265 Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations For Confidence And Healing

This post is all about the Solar Plexus chakra, how it gets blocked, the symptoms that you should be paying attention to, as well as a list of positive solar plexus chakra affirmations to help you build up your confidence as well as heal. 

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What Is The Solar Plexus Chakra?

The solar plexus chakra is an energy center located in the upper abdomen, right around the stomach area.

Its color is yellow and it represents self-confidence, self-esteem, and personal power. Its element is fire. 

The Sanskrit name for this chakra is Manipura, which translates to “city of jewels”.

When you achieve balance in your solar plexus chakra, you exude self-confidence and will have a high self-image.

At this stage, you are mighty confident in your abilities and can contribute extremely well as a team player too. 

How Does The Solar Plexus Chakra Get Blocked?

At each energy center, the wheels or chakra, spins and attracts energy that is on the same frequency and in turn sends it back out.

Just like the Law of Attraction states, like attracts like. 

The more positive energy it gets fed, the more positive energy it releases. 

However, the same goes for negativity too.

An imbalance of energy will cause your chakras to be blocked, leading to unpleasant experiences in your life. 

When it comes to the Manipura, any blockages can lead to low self-esteem, self-worth, and confidence, impeding the ability to make decisions.

Symptoms Of A Blocked Solar Plexus Chakra

There are signs that are easily detected that indicate your solar plexus chakra is blocked or unbalanced.

Here are some of them that you should look out for and take action accordingly:

Obsessing over small details

Becoming manipulative

Digestive issues

Lack of purpose

Feeling of helplessness

Inability to make decision

As you can see, there are some serious issues that can arise when your solar plexus chakra is unbalanced.

Positive affirmations are a powerful way to restore this balance among other things that you can do. 

How To Activate And Unblock The Solar Plexus Chakra

Now that you have identified the problems, you would know that imbalance stems from low confidence and self esteem.

You should look into confidence building and set out long term goals for yourself so that you have something to look forward to and work towards.

Here are some activities that you can start engaging in to heal your solar plexus chakra:

Using essential oils and aromatherapy

Practicing yoga

Switch to a healthy and organic diet

Use chakra stones and jewelry such as amber and citrine


Start a routine of reciting affirmations

List Of Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations

I accomplish things/tasks with ease.

I am my highest and most authentic self.

I am successful in all my ventures.

I seek opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.

I am strong, capable, and powerful.

I am ambitious and capable of whatever I desire.

It is all happening with grace and ease.

I plan all aspects of my life.

I have power within me.

I wholeheartedly believe in myself.

I don’t need other people’s validation.

I manifest power wherever I go.

I trust in love and life.

I enjoy life to the fullest.

I accept that I make mistakes and I always learn from them.

I will accomplish my goals.

I am equipped with all the tools I need to succeed.

My mind is clear.

I am respectful of my environment.

I confidently and fearlessly believe in myself.

I am strong.

I am strong and courageous.

I am focused and inspired.

I have a lot to offer the world.

I take my own decisions with confidence.

I can overcome this.

I love being authentically me.

I hold the key to my own happiness.

My life flows happily.

I know what I need.

I don’t control and manipulate others.

I am aligned with my guiding principles, values, and purpose.

I am motivated to find my life purpose.

I can achieve anything I desire.

I am radiant, beautiful, and thriving.

I am in alignment with the abundance flow of the universe.

I release judgment of myself.

I have the power to give good things.

I know who I am and I live true to myself.

I can accomplish incredible things.

I accomplish tasks easily and effortlessly.

I am worthy because I exist.

I powerfully express myself.

I am peaceful inside.

I own my power.

I am entirely comfortable being in my power.

I honor the power within me.

I am a creator.

I never misuse my power.

I am proud of myself.

Yellow Chakra Affirmations

I am confident in the goodness of life itself to see me through.

I am an ambitious person.

I am comfortable with my power.

I am confident in the universe to see me through.

I am courageous and resilient.

I forgive myself for past mistakes, and I learn from them.

I empathize with everyone.

I get everything I want.

I am valuable.

I don’t need the approval of others.

I chose to work hard and follow my dreams.

I am proud of myself and my achievements.

I honor myself.

I release judgment of others and of myself.

I chose healthy relationships.

I have high self-esteem and a confident personality.

I stand courageous and full of personal power.

I radiate confidence and positivity.

I know what is good for me and I work for it.

I am worthy of love.

I trust myself.

I make the right decisions.

I have a good and loving relationship with my spouse.

I chose the best for myself.

I am sunshine.

I follow my inner guidance.

My work has ease and flow.

I follow my intuition and inner guidance.

I work my way to success and I deserve it.

I love and accept myself for exactly the person I am right now.

Everything I need, I have within.

I deserve success.

I direct my own life.

I choose goodness, light and love.

I honor myself and I am authentic.

Where focus goes, energy flows, so I focus on confidence, success, and prosperity.

I use my power justly.

I know I am a powerful and wholesome force for good.

I am positively empowered.

Limitless joy is my birthright.

I honor my needs and boundaries.

I am free from the limitations of others.

I am free from the need to be in control of everything in my life.

I allow myself to shine.

I can achieve anything I set my mind to.

I am clear about my purpose in life.

I do everything in good faith.

I am competent, capable, and strong.

I am worthy of love, kindness and respect, regardless of what I have done.

