165 Positive Sunday Affirmations For Self Love And Care​

165 Positive Sunday Affirmations For Self Love And Care

We have now made it to the last day of the week, congrats! Now that the week is ending, it is the best time to give thanks to what we have achieved and take the time to recover from the week’s activities and recite Sunday affirmations to breathe positivity into our lives.

I think Sundays always get mixed reactions from people. Some love it while others dread it. To us, it represents the start of a new week where we can get closer to our goals and dreams rather than think that the weekend is over.

Reflecting on the week, setting the right expectations, and getting into the right mindset can have a big impact on what your upcoming days will be like, which is why Sundays are great to do just that.

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Reasons to love Sundays

If you have put in the hard work during the week, you will find that Sundays can be the most amazing day of the week. Your work is done, errands all completed, chores all finished. Now, it is time to catch up with yourself and take all hours and minutes to practice self-love and care.

We love Sundays for so many good reasons, just like some of these:

  • Champagne brunches are perfect for celebrating the week with your close friends and family. It is also the day when many restaurants have great deals to reel you in. It always puts a smile on my face when I snag a wallet friendly deal on Sundays.
  • Sundays are the day that you will find farmer’s markets being the most active. All kinds of local produce are on display and makes for a great opportunity to stock up healthy food for the week to come.
  • This might not appeal to some people but I love to use Sundays to plan out the week. Just half an hour is sufficient to draw a brief outline of what you wish to do and achieve. It could be for something totally fun too! Like a date night or movie night with friends.
  • This is the day with the least amount of pressure to get anything done! Make full use of the day to catch up on sleep, TV dramas, your favorite book, or anything else you fancy! All these activities may seem simple, but you will be surprised at how effective they are at rejuvenating your body and soul.

List Of The Best Sunday Affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements that you can recite daily in order to bring about change in your life. What change? Getting rid of bad habits, conquering your fears, or motivation to achieve your goals are all fair game.

Take some time to browse through the list below. There are specific Sunday affirmations as well as generic ones that you can use right away or adapt to your own situation.

Feel free to download a copy of your own affirmations worksheet if you need a handy guide to go along!

