121 Clear Quartz Affirmations For Healing And Balance


Crystals have been used throughout history for their specific healing properties.

Discovered thousands of years ago, their magical powers have stood the test of time, and today, they are still widely used by healers and many individuals around the world.

In this post, we shall take a closer look at the wonders of the Clear Quartz crystal, which is universally known as the master healing stone.

With this gemstone, we can practice clear quartz affirmations to heal our minds, body, and soul. Will it work for you? Dig in to find out more.

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affirmations about clear quartz intentions

What is clear quartz?

Quartz is a natural mineral made of silica.

It has many uses across different industries, but in this context, we are referring to quartz as a healing gemstone.

Quartz can come in different colors such as amethyst, and they each have their own unique abilities.

Clear quartz is also known as crystal quartz as they appear to be transparent or even white in color.

Some even name it Rock crystal and Universal Crystal.

When it comes to their properties, clear quartz is known for being a healing stone as well as a spiritual growth stone.

People who seek clarity are also able to benefit from using clear quartz.

One key thing in common is that crystal quartz is regularly used to improve one’s manifestations.

Other amazing properties of clear quartz

One of the outstanding properties of clear quartz is its high vibration frequency.

Having a high vibration frequency can help you in lifting your mood, feeling lighter and less stressed.

The opposite is true when you have a low vibration frequency.

It clears away negative energy, making it a perfect companion for positive affirmations.

As clear quartz is excellent at storing and regulating energy, it is one of the best stones you can use while meditation, reciting affirmations, or trying to find more balance in your life.

When it comes to goal setting, the gemstone acts as a form of support for you and helps you to be clear of what you want.

It keeps distractions away from you so that you can focus on what you are really after.

And last but not least, clear quartz is also able to help your mind become sharper.

Thoughts become decluttered and become clearer.

That is why it is such a popular tool used during meditation and various restorative work.

Simply put, it helps you see the real truth and allows us to understand ourselves better.

Here are a few more details about this master healing stone:

Best Zodiac signs: Works for all signs, but especially Leo

Chakra: Crown, but can be applied to all as well

Element: All

Vibration number: 4

Birthstone: April

Planet: Sun and Moon

Why you should use clear quartz for affirmations?

After reading through all its benefits, I think it should be clear to you now why clear quartz is one of the best crystals you should be using if you are serious about using affirmations for manifesting your goals.

It has so many applications and can be used on its own for all kinds of healing, or used with other precious stones to enhance and amplify their powers.

Not only that, if you are intent on opening and healing your chakras, precious stones such as clear quartz are one of the best tools you can utilize, period.

It helps you to connect to your higher self and open up your crown chakra especially.

And finally, I love to carry a clear quartz stone with me as it increases my vibration frequency.

Higher vibration frequency is beneficial to us as it removes tension and makes us feel lighter.

It translates to better efficiency and overall happiness in the activities you are engaged in.

How to use clear quartz for affirmations?

Clear quartz is most often used for its healing properties, which means they are most effective if this is something you are working on.

There are several other stones that have unique properties such as Citrine for confidence, as well as smoky quartz for more energy and power.

While you recite your affirmations, make sure to hold the crystal in your hands as that will transfer all the positive energy to it.

You should carry the crystal with you throughout the day to have that energy around you.

Once you have your intentions determined, you can now prepare and program your crystal.

No, it is not some complicated procedure you have to go through.

This step is important to charge and program your crystal to extract its full powers.

How to charge your clear quartz crystal?

By charging your crystal, you are simply purifying it and getting rid of any unwanted energy.

What you need to do is to expose your crystal to the powers of nature.

That means placing them under the moonlight (full moon is best), sun, burying them in soil, or giving them a salt bath. That’s all!

You are now ready to recite your affirmations!

Best Clear Quartz Crystals for Affirmations

You can either purchase loose stones in their raw form and as polished ones, or you can also consider getting a larger-sized clear or white quartz crystal to double as a beautiful display in your home.

I personally choose to use a mini energy gemstone bracelet that I get from Sivana Spirit.

They are highly regarded for their product and I will always recommend them to my close ones.

They are so beautifully made and they are top quality. I have lost count of the number of times friends and family asked about them.

And I really like that these bracelets are created with specific purposes in mind, such as the 7 Gemstone Chakra Pack, Psychic Energy Pack, and my personal favorite, the Protection from Negativity and EMF pack.

The prices are pretty unbelievable too for the top-notch quality and lovely designs they offer. Small investment, big returns!

P.S. You should also check out their tees! Incredibly soft and comfy and the designs are awesome!

List of Clear Quartz Affirmations To Heal

I am guided by the universe.

I take responsibility for my actions.

