529 Beauty Affirmations To Change The Way You Look At Yourself

Beauty affirmations are one of the most effective ways to make you feel more confident about yourself and they should be a crucial part of your self care routine.

Oftentimes, we feel uncertain about the way we look, no thanks to stereotypes and the influence of media.

That can wreak havoc on our self esteem and the way we see ourselves.

Not surprisingly, this can lead to deep-rooted issues over time, affecting your life in general.

Work performance suffers, relationships deteriorate, and some people have even slumped into depression over not just their physical appearance, but also their inner beauty.

In this post, I will be sharing a list of beauty affirmations that will help you regain your self worth and build up your confidence. Learn to trust yourself and live strong!

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Do Beauty Affirmations Work?

Affirmations are one of the best ways to change the way your subconscious mind works. The thing is, we hold lots of beliefs that can be negative and self limiting. These thoughts become automatic, almost like a reflex action.

Thoughts like “I am not pretty so he is not going to like me” are very damaging. Although it might sound simple, thoughts like that place a hold on you, preventing you from taking action to do the things you want and deserve.

To solve this problem, you need to change your mindset first, and affirmations are a great practice to help you in this shifting process. As you recite affirmations regularly, you start to believe in your own truth and gravitate towards it.

Just as described in the Law of Attraction, like attracts like. When you start to think and behave a particular way, you attract similar energy back into your life.

So do they work? Yes, but only if you are willing to take the step to believe and take positive actions.

Only you can make yourself feel beautiful.

What are Affirmations for Beauty?

Affirmations for beauty are words and sentences that you use regularly to develop the right mindset. This can be specific to a physical trait such as your eyes, skin, or hair, but can also be geared towards building your inner confidence about your whole body.

Think of it as a confidence-building activity. It will allow you to be you, to be authentic, and not try to chase the shadows of others.

As you continue improving, your positivity and character will shine through and trust me, others will notice and pay attention. That’s when you know you have done well and now your energy spreads to others.

How to Use Beauty Affirmations Correctly

The good news is that there really isn’t a “fixed” way to do it.

It can be as simple as saying an affirmation like “What a beauty!” each time you see yourself in the mirror.

This simple act of reaffirming to yourself that you are beautiful will bring about lots of positive benefits over the long term.

Some of us might find this frivolous and require a more structured approach.

In this case, you should check out the next section where I detail the steps you can follow for a more effective routine.

List of Beauty Affirmations To Transform Yourself

The list below is long and contains affirmations for many aspects related to beauty.

Both men and women will find them useful, but the key to success is to pick out a few or formulate your own affirmations that you truly believe in.

Without a strong conviction, it is unlikely that one will succeed.

Be sure to grab your own affirmations worksheet (at the end of this list) which helps you get organized.

There are also some special bonuses together with the worksheet.

You can also check out the following affirmations for more specificity:

Clear Skin Affirmations

Hair Growth Affirmations

Body Image Affirmations

Weight Loss Affirmations

Affirmations for being beautiful

Affirmations for physical beauty

Affirmations for inner beauty

Affirmations to feel attractive

Affirmations for beautiful smile

Affirmations for self-love and acceptance

Affirmations for beauty and confidence

Healing affirmations for a healthy body

I am getting more beautiful with each passing day.

I have thick, luxurious hair.

I now see myself in a beautiful light.

I eat a healthy balanced diet to keep my hair healthy and nourished.

I have lovely manicured fingernails.

I exercise and eat healthy to keep in perfect shape because I love curves and respect my body.

I am full of loving, friendly, and kind thoughts.

I love and appreciate my gorgeous beautiful hair.

I have a gorgeous and sexy body.

I look fabulous!

Every day in every way I am getting prettier and prettier.

My hairstyle is great. Everyone loves it including me.

I love the feel of my soft, bouncy hair.

I am a beautiful, confident and successful woman/man.

I am beautiful because I am me.

I’m grateful for my lips because I get to have amazing kisses with the love of my life.

My body is perfect in every sense.

People love my hairstyle.

My inner beauty is a magnet that attracts others to me.

I embrace my skin warts and all.

My lips are soft, smooth, and make an attractive smile.

I love my good looks.

I maintain a healthy diet to ensure clear and youthful skin.

My nose is pretty and lovely.

I have a beautiful face.

I am beauty and brains combined.

Each day my skin becomes more and more radiant.

