146 Affirmations for Driving Anxiety – Be a Confident Driver

Today’s post will be about affirmations for driving anxiety and how they can help you overcome your fear of driving and be a better driver. 

I get it. Driving can be quite stressful.

When I first got my driving license, I was extremely excited to get out there and meet the world in my car.

Not 2 minutes later, I was overcome by fear as I felt incapable of handling the vehicle and to make things worse, it was during heavy traffic. 

Not a great start to my driving journey, but I knew I could overcome it.

To do that, you need to boost your confidence and trust your own abilities.

You went through lessons and learned the ins and outs of driving.

All you need to do now is to sharpen your skills on the roads.

Practicing positive affirmations can help you to overcome driving jitters and even help you to pass your driving test.

They put your mind at ease and lets you focus on yourself instead. 

On a similar note, you might be interested to learn more about new car affirmations too. 

Read on to find your own personal driving affirmation.

affirmations for passing driving test

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What causes driving anxiety?

There are various reasons that cause people to be anxious when driving. 

Your past experiences might have set you up to think this way.

A negative confrontation, an accident, bad weather and driving conditions.

All of these can have an impact on your mind and make you less confident of a driver. 

As the factors are unique to you only, you should try to identify what exactly is holding you back and giving you butterflies in your tummy.

Tips to overcome driving anxiety

I am not a driving instructor, nor am I an expert, but I have been driving in both major cities and small towns around the world to have some tips to share with you.

As you learn more about your own limitations and incorporate the tips below, you can start creating your own driving affirmations and start practicing them. 

Start driving in safe areas

Get familiar with the act of driving by driving in a safe neighborhood.

Have someone accompany you, or even drive you there before you start practicing on your own. 

Learn to focus on your driving and keeping your eyes on the changing road conditions and become familiar with the instruments in the vehicle.

This is a great way to build up confidence while driving in a real world environment.

When you are more confident, take it up a notch by going on the freeway (possibly to head home). 

Watch your diet before driving

What you eat and drink can have an effect on your overall mood.

Some things can exacerbate anxiety, such as coffee or tea, which has caffeine in them.

Overconsumption can make you become more anxious unknowingly, leading to a bad driving experience. 

The same goes for food.

If you consume a high amount of sugary food such as pastries or candies, it can cause anxiety as well.

Having too much to drink the night before will also bring about anxiety, so I would avoid these at all costs.

Not to mention, if you have too much alcohol in your body, you restrict its ability to perform even after a night’s rest.

Minding your thoughts and emotions

You can’t have a thousand things going through your mind when you drive, period.

When you are on the road, remember that there are lots of other road users around.

Fellow drivers and pedestrians can all become victims in the blink of an eye if you are not concentrating on where you are going.

When you drive, keep your mind focused.

Make use of the affirmations for driving anxiety that you will find below to help you with that.

A simple breathing exercise can also help to calm your mind.

List Of The Best Driving Anxiety Affirmations

The list below contains lots of positive affirmations that you can incorporate into your daily routine.

Make use of the tips above to form your own affirmations and be sure to stick to them. 

Take your time to browse through the list and pick out one or two that you can focus on and that resonates with you.

Or you can create your own affirmations that suit you best.

Consider getting a copy of our affirmations worksheet to help you along.

Don’t overthink and get started right now!

Positive affirmations for driving anxiety

I always find a way out of bad situations.

I am a safe driver.

I show up every day and do my best.

I will be confident during my driving test.

I give way to other drivers.

I am focusing on passing my driving test.

Every time I drive I arrive at my destination quickly and safely.

I can do anything I set my mind to.

I am free from my fear of driving.

I trust that life supports me. I am safe.

Driving comes naturally to me.

I always make the correct judgments when parking

My concentration level is high.

I am always in control of my vehicle.

I am able to pass my driving test first time.

I am a focused driver.

I am relaxed behind the wheel.

I’m a careful and capable driver.

People admire my driving skills.

I will enjoy taking my driving test.

I have confidence in my driving.

I am relaxed and confident during my driving test.

I will concentrate on my driving.

I am passing my test.

Rather than anxiety, I choose curiosity on my journey back to joy.

I respect other road users.

I am a good and confident driver.

I am free of anxiety and worry.

I am confident behind the wheel.

I have the choice to be free of worry and anxiety.

I feel rested and energized and in full focus on my entire drive.

Driving is second nature to me.

I feel calm and confident of my actions behind the wheel.

I forgive the stupid, impatient, and careless drivers on the road because I used to be one of them.

