129 Rose Quartz Affirmations To Find Real Love

Making use of crystals as part of your daily affirmations routine is a great way to enhance their effectiveness.

They work great for all people, especially so for beginners who might struggle with focus and consistency.

In this post, you will find a list of beautiful rose quartz affirmations to manifest love and positivity, their unique qualities, and how you can make use of them in your day to day life.

Seeking love is a journey we all go through, and with rose quartz crystals and positive affirmations, you are well on your way to finding your soulmate.

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What is rose quartz?

Rose quartz is a variation of the quartz mineral, which is something that is found in the earth’s crust.

They are frequently used as a gem material thanks to their lovely hue of red and pink.

It is also known as pink quartz, or more popularly, the stone of romantic love.

That is why throughout time, rose quartz has been used to symbolize love and used as a crystal for manifesting romance.

Other properties of the rose quartz stone

The rose quartz stone brings about unconditional love to its user, not just of the romantic kind, but also with friends and family.

It is closely tied to the heart chakra, with a unique ability to bring you calmness, get rid of anxiety, and encourage you to have practice self-love.

On top of these wonderful qualities, the rose quartz crystal is also able to improve circulation, boost fertility, and protect you from harm during pregnancy and childbirth.

Here are a few more details about the beautiful love stone:

Best Zodiac signs: Taurus, Libra

Chakra: Heart

Element: Earth

Vibration number: 7

Birthstone: January

Planet: Venus

Why you should use rose quartz for affirmations?

The rose quartz is the best stone/crystal to awaken your heart chakra and everything related to matters of the heart.

It helps to heal and purify your heart chakra, bringing about love, harmony, and good relationships with people around you.

Sometimes, we go through a period of grief when we lose someone close to us.

Rose quartz affirmations are the perfect way to straighten your thoughts, bring about a sense of calm and heal your heart.

How to use rose quartz for affirmations to attract love?

The first important step is to ensure you know what your intentions are.

Once you have your intentions determined, you can now prepare and program your crystal.

This is a simple process that will ensure success for you.

This step is important to charge and program your crystal to extract its full powers (more info in the next section).

While you recite your affirmations, make sure to hold the crystal in your receiving hand (nondominant) and focus solely on your thoughts.

This will ensure the transfer of the positive energy onto the crystal.

You should carry the crystal with you throughout the day and reuse it anytime you want to have a sense of energy in you.

How to charge your rose quartz crystal for affirmations?

It is very important that you get yourself in a positive state of mind before doing so.

This way, you are only transferring good vibes to your rose quartz crystal.

Before you use your crystal, expose it to the powers of nature.

What I mean by that is by placing them under the moonlight (full moon is best), sun, burying them in soil, or giving them a salt bath. That’s all!

You are now ready to find affirmations to say with your rose quartz!

Best Rose Quartz Crystals For Affirmations

You can either purchase loose stones in their raw form or as polished ones.

Alternatively, you can also consider getting a larger-sized rose quartz crystal to use as a beautiful display in your home.

I personally choose to use a mini energy gemstone bracelet that I get from Sivana Spirit.

They are highly regarded for producing excellent products and I will always recommend them to my close ones.

They are so beautifully made and they are top quality.

I have lost count of the number of times friends and family asked about them.

And I really like that these bracelets are created with specific purposes in mind, such as the 7 Gemstone Chakra Pack, Psychic Energy Pack, and my personal favorite, the Protection from Negativity and EMF pack.

The prices are pretty unbelievable too for the top-notch quality and lovely designs they offer. Small investment, big returns!

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List of Rose Quartz Affirmations To Manifest Love And Calmness

These affirmations are great for charging your rose quartz crystal with the right energy and in turn, increasing your vibration frequency.

Take your time to browse through the list and find the ones that resonate with you most, and use them as a reference to create your own positive affirmations.

Love is right there in front of you. It is now time for you to grab it.

I deserve to be loved and respected.

I release my feelings of hatred and resentment.

I show my partner love and respect, and our relationship grows stronger by the day.

I am nurturing.

I invite happiness, trust and harmony into my life. I am pure love.

My life is full of joy and happiness.

My past has made me stronger, but it does not define me.

The world is a beautiful place, and so is my body.

I am loving.

I make friends everywhere I go because the world is a better place when we’re connected.

