183 Amethyst Affirmations for Inner Peace, Calm, and Balance


Crystals are said to hold magical powers that can enhance our well-being, and when it comes to positive affirmations, crystals have the power to help you strengthen your thoughts and keep you focused.

Amethyst affirmations are used in conjunction with the amethyst gem to increase your spiritual awareness, bring calm to your life, and serenity.

Amethyst is also known to be linked to the seventh chakra, or crown chakra (sahasrara).

That means that when you practice affirmations with your amethyst, you start to get aligned to your spiritual self and connect you to the divine.

In this post, you will learn more about this special gem and how you can use it to your benefit when it comes to bringing about a more positive life.

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What is amethyst?

An amethyst is essentially a variety of quartz, which is a natural rock.

Amethyst comes in a spectrum of purple, from light pale to deep purple.

Thanks to its beauty, it has widely been used as a precious gemstone, adorning all kinds of jewelry.

What’s interesting though is that since medieval times, amethysts are believed to have healing properties, prompting soldiers to bring them on the battlefields!

In modern days, people are known to rub it against their forehead to ease headaches, demonstrating their healing properties!

Mystic properties of amethyst

Amethyst is an excellent stone for finding balance in your life and improving your spiritual energy.

This beautiful purple crystal brings you the extra balance you desire when it comes to reducing stress, protecting your energy, and regulating your mood (no more mood swings!).

Psychically, it allows one to connect with their higher selves, as it embraces the energy of the violet flame (seventh chakra). For its metaphysical properties, it is most popular and renowned among the spiritual healing stones.

Here are some additional information about amethysts:

Best Zodiac signs: Aquarius, Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Capricorn

Element: Air

Birthstone: February

Organs: Blood, lungs

Planet: Jupiter

Why should you use amethyst affirmations?

Crystals are additional tools that help you as you go about your affirmations routine.

Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they are also widely considered to be the most spiritual crystal.

In other words, they are great for helping you to awaken your crown chakra, allowing you to find balance in your life, and increasing your spiritual energy greatly.

It helps your chakra heal and clears any blockages you might encounter.

Besides that, amethyst affirmations are great for helping you to develop your spiritual awareness and become wiser.

Using them while meditating can help you to let go of stress and anxiety.

Some people have also experienced higher psychic powers if that’s what you are searching for.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

Albert Einstein

And last but not least, amethyst crystals are great for increasing your vibration frequency.

As you might know, vibrations at a lower frequency feel heavy, while vibrations at a higher frequency feel lighter, more at ease (physically and emotionally).

Among lower vibrational energies are sadness and stress, while higher vibrational energies may include joy, love, and happiness.

How to use amethyst for affirmations?

Now that you know the benefits of using amethyst, how do you include it in your affirmations?

It is important to remember that the amethyst crystal is most closely related to spiritual awareness, calm, and finding balance.

If this is aligned with your intentions, you will see the greatest results.

Alternatively, you can look into other crystals for their individual unique healing powers.

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While you recite your affirmations, make sure to hold the crystal in your hands as that will pass on the energy to it.

You should carry the crystal with you throughout the day so that the energy sticks.

Once you have your intentions determined, you can now prepare your crystal.

No, it is not some complicated procedure you have to go through.

This step is important to charge and program your crystal to extract its full powers.

How to charge your amethyst crystal?

By charging your crystal, you are simply purifying it and getting rid of any unwanted energy.

All you need to do is to expose your crystal to the powers of nature.

That means placing them under the moonlight (full moon is best), sun, burying them in soil, or giving them a salt bath. That’s all!

You are now ready to recite your affirmations!

Best Amethyst Crystals For Affirmations

You can either purchase loose stones in their raw form and as polished ones, or you can also consider getting a larger-sized amethyst to double as a beautiful display in your home.

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List of Amethyst Affirmations For Spiritual Awareness and Wisdom

Below, you will find a long list of affirmations that you can use as references or even use them as is.

Feel free to copy and paste them to your favorite journal or print them out (grab our free resources!).

Be sure to stick to your routine and give yourself time for affirmations to work. Patience and belief are the biggest keys to success.

I am open to the abundance the universe offers.

I strive to achieve inner peace.

I open my imagination to see the best in people and things. Also see the best in myself.

I cherish my spirit.

I understand my life purpose.

My life is a blessing.

I let go of the past.

Every day, I live in joy and gratitude.

I am infinite.

I allow the universe to guide everything I do.

My need to feel calm is being fully met.

My life continues to be happy and peaceful.

I am connected to all that is.

I am calm and grounded in the present moment, and I control my mood, my feelings and I fill myself with positive energy.

I am calm and relaxed in every situation.

I am enough.

Whenever I feel angry, I hold my Amethyst crystals and I am infused with divine tranquility.

I connect with my purpose and shine it into the world.

I embrace life.

I am selfless.

As I lay deep asleep, my spirit guides give me symbols and messages through my dreams.

I know my higher purpose is being fulfilled now.

I am surrounded by peace and quiet.

I feel relaxed with the energy of Amethyst, and it cradles me into a deep sleep.

I remove self-limiting beliefs and thoughts.

My priorities are to share love, to act out of kindness, to allow myself to feel joy.

I do my best at all times and my best is enough.

I am willing to see things differently.

I am sacred.

I hold my purple Amethyst stones and feel negative thoughts leave my mind.

I am love and light.

I am cherished by the universe.

I am on the path to enlightenment I always listen to my inner guide.

I am the source of truth and love in my life

I am connected to a limitless source of abundance.

I allow myself to be at peace with my past.

Today I choose grace over grit.

I release my thoughts and worries as I surrender myself into a deep and healing slumber.

