336 Affirmations For Writers Who Needs Support

There are lots of different writers out there.

You might be an author, columnist, poet, or even just a blogger like me, and you would know that there are many times we face stiff challenges.

From people doubting us, our works not selling, outright criticism, and much more, it can be quite tough to be a writer.

Add to all the above the need to find a sustainable income, it is no wonder why many writers struggle.

Are you one of them? I have no doubt that positive affirmations for writers can change things around. After all, I practice them daily and I feel incredibly positive about life.

Although the challenges are clear and present, the mind is strong and can overcome them.

If you need a boost of positivity too and improve your creativity, be sure to read on and find the right writers affirmation for yourself.

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positive affirmations for writers

List Of Affirmations For Writers

This list was created to support different kinds of writers who might find themselves in different situations.

If you have thought of the following, you are sure to find something that will work for you:

Affirmations for writer’s block

I build upon and expand the success I have already accomplish.

I am inspired to write.

I am creative. My words flow easily and beautifully.

I am a naturally creative person.

A great writer connects with readers! I am a great writer!

I turn toward fear and resistance. I accept its presence.

The quality of my writing skills is improving.

I write with ease.

I produce finished work.

Creativity comes easily and effortlessly to me.

Writing is important, and at the same time, it is not important at all. No one’s life is in my hands.

When I let go of who I am, I become who I might be.

I am fearless in the face of writers block.

I refuse to be paralyzed by the size and scope of my project. I am getting this book done one step at a time.

Writing is my craft.

I can create vivid images and put them down on paper.

Move and the way will open. Write and the story will appear.

Today my manuscript is coming together.

What an awesome book I’m writing!

I take action every day to move toward my values.

I am attracting new opportunities to improve my writing.

I put my heart into everything I write and I fully expect every submission to be accepted.

I am becoming a better writer every day.

I make a difference with my writing.

I define success on my own terms.

I see my books on the shelves of bookstores.

Writing is my practice.

I am committed to my writing career.

I am flipping my fear-off switch, just for now.

I can find inspiration at any time.

My body and my mind work for me, not the other way around.

I just always keep writing no matter what.

I allow myself to relax and find new inspiration for writing.

My writing is a stream of feeling that flows from my heart to my reader’s heart.

I can be a successful writer.

I can easily tap into my creativity.

I believe in the beauty of my writing dreams.

I am head over heels in love with storytelling and I can’t wait to grow as a writer.

I am more than any mistake I might ever make.

I am capable.

With everything I write, my characters get stronger and stronger!

I am a successful and talented writer.

I am grateful I get to spend time uncovering my beautiful story.

I am a great writer! Today I am writing words that will speak to generations!

My writing flows out of me as my gift the world.

Today it flows like a mighty river.

Instead of obsessing over new goals and achievements, I build on the work that is already thriving.

Writing is my statement to the world! Today my statement is amazing!

Inspiration for my writing flows to me from everywhere!

Being creative is a natural thing for me.

I release all blockages that obscure access to the infinite pool of creative ideas I possess within.

I love coming up with new ideas.

Affirmations to write

I will do the best I can.

I am a writer with a message! I am a writer on a mission! I am a writer with a growing audience!

I make an abundant living writing.

I detach from the opinions of others.

I am highly ambitious and easily achieve my goals.

I am writing a story. I can relax while also giving it my best effort.

I have no need or desire to rush.

Right now, I follow my inner guide and my natural creative rhythm to establish a writing practice.

I am worthy of success as a writer.

I am able to smash through writers block with ease

When I share my words, I share my light.

I can easily manifest success in my life.

The fact that establishing a writing career is challenging is also what makes it worthwhile.

Writer’s block is NO match for my desire to get my thoughts into writing!

I am having a passing feeling of anxiety.

I am more than any emotion I experience.

I hold my book in my hands.

Best selling author affirmations

I release the need to understand intellectually the creative process of writing stories.

Instead, I devote myself to the experience of it.

