711 Affirmations For Creativity To Spark Your Talents

Affirmations have been proven to help people across many different situations and even for specific professions such as writers, realtors, and traders.

In this post, we look at something that is more personal: affirmations for creativity.

Whether you are an artist, actor, or someone who is in the creative business, you can certainly do with a bit of inspiration and motivation.

There are times when you hit a creative block, and how do you get through all that?

This post is going to help you realize your talent and keep the creative juices flowing.

If you have been stuck with negative self-limiting thoughts, it is time to put them aside, focus on yourself, and realign with your goals and dreams.

Start reciting these creativity affirmations to manifest your true purpose!

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Benefits of affirmations for creativity

If you look around, do you find anyone with low confidence and negativity to be successful? Do you see creatives having these traits? I guess not.

By practicing daily positive affirmations for creativity, you reaffirm your innate talent and strengthen your belief system in yourself.

That is an important foundation to build on if you want to be successful and pursue self improvement.

The more you believe in yourself, the more you will let go of inhibitions and let your true creativeness take over.

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My Top 10 Affirmations For Creativity

The list below is a very long one and is meant to serve as a guide and inspiration for you to form your own affirmations.

For me, these are my favorite affirmations to spark my creativity into overdrive:

Creativity flows in every aspect of my life.

My imagination is always active.

I open myself to a life of creativity.

I am a clear thinker, and I express myself with ease.

My creativity is limitless.

My creativity never stops.

I have a great imagination.

I love the feeling of being creative.

My inventiveness inspire others.

I believe I have undiscovered gifts and potential.

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List Of Creativity Affirmations

We have put together a massive list of affirmations for creativity here.

Take your time to browse through the list and find a few that really resonates with you, something that you can truly believe in, as that is critical to reciting and using daily positive affirmations.

Without this step, it won’t work.

Here are some of the situations that are covered in the list:

Affirmations for Boundless Creativity

I am a visionary.

I am a great writer.

I am an innovator.

My ideas are inspiring.

I always find time for creating art.

I am gifted with creativity.

I feel alive and invigorated when I express my creativity.

Being creative makes me so alive.

As soon as I wake up, wonderful ideas flow into my creative mind.

I am ever receptive to the inspiration the universe sends me.

I have a powerful imagination

I regularly find original solutions to problems.

I am imaginative and creative in all that I do.

I love playing with new ideas.

I have instant access to unlimited ingenuity.

I focus my creativity on my high vibe projects.

I have more than enough new ideas to help fulfil my wants and desires.

I overflow with imagination and creativity.

Being creative is one of the top priorities in my life, and I practice this feeling every day.

I seek progress over perfection, and community over competition.

I create works of art because the process fills me with joy.

No matter how hard the task, I manage to achieve great results due to my creative thinking.

I am not intimidated by success.

I like the idea of being my best creative self.

I enjoy my natural creativity.

I make art and beauty with my hands and from my heart.

I am a creative person.

I am a natural artist.

My thinking helps me, and I can rely on my creative imagination, always.

I am well organized or have no trouble finding the art materials I need when I want them.

Genius ideas come easy to me.

I radiate inspiration to others.

I feel free to pursue my creative passion.

I make time to create something every single day.

My ideas are inspiring and stimulating to others.

I express my unique creativity in everything I do.

Creativity flows in every aspect of my life.

I was born to take photos.

I create unique photographs.

I possess an endless supply of creativity, energy and tolerance for any project that I commit to.

The world appreciates my originality.

I’m amazed by how easily I can come up with fresh ideas.

Innovative ideas come to me on a daily basis.

I find inspiration from my job.

I easily connect with the infinite creativity of the universe.

I am true, authentic and expressive.

I always think of new, original ways to do things.

I am an abundant artist.

I create the opportunities I wish to receive.

I love spending time doing creative activities.

I thoroughly enjoy the creative process.

Nurturing your Creativity Affirmations

Ingenious solutions come to me daily.

I always tap into my imagination.

With every breath I take, I am bringing greater and greater creativity into my life.

I love losing myself in the zone of creative thought.

My imagination always gives me new inspirational ideas.

Today, I am filled with infinite, creative energy.

I allow myself to be vulnerable to let my creativity flow.

Art marketing is not intimidating and comes naturally for me.

My creativity always leads me to truth and love.

I experience wonder when I see what I’ve created.