My hair looks healthy and shiny, and is cut to suit me perfectly.

I am elegant. I am radiant. I enjoy the beauty of life.

The more love I have for myself, the more beautiful I feel.

Every day, I wake up with my beauty enhanced.

I enjoy moisturizing and exfoliating my skin because it makes me feel beautiful and clean.

My radiant smile highlights my natural beauty.

I treat myself with respect and loving-kindness because I love myself.

I see myself becoming more beautiful every day.

I feel sexier now than I’ve felt in years.

I love every organ in my body and embrace imperfection.

My height and weight are perfect.

I look sexier now than I have in years!

I am often complimented for my beautiful hair.

My glowing smile lights up every room.

I am beautiful and perfect just the way I am.

My face is very attractive.

I wouldn’t want to be anyone else, I love me.

I look and feel like a goddess.

My hairstyle is perfect for me. It enhances my facial features.

I have a pure and beautiful soul that radiates positivity.

I look and feel forever young, ageless, and vibrant.

I am blessed with a natural glow.

I see myself as an incredibly attractive woman because only I can define my beauty.

Best I am beautiful affirmations

All I need is already within me.

I’m bold, beautiful, and brilliant.

I am grateful for my healthy body.

I reject all and any feelings of unattractiveness.

I truly love myself and believe in myself.

Everyone wants to be a part of my life because of my beautiful soul.

I accept compliments easily because I know I deserve them.

I have healthy, clean and good-looking nails.

I have nice well-maintained nails that add to my beautiful image.

I am a pure and beautiful soul and spread positivity around me.

I have a good, clean complexion.

I love how my hairstyle fits my personality and frames my face perfectly.

I have a beautiful spirit and a beautiful soul.

Self-confidence and kindness is part of what makes me so beautiful and attractive.

My eyes sparkle like stars in the night sky.

I am perfect and complete just the way I am.

I am blessed with beautiful healthy skin.

I am proud of my lovely curly hair.

I am extremely attractive.

I greatly appreciate my natural attractiveness.

I have a hot booty.

My nose is gracefully shaped.

I am as beautiful as I am, and I accept myself completely.

I treat myself to regular manicures and pedicures.

I believe in my body’s ability to heal itself and I stop my mind from interfering.

My hair looks better in various styles.

I enjoy life and have a sense of inner peace.

I look incredible because I take special care of myself.

The more positive I am the more beautiful I become.

Everyone wants to be my friend because of my beautiful and warm personality.

Being beautiful comes easy to me.

I exude beauty and confidence.

I have beautifully shaped eyes.

I feel happy and smile a lot.

Like my beauty, my confidence also increases with each passing day.

I am beautiful in all ways.

I can carry every outfit with confidence.

My hair is one of my favorite features.

When I look in the mirror I see nothing but pure beauty.

I have a hairstyle that suits me perfectly.

Every time I walk into a room, everyone smiles at my presence.

My eyes are healthy and hypnotizing.

I use a good quality lip balm daily to keep my lips soft and hydrated.

My lips are pink and soft.

I am feminine and full of grace.

I love the new me I see in the mirror.

I am grateful for my white, strong teeth and healthy gums.

My weight is absolutely perfect.

When I look in the mirror I see a beautiful woman staring back.

The combined outer and inner beauty makes me look good.

Affirmations for a beautiful face

I am a beautiful woman.

I am very masculine and attractive.

My body feels terrific.

I love the person I am as well as the one I am becoming.

I have a beautiful smile.

My smile shows that I am happy and bubbly.

The color of my skin is beautiful.

No one has the power to make me feel inferior without my consent.

Everyone around me is as beautiful as I am.

My imperfections make me unique.

I am a loving and caring person.

Every day I practice feeling beautiful.

I am beautiful in my unique way.

I have the perfect desired lip shape.

My nose is elegant and it brings me the pleasure of smelling nice things.

I have a hairstyle that makes me feel great.

My way of styling and accessorizing is excellent.

Being my authentic self is what makes me especially beautiful and attracts love and success to me.

I look in the mirror and love what I see.

I have a good physique and I am in great shape.

I accept my flaws and love every part of my skin and body.

I apply sun cream when the weather is hot because I care about my skin and want to protect it.

I can choose any color of lipstick and still look confident and attractive.

I have a pretty and charming face.

I am admired for my unique beauty.

I am grateful for my white and healthy teeth.

