.

I take one day at a time.

I am not busy, I am productive.

I set goals and I work persistently until they are accomplished.

I create balance between work and rest.

I am choosing which impulses to act on in my life.

I try hard and keep pushing until I have achieved my goal.

I am well-organized in every area of my life.

I am happy to be disciplined as indiscipline leads to failure and suffering.

I only make choices that help me achieve my goals.

Today I choose to take complete control over my life.

I love being a success.

Making a plan, working hard, and seeing it through until the end is just what I do.

I believe in completing all the projects that I begin.

I enjoy working towards my goals.

I operate in a spirit of excellence.

I have the discipline necessary to overcome any challenge.

I am in control of how I use my time. Today I will break bad habits.

I am not the type of person who procrastinates things.

My will is strong and powerful.

I am strong.

I always give my best at whatever I do.

I create balance between work and rest.

Focusing on my tasks comes naturally to me.

I am self-aware and in tune with my strengths and weaknesses.

I never give up on my goals.

My incredible self-control ensures that I always stay on track.

I am self-disciplined.

I am motivated.

I am a success.

I start small.

When I exercise self discipline I am loving myself.

I have complete control over my habits.

I am doing it for myself and not for gaining anybody is approval or validation.

The more I exercise my willpower, the stronger it becomes.

I will move through this day with a spirit of gratitude.

I concentrate all my energy on the present.

I respect my time.

I am becoming faster, stronger and smarter.

In conversations, I listen closely and connect with people.

I am becoming more focused and dedicated in all areas of my life.

I have a strong and disciplined mind.

The sooner I get things done the more organized and efficient I will become.

My unwavering resolve supports all that I do.

Success does not require the absence of setbacks, but perseverance despite them.

I tackle one thing at a time.

Time is the most precious resource I have.

Today I bless my being with infinite willpower.

A great mind can be achieved by one if one is disciplined.

I always do what I say I will do. My word is law.

Everything I need to be disciplined is within me.

I approach all my tasks my goals with positivity, grit and determination.

I feel motivated when I am admired for my discipline.

I live life to the fullest.

The best things come to those who never give up.

I face all challenges with keen resolve.

I don’t let social media disrupt my schedule.

I let all cravings go. My goals are my motivation.

I am capable.

I am consistent and reliable.

I have extraordinary willpower.

I will be ready, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I make steady progress and finish projects ahead of deadlines.

Self-discipline is the center of all material success.

My immense self-control elevates my confidence and self-esteem.

I create to- do list for myself everyday.

I am releasing.

I keep my body healthy. It helps me remain productive in my life.

I don’t participate in leisure until my work goals have been met.

My focus is sharp.

I let all distractions go. My full attention is toward living my best life.

I’m a magnet for success and opportunities always find me.

I have complete control over my actions.

affirmations to have more discipline

All my habits are a result of the discipline that I possess.

I will become highly disciplined.

I am dedicated to making my life better.

I get a lot done in a day.

My perfect morning routine keeps me energised throughout the day.

I believe that discipline is very important to achieve everything in life.

I stick to my schedule.

I completely control the words and habits in my life.

I am loving seeing my goals come to fruition.

I press on towards my goals, no matter what.

I do what I say I am going to do. When I say I am going to do it.

I resolve all issues in my life with unflinching resolve.

Willpower is a habit that I nurture every day.

I am awesome.

I believe in myself and my ability to be self disciplined.

I am self aware and in tune with my strengths and weaknesses.

I can keep myself healthy, focused and balanced.

I am focusing my thoughts and actions on achieving my goals.

I believe in myself enough to follow through.

I shall excel all the goals with the help of my willpower and discipline.

I have unshakable determination and willpower.

I keep my workspace clean and tidy. It gives me mental clarity.

I don’t let negative people get me down.

I am the Master of my destiny.

I complete the items on my to-do list.

I am recognising that my self discipline gives me the life I really want.

I am dedicated to achieving my goals.

I easily resist anything that attempts to distract me from my path.

I am a result creator.

Time management helps me lead a balanced life.

I am completely focused on succeeding.

I know that challenges will pass and that I will be victorious.

I get the hard things done first.

I enjoy being disciplined.

I trust myself.

I am releasing all that may have held my self discipline back NOW.

I have adopted the right virtues of discipline and perseverance.

I have the strength of will to stay on the path I have chosen.

Distraction is not present in my dictionary.

I follow true discipline which is just remembering my own self and not fighting what is necessary.

I am always focused.

I have an abundance of energy.

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