My ideas are innovative and helpful.

Today I realize what a creative person I am.

I am finding it easier and easier to come up with new ideas

There is meaning in everything I create.

My imagination is always active.

I am forever grateful for my imaginative mind.

I am becoming less shy every time I talk to someone about my art.

I am enthusiastic about all of my projects.

In my daily reality, I act in a creative way and deal with all obstacles.

People pay to receive my creativity coaching and advice and find value in what I have to offer.

My ideas are imaginative and useful.

My creative gifts are well received by the world.

I am exactly where I’m meant to be on my artistic journey.

People compliment me constantly how original my work is.

I find inspiration everywhere.

When I sit down to write I always have great new ideas.

I give 100% focus on my writing.

My work is always original and inventive.

Creative ideas just flow out of my mind naturally.

Creating stories is where I have decided to make meaning in my life.

I will easily come up with new ideas.

I am creative, and every idea I come up with is worth considering.

I am always in demand and can pick and choose what I want to do.

I gift the world through my creative expression.

Inspiration comes easily and naturally to me.

I like to value and nurture my creative self.

I am thankful for the people who appreciate my art.

I always find creative solutions in my life; and I always stay pleased.

Only worthy causes contact me to donate my art or time.

Creativity flows naturally into all of my endeavors.

I seize every moment of inspiration as it comes.

I am always developing great new ways of doing things.

I direct my creative talents toward music, art, dance, writing—anything that gives me pleasure.

My creativity flows simply and effortlessly.

I am a gifted thinker and people find value in my ideas

I interpret with creativity.

I feel as though I am connected to something greater than myself.

Everything I need comes to me at the perfect time.

I open myself to a life of creativity.

I am confident in my ability to improve my skills.

the right affirmations for creativity

Creative Genius Affirmations

I always take full responsibility for my thoughts and imagination.

My art comes easy to me.

I make work a creative joy.

I am an amazingly good creative thinker.

I allow creativity to flow into me effortlessly.

I am incredibly creative and imaginative.

I find creative solutions to problems every day.

I express my creativity whenever possible.

Everything in my life inspires me to create.

I allow my creative energy to flow freely at all times.

I am an idea magnet as creativity is drawn to me.

Talking about my art comes naturally and flows from me.

I am effortlessly creative at all times.

I am inspired by the beauty in my life and all around me.

Divine inspiration blesses every day of my life.

When I think positive thoughts, I attract positive outcomes.

I always find new ideas and they take me where I want to go.

I am thankful for this life.

I will become a successful writer.

My family totally supports me in fulfilling my dreams.

I do something new or at least different every day.

I have abundant creative talent.

I am developing the mind of a great artist and human.

My imagination is always giving me new, inspiring ideas.

My ingenuity inspires others.

Every day my writing gets better.

Creating art is making me a better person.

I receive an infinite supply of inspiration from the universe.

My unique creative talents and abilities flow through me and are expressed in deeply satisfying ways.

I am a magnet for innovative ideas.

The creativity of the universe expresses itself through me.

I am an innovator. I am a thinker.

I am a creator and I believe in me.

I am a wellspring of creativity.

I have a fantastic imagination.

Writing makes me happy and content.

I create easily and effortlessly when I let my thoughts come from the loving space of my own heart.

I take my writing seriously.

I am thankful for the people in my life who encourage me.

I am a clear thinker, and I express myself with ease.

I take full advantage of down-time to exercise my imagination.

Creative energy vibrates within me.

I make my living by creating inspiring and imaginative art.

I can easily step into a creative flow.

I increase my creativity by being clearly focused in the present.

I always dress for success, in body, mind, and spirit.

I am inventive and resourceful.

Ideas flow into my life in abundance.

I have to create the perfect shot.

I am always tapped into my creative energy.

I possess an abundance of creativity and energy.

affirmations for boundless creativity

Creativity affirmations on gratitude

I possess an endless supply of artistic energy.

I easily find galleries and/or public spaces who will display my art.

I am a perfectionist in my photography.

I only buy the art materials I need.

My mind is bursting with wealth-generating ideas.

I am worthy and deserving of being a popular artist.

I have an endless supply of new ideas and creative solutions

I enjoy recreating life in my art.

I have an endless supply of creativity.

I am able to find creative solutions for all difficulties in my life.

I am a creative, talented, succesful artist.