My skin is clearing up and healing because I am grateful for the power of my medication.

My sexy and seductive lips are one of my favorite facial features.

I feel good about the way I look.

I use good quality hair products to protect my hair and keep it looking beautiful and shiny.

I am body positive and every dress looks great on me.

I am a stunner!

I have gorgeous eyes that reflect my pure soul.

Men find it easy to approach me.

Every piece of clothing looks fantastic on me.

My skin is clean and smooth.

I am full of vitality and health and others enjoy being around me.

I am absolutely gorgeous from head to toe.

I enjoy taking care of my body.

I absolutely adore my face shape.

I am worthy to attract great things in my life.

I am seeing myself positive, joyful, and peaceful now.

I am the creator of my happiness.

I look and feel incredibly sexy.

I adore my curves and exercise to keep them in place.

I love my sexy, gorgeous features and perfectly shaped face.

I wash and condition my hair regularly.

I have gorgeous hands and feet which are a perfect size.

I have a positive self-image.

I become even more beautiful with my positive approach to life.

Beautiful skin affirmations

My hands and feet are beautiful and perfect in shape.

I enjoy grooming my hair.

I allow beauty into my life.

I love and appreciate myself for the beautiful person I am.

I know that true beauty comes from within.

I radiate true beauty.

I am my kind of beautiful.

My nose is perfectly placed on my attractive face.

My lips give me a beautiful smile.

I know how to dress for different occasions.

Every day in every way I am getting more and more beautiful.

I have beautiful white teeth.

I am a beautiful soul in a beautiful body.

I am delighted with the shape and tone of my body.

I attract the opposite sex because I am a beautiful woman.

I drink plenty of water each day to keep my lips soft and hydrated.

I appreciate my nose to allow me to smell beautiful scents.

My body is clean and hygienic.

My beauty is the greatest gift I possess.

Every day brings me closer to my perfect self-image.

Nothing makes me more beautiful than the belief that I am beautiful.

I always see the beauty in things which reflects the beauty in my face.

I grow more beautiful and loving each day.

My eyebrows make my eyes shine with their beautiful natural color.

I cherish the feel of running my fingers through my hair.

I am a beautiful being, in my own unique way.

My hair is luscious and silky to touch.

I grow more attractive every day.

I am incredibly handsome.

My hair shines with radiant health.

I give myself the care and attention I need.

I am grateful for my perfect body and beautiful mind.

I truly love all of me.

I take good care of my hair with natural hair products.

Every morning when I look in the mirror, I see a younger, more attractive me.

When I look at myself, I see beauty and charm.

I have healthy white teeth.

My body, mind, and soul are beautiful.

Every color that I wear suits me.

I am graceful and I carry myself well.

I am a beautiful, sexy, and powerful woman and I love myself.

I see the true beauty in me.

My inner joy makes me irresistible.

I get my teeth cleaned regularly.

I love the way I feel in my new body.

My skin is supple and well toned.

My skin has the soft all-over glow of warm sunshine.

My lips frame my smile in a very desirable way.

I am grateful for my beautiful and vibrant skin.

I carry myself with style and grace.

I am beautiful women affirmations

I accept my body unconditionally.

I am blessed with natural beauty.

Everyone notices and appreciates the ‘new’ me.

I am careful in choosing the beauty products I use.

I feel fortunate to have no scars or blemishes.

I smile to people often and get compliments for my beautiful smile.

My hairstyle flatters my facial features.

I actively seek beauty in ordinary things.

I quit all the bad habits that hurt my nails.

I am grateful for how beautiful I am.

I trust in the ability of my skin to heal itself.

I am forever grateful for my perfect body.

I have a radiant smile that captivates everyone’s heart.

My positive approach to life makes me even more beautiful.

My inner self radiates positive energy into the world.

My hair is full and radiant.

Beauty starts in your head, not in your mirror.

Making new friends come easy for me because my heart is in the right place.

I choose to have a positive attitude and that makes me even more beautiful.

I carry positive thoughts that make me appear gorgeous.

People often compliment me on my attractive body and good looks.

My eyes are magnetic.

I spend a little extra time and money caring for my looks and I am so worth it!

I allow myself to see myself as beautiful.

The more I practice smiling, the more attractive I look and the happier I feel.

Every day I wake up, I express heart filled gratitude for how beautiful I am.

I love every part of my body.

I was beautiful, I am beautiful, and I always will be beautiful.

