130 New Car Affirmations That Helps You Manifest One​


I remember when I first started out working.

I was living quite far from my workplace and I had to use my dad’s car to get to work each day.

It caused some minor inconveniences and at that point, I told myself that I had to get my own.

Years later, lo and behold, I discovered the power of the Law of Attraction and used new car affirmations to achieve this goal.

It is not that affirmations will provide you with the means to get what you want, but they serve as a good point to pivot and focus your attention to.

It makes you think about what you actually want rather than just some whimsical random thoughts that will never come true.

In this post, you will find a list of affirmations to manifest a new car for yourself, as well as a simple guide on how you should approach this.

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130 Of The Best Affirmations For A New Car

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Take your time to look through each of the affirmations in the list below.

They are meant o help you in your goal of getting yourself a new car. 

Each affirmation means something different to each individual, so be sure to read the entire list and pick out those that resonate with you.

You might also want to get your own affirmations worksheet to help you along. Your dream car is waiting for you!

Manifest Car Affirmations

All the people who love me are happy for me when they see my new car.

I can feel a deep connection to my future car.

I am an achiever.

I am achieving the car I deserve.

All that I dream of is easily within my reach!

Buying a new car is an investment in myself.

I am full of positive thoughts about owning a new car.

I can get this.

Buying a quality vehicle will make me feel proud and accomplished as well as provide me with better transportation options for getting around town.

I am attracting a new car.

I love my new ______( year) (brand) (model), it is perfect!

I will be grateful for the purchase of my new car, and not resentful or regretful about it.

My subconscious mind believes deeply that I will attract a new car.

Purchasing my new car was an easy and effortless process!

I see myself in my dream car.

I will attract my dream car.

I will attract a new car this year. Doors are opening for me.

Buying my new car was easy and fast, I am so happy I got a great deal.

I believe that my dream can become reality.

I am worthy of a new car.

Attracting my dream car is easy.

God speaks to me through my dreams and I move in the direction of His guidance.

I now live in the totality of possibilities.

My life is full of adventure because I can go anywhere in my brand new car.

Thank you for the manufacturers and the people that worked on the car.

I deserve a new, reliable vehicle that will last for years to come.

I believe in my dream car.

I believe deeply that I have the power to attract a new car.

Today I let my wildest dreams take flight.

I am thankful to God for our new second car.

I am gratefully attracting a new car.

I advance confidently toward fulfilling my dream and let nothing come between it and me.

I find it easy to think positively about the prospect of owning my dream car.

My new car is going to be so much fun.

I am a big dreamer.

I find it easy to think positively and manifest my desires.

I am able to get my dream car.

I am finding it easier to believe in the law of attraction.

My life is full of abundance, prosperity, and good fortune.

I can easily visualize myself driving my new car.

Today I focus on my ability to create the Life of my dreams.

Owning my dream car is easy.

My mind is aligned with the reality of owning my own new car.

My dreams are becoming a reality.

I deserve this car.

My dream car is on its way to me.

I am happy that I was able to buy my dream car. I am wealthy.

My new car is easily affordable! The payments are smooth to make.

Traveling in my new car is just something I will just do.

I enjoyed going for a drive in my car today, it was relaxing and fun.

How to manifest a new car

There is a deep connection between my dream car and me.

I love the interior of my car (tell the Universe what kind of interior you would like).

I am focused on attracting my dream car.

I am worthy of all the good things in life, including a nice vehicle to drive around town.

I deserve to own my dream car

I use my dreams to manifest my desires.

This year, I’m going to buy a new car. For me, new opportunities are appearing.

My belief in the law of attraction is growing stronger.

Believing I will get a new car comes naturally to me.

My mind is totally focused on attracting a new car.

When im sleeping my dreams show me the future with my car.

I now attract a car I will own and drive with love and care.

I am starting to think positively about manifesting a new car.

We can easily and effortlessly afford a beautiful, new, spacious family car that is very safe and gas efficient.

A new car is on its way to me, and I am excited to receive it and welcome it into my life.

When the time comes, I’ll have no trouble finding a new car that meets all of my requirements.

I promise to always say yes to my dreams and ambitions.

I deserve to drive an awesome car.

A brand-new vehicle will help me get more done in less time because it’s easier to drive than an old clunker.

My life is full of joy, love, and happiness.

Thank you Universe that the purchase is smooth.

I am now the person that I once dreamed I’d be.

