147 Citrine Affirmations For Inventive Mind And Riches


Citrine is a beautiful yellow gemstone that is also used often by practitioners of manifestation and positive affirmations.

Just like many other precious stones, they go hand in hand and can enhance the effectiveness of the other.

You will find in this post a list of citrine affirmations that will help you boost your creativity and manifest wealth.

Not only that, but you will also discover what makes this crystal so special and how to maximize its magical powers.

As you start to combine the use of citrine with affirmations, you will start to observe great changes to your mindset and attitude and find your creative juices start flowing.

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What is citrine?

Citrine belongs to the quartz family, which is a natural mineral made up of silica.

Their distinctive feature is the color, ranging from yellow to reddish-orange, and is a popular gemstone for ages.

The citrine crystal is known to have a high vibration frequency and is widely associated with the solar plexus chakra (3rd chakra), as well as being able to increase happiness, creativity, and prosperity.

As with all the other precious stones and crystals, you can use citrine for healing and they are especially powerful when used daily during meditation and reciting affirmations.

One interesting fact about citrine is that it has been known as the merchant’s stone since it was first discovered, as it is believed that they are excellent at attracting money.

Other properties of the citrine stone

The citrine stone is able to increase the energy levels of its user, bringing about lots of power and intensity.

When that happens, its wearer will notice improvements in self-confidence and a higher level of self-esteem too.

Being a great balancing stone, it also helps you to stay focused and make important decisions wisely.

It is also interesting to note that the stone has the ability to dissolve negative energies trapped in it and generally does not require any cleansing, unlike most other crystals.

To a slightly lesser extent, the citrine gemstone also helps you in healing and opening your crown chakra, improving your spiritual wisdom and awareness and providing you with a clear mind.

Here are a few more details about the beautiful merchant’s stone:

Best Zodiac signs: Scorpio (Also: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra)

Chakra: Solar Plexus and Crown

Element: Fire

Vibration number: 6

Birthstone: November

Planet: Jupiter

Why you should use citrine quartz for affirmations?

Citrine has clear benefits when it comes to healing and boosting your energy levels.

They have many healing properties that can help one improve their self-confidence, which in my opinion is extremely important in living a truly authentic life.

As you open up your third chakra, you release the power to become more creative, more confident, and pave the way for riches to come into your life.

Business owners or people in similar trades will benefit from the abundance of wealth the stone opens you to, improving your ability to attract more clients and money.

I particularly like that it gives me clarity of mind, especially when I need to make an important decision about something. It clears your thoughts and gives you the much-needed focus.

How to use citrine quartz for affirmations?

The first important step is to ensure you know what your intentions are.

Once you have your intentions determined, you can now prepare and program your crystal.

No, it is not some complicated procedure you have to go through.

This step is important to charge and program your crystal to extract its full powers (more info in the next section).

While you recite your affirmations, make sure to hold the crystal in your receiving hand (nondominant) and focus solely on your thoughts.

This will ensure the transfer of the positive energy onto the crystal.

You should carry the crystal with you throughout the day and reuse it anytime you want to have a sense of energy in you.

How to charge your citrine crystal?

By charging your crystal, you are simply purifying it and getting rid of any unwanted energy.

What you need to do is to expose your crystal to the powers of nature.

That means placing them under the moonlight (full moon is best), sun, burying them in soil, or giving them a salt bath. That’s all!

You are now ready to recite your affirmations!

Best Citrine Crystals For Affirmations

You can either purchase loose stones in their raw form or as polished ones.

Alternatively, you can also consider getting a larger-sized citrine quartz crystal to use as a beautiful display in your home.

I personally choose to use a mini energy gemstone bracelet that I get from Sivana Spirit.

They are highly regarded for producing excellent products and I will always recommend them to my close ones.

They are so beautifully made and they are top quality.

I have lost count of the number of times friends and family asked about them.

And I really like that these bracelets are created with specific purposes in mind, such as the 7 Gemstone Chakra Pack, Psychic Energy Pack, and my personal favorite, the Protection from Negativity and EMF pack.

The prices are pretty unbelievable too for the top-notch quality and lovely designs they offer. Small investment, big returns!

P.S. You should also check out their tees! Incredibly soft and comfy and the designs are awesome!

List of Citrine Affirmations To Manifest Prosperity And Creativity

Whatever I desire, imagine, and passionately act upon becomes a reality.

I attract success and happiness.

I discover new ideas all the time.

I always choose the best for myself.

I release my negative emotions about money.

Creativity flows through me.

I make my own decisions with confidence.

I am talented and creative.

Everything I seek is within me.

I have a powerful imagination.

I make money easily.

I feel confident and powerful.

I deserve a prosperous life.

Abundance comes to me easily.

Citrine circulates Universal flow my way as the Law of Attractions works for me every day.