I enjoy attracting the opposite sex.

Every feature of my face is perfectly shaped.

I see my lips getting more and more beautiful.

I can choose any hairstyle and still look and feel confident and amazing.

I enjoy exfoliating and moisturizing my skin as it makes it feel soft and wonderful to touch.

I forgive myself.

I accept my flaws and love every part of myself just the way I am.

I am perfect and beautiful.

I have vibrant, clear skin.

I love how I look without makeup.

I am enough.

My scalp is clean and healthy.

I love myself. I don’t aspire to be anyone else.

I love dressing for myself.

My skin glows with youthful radiance.

The happier I am, the more beautiful I become.

I look fantastic in every outfit that I wear.

Every time I stand in front of a mirror, I remember to tell myself how beautiful I am.

I am beautiful as a flower; I grow into beauty every day.

Every day I feel prettier and prettier.

I love my new hairstyle.

I am naturally confident and I can speak up for myself.

Self-love beauty affirmations

I choose to eat healthy and it shows in my youthful skin.

My teeth are strong and white, and I have a beautiful smile.

I love my long shiny hair.

My skin is smooth as silk.

I refuse to indulge in negative thoughts about others.

I am a true inspiration and inspire everyone around me to become the best version of themselves.

I have beautifully shaped eyebrows.

I love to groom myself.

I am an attractive person.

I look and feel confident and beautiful in anything I choose to wear.

I am grateful to be this beautiful.

My inner beauty is projected from the inside out.

My hair is easy to manage.

My eyes exude beauty and confidence.

I always radiate good vibes and people enjoy being around me.

My body looks and feels fantastic.

I deserve to be loved by everyone including myself.

I am beautiful.

Being beautiful comes naturally to me.

I am blessed with perfect body proportions.

My lips are beautifully shaped and look gorgeous.

I deserve to have a healthy body and a healthy mind.

I take care of my eyes by taking breaks from the screens.

People are amazed by my beautiful personality.

I am a strong, confident woman, and will only continue to become stronger.

My eyes are my favorite part of my face.

I am falling more in love with myself each day because I believe I am beautiful.

I have perfect eyebrows and eyelashes.

I am beautiful in body, mind, and spirit.

I treat myself like the rare and precious jewel that I am.

I am comfortable in my skin and adore my beautiful body.

I have luscious gorgeous hair.

Every cell in my body is beautiful.

I stop all the bad habits that hurt my lips.

I have a wonderful smile.

I am very good-looking.

I am often complimented for my good looks and great sense of style.

I have radiant, healthy, and gorgeous hair.

I am meant to live a happy life.

Other people are inspired by my presence.

I am comfortable in my body and feel proud of my skin.

Beauty is a state of mind, not a state of the body.

I am learning to love and accept my skin just the way it is.

My body shape is perfect in the way it’s intended to be.

My hair is growing thicker and stronger every day.

I am free of negative thoughts and replace them with positive beliefs.

It feels natural and easy to grow my hair.

I use the best beauty products I can afford.

I feel more attractive every day.

I am both a beautiful masterpiece and a work in progress.

Positive beauty affirmations

The more beautiful my thoughts, the more beautiful I look and feel.

My natural state is happiness and joy. I live there.

I have beautiful, youthful skin.

I love to exercise and eat healthily.

My nails naturally grow quickly and strong.

I choose to love and accept myself for who I am.

I take good care of my lips.

My eyes look gorgeous.

It is easy for me to believe that I am beautiful inside and out.

I choose to laugh and enjoy life because it’s what truly makes me beautiful.

I am sincere, understanding, and authentic in my interactions with others.

I have long, flowing, beautiful hair.

My true beauty shines from the inside out.

People comment on my amazing style and good looks.

My lips show off my perfectly white and aligned teeth every time I smile.

I am comfortable in my own skin and I exude confidence.

I become even more beautiful each day because my body is healthy, clean, and hygienic.

I am fit, healthy, and in good shape.

I accept myself unconditionally.

I am beautiful when I am positive.

My hair is naturally thick, strong, and beautiful.

I find a reason to smile and laugh every day.

My skin is strong and resilient.

It’s easy for me to believe that I am an extremely beautiful woman.

I am very proud of my body.

I am a beautiful person both inside and out.

I have a beautiful and healthy body.

I have complete faith in my decisions and trust in all my actions.

I deny myself permission to say hurtful things about myself.