I am compassionate.

I let go of my anger.

I program this crystal to amplify self-love.

I am loved.

I take care of myself first.

Every day in every way, I’m getting better and better.

I am blessed.

I deserve to find someone who will make me happy.

I am open to receive more love into my life.

I deeply love and appreciate myself just as I am.

My family bonds are as rock-solid as this Rose Quartz stone, and they only get stronger by the moment.

I choose to love myself today.

I don’t let anyone control my emotions.

I have deep love and respect for myself and others.

I deserve happiness, love, peace, freedom, joy and anything else I desire.

I believe in my own magic and the impact I can have on the world.

I forgive myself for the mistakes I made.

I forgive myself and others.

Every day I learn to love myself.

I deserve the best life has to offer.

My life is filled with more love than I could have ever imagined.

I am loved and cared for.

My feelings are valid and real.

I infuse this Rose Quartz crystal with love, peace, and joy.

I always speak from the heart.

I appreciate how far I’ve come from.

I am becoming the best version of myself.

I attract positive energy.

I give and receive love freely and joyfully.

I radiate love, peace and kindness.

My heart is filled with peace, tolerance, forgiveness and kindness.

I am attracting unconditional love.

I am a forgiving person.

I am tolerant and have acceptance of the differences between my beliefs and the beliefs of others.

Incredible change is about to happen in my life.

My aura is glowing as pink as Rose Quartz, and I attract positive love into my life.

I am kind I am generous.

My opinion matters.

I don’t let other people upset me.

I love myself unconditionally just as I am right now in this moment.

I choose love.

It’s okay to feel vulnerable sometimes.

I’m worthy of the greatness I hold.

I have empathy for others.

I live in the present.

I follow my bliss.

I don’t need to be perfect to love myself.

I am compassionate and kind.

I accept to release control.

I find the time to thank people for their kindness.

I feel great compassion for myself and others.

I don’t underestimate myself.

I am grateful for everything in my life.

I always take good care of myself.

I’m a trustworthy person.

I am open to give and receive love.

I don’t let anyone define my limits.

I am free and powerful.

My life is beautiful.

I let go of any negativity.

We all make mistakes. I forgive my friends who have wronged me and ask for their forgiveness too.

When I speak, people listen with interest and care about what I say.

I am successful.

I am brave.

I always speak kindly of other people.

I forgive myself for my mistakes.

I am the creator of my own story.

I am worthy of my dreams.

I encourage others towards their dream.

I attract love wherever I go.

I treat others with kindness.

I am enough and I will be loved.

I’m ready to pursue my passion.

I forgive those who have hurt me and am ready to meet my soul mate.

My Rose Quartz heals my Heart chakra of past pains.

I have a big heart.

I am surrounded by supportive friends who care about me.

I am worth it.

I don’t engage in unhealthy habits.

I surround myself with positive energy.

Life treats me well and I treat myself well.

I am worthy of love.

I’m confident and independent.

I am happy to share my abundance with the world.

I am worthy of happiness.

When I place my rose quartz in the middle of our home, the entire family benefits from its good vibrations.

Today, I choose to love myself.

The universe is working in my favor.

I accept nurturing from others.

I am enough.

This too shall pass.

My body is beautiful and my mind is strong

I love and accept myself for who I really am.

My dreams are coming true.

I forgive those who hurt me.

I love myself to the very core of my essence.

I will never give up on myself.

I give love to others and readily accept theirs in return.

I am safe.

I attract positive things into my life.

I am beautiful and strong.

I feel deep gratitude for the people who have been by my side through sadness and joy.

I open to receive infinite blessings from the universe.

I believe in myself.

I’m fine with my flaws.

With the pink healing light of Rose Quartz, I overcome my doubts and fears so that I can rise above with the power of love.

This love crystal will help me find the right partner.

Loving others starts with loving myself first.

Others see the beauty in me that I can’t always see myself.

My heart is full of love.

I deserve love just as much as anyone else does.

I am strong, I am present, and I am full of love.

I am a loving and beautiful person.

I deserve love and affection.

I attract positive friendships with people who care about me.

I’m in complete control of my destiny.

I am grateful for the love in my life.

I am a thoughtful person.

I am open to receive love. I am safe and nurtured.

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