I am truly creative.

I am motivated more than ever to become a successful writer.

I am safe, and I am fulfilled in all that I do.

My creative talent is constantly expanding.

My imagination is abundant with creativity.

I’m proud of my efforts.

I consciously direct my creative compass to projects that I adore.

An endless reservoir of creativity lies within me.

My creativity is limitless.

I bring my ideas to life.

I pursue creativity without fear.

I have a natural writing style.

Positive thinking ignites my artistic impulses.

There is a huge demand for my particular skills and abilities.

I am a joyous, creative expression of life.

My imagination is endless and limitless.

I think every day and I feel great.

My brain is wired for creativity

I care for my imagination by flexing my mental muscles every day.

I am an amazingly creative person.

New people are noticing my artworks each and every day.

I am an idea magnet.

I am full of inspiration and creativity.

I attract good ideas into my life.

My creativity never stops.

Boundless creativity blesses my life.

Creativity is good for me.

Life is never stuck, stagnant, or stale, for each moment is ever-new and fresh.

I easily find new solutions to problems.

I solve problems with ease.

Every creative thought I express provides me with great joy.

I love inventing things.

I am worthy of being an artist.

I believe I have creative gifts and talents to share.

My creativity flows freely.

I am brilliant and successful.

My creations are innovative and inspiring.

New ideas are always coming to me.

I am always developing as an artist.

Creativity affirmations on visualization

My drawing skills get better each and every day.

I am blessed with boundless innovation.

I am ecstatic as I think up another new idea.

I love using my artistic talents at work.

I am imaginative and creative in everything I do.

I positively deal with distractions while creating art, and can easily return to creating.

I am comfortable with setting prices for my art.

Creativity belongs to me.

I feel inspired when I make mistakes.

I am a magnet for creative ideas.

I effortlessly interpret and recreate scenes artistically.

I love my powerful imagination.

Inspired thinking is a habit I nurture every day.

I am creative and always ignore the critical voices within.

I like imagining success in my creative projects.

I am creative.

I have a great imagination.

I am incredibly creative and inspired.

I possess an endless supply of creativity.

My mind is always free and open to new ideas.

When I close my eyes, I see endless possibilities.

My mind is a magnet for inspiring solutions.

I am easily able to come up with fresh, new ideas.

Genius solutions come to me daily.

I have lots of artist friends and acquaintances.

I have an abundance of good ideas.

I am a powerful and resourceful creator.

I am grateful for the energy that feeds my imagination.

My heart is the center of my power. I follow my heart.

My life is full of moments in which I show creativity and great imagination.

My mind is free and open.

My innovation inspires others to try new things.

I am capable of creating and maintaining a great life, and I’m worthy of the effort.

I am excited to share my creative ideas with others.

I can make artistic goals easily.

I have a creative and expressive mind.

I adapt to new art mediums easily.

I am in touch with my inner child who has endless creativity and ideas.

I am good and creative in everything I do.

I am improving my creative skills all the time.

The wellspring of creativity runs deep.

I am a brilliant and successful artist.

Every day is joyful.

I love the idea of having more time for my art.

I can always count on my imagination for inspirational ideas.

I have a keen sense of photographic awareness.

I am thankful for the artistic gifts I have.

I honor myself in every decision I make.

My life is a limitless source of creativity and passion.

I have a wealth of good ideas.

creativity affirmations for artists

Affirmations for boundless creativity

Being creative is one of my great pleasures in life.

I easily find people who can help me promote my art.

I think outside the box.

Creativity sparks my inspiration.

I see new, innovative opportunities around me.

I welcome all opportunities to exercise original thought.

Creating art make me happy and optimistic.

I easily find novel solutions to problems.

I easily find good places to promote my art, and don’t waste my time with low quality places.

I can tap into my creative juices whenever I desire.

My creations are appreciated by all.

I control my creative brain and always find new ideas.

I have an abundant art career.

I approach all problems in an inspired and resourceful way.

My artwork is easily recognizable by others.

My job allows me to express my talents and abilities, and I rejoice in this employment.

With each art sale, selling my artwork becomes easier.

I close my eyes and my imagination turns on.

My creativity always leads me to a better understanding of myself.

I give thanks for the creative inspiration I receive daily.

I am the designer of my destiny.

I am self-disciplined and always persist until I find new ideas.