I possess beauty and intelligence.

My hair cells are strong and rejuvenating.

I have the power to overcome the negative thoughts holding me back.

The more I smile, the more beautiful I look.

I am such a beautiful human being.

My lips are soft, subtle, and pink.

People find me extremely attractive.

I have beautiful eyes that shine.

I have a perfect vision.

I am a sexy Goddess.

I inspire kindness and compassion in others.

My relentlessly positive spirit causes people to light up when they see me.

I am uniquely beautiful and nobody else looks quite like me.

My fingernails have a beautiful natural shape.

Beauty radiates through every part of me.

Every day my inner beauty shines brighter than before.

I have a perfect jawline.

I have a soothing, calming, and sweet voice.

People are attracted to me because I feel confident in my skin.

I love taking care of my beautiful body.

I feel beautiful today and everyday.

Male beauty affirmations

I see myself as a beautiful and lovable person.

I choose to make my curses my blessings.

I love my strong, healthy, and shiny hair.

My voice is naturally sweet, calming and soothing.

Men find me very attractive.

My skin feels supple and smooth.

Day by day my skin becomes more radiant and glowing.

I release all overcritical thoughts about my appearance.

I have a healthy scalp.

My skin is smooth and glowing and reflects my natural beauty.

There is so much goodness in me that there is no room for negativity.

Every day my skin becomes more and more radiant.

I have a healthy head of hair.

I get a lot of compliments for my eyes.

Everyone finds me pretty.

I have the best body.

My eyes are bright, healthy, sparkling, and beautiful.

My nails are healthy and long.

I am beautiful when I think beautiful thoughts.

I see myself exactly as the person I want to be.

I deeply and unconditionally love and accept myself.

I drink plenty of water every day to keep my skin hydrated and radiant.

I look good and feel great.

I combine femininity and intelligence beautifully.

My nose has a good natural shape and deserves to be loved.

I love and accept my body and my height, my weight, and all my curves.

I look sensational!

My beauty is worthy of celebration.

My brows always look good and well-maintained.

I have a healthy and positive attitude that glows through my smile.

My inner self radiates goodness into the world.

My body is healthy. My mind is brilliant. My soul is tranquil.

The more I love myself, the more beautiful I become.

I am turning into someone who sees themselves as beautiful.

My great sense of style makes my body look more beautiful.

I choose to be happy every day.

I appreciate each part of my body as nature intended it to be.

People are drawn to my inner beauty.

I feel comfortable and confident in my own skin.

Each day I focus on my inner strength and healing.

I always protect my beautiful skin from harsh chemicals and elements of nature.

My body is fit, tone, and in shape.

My inner beauty is shining bright and beautiful.

I have a fit and attractive body.

My positive life outlook makes me look even more beautiful every day.

My personality makes me even more beautiful.

I attract beauty in everything I see.

I will always be beautiful regardless of my age.

I look gorgeous by wearing a big smile.

Each day my heart is filled with beauty, joy, and love.

Affirmations for beautiful eyes

I am proud of the way I look.

I am grateful for my attractive features.

I am gorgeous!

I love my smile and skin, my eyes and hair. I love and accept myself exactly as I am now.

I am letting go of excuses for not feeling beautiful.

Others love me for me.

I focus on the way I want to look.

I see a lovely, charming person staring back at me in the mirror.

I am comfortable in my own skin.

My eyebrows complement my overall beauty.

I love every feature of my face.

I am forever grateful for my beautiful, soft, and natural lips.

My hair shines with vibrancy and health.

My genuine beautiful smile warms even cold hearts.

My brows have the perfect thickness.

My beautiful face glows in the moonlight because I am a beautiful soul.

I feel more and more confident with each passing day.

I have an irresistible personality that shines through my natural inner and outer beauty.

I have a confident, bright, and beautiful smile.

I accept my skin with all its scars and imperfections.

I love taking care of my fit, healthy and beautiful body.

My beautiful soul shines a light on those who enter my life.

I have a beautiful personality shining from an attractive body.

My natural beauty radiates through every cell of my body.

My beautiful nose adds to my natural charm.

I am beautiful on the inside and that radiates outward.

I take good care of my skin every day.

I am growing more beautiful and radiant every day.

I am a beautiful person, in my own unique way.

I let go of all baggage — emotional, mental, physical that no longer serves me.

I take the time to make myself look my best.

Every day my skin is looking more and more fresh and youthful.