I think the very best of myself

I am calm and serene.

I am living in joy.

All aspects of my life are in perfect alignment.

My life is a gift.

I lift myself up to higher levels of awareness.

I let the universe work through me.

I love all living things.

Infinite possibilities are available to me.

I discover peace in those around me and respond to them with peace.

In the flow of divine grace, I am relaxed and supported in all I do.

Nothing can disrupt my peace.

I open my heart and soul to receive guidance and clarity from my spirit guides.

I raise my vibration with the high frequency of Amethyst and it reconnects me with my higher self.

I appreciate the goodness that fills my life.

All thoughts are leaving my mind, and I am falling into a sound and healthy sleep.

I honor who I am.

I release all worries about the future.

I know what to do to achieve success.

I am thankful to see another day.

All that I seek is already within me.

I surrender to the highest good.

My life moves with grace.

I see the universal wisdom manifested in creation.

Through my Amethyst stone, I hear my spirit guides whisper words of wisdom that protect and direct me on my life path.

I have the power to face any challenge with calm, clarity and with an elevated level of positive energy.

I let go of my perceived pain.

I strive to be nicer, wiser, and more spiritual each day.

I can let go of fear and embrace peace.

My mind is becoming peaceful, allowing me to have deep and healthy sleep.

My life is at peace at all times.

My life is more inspiring than I could have ever imagined.

My spirit is at peace.

I’m willing to see things differently.

My true power lies in the present moment.

Harmony and peace surround me.

I am connected to the universe.

I am focusing on the positive.

I am connected to a limitless source of love.

I trust that everything in my life is happening for a reason.

I trust the process.

I listen for signs, knowing that all that is meant for today will happen with little resistance.

All is well.

I am at peace and everything is falling into place.

I release all worry.

I am calm.

I accept the lesson my pain is offering me.

I accept and welcome change.

When I meditate, my mind becomes free from thoughts.

I am deeply loved by the universe.

I honor the divine within me.

I surround myself with positive energy.

I decide what thoughts to think, and which thoughts to reject.

I choose to release hurt and resentment.

I can achieve anything I put my mind to.

I am willing to forgive myself.

My Amethyst gemstone lights up my Crown chakra, creating a gateway to the spiritual realm.

I replace low, angry frequencies with high, serene vibrations.

I always listen to my inner guide.

Everything happens for a reason.

My spiritual insight is clear.

I am aware and awake.

amethyst gemstone affirmations

I open my heart to the guidance of the universe.

I am centered and at peace.

I quiet my thoughts and listen to my intuition.

I can conquer any challenge.

Positive energy flows to me.

I honor my body as a temple.

I am worthy of love and take the time to do self-love rituals.

I give myself permission to heal.

My mind is at peace when I meditate.

I experience a sense of peace with every breath I take.

I take inspired actions every day to achieve my dreams.

I am grateful for all the blessings in my life.

Today I choose faith over fear.

I open the energy flow of my 7th chakra, I invoke connection to higher realms.

I accept myself totally.

I let go of my fears.

My mind is in a state of beautiful and peaceful knowing that all is well.

I know I’m being guided toward the highest good.

My mind is open and clear.

I am aligned with my soul’s purpose.

My aura is surrounded by divine purple light and I glow of spirituality.

I let go of anxiety and embrace calm.

I feel light and calm.

I am comfortable and satisfied with myself.

I am ready to forgive anyone I feel has hurt me.

I live in the light of my higher mind and allow it to illuminate my life.

I am kind to myself and others.

I am strongly connected to my higher self.

With Amethyst near my bedside, my spirit astral travels while my body rejuvenates in sleep.

I believe I am unlimited in my capacity for joy, healing and happiness.

I trust that even in challenges, I am right where I need to be.

All else will get done in its time.

I forgive myself and others.

I am a spirit having a human experience.

I am opening my intuition and receptivity, making decisions that are truly aligned with my life purpose.

I am calm and confident because I trust in the higher good. Everything that happens has a purpose.

Every day, I learn to love myself.

I am a spiritual being.

I am open and ready to take control of my dreams, knowing in my sleep that I can create anything I desire during lucid dreaming.

I accept my part in everything that happens in my life.

I open myself to new energy, new people, places and experiences.

I appreciate everything that I have.

I am open to receive infinite blessings from the universe.

I am a beautiful person, in my own unique way.

I align my consciousness with the source of all life.

My life is wonderful.

I am stress and worry free.

I am an eternal and infinite being.

I am free.

I am inspired.

I know that all is good.

I create clarity of mind and unlimited vision for myself.

I release all sadness and trust that I am safe.

I go easy on myself in any situation.

I claim my power and move beyond all limitations.

I am at peace now.

I live in the present moment.

I see my current circumstances as an opportunity to grow.

I go beyond my limiting beliefs.

I am guided by the universe.

I can easily shift my heart to feel peace.

I am willing to be at peace with myself.

Today, I’m creating a better version of myself.

Exhaling, I let my shoulders drop and become utterly relaxed.

I feel joy and ease in this very moment.

I am connected to a limitless source of happiness

I let go of attachments.

My home is my safe place.

I choose peace over doubt and fear.

The energy of the universe is protecting me.

I love and accept myself.

Inside me lies a great reservoir of calmness.

I let go of my need to be right.

I trust and follow my intuition.

I learn from all of my life experiences.

I inspire kindness in others.

I am enlightened.

I let go of what no longer serves me.

I am always true to myself.

I am my authentic self.

I trust my intuition and listen to my inner voice.

I am love.

I surrender myself to the higher powers who want me to thrive spiritually while enjoying myself materially.

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