Inspiration is limitless.

I love my writing.

I can write anywhere, anytime.

I write with purpose and passion.

I have a fantastic imagination.

I am filled with ideas and inspiration.

I am motivated, driven and focused on my writing.

I have everything I need to create something incredible.

I have a great talent for creative writing.

I am creative.

A great writer lives within me! I know it! I feel it! I write like it!

I can unleash my creativity potential whenever I want.

When I write I write with an unbounded passion for my topic!.

My readers feel that passion and they eat it up!

Writing calms me.

There is somebody out there who is excited to read my words.

When the writer in me connects with the reader in me, magic happens!

I take action on my creative ideas.

I adopt a growth mindset.

My creativity with words is endless

Writing centers me.

My writing always connects with and speaks to my target audience.

My writing is always improving.

I am excited to write.

When I slow down, the inspiration I’ve been seeking finds me.

Endless creativity flows to and through me in all moments.

Each day I become more motivated to write.

I am grateful for my perfect book deal.

I focus on building my ideal writing career.

Rejections are momentary setbacks NOT global calamities.

I sit back down at my keyboard and keep writing.

I am a gifted writer.

I embrace construction criticism as an opportunity for growth.

I continue to master the art of writing.

The quality of my writing is steadily improving.

author affirmations

Affirmations for creativity

My mind is filled with creative ideas.

I am transforming into a highly creative thinker.

I am always coming up with new ideas and thoughts.

I will keep writing no matter what.

I am transforming into an extremely gifted writer.

Rejection is a valuable part of the process.

I am determined to become a successful writer.

I am becoming a more confident writer every day.

I am a brilliant writer.

Today I let go and let it flow onto the page!

I can visualize success, and I have the patience and talent to reach it.

My voice, words, ideas, and presence all matter.

The world needs the magic inside of me.

Show me to that blank page today.

I have something to say to the world!

I write fearlessly and always tell my truth.

The blank page is my canvass and today I paint it brilliantly!

I trust the process.

I’m very knowledgeable when it comes to writing.

I am creating something beautiful from the ground up.

Before big writing success, I write with passion.

After big writing success, I write with passion.

I am an amazing writer.

I find a little time for my writing, even on busy days.

I support myself and my family with my writing.

I am so grateful for my writing practice.

Decisions create confidence.

I am free from the emotions or influence of others.

I will come up with new thoughts and ideas

My writing earns me a comfortable living.

I am full of good ideas.

Whatever happens, my creative self will be just fine.

I am devoted to my writing.

Each day I become more confident in my writing

I am grateful for my perfect agent.

I release the need to know the outcome of my current project.

Affirmations for writing

I love creating value for other people.

There is enough time to do everything I want to do in this life.

I believe in my creative abilities.

Having passion for my work and writing is natural.

The Universe put this dream in my heart for a reason, and I’ll follow it as far as it takes me.

I’m aligned with my power when I’m telling stories.

I am confident about my writing skills.

Words and inspiration are flowing through me.

I can tap into my creativity whenever I need

Writing is my life’s work. I will never be done. I will never give up.

Every day I write, I add to my body of work and I create valuable assets.

I am on an equal playing field with all other creators.

There is no upper limit to my success.

All the greats in my niche live within me.

I am extension of them and today I write like it!

I matter.

My writing skills are top notch.

I expect positive results from my writing and that’s exactly what I get!

My writing is strengthened by constructive criticism from others and from myself.

Words and inspiration are flowing through me.

Affirmations to improve writing skills

I am an idea magnet.

I am more than the part of me that is anxious or afraid.

I am a successful author.

My next book is headed straight to the top of the New York Times Best Seller List.

I gladly accept constructive criticism.

I am not at the mercy of my muse.

Writing makes me happy.

I embrace creative and imaginative thinking.

I write interesting and engaging articles that attract readers’ attention.

When I feel depleted of new ideas, I surrender to guidance from my higher self and my unlimited creative power.