I am grateful for my clear, beautiful skin.

Right now I feel fantastic!

I am very pretty.

I have a sweet and melodious voice which everyone loves.

I am imperfectly perfect.

I radiate beauty from the inside.

My hair is thick and luxurious.

My inner beauty shines brightly.

I take good care in washing and conditioning my hair regularly.

I find beauty in everything I see.

I love and appreciate every part of my beautiful body.

I remember go visit the dentist regularly.

I am at peace with my past.

I am a knock-out!

I look terrific!

My skin is becoming softer and smoother every day.

I deserve to look and feel fantastic.

My hair makes me look even more beautiful.

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Affirmations for beautiful hair

I let go of all reasons and excuses for not looking and feeling beautiful.

My body is muscular and well-sculpted.

People enjoy being with me as I radiate inner beauty.

I am the vision of perfection that I seek.

I have a perfect height.

When I walk into the room, everyone is drawn by my natural beauty.

My beauty is worth seeing and appreciating.

I have unique beautiful eyes.

My fingernails grow longer and stronger every day.

I love my morning face.

Others enjoy my company for my exterior as well as inner beauty.

I am naturally beautiful.

My lips are sexy and subliminal.

I express so much gratitude each day for my beautiful and healthy body.

I walk gracefully and carry myself elegantly.

My eyes sparkle like stars.

I am crazy beautiful.

I see the natural and perfect beauty in everything around me.

My skin is glowing and healthy.

It’s okay to accept compliments.

I choose to eat a healthy diet and only eat foods that nourish my hair, skin, and nails.

Accepting myself as I am right now is the first step in growing and evolving.

I am the most confident, attractive, and beautiful woman to have ever graced this Earth with my presence.

When I look in the mirror I absolutely adore what I see.

My smile is radiant and reflects my inner beauty.

I now have the body of my dreams.

I have beautiful hands and lovely manicured fingernails.

I love taking care of myself.

I love the way I look and I feel good about myself.

Everyone sees me as pretty and attractive because I have beautiful facial features.

I enjoy life and love to laugh which shows all over my beautiful face.

I adore my hair.

No one has the power to make me feel bad about myself without my permission.

I have clear, healthy skin.

I have a healthy head of hair free of dandruff.

People find me very attractive.

I am allowed to feel good about myself

People compliment me on what amazing hair I have.

I was beautiful, I am beautiful and I will always be beautiful.

I am happy and content with myself.

I am overjoyed with the way I see myself now.

I choose to love myself every day.

I deserve to often hear how beautiful I am.

I take good care of my skin by only using natural skin care products.

People light up whenever they see me because they see how beautiful I truly am.

I feel more beautiful every day.

My expectations for hair growth are realistic.

I look beautiful, I dress beautiful and I speak beautifully.

Being a beautiful woman comes naturally to me.

I have thick and luxurious hair.

Affirmations for beautiful lips

My skin is healthy and youthful.

I have beautiful eyes.

I am beautiful because I know I am a powerful goddess and beauty flows through every part of my being.

The opposite sex finds me sexy and attractive.

My inner beauty radiates positive energy into the world.

I welcome positive and healthy energy with open arms.

My body is sexy and gorgeous.

I have beautiful perfect hands and feet.

I am grateful for my good looks.

My skin is smooth and soft.

I am a positive being, aware of my potential.

My sexy and seductive lips attract men and make them want to kiss me.

I have a great sense of style and it shows in what I wear and how I present myself.

I love my ears because they give me the ability to listen to beautiful music and sounds.

I dress beautifully and speak beautiful because I am beautiful.

I always have been enough; I am more than enough, and I always will be enough.

I’m not perfect but I still respect, value and love myself because I know I am beautiful.

My skin is clear, healthy and radiant.

I gravitate positive energy towards others wherever I go which makes me even more beautiful every day.

Everyone is attracted to my beautiful, positive, and loving energy.

My beauty reflects in my posture because I walk elegantly and gracefully.

I look beautiful in every outfit that I wear.

I identify the more beautiful aspects of my body every day.

I release all of my insecurities. I release all of the hate.

I have no blemishes.

I am grateful that I have eyes to see the magnificent beauty in the world.

I choose to be pretty, to be attractive, to be beautiful, to be gorgeous.

Being beautiful is one of the top priorities in my life, and I practice this feeling every day.

I find time to nourish my skin.

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