Positive Sunday Affirmations

Sunday Affirmations to Relax

Sunday Morning Affirmations

Sunday Affirmations for Reflection

  • I am excited about everything that the day has in store for me.
  • I am receptive of all the great opportunities that the Universe has in store for me.
  • I am becoming a better person by facing my fears.
  • I have some amazing bunch of friends.
  • Sunday is MY day. While others worry whether they did enough this week, I relax easily knowing that I have.
  • I am thankful for the beautiful health that I have.
  • I inspire people to turn their lives into their dream life.
  • When I forgive myself, I free myself.
  • I am grateful for the remarkable family and friends that I have around me to celebrate my weekend.
  • I am going to surpass myself this week.
  • I am going to spare time for my family and play around.
  • I always appreciate the good in me and try to better the bad.
  • I am worthy of love and happiness.
  • My happiness depends on my actions and not others.
  • Sunday is one-seventh of my life and I always make the most of it.
  • It’s been a long week full of progress and success. Today I recharge and take care of me.
  • I happily give and receive love this Sunday.
  • My upcoming week is going to be fruitful.
  • I have firm faith and believe over my abilities.
  • I love who I am, and so does my partner.
  • I follow my heart and listen to my inner wisdom in all matters.
  • I know I am trying. Every day I am a small sun.
  • The next week holds lots of happiness for me.
  • I have compassion and understanding for myself as I watch life move fast. I accept my current emotional state.
  • I know there is always a solution to any problem.
  • Overtime I have become a very mature person and I love this self.
  • I find love everywhere I go.
  • I am going to reflect on my behavior this Sunday.
  • I always choose to be happy and productive.
  • Today is an opportunity to grow and learn.
  • I allow myself to be at peace and enjoy the calm life.
  • I have the capability to direct my thoughts towards positivity.
  • I shall overcome all the challenges that come my way in the coming week.
  • I have my arms open for the abundance that is coming my way.
  • When I focus on my reason for being, I am infinitely brave.
  • I am patient, kind and forgiving. My compassion replaces anger with love.
  • I have the power to turn my dreams into reality.
  • I feel confident and calm as I am about to take up the challenges.
  • I inhale confidence.
  • I am going to work on myself on this Sunday.
  • Sunday is my day to get in touch with my spiritual roots and I always take that opportunity.
  • Words may shape me, but they do not make me. I am here already.
  • I am the only one who is in charge of my life.
  • Someone in need shall receive my help today.
  • When I release shame, I move into myself more beautifully.
  • I approve of who I have become.
  • The universe has my back, and supports me in every possible way, even when I can’t always see it.
  • I was meant to be at the place that I am at present.
  • I am happy and full of joy on this Sunday.
  • When I speak my needs, I receive them abundantly.
  • I am exactly where I’m supposed to be.
  • When I feel fear, I feed trust.
  • I am balanced in my ability to both lovingly give to others and gracefully receive from others.
  • When I root into the earth, the earth rises to support me.
  • I am open to love.
  • I live with mindfulness and gratitude, so as to be worthy of all the incredible gifts I am given.
  • I am going to expand my business the next week.
  • I accept each of my loved ones exactly as they are, and offer them unconditional love.
  • I am a confident person and I shall practice confidence throughout the year.
  • May the coming week be full of gratitude and happiness.
  • I am going to be super productive starting Sunday.
  • I am healthy, energetic, and unwaveringly optimistic.
  • I am lucky to receive the blessings of my loved ones today.
  • I forgive others for their shortcomings. I forgive myself for my own shortcomings. This opens more space in my heart for unconditional love.
  • I am going to spend time to chill with my best people.
  • When I talk to myself as I would a friend, I see all my best qualities and I allow myself to shine.
  • I am interested in learning how to build resilience.
  • I have all the things that I require to stay happy.
  • I am always grateful to the people who stayed with me through my thick and thins.
  • Sunday is MY day. I’ve earned a day of rest and relaxation and today I take it.
  • I am learning and growing to be better with each passing day.
  • I deserve happiness and success in all areas of my life.
  • The more I understand myself, the more I fall in love with myself.
  • Today I celebrate that I am younger than I’m ever going to be.
  • I am ready for all the surprises that the next week has in store for me.
  • I am tougher than my own problems.
  • I am away from all sort of misery.
  • I choose to be happy this Sunday.
  • I define who I am.
  • I love to have FUN. I’m playful and never take myself or my life too seriously.
  • I do not raise waves of anger towards myself for being human.
  • I am high on my life.
  • I believe that everything happens for a reason, and every single experience of my life serves my highest growth.
  • I have a life full of love from my near and dear ones.
  • I am surrounded by people who love me and inspire me.
  • I am attracting the perfect person for me.
  • Good things are about to flow in my life.
  • All the hurdles in my way are making me stronger.
  • I think only positive, loving, empowering thoughts. I hold no space for negativity in my being.
  • I am the magnet of abundant wealth.
  • What a happy and better person I have become today.
  • I never allow the negative criticism of people adversely affect me.
  • I know this week shall be full of opportunities.
  • I am going to use the wealth that I possess in the upliftment of others.
  • I am good with what I am becoming.
  • The universe is bringing my soulmate to me.
  • I use every challenge as an opportunity to understand myself, take responsibility, and grow.
  • I am in a happy relationship with myself.
  • Money flows into my life easily. I always have what I need.
  • I am generous.
positive sunday affirmations
  • Sundays rejuvenate me for the upcoming week.
  • I am always grateful for the perfect days that I have.
  • If my weight is affected, it is OKAY. I am still valuable.
  • I shall spend some time alone with myself.
  • I am grateful for this wonderful Sunday.
  • I shall feel loved and respected this week.
  • Sunday is my day to pursue my hobbies and I always make the time.
  • I believe in myself, truly and deeply.
  • I believe in my thoughts and they are going to turn into action.
  • My heart is open. My mind is at peace. My body is at ease.
  • I feel beautiful and healthy today.
  • I am safe, and protected by divine forces.
  • Sunday is my day to connect with God and I AM.
  • I make the most out of all my adversities.
  • The world is a beautiful place.
  • I am taking over life as a real star.
  • I accept and love myself, just the way I am.
  • I shall practice gratitude throughout the week starting Sunday.
  • This day is going to be super fun and happy.
  • I am conscious of my body. My actions and habits support its purification, vitality and radiance.
  • I am productive as well as disciplined.
  • I am powerfully courageous. I do not let feelings of fear of doubt stand in the way of my greatness.
  • I shall reap the fruits of my labor this week.
  • Slowly and steadily, I am turning my dreams to reality.
  • I value my family and consider this time precious.
  • I deserve to thrive and just not make a mere living.
  • Everyday I become stronger and healthier.
  • Sunday is MY day. Today I refresh and rejuvenate in preparation for a happy and successful week.
  • I always take calculated risks.
  • I am here to learn from all the failures in my life.
  • I deal with all of life’s challenges from a clear, calm and positive place.
  • I promise to give myself more time this Sunday.
  • I am dedicated to never-ending growth, knowing that everything I seek in life is already right here within me, waiting to be awakened.
  • Sunday always recharges my battery and prepares me to achieve my goals.
  • I am fully open to whatever the divine wants to express through me in this life.
  • There are phases of myself, just like the moon’s, where I feel lost. It is okay to admit it. It is okay from start to end.
  • I give each of my endeavors 110%, and consistently express the very best within me.
  • I live with open eyes and witness the infinite beauty that exists within every moment of my existence.
  • My mind and my heart will remain open today.
  • This is a very promising day and I am thankful for it.
  • I see abundance everywhere.
  • I shall not give up looking at the adversities in my life.
  • I am courageous and brave.
  • I am thankful for the joy and prosperity that I have in my life.
  • I choose to be cheerful and joyful this Sunday.
  • I am very much confident about the abilities that I possess.
  • I live with an open mind and continually invite new perspectives and fresh ideas into my world.
  • I am the creator of my reality. I have the power to make my life an extraordinary masterpiece.
  • I shall overcome all the obstacles that ever come my way.
  • The week is just beginning and I am prepared to make it the most amazing week.
  • I deserve to be loved.
  • Sunday is MY day. I am focusing my mind on happiness and success in the week ahead.
  • I am a good person.
  • I am open to all the wealth life has to offer.
  • I accept all my emotions as I work through them and walk my path. Feelings are a privilege and crying is a healthy mechanism.
  • Every adversity that I shall face today shall turn into a beautiful opportunity tomorrow.
  • Knowing that I give my absolute best to all I do, I can relax and allow the outcome of my efforts to flow to me naturally.
  • I shall take out time to sit and chill with my friends.
  • I am the master of my free will.
  • I shall do everything today which makes me happy.
  • I am lucky that I am celebrating my Sunday with my near and dear ones.
  • I am going to attract love this Sunday.
  • I promise to love myself throughout the week.
  • I am grateful for kind people I am surrounded with and this wonderful day.
  • My self-worth is not dependent on the opinion of the others.

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