My inspiration is as close as my breath and as vast as the Universe.

Inspiring ideas come to me on a regular basis.

Original thinking is one of my strongest talents.

I love finding out more about myself through my art.

I love success.

I work smart and hard to come up with new ideas.

I make everything I do an opportunity to express my creativity.

I find original solutions to problems.

My mind is always open to new possibilities.

My natural inventiveness shows in all that I do.

Today I am making time to create.

Original ideas come to me all the time.

I always have lots of unique ideas for solving problems.

My innate creativity surprises and delights me.

The art galleries I work with are friendly and helpful.

I’m ready to share my authentic expression.

I create art to add positivity to the universe, not take it away.

For each day, I become more creative and inventive.

My mind is a fertile plain of creative energy.

Fresh new ideas come to me daily.

I care about the planet, and recycle whenever possible.

I am highly imaginative.

The key to creativity is knowing that my thinking creates my experience.

I use this key in every area of my life.

I am artistically expressive.

I am bursting with pride as I see my new ideas happen.

I eat healthy food to maintain my energy levels and creative flow.

My creativity empowers me.

Being creative is the core of living which fuels my life.

I am always in touch with my creative source.

I close my eyes and my imagination turns on.

Affirmations for creative writing

I increase my inventiveness in all that I do.

Inventive new ideas come to me every day.

I attract brilliant ideas.

I continuously attract a surplus flow of new ideas

My creative energy is limitless.

My imagination is rock solid as it streams out an endless supply of new ideas.

My creative time is valuable and worthwhile.

I love inventing exciting new ways of doing things.

Being creative makes me happy.

I can readily quiet my mind to welcome creative thoughts.

I am very ingenious and inventive.

I express my personality through my pictures.

I realize that happiness in my life comes from always finding positivity in adversity.

I easily interpret what I see and recreate it on paper.

I am a naturally artistic individual.

I always channel my thinking perfectly to find the solutions.

New ideas come easily to me.

I am always thinking of new, original ways to do things.

My income is constantly increasing.

I am an innovative thinker.

I always think in a creative way in life.

I have my own art style.

My creativity flows naturally and effortlessly.

My creativity is boundless.

I nurture my innovative spirit by sharing my ideas with supportive people.

I stand on my own two feet and think up wild and creative new ideas.

I expand my understanding of things and this feeds my imagination.

I welcome all opportunities to use creative thinking.

Inspiration comes naturally to me.

My creative problem solving helps me in my work.

My creativity flows easily and effortlessly.

I love the feeling of being creative.

I employ my power in inventive and helpful ways.

I tap into flow and let creativity carry me away.

My creativity increases every day.

I am learning to be more creative every day.

I invest always invest my time in creative pursuits which bring financial reward.

I exercise innovative thinking at all times.

Ideas come to me in both expected and unexpected ways.

I will tap into my creative energy

I create every day and feel fantastic.

I love feeling called to a creative life.

I am inventive, creative, and passionate.

I am safe to express myself.

I love the freedom that creative thinking gives me.

I am enjoying the process of selling my artwork more with every sale.

I am dedicated to succeeding in my creative career.

Constantly, I manage to show creativity in my work.

I am thrilled to discover another innovative solution.

I love thinking up new ideas and am well paid for it.

I am an innovative thinker.

Creative affirmations artists way

My imagination runs wild and free.

My creative energy makes me tick.

I am grateful for the creative ideas that come to me.

I find inventive solutions for each problem I am present with.

I believe I have creative potential.

The creative power of The Force lies within me.

I enjoy having an outlet for my artistic abilities.

I will complete my next creative endeavor with focus and zest.

I take full advantage of every inspired thought that I have.

I know that I can create miracles in my life.

Expressing my creativity makes me a nicer human.

I am constantly developing new, innovative ideas.

I love the idea of having more creative confidence and courage.

I feel inspired to take risks with my art.

The natural beauty of life insures my creativity.

Creative energy powers me.

I practice new thinking at all times.

Every day I become more creative and inventive.

My creativity inspires others to do their best.

I am grateful to share my artistic gifts with the world.

There are people out there who are always looking for my services.

A positive attitude breeds success.

I focus on my most recent piece, not something from the past or future.

I deserve to make lots of money from my art.

I have a creative and artistic mind.

I love to write/dance/sing/act/design/play music.

I am a creative genius.