I want spiritual and mental clarity.

Each day I become wiser and more compassionate.

I let go of negativity.

I want a glowing aura.

I love my body.

I am beautiful and self-confident.

I let go of my need to be right.

I am a warrior and celebrate my tenacity.

I know challenges help me grow.

I share my wisdom with the world.

I hold my Clear Quartz and feel my Crown chakra vibrate.

My soul is pure, my aura is perfect.

I am willing to give and receive unconditional love.

I strive to be my very best.

I fall more in love with who I am each day.

I become stronger each day.

I am supported in all aspects of my being.

I have a soul full of vitality and pure love.

I am determined to see things differently.

I am relaxed, centered and refreshed in my present state of mind.

I am strong and healthy.

I am trusting myself to always be gentle, patient and compassionate with myself.

I welcome positivity, I release all negative vibrations, I am filled with pure light.

When I feel undecided, I turn to my Quartz and the answer becomes clear.

I am grateful for my body and every amazing thing it can do.

I am pure, beautiful, radiant light.

I deserve love and respect.

I set myself free from my pain.

My past does not define my present and future.

I am self-expressed and I am heard.

I am always the perfect age.

I am at peace with my body.

I seek divine healing.

I gaze into my Clear Quartz crystal and gain visions of the future.

I am open to new possibilities.

I am grateful to have a healthy body, mind, and soul.

I am revitalised.

Today, I will take care of my body by exercising.

I eat healthy to nourish my body and spirit.

I encourage positive change and share my talents with the world.

I am encouraging myself.

I am ready to discover the purpose of my life.

I see my goals and intentions clearly, and the universe supports me on my path forward.

I am a crystal healer and a worker of the light.

Each day, I am getting healthier.

I wish to open all my chakras at once.

I am grateful for all the blessings in my life.

I am ready to be healed so I allow forgiveness to manifest.

I am proud of who I am.

I am always kind.

I am grateful to be alive I am happy and energetic.

I forgive those who hurt me.

My health is my priority.

I fill my mind and soul with clarity to take perfect decisions and manifest my desires.

I am worth getting to know.

I put myself and my well-being above everything.

My soul is full of pure love.

All things are unfolding as they are supposed to.

I am happy to be healthy and alive and want to live every day happily.

My intentions are clear and I easily maintain balance in my life.

I love everything and everyone.

Each day is a new opportunity to be my best self.

I am filled with light, I am focused and my direction is clear.

I know my pain will heal soon.

I am as calm and pristine as the snow.

All my chakras vibrate equally when I embrace my Quartz crystal.

I feel the glow of God’s love in every cell of my body.

My heart is pure.

I am a radiant being filled with healing light.

I let go of all grudges against those who have hurt me.

I am open to the healing energies of the universe.

I can be tranquil in every situation.

I forgive myself for my mistakes.

What I think about myself is more important than what people think of me.

I let go of things I cannot control.

I embrace my imperfections.

I let go of my pain.

I love my body and my body loves me.

I open my heart to receive and express the energy of love.

I create space to heal my broken heart and let go of the past.

Light flows through me and I shine like a rainbow.

My Clear Quartz evokes my fondest memories.

My mind, body, and soul are energised – I am stronger and will succeed.

Just as my Quartz is master of the crystal kingdom, I am the ruler of my world.

My current circumstances are just another opportunity to grow.

I have a specific place to fill in this world.

I trust and respect my body, mind, and soul.

I feel grateful for the life that I have.

This too shall pass.

I am at peace with myself.

I talk to the cells of my body in a loving way.

I was born with the ability to heal myself at all levels.

When I hold Clear Quartz in my hands, my worries melt away.

My past does not define me I respect my boundaries.

I am worthy of divine healing from the highest sources.

I am nourished.

I have a smooth and milky personality that flows easily with every interaction.

I wish for a healthy old age because I wish to be healthy now.

I accept the perspective and opinion of others.

I am kind to everyone.

I let go of my need to control everything.

I inject positivism to my life, amplifying love and activating the divine energy in me.

I bless the past and embrace the present moment with an open heart.

I have everything I need within myself.

My Quartz crystal has inclusions because it is natural and real. I have quirks and imperfections because I too am natural and real.

I allow myself to play every day.

I ignore things that take away my inner peace.

I give myself permission to heal.

True beauty comes from feeling grounded, whole, and loving.

I forgive myself.

I manifest happiness and joy.

Love is the answer.

I go through the storms of life with positivity.

I have a healthy body.

I am happy and healthy.

I am ready to use the master of all crystals.

I listen to my inner voice.

I am not a worrywart. I thrive in joy.

I allow myself to give and receive love.

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