I will write my story.

I can easily come up with new ideas.

My creative work matters.

Whenever I sit down at the keyboard, the words flow easily and effortlessly.

I am allowed to take breaks from writing when I need to.

I am brave enough to put myself out there and try again.

I am dedicated to be a successful writer.

I am a successful writer.

My job is to write the work, not to judge the work.

I am a gifted writer and I can easily express myself.

I share an important message through my writing.

I remain confident and determined in the face of writers block

I am a great writer.

The best articles of my career are coming to me right now!

Writing is my gift that I share with the world.

Bring it on, blank page! I am ready to fill you with amazing words!

My creativity is an endless well I can tap into at any time.

I am a writer because I choose to work at it and develop my skills.

I am a great poet! Poems flow through me like a river on its way to the sea.

I am a writer. Writing is my art.

The infinite power of the Universe flows through my fingertips.

Affirmations to become a successful writer

I convert my creative energy and ability into financial and emotional fulfillment.

Today my muse is persistent and consistent!

My mind is finely-tuned for writing

I have more and more inspiration to write.

My words don’t have to be perfect to be worthy and meaningful.

Writing is a personal, individual journey.

I will not be able to follow another author’s path and expect the same experience.

I possess a never-ending supply of inspiration.

I have everything I need to finish this project.

I deserve to be paid for my work.

My imagination is vast and beautiful.

I am a fantastic writer

When I get out of the way, the words flow easily to the page.

I am a world-class columnist. My articles attract audiences and keep my publishers and editors very happy.

It only takes one yes.

I expect success.

I accept myself in this moment and allow myself to write the words however they come.

I have the courage to write.

My success cannot take away from another’s, and another’s success cannot take away from my own.

I am a success magnet.

I will make it as a writer.

My mind is a fountain of creativity.

My words don’t have to be perfect to be worthy and meaningful.

Affirmations for creative writing

You don’t get to where I’m at without having some setbacks.

Being a great writer is the most important thing in my life.

I am a world-class writer and I am primed to become a best-selling author!

In the battle between the blank page and me, I always win!

I am who I choose to be.

A great writer is a great storyteller and I am a great writer!

I am a professional writer. I honor that truth by living that truth.

I am courageous.

I am highly creative and I find it easy to always finish what I start.

My best book yet is ready to spill out of me and onto the page today!

I am more than any book I write.

My writing may not be for everybody, but it is for somebody.

I always overcome writers block

I love writing.

There is an amazing book out there waiting for me to write it and today I do!

I find joy in writing every day.

I am finding it easier to break through writers block

I know what my audience wants and I deliver it every time!

I am equal to any challenge.

I am mastering the craft of storytelling.

Overcoming writers block is easy

I write in a beautiful state of effortless flow.

I know resistance comes from fear. I can feel this fear and still write.

I have an amazing writing potential within me.

My creativity is always increasing

I let my vision for this story lead me.

My greatest inspiration exists within me.

Words and ideas are just always flowing out of me

I’ve got this.

Affirmations for writers who need to boost their confidence

Creating stories is where I have decided to make meaning in my life.

I can effortlessly come up with new writing ideas

As my passion for my writing shows, my audience grows and grows!

I choose peace.

Every rejection is a redirection to somewhere more beautiful than I can even imagine.

This will work out. I have nothing to gain by expecting the worst.

The best writer in my niche is sitting at my keyboard right now! Today I prove it!

I write bestsellers.

I breathe love into the worlds that I create with my words.

I attract success effortlessly.

I create characters that live and breathe for my audience.

In all of its ups and downs, writing is a beautiful adventure.

The quality of my writing is improving every day.

I attract into my life people that will help me to achieve my greatest career goals.

I am strong and talented and creative enough to be a successful writer.

I am a talented and skillful writer.

I write joyfully and with ease.

Writing is my joy! Readers are my reward!

I get new and better ideas daily.

I’m certain to reach the top of my field.