Sometimes I draw outside the lines.

I feel good when I create.

My creative self wants to come out and play.

Reading and writing positive affirmations will help me achieve my artistic goals.

My photographic style is uniquely expressive.

New innovations excite and inspire me.

I can easily afford to buy plenty of high quality art supplies.

Constantly, I think in a creative way and fulfill all of my deepest desires.

I am easily inspired to work and live a creative life.

Daily, I think creatively and find creative solutions in my life.

I insist on taking shots my way.

People readily understand the message I am trying to convey through my art.

I always follow where inspiration leads.

I follow my creative inclinations.

I can easily detach from my artwork to sell it, because I realize that there are always newer and better pieces to create.

Exquisite creativity that flows through me at all times.

My imagination is limitless.

I find original solutions for all difficulties in my life.

Every day I let my imagination soar to new heights.

My creations fill me with divine vitality.

I insist on minute levels of detail.

I always welcome criticism and react to it in a positive and non-defensive manner.

I have a lively imagination.

I feel good when I create.

Affirmations for imagination

My inventiveness inspire others.

My art permeates my life with abundance and inspiration.

I think creatively.

I love expressing myself creatively.

I use my time efficiently.

I overflow with imagination and creativity when writing.

My imagination is constantly increasing.

I learn and grow from taking creative risks.

My art provides value to others regardless of how many people see it or like it.

I release my negative emotions through my art.

I am not wasteful with art materials.

I always develop new ways to do things.

I have the ability to create amazing, wonderous things.

I am a successful author who has sold more than 10,000 books.

I am over the moon as I think up my 1000th new idea.

My ideas are refreshing and new.

I believe I have undiscovered gifts and potential.

Creative expression flows through my veins.

Today, I let my creativity float.

I always go where my inspiration leads me.

I deserve respect.

My creativity knows no limits.

I love writing.

I am a naturally creative person.

New ideas keep pouring into my life in abundance.

I am a perfect conduit for infinite creativity to flow through me.

New ideas come naturally to me.

Creative ideas come to me regularly.

Good ideas flow through me like a volcano.

I will achieve success as a writer.

I am a fount of ingenuity.

My abilities are unique to me. I bring forth my creative power for the benefit of everyone who enjoys what I do.

I inspire others through my creative expressions.

My calm, focused mind is a well-spring for artistic ideas.

I am clever and creative in all that I do.

I have an endless creative potential.

It is my greatest desire to live each and every day with unlimited creativity.

All of my creative projects bring me great satisfaction.

Every day that passes I become more creative.

I realize that life is what we make it.

The creative possibilities around me are endless.

My art impacts others by inspiring and uplifting them.

Nature is a constant source of inspiration.

I enjoy the entire artistic process.

I am proud of my work and its wonderfully unique characteristics.

I create beauty, peace, love, and joy.

I have an adventurous, imaginative mind.

I unleash my creativity in many different aspects of my life

I come up with new ideas easily.

I am receiving a standing ovation for my latest big idea.

My creativity knows no limits.

Affirmations for self expression

My writing is extremely creative.

My painting skills get better with every single painting I create.

My talents are in demand, and my unique gifts are appreciated by those around me.

I use my innate artistic talents in all that I do.

I easily tap the imaginative resources of my mind.

I am confident and skilled in my creative work.

My creativity never ceases to surprise me.

I am confident in my photography.

I am always thankful, even for the little things in my life.

I am the creator of all my life.

I always have new creative ideas for my writing.

Being creative makes me feel so alive.

I am awake and see the world through fresh eyes.

We are all creative beings.

I am a creative being.

Divine inspiration strikes at the most wonderful times.

I release all resistance to expressing my creativity fully.

I am grateful that I get to spend time with my creative work.

I am effortlessly creative and innovative in everything I do.

I find innovative solutions for all the difficulties in my life.

My ideas are refreshing and novel.

I am a storyteller.

People look to me for creative solutions to problems.

All of my dreams, I am able to achieve them with my creative thinking.

I always come up with an endless supply of new ideas

My imagination runs wild.

I am fit, healthy and extremely creative.

I will unleash my creativity

I realize that happiness is more important than fame or wealth.

I love creating art – and I want to do what I love as much as I can.

My natural ingenuity turns out in everything I do.

I am thankful for the gift of free expression.

I see new, inventive possibilities all around me.

