Is Manifesting Dangerous? Honest Opinion


Lots of people are talking about manifestation. It’s the new self-help fad that everyone wants to try but only a few people actually understand.

Manifestation means attracting what you want in your life and there are some rules you need to follow if you want it to work.

But is manifesting dangerous?

Manifesting is not dangerous as long as you are not trying to harm someone, or try to manifest something that in the process will hurt others and make them go against their free will.

In this post, I will talk about why manifestation can be dangerous, who shouldn’t try it, and how to make sure it works for you!

is manifesting bad for you

It can feel a little scary

One of the biggest things you have to watch out for with manifesting is that when it’s really working, it can feel a little scary.

When you are manifesting something big, there is always a possibility that something bad could happen if you get what you want.

If your manifestation is positive (you want love, money, or to move to another country), then there’s nothing to worry about and no reason to stop your manifestation from coming true.

But if your manifestations are negative (like wishing bad things on someone else) or if they involve hurting other people in any way, then this might be dangerous for everyone involved – including yourself!

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Be aware of the limits of manifesting

Sometimes when you’re manifesting, you might reach a point where you begin to see that nothing is impossible and there are no limits on what’s possible for you.

You might feel like you can do anything, and that feeling can be very dangerous.

This is because this feeling of invincibility can lead to thinking that any kind of behavior is okay—and oftentimes, it isn’t!

You may feel like creating a work environment where everyone stands up for themselves or being open about how much money your company makes each quarter or sharing information about how many meetings were canceled last month because people were too busy watching episodes of Game of Thrones.

But these things aren’t always appropriate (or legal) in the workplace—and they also don’t necessarily tell us anything useful anyway!

We don’t need more information; we know everything we need already: That our boss has been watching too much TV lately; that he needs more support from his employees; and so on.

Manifesting comes from within and things we can control in our lives, and not try to dictate what others can or cannot do!

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Paying attention

The moment you start feeling like everything is possible, that’s the time it’s important to pay attention.

It’s a mistake to think this power will be used only to help yourself or those you love—it may also draw out some darker sides of your personality.

You might find yourself tempted to run away from it, use it for selfish means, or try and hurt others.

That would be a mistake.

You can use your power for good in the world around you by helping others and yourself at the same time!

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Using positive affirmations and positive self-talk can help you in this phase.

Positive affirmations are a way to remind yourself of the things you want to be true about yourself.

They are useful when you’re experiencing fear and doubt because they can help reframe your perspective on your situation.

For example, if your goal is to get a job at a company where there’s currently an open position, but they haven’t responded yet, one positive affirmation might be: “Even though I’m nervous about whether or not I’ll be hired for this job, I trust that this decision will go my way.”

Positive self-talk refers to the words we say in our own minds—and it’s just as important as any other kind of affirmation!

Positive self-talk reminds us that we have control over our thoughts and feelings, which can make us feel more confident during difficult times.

Positive self-talk also helps us remember that no matter what happens with manifesting something we want into reality (or lack thereof), we always have power over ourselves.

If nothing else comes from using positive affirmations and self-talk tactics like these ones listed above, then at least consider them as tools worth keeping around so they’re ready when needed most!

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Your energy

is manifesting healthy or harmful

As you listen to yourself speaking positively, notice how your energy feels so good.

You can feel the energy moving through you, relaxing every cell in your body as it goes.

The tension in your neck and shoulders begins to ease away; all of this negative thought clutter is being cleared out of your mind and heart.

Your spirit lifts and your soul expands with love for yourself and others.

These are simple mindfulness exercises that will greatly enhance your self-worth and feel happier.

I personally use the Headspace app (free to try out) to help guide me along.

Running away

When you can feel that kind of power coursing through you, don’t be surprised if your first instinct is to run away from it.

You may feel like the only way to keep yourself safe is to hide your abilities and stay quiet about them—but if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my six months as a manifestor, it’s that keeping things bottled up never helps anyone.

Instead of being afraid of your own power, use it to help others!

Or better yet: use it on yourself!

Manifesting isn’t just about creating something out of nothing—it’s about making yourself happy in the process.

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The first thing to do is to be aware of the distinction between saying, “I’m powerful,” and saying, “Because I’m powerful, I will use my power to harm others.” The second statement doesn’t have any basis in reality. It’s untested and irresponsible.

The first statement can be tested by looking at all of the benefits that we’ve already discussed: you’ll feel better about yourself (which will lead to higher self-esteem), you’ll get what you want faster and more easily (and therefore be happier), and so on.

These are concrete things you can believe in because they’ve been proven over time by thousands of people who’ve used this system successfully (and if they hadn’t been successful, they wouldn’t have continued using the system).

So ask yourself this question: Is it really possible that everyone who has had success with manifesting has only used their abilities for evil?

Or are there some who use them for good?

If so, how many? The answer is probably a lot of people.

You may not know all these people personally but trust me when I say there are lots of us out there doing amazing things with our lives every day thanks solely to having learned how our minds work!

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Manifesting your dreams, which is what a lot of people mean when they talk about the law of attraction, can be dangerous if you don’t know how to use your power in the right way.

There are plenty of opportunities for people who are powerful—or who have access to power—to use their power in ways that help others as well as themselves! For example:

  • You can use your power to help yourself. This could include manifesting things like money or a relationship with a person who has money.
  • Or maybe you want more time to yourself so that you can spend more time with your family or writing poetry. Whatever it is that makes YOU happy and fulfilled, it’s definitely possible to make this happen through using the law of attraction (and MOSTLY JUST YOUR THOUGHTS).
  • You can use your power for good by helping others around you feel better about themselves through healing work or setting up charities and non-profits where people can volunteer together instead of just donating money all by themselves every day from their homes alone shortly before bedtime each night as another way of saying thank you for being alive but not really feeling grateful enough yet because this isn’t what anyone would call “gratitude” at all!

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Manifesting can seem scary but remember that everything you do has a ripple effect on the world around you

  • Remember that you are not alone. You are surrounded by people who have chosen to use their power to create positive change in the world.
  • Understand that manifesting is a powerful force that cannot be controlled and can be dangerous if not used responsibly.
  • Be proud of yourself for taking steps to learn more about manifesting and how it affects your life, but don’t feel pressured into doing anything you’re uncomfortable with or could potentially hurt others.


In my opinion, the answer is no. You can manifest what you want in life and do it safely. If you encounter issues while doing it, there are ways to reverse manifestations too.

I believe that people are always looking for ways to improve their lives and that there is nothing wrong with that.

The problem I have seen is when they follow a path of manifestation without taking any responsibility for their own actions.

Manifesting can change lives for the better. I’ve seen it. And now it’s your turn.

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