Today the blank page and me are collaborators on something amazing!

creative writing affirmations

Affirmations for overcoming mental block

My imagination overflows with great writing ideas.

I have the power to create something beautiful.

Anything I can imagine, I can create.

My words matter.

Today I am attracting the ideal writing opportunities for me.

I grow stronger in my unique talents every day.

I have what it takes to succeed and thrive.

An amazing writer lives within me! I water and nourish her/him every single day.

Thoughts and ideas are always flowing out of me

I trust the universe has a plan for my path to publication.

Every project I complete is a success. I conceived it. I created it. I finished it.

My worthiness as a writer is not dependent on my achievements.

My work is valuable.

I will become a great writer

I love creating stories.

I am highly focused on my writing.

I am free to make my own choices.

I fully immerse myself in telling the story.

I am a great author on my way to being world famous!

The words flow freely and easily.

I have the power to make a positive difference in someone’s life.

I always meet deadlines.

I am a great newspaper columnist! If my industry no longer needs me, I will succeed today by writing online!

I write to follow my bliss! Today my writing can and is paying my bills!

Words and ideas are always flowing out of me.

I release my inner perfectionist and allow myself to embrace joy and flow.

I can write endlessly.

I have an endless flow of creative ideas.

My mind is wired for writing.

I am a great writer.

I release the need to build myself up with expectations before I begin my writing.

I am a great writer! Today I give the world a taste of my soul!

My creativity is limitless.

Editors absolutely love my writing!

I am absolutely committed to writing something each and every day!

I am responsible for my own destiny.

Being intensely creative is my natural state

Affirmations for writers who need support

A best-selling Amazon author lives within me! Today that author shows up on the page!

I write consistently while being gentle with myself.

No matter what thoughts or emotions I am experiencing, I get the job done.

The best things in life are the ones you have to work for.

My books change the world.

I was born to write.

I free myself from any mentally exhausting task.

I am present while writing.

I am free from the judgement of others.

I have the courage to show my work, voice my ideas, to be vulnerable, to put myself out there, take risks, make mistakes, fail, and endure disappointment.

I choose gratitude.

My ego is a limiting instrument.

Writing is an effortless and natural thing for me.

affirmations for creative writing

Affirmations for poets

I am a great poet! I summon images from the void and convey them in the beauty of language!

I am a highly skilled and creative writer.

I continue to discover beautiful words and ever-flowing sources of inspiration within.

I am creative, passionate, and inspired.

Writing for me is like breathing

I am a powerful creator.

Day by day I get better and better at planning my plots.

I can sit alongside fear as long as I need to knowing that it will pass as all emotions do.

When I let go of my identity as a struggling writer, I become a successful writer.

I am excited to discover the words that spill from my fingertips.

I am a great poet! Today I am inspired to write the greatest poem of my life!

I will overcome writers block

A great writer lives within me! Today that writer bursts onto the page!

I am worthy and capable of creating the most beautiful words.

I am guided in my creative process by a power greater than me. I am never alone.

I am a writer, and I own that.

I write every day, with confidence and enthusiasm.

I can easily overcome writers block.

I write beautiful sentences.

A world-class writer lives within me! Today that writer bursts onto the page!

I know my job.

Writers block will only increase my will to succeed

My voice is powerful.

My writing skills are in demand.

I am an amazing writer and today I prove it on the page!

I write beautifully.

Writing is the most magical thing in the world.

Affirmations for authors

I write anything that comes to mind to break through writer’s block

I don’t live for them. I live for me.

Today the words flow freely from my mind to my typing fingers.

This manuscript is coming together!

Being rejected has nothing to do with my worth as a person.

My mind is naturally wired for writing

I am finding it easier to just sit and write endlessly.

It’s amazing that I’m taking a story that has only ever existed in my head and putting it onto paper.

Failure is opportunity to grow.

It is safe to experience resistance to writing.

I will make full use of this writers affirmations list to manifest success

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