My creations are unique and exquisite.

I am one with the creative flow of life.

I will tap into my imagination.

I have a focus or theme in my art.

I value thinking time because it relaxes me and finds the answers.

I celebrate my life through creative expressions.

I am always open to new ideas and thoughts.

I am always the most creative person in the group.

I’m grateful for my creative talents.

I am an unlimited creative being.

I feel creative and inspired at work.

Today I let my imagination flow.

Divine inspiration surrounds me.

I have endless creativity.

I give encouragement to other artists.

I see and respond to trends well ahead of the pack.

New original ideas come to me freely and easily.

I am naturally creative.

I’m grateful for my creative talents.

I am a source of inventiveness.

I realize that creativity comes in many forms, and one form is no less relevant than another.

I deserve wealth, abundance and free flowing ideas.

I love having an outlet for my artistic abilities.

Today I let my imagination run wild.

I am thrilled as I always find a creative solution to problems.

I create new masterpieces every day.

My subconscious mind now provides me with the specific massive action plans need to attain my desired results.

My imagination is free.

Creativity is my second name.

I am genuine, authentic, and expressive.

Getting into the zone of art creation comes easily for me.

Doing repetitive tasks frees my mind to consider creative solutions to problems.

I live in expanding waves of love and creativity

My mind is always engaged creatively.

I love the feeling that being creative brings.

Original thinking is a talent I nurture every day.

My ideas are innovative and useful.

I welcome every opportunity to think differently.

My imagination is boundless.

I have infinite creative potential.

Ideas flow freely into my mind.

I go on in a creative manner.

I am spontaneous; I surprise even myself.

Creativity comes naturally to me

Every moment of every day I am becoming more and more inventive.

I am a perfectionist towards my art.

I am full of infinite, creative energy.

My photographer’s eye is sharp.

I live in expanding waves of love and creativity.

I see the beauty and wonder in the world around me.

Everything I touch and see inspires new ideas within me.

I love expressing myself artistically.

I love expressing myself through my photography.

I admire who I have become.

My actions create prosperity.

Today I bless my being with unlimited creativity.

I have a fertile imagination.

I am dedicated to my writing.

I am able to always find solutions and see things from a new perspective.

I have immediate access to unlimited inventiveness.

Ideas are starting to flow freely from my mind

I always sell my art for what I think they are worth.

My positive mindset attracts the opportunities I need to grow.

I am talented.

I enjoy sharing myself with others.

I am thankful for the never-ending supply of new ideas.

My community appreciates my work, and they thank me for creating it.

I always surround myself with positive and inspirational people.

I believe I can become even more creative.

I love expressing myself artistically.

I am thrilled to see ideas flowing freely every day.

I am a talented and successful writer.

As soon as I start to work, I experience a flow state.

Constructive criticism provides me with learning opportunities.

I treat each new problem I encounter as an opportunity to exercise my creative talents.

My imagination is exploding with good ideas and creativity.

My natural creativity shines through everything I do.

New inspired ideas come to me on a daily basis.

Innovative thinking comes easily to me.

I am highly creative.

I enjoy taking photos.

I am always in the right place at the right time, doing exactly the right thing to find new ideas.

I will creatively express the deeper meanings of art and share it with the universe.

My most recent painting or drawing is always my best.

I choose to create.

With my art, I create beauty and magic.

I can easily tap into my creative energy.

Being positive improves my creativity.

I have the art studio of my dreams.

My creativity is growing.

I desire and live a creative life.

My creations have a positive effect on others.

My days are creative days; and my thoughts are creative thoughts.

I regularly create ideas that are innovative and valuable.

My creativity always astounds me.

I have easy to come up with new and fresh ideas.

I am becoming highly creative

I am endowed with talent, creativity, and innovative ideas.

Creativity is abundant within me.

I interpret and think with creative passion.

I love feeling creative and expressing myself.

I am creatively expressing my highest potential.

Creative inspiration follows me wherever I go.

I am extremely creative.

I am easily inspired by the world around me.

I always think creatively and question everything at every given moment.

I find innovative solutions to problems.

I am talented with great creativity and intelligence.

I am an unlimited creative creature.

Imaginative ideas flow effortlessly from my mind and inspire my life.

New ideas for my writing come naturally to me.

I am efficient and imaginative in my work.

Art galleries sell my artwork with ease.