I am enough. I have always been enough. I will always be enough.

affirmations for solar plexus chakra healing

Affirmations for Manipura Chakra

I am in control of how I respond to situations, and to the rest, I surrender.

I can achieve my goals.

I feel calm, confident, and powerful.

I am assertive.

I am confident in my ability to succeed.

I am strong, powerful, and confident.

I listen to my deepest insights.

I am aligned with my purpose.

I have high self-esteem.

I trust my intuition.

My body and mind is calm, relaxed and strong.

The fire within me burns through all blocks and fears.

I fully enjoy everything I do.

I trust the choices I make are for my highest good.

My dreams are becoming my reality.

I am loving. I am kind. I am brave.

I know my value and will not lessen or shrink myself for anything or anyone.

I follow my dreams.

I expand my power with love.

My time is valuable.

I am proud of my achievements.

I build a better world.

I accept myself unconditionally.

I am confident and authentic.

I stand up for myself, and I believe in myself.

I am free to choose in any situation.

I fully own and stand in my power.

I am the embodiment of inner peace and confidence.

I have the power to love.

I am motivated to pursue my passions in life.

I am successful in my own right.

I fully trust myself.

I am confident, courageous, and brave.

I act with courage and strength.

I choose healthy relationships.

The world has room for everyone to be themselves.

I set boundaries with ease as an act of self-care and self-respect.

I am perfect, whole, and complete.

I am manifesting easily and gracefully.

I have the power to give and to receive.

I appreciate my strengths.

I accept myself as I am.

I feel a great purpose and passion for life.

I feel my power.

Everyone is entitled to be different.

I am worthy, strong, powerful, courageous, and always enough.

I have the confidence and power to take big leaps.

I am confident in who I am.

I am free from the need to always be right.

I love the person I am, both inside and out.

I have the power to give and to receive.

3rd Chakra Affirmations

I direct my own life and I stand up for myself.

The only thing I need to control is how I respond to situations.

I will not settle for less than I deserve.

I deserve the best.

I am motivated to pursue my true purpose.

I choose the power of life.

I am not dependent on others.

I am a person of strong will.

I am light.

I am taking bold steps and walking forward with confidence and self-belief.

I am the only one who can determine my self-worth.

I am free to choose my own situation.

I am worthy of the life I say I want.

I have everything I want.

I accept the power of my being to produce health, love and joy in my life.

I embody confidence and inner peace.

My soul is radiant, my body is strong, and my mind is brilliant.

I believe in my inner power.

I express all my power wherever I go

I am confident.

I am authentic.

I am the architect of my life.

I stand in my personal power.

I use my power wisely.

I am worthy of the best.

I know exactly what I need to be my best self.

I am not jealous of other people’s success.

I am empowered, and I empower others.

I have purpose.

I love myself.

I expand my power ethically.

I stand in the joy I create from within.

I am pure, positive energy.

I release myself from my past.

I am creating an amazing life for myself.

I use my power for good. I make decisions with determination.

I communicate the truth.

I release the need to control.

I deserve my self-love.

I am deserving.

I confidently welcome new experiences.

I can do everything that I desire.

I deserve.

I love and accept myself.

I am a valuable person.

I am in touch with my inner fire.

I make decisions with confidence and conviction.

I have the will and power to accomplish my heart’s desire.

I overcome all obstacles.

I can be confident.

I am creating an amazing life for myself.

I can trust my gut instinct.

I am responsible for being.

I manifest with ease and grace.

I am confident in all that I do.

I have high self esteem and believe I am valuable.

I have enough enthusiasm to make my dreams a reality.

I am positive.

I deserve a wonderful life.

I am motivated, persistent, and successful.

I am worthy of success.

I feel ready to face challenges.

I am fearless in the pursuit of what sets my soul on fire.

I can manifest.

I am worthy of respect from myself and others.

I am proactive.

I confidently express myself.

I can do hard things.

I choose inner peace and satisfaction daily.

I have the power to communicate.

I have the courage and confidence to accept my dreams as reality.

I honor my differences.

I trust myself and the Universe.

I create favorable circumstances.

I rule from a place of authentic power and control.

I accept responsibility of all my decision.

I am happy all the time.

I am worthy of all the good things.

I love and accept myself unconditionally.

I stand in my power.

I am worthy and capable of achieving my dreams.

I give myself permission to be my authentic self.

I release judgement of others.

I am enough, just as I am.

I take responsibility for my emotions.

I love and accept myself fully.

I am powerful.

I live in integrity.

I am responsible and on the right path.

I make my own decisions with confidence and conviction.

I have the strength and courage to handle anything that comes my way.

I am motivated to get things done.

I am confident in my ability to make my life work.

I am at peace with myself and with the world.

I feel tranquillity.

I am standing up for myself.

I can create positive change in my life.

I can choose what’s best for my life.

My joy matters so I choose joy.

The fire within me is stronger than my fears.

I am a powerful being.

I accept responsibility of all my decisions

I feel motivated to pursue my purpose.

I trust myself and I trust my inner knowing.

I choose the best for myself, always.

I am motivated to succeed.

I am more than enough.

I have the courage to create positive change in my life.

I stand up for my beliefs.

I do what I desire.

I am power.

I choose health, healing and happiness.

I respect myself all time.

I am open to new ways of doing things.

I am free from power struggles.

I am enough.

Everything works out for me.

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