Sunny Citrine removes painful trauma from my emotional center because where brightness exists, darkness cannot.

I am valuable.

I am guided by the Universe.

I am a human being on the journey of life, learning to balance with each step of the way.

Today, I am filled with infinite, creative energy.

I am filled with creative energy.

I am strong, and I know that through my will, aligned with Divine will, all of my dreams can come true.

I invite opportunities for abundance and success.

I always have enough money.

I am surrounded by positive people who believe in me.

I have the power to create all the success I desire.

I solve problems with ease.

I accept opportunities that offer growth and abundance.

I trust my intuition.

Wealth flows into my life.

Citrine is the Merchant’s Stone and I call upon its energy to attract success in the workplace.

I am confident and courageous.

My actions bring me closer to my goals.

My self-confidence is constantly rising.

I honor and appreciate the abundance I already have.

My ideas are innovative.

I have infinite potential to grow and improve.

I am a manifestation of genius, creative life force.

I am confident and authentic.

I know what to do to achieve success.

I have the power to give good things.

Money comes to me effortlessly.

Every day, I create new opportunities for myself.

I am focused on my goals.

The universe inspires me.

I take my own decisions with confidence.

I am confident in my ability to succeed.

I connect to the world with my creativity.

I am ever receptive to the inspiration the universe sends me.

I fully own and stand in my power.

Everything I do creates constant prosperity.

When I hold my Citrine, I feel a yellow vortex of bliss over my Solar Plexus Chakra.

Being creative makes me so alive.

I have power within me.

I am passionate about what I do.

I am attuned to the abundance of success.

My life is a limitless source of creativity and passion.

I am a money magnet.

My feelings are important.

I deserve abundance.

I see beauty everywhere around me.

Today is a great day.

I believe there is enough abundance for everyone.

I learn and grow from taking creative risks.

I feel alive, awake, happy, and on track.

My creativity always leads me to truth and love.

I attract opportunities that create more money.

Innovative ideas come to me naturally.

My Citrine crystal helps me manifest piles of prosperity.

Today, I express myself freely.

I can tackle all money obstacles.

I am the master of my wealth.

As soon as I wake up, wonderful ideas flow into my creative mind.

My creativity flows freely.

I am grateful for the abundance that I have.

I can achieve anything I desire.

I am willing to face my fears.

I stand up for myself, and I believe in myself.

I’m not afraid to pursue creativity.

Citrine gets my creativity flowing.

I am on the path to a wealthy life.

I attract ingenious ideas.

I am my best self every day.

I am confident in my skills and worthiness.

Prosperity abounds in my life.

I am creative and passionate.

I am grateful for a successful life.

I gaze upon my yellow Citrine to feel warm and inspired.

Every day, I improve my relationship with money.

I am gifted with creativity.

I allow myself to succeed.

Today, I take the time to create.

I inspire others around me.

I am confident and centered.

I can handle large sums of money.

I am the architect of my life.

Everything I need to be successful is within me.

I love sharing my creative ideas with others.

I don’t need other people’s validation.

I find inspiration everywhere.

I am radiant, beautiful, and thriving.

I am motivated to find my life purpose.

I can use money to change my life for the better.

Joyous sunbeams shine through my Citrine, even on the cloudiest of days.

I am aligned with my soul’s purpose.

I am a creative and persistent being.

I release judgement of myself.

I create the life I want.

I am worthy of making more money.

I experience wonder when I see what I’ve created.

I am open to new possibilities and I believe in myself.

I am free to choose in any situation.

I manifest beauty, prosperity and the highest good in my life.

I plan all aspects of my life.

I attract abundance and prosperity.

I feel alive and invigorated when I express my creativity.

I enjoy creative expression.

My ideas are unique.

I have unlimited power to achieve my dreams.

Negative energies dissolve naturally. I am open to receive

I build a better world.

I am worthy.

My possibilities are limitless.

Prosperity is drawn to me.

I am worthy of what I desire.

I allow myself to be vulnerable to let my creativity flow.

I am grateful for the positive things in my life.

Money comes to me from unexpected sources.

Goodness multiplies all the time for me.

Creativity comes to me effortlessly.

I am my own source of motivation.

More money can offer more opportunities.

I am open to unexpected opportunities.

I am not afraid to handle a lot of money.

I manifest power wherever I go.

I always make smart decisions for myself.

I accept myself unconditionally.

My life is filled with light, joy, enthusiasm and creativity.

I am a financially successful person.

I am in alignment with the abundance flow of the universe.

I wholeheartedly believe in myself.

It is all happening with grace and ease.

I always find time for creating art.

I will not let negative beliefs stand in the way of my success.

Art marketing is not intimidating and comes naturally for me.

Money loves me.

I am what a wealthy person looks like.

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