I am in the creative flow and exploding with good ideas.

I easily win art competitions.

I welcome a constant flow of creativity into my life.

I achieve great and successful results.

I love drawing and painting.

I always believe in myself and my art.

I’m excited to see what I can create as I explore my gifts and talents.

My life is filled with success.

My imagination is becoming stronger and stronger.

I can enter into a creative state of mind whenever I want to.

My ideas are unique and inspiring.

People are always telling me how incredibly creative I am.

I employ lateral thinking in all that I do.

There is room for me to express myself.

The universe always supports my efforts to find new ideas.

Splendid ideas come to me every day.

Great new ideas come to me every day.

I wake up with good ideas every single day.

I create unique pieces of art.

Today I create magic.

Being creative is one of my great joys in life.

My confidence is getting better the more I speak about art.

I love being outside and in nature.

I watch positive, uplifting TV programs and movies often.

I exercise my creative genius every day.

I invent inspiring new things.

My potential is unlimited.

I am excited to share my ideas with the world.

I love exercising original thinking.

I love inventing original new products.

Everything I create is inventive and unique.

Writing comes effortlessly to me.

The artist is already present within me.

Positive collaborations are common in my art career.

I am always happy with the art I create.

I am becoming more creative every day.

I love learning new art techniques.

I am always creating exciting ideas.

My creativity is increasing.

I am creative and have the willpower to make use of my talents.

I always have a clear mind.

I will come up with amazing new ideas

I am excited to get out of bed every day and create.

I love exercising my artistic side.

I practice my imagination at every opportunity.

I use my natural creativity every day.

I will achieve my writing ambitions.

I compare myself only to who I was yesterday, and acknowledge my personal growth.

Great ideas come to me easily.

Creativity flows through each cell in my body.

I have an amazing writing potential within me.

Creating art is healing my soul.

I translate life into art and express myself through my creativity.

I see innovation and creation everywhere I go.

I have an abundance of creative energy.

In my life, I get to act in a creative way.

Creative expression lifts my life to new heights.

My potential is unlimited.

Creativity flows through me like a river.

I read positive, uplifting books by successful people.

I am a fountain of ingenuity.

I am thankful for a space and time to create my art.

I love to express myself creatively.

I have something special inside to offer the world.

I am immensely grateful for my creative abilities.

My free time is filled with positive and inspirational moments.

I can talk easily about my art.

I am very resourceful and inventive.

Ideas come to me easily and effortlessly.

I am a creative photographer.

I am a creative problem solver.

I am creative by nature.

My mind is wired for creativity

I feel good expressing myself in all sorts of creative ways.

I always come up with new ideas easily.

My creativity is boundless and flows effortlessly.

I believe in my skills and abilities.

Using my imagination is second nature to me

My brain is wired for creativity.

I let my mind wander, and I discover new ideas.

There is ample time and opportunity for creative expression in whatever area I choose.

New thinking comes easy to me.

I am my own unique self: special, creative, and wonderful.

Creativity wants to flow through me, and I allow it.

I love thinking outside the box.

I increase my ingenuity in everything I do.

I think outside of the box and colour outside of the lines.

My creativity helps me connect to the world.

Brilliant ideas come to me all the time.

I always have new creative ideas.

Creative ideas flow endlessly into my mind whenever I want.

I enjoy giving my unique artistic interpretation to life.

I always tackle my creative pursuits with zealous, focus and energy.

I know that my creative potential is boundless.

I tap into the creative energy around me with great ease.

Ingenious ideas come to me naturally.

I love exploring my creative talents.

Today I let my creativity soar.

I am thankful for constructive criticism, so I can become a better artist.

My creative potential is limitless.

My photographic awareness is expanding.

I value my art.

I enjoy submitting my art to art contests and competitions.

I am full of endless creative energy.

Art is medicine for my heart.

I always have a good imagination.

I am endowed with great creativity and intelligence.

My thoughts are imaginative and influential.

I am deeply focused and inspired by my work.

I have a natural flare for artistic creativity.

I can be creative and ignore the critical voices I hear from myself.

I channel energy from my inner self.

I use my artistic talents whenever possible.

I have the courage to keep going.

I easily tap into the Creative Force whenever I need to.

I exercise my imagination at every opportunity.

Creative energy flows through me at all times.

Creativity flows through me with abundance.

I give myself room for expression.

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