I am relaxed, happy, and free from worry.

My hands and legs always know what to do.

All I need to succeed is within me.

No matter the destination, I drive with confidence and ease.

Driving is fun and enjoyable.

I enjoy being in control of a vehicle.

I use my time wisely on the road by starting an audio program at the start and letting it run uninterrupted until I reach my destination.

I transform anxiety into curiosity on my way to joy.

My driving skills are excellent.

I have or can easily get everything I need to succeed.

Curiosity trumps anxiety. Remain curious.

I drive safely and responsibly.

Parallel parking is easy for me

I know I can face every challenge with ease, there is nothing I cannot overcome.

I know how to remain calm during any situation.

Everyone benefits when I drive well.

Safe driving affirmations

I grow with every challenge.

My power is unlimited.

Driving tests are easy to me.

I choose to trust the process.

My mind is always in a state of peace and serenity.

I believe in my abilities and express my true self with ease.

I relax and flow with the traffic.

I can make this drive safely.

I am solutions-oriented. Driving anxiety syndrome is solvable.

No matter what happens on the outside, I am at peace on the inside.

Driving gives me the freedom to travel

My examiner is impressed with my driving.

I have the power to change the world.

I will stay in control while taking my test.

I will be focused behind the wheel.

I’m confident. I know I will solve my problems successfully.

I do not put myself or others in harm’s way by minding the big and small stuff.

I do not drive anywhere that I can take a walk or a bike or a cab or a subway or best of all, a plane.

I release negative self-talk and do not need validations from others.

I am a qualified driver.

Every day I feel more confident about my driving skills.

I am an aware driver.

Focusing is easy for me.

I let go of limiting beliefs and choose to trust myself.

I breath in calm and breath out peace.

I will pass my driving test.

I know I’m a good driver.

I understand and follow instructions on the road perfectly.

I choose to be calm, clear, and focused even in times of stress.

I am a safe and confident driver.

My awareness is high when behind the wheel.

I refrain from driving if I feel mentally distracted or preoccupied.

I will be free from distractions.

Rather than feeling anxious, I focus my energy on my dreams and goals.

I am enjoying my driving test.

I am confident in my driving abilities.

Being calm and at peace is part of my nature.

I am a courteous and conscientious driver.

I believe in myself and my skills.

I handle the car with skill and assurance.

I relax when driving and always react appropriately.

Rather than feeling anxious I focus my compass on my life vision and take action steps towards manifesting my dreams.

My emotions are controlled.

I am a good, safe, alert, and careful driver every single time I get behind the wheels.

I harness the surplus of energy I have and focus it on my goals.

I am a responsible road user.

I am in full control of my life.

Each exhalation I take calms my nerves and brings ease to my body and mind.

I feel calm and confident about my actions behind the wheel.

I handle my vehicle efficiently.

positive affirmations for driving anxiety

Affirmations for passing driving test

Driving is easy for me.

I will remain calm during my test.

I face difficult situations with courage and conviction.

I recognize anxiety for what it is and I choose to be free of worry. This is my preference.

Driving tests are fun.

I’m always aware of what’s happening on the road.

It’s obvious that I’m an excellent driver.

My driving is safe and controlled.

I look out for potential road hazards.

Affirmations to be a better driver

I cultivate life-affirming tools to harness my energy and re-focus on my joy.

I feel safe in and out of the car.

I enjoy driving.

My demeanor is calm.

I am growing and learning every day.

I will thrive under pressure.

I am sailing through my driving test.

I am driving with confidence.

Today, I’m willing to fail in order to succeed.

Curiosity is the natural antidote for anxiety. I choose to remain curious

I’m prepared for my driving test.

I love the feeling of turning and merging.

I am calm and confident behind the wheel.

I am confident and value myself.

My driving gets better every day.

I take charge of my emotions, my desires, and my abilities.

I am calm and relaxed behind the wheel.

I keep my nerves under control.

I stay relaxed and focused while driving.

I drive with care and attention.

I am staying calm during my driving test.

I am a safe, careful driver; I will be fine.

I am learning to drive with confidence.

I am creating my dream life every single day.

Others see me as a careful driver.

I’m ready for my driving test.

I am consistent in my hard work.

I pay attention to where I am going and how I get there.

I am enough.

I know I am going to pass my driving test.

I am confident in my abilities.

I avoid getting distracted while driving.

I’m calm, relaxed and competent when I parallel park

I am going to easily pass my test.

I exhale anxiety and inhale joy.

I do not get behind the wheels if my emotions are not in check.

I appreciate other drivers.

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