Thank you that my (say make, model, color, and year) is fully functioning.

I am easily acquiring brand new cars, in only desirable ways…it is awesome!!!

I stay positive knowing my dream car is on its way.

I am grateful for my new car, it is exactly what I wanted.

My new car is comfortable and fun to drive!

I love the color of my new car.

My power to attract a new car is growing stronger each day.

I will be driving my new car soon.

I deserve the car of my dreams.

My car has all the latest features I wanted and it handles very well.

I’ll have a new car by (target date). I can do this.

I am naturally manifesting my dream car into existence.

I am starting to feel that one way or another I will own my dream car.

My dreams always have deep spiritual meaning and purpose.

I can manifest any car I desire.

I have my dream car.

I am using the law of attraction to manifest my dream car.

I love my new car, it is perfect.

I am beginning to sense that I will own a new car soon.

A new car will make me happy and less stressed.

I attract my dream car with ease.

I love my _______(say make, model, color, and year).

I am transforming into someone who is totally focused on attracting a new car.

A brand new car will be my reward for hard work and dedication.

When I sleep I dream. When I dream, I dream healing dreams that heal my mind, body, and soul.

I am working this dream car.

My car is ____ (color) and the interior is _____ (fabric, color), it’s beautiful.

My new car is big, comfortable and a pleasure to drive.

Buying awesome things for my car is a blast!

Thank you Universe for the financing and the payments!

My sleep is filled with positive guidance and answers to my questions.

Angels come to me in my dreams and guide me directly to my purpose.

I deserve the best in life – including a new car!

Thank you Universe for my vehicle! Thank your for its reliability, the affordability, and where it takes me!

My dreams guide me in the direction of my desires.

I have a dream and I live it!

I am just meant to own the car of my dreams.

I attract the perfect car into my life.

The color of my new car matches my personality.

Owning a fancy sports car is just a normal part of my life.

Manifesting a new car is just something I will just do.

I have the money to buy my dream car.

I am so very glad that all the new cars I have acquired have only been through blissful experiences.

Thank you God!

I will have a new car.

Things are changing for me.

Thank you for the money I have to pay for the car!

My automobile is ready for me to receive!

A new car will make me feel more confident in myself.

I know what my dream car looks, smells and sounds like.

When I’m driving in my new car, time flies by quickly and smoothly.

My car runs perfectly and always gets me safely where I need to be.

Thank you for the transportation is provides for me and my family.

My ideal car is heading my way.

I have a nice reliable car.

Thank you for the care and concern they have for my car!

I am a car magnet.

My new car has all of the latest features and handles beautifully.

The universe is on my side and has plans for me that include an amazing ride!

My dream car is already mine.

How do I manifest the car of my dreams?

Do you think that getting your dream car is simply about making more money? I mean, sure, that’s the material part.

There are actions you need to take such as having a job, saving money etc.

But what really sets you apart from others is really down to your own personal mindset.

How much do you want to manifest your dream car?

Desire is a powerful motivator and that should form the basis of your journey towards the car you have always wanted.

I have a few tips that might help you out too.

#1. Be very specific about what you want to manifest

It is not effective at all but making a statement that goes, “I want a new car.” I think you can see what the problem here is right? 

Ask yourself what exactly do you want.

Be as specific as possible, getting into the details such as the brand, model, color, the interior, the material used for the seats, the features in the car, if it should be brand new or a used one. 

Make a list of all the features you want in your car so that you are clearer about your goals. 

#2. Practice visualization

The next important step here is to visualize the outcome.

However, there is a right and wrong way to go about this step.

If you think that you should imagine what you need to be doing, and the steps you need to take, then you are spending a lot of unnecessary energy and likely not to get any results. 

Instead, the visualization should be about you ALREADY achieving your end goal.

It means you already have your car. 

I suggest that after you complete the first step, locate a car dealer that allows you to test drive.

Look at the car and observe both its exterior and interior.

Next, imagine driving it to all the places you go such as your workplace, to the park, to visit your friends.

Think about how you would steer the steering wheel, how you step on the accelerator, and how the seat feels. 

Spend 5 minutes each day doing this.

#3. Recite new car affirmations daily

And lastly, I recommend that you introduce affirmations into your life and start reciting daily.

Affirmations are wonderful reminders of what you are working towards and can help you to develop the right mindset to achieve them.

Our site contains lots of affirmations that are suitable for many different situations in your life, so feel free to browse around and use them.

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