405 Procrastination Affirmations To Get More Done Quicker


Nike has made the phrase “Just Do It” famous all around the world, yet so many people are dealing with procrastination and doubt. Why is that so, and is there a solution to this? To me, the biggest roadblock is the mind. It has the ability to paralyze you, and reciting procrastination affirmations is a great way to free yourself from limiting thoughts.

In this post, you will find a list of positive affirmations to overcome procrastination and start doing things that will help you reach your goals. It is time to take charge and unlock your full potential!

Procrastination? What’s the problem?

I think we all know what procrastinating means. Putting off doing something important until it’s too late and perhaps regretting big time after that. Plans get derailed, goals are not met, and people are not happy.

Do you think it’s a problem? What would your life be like if you stopped procrastinating and actually got things done? You will find that you will become more productive, achieve more, and more importantly, be yourself.

Many people hold off doing things because they do not know the reason they need to do it, or they are afraid of what others think, or worse, waiting for the “right moment” to do it.

Here’s something to consider: If you had invested in Tesla stock 10 years ago, a $1,000 investment would be worth close to $200,000 today. Shocking right?

Many stock investors are the perfect example of procrastinators.

“I will wait for a dip before I buy”

“It is too expensive now”

And because of that, they lose lots of opportunities to achieve their goals such as financial gains or building a retirement nest egg.

Do you want to be that person?

How to set goals that ensure success?

Goal setting is an important exercise that many people either overlook or did not take the right steps to set them. Yes, there are better ways to set goals, ways that will give you a much better chance at success.

If you are just starting to take your goals seriously and want a good framework to set goals, you should use the SMART method. Essentially, it guides you to set specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely goals.

That said, I would recommend that you are clear about the kinds of goals that you are setting.

Are you trying to improve a process or do you wish to achieve a specific outcome?

What kind of goals are you trying to set? Short or long term?

Understanding what you want first is an important first step to take and should not be overlooked. It will help you to lose procrastination as it usually stems from uncertainty.

Tips to stop procrastination

We really don’t need a lot of reminders about getting rid of procrastination.

We need to take action, and here are some of my favorite ways to do it.

Practice positive procrastination affirmations

We have a tendency to use negative words, often on ourselves.

This places a limit on our actual abilities since it comes from our subconscious.

We need to start shifting that mindset and start empowering ourselves to do more.

Repeating affirmations can have a positive effect on our thinking, rewiring years of negative thoughts entrenched in our subconscious mind.

As you practice more, you will start to notice big shifts and changes in your life.

Manage your time well

Did you ever put off doing something because you had “no time”? Well, the truth is we all have time, but we do not make the best use of it.

Rather than spending hours watching cute animal videos on YouTube or checking out the latest FaceBook posts, you could have gotten to work and become a step closer to what you wanted to achieve.

Understand how much time is required to reach your target and be realistic about it.

Give yourself ample time (but not something way too slack) so that you do not get overstressed about it.

Stick to your schedule and practice self discipline.

Creating lists

Checklists are great at keeping us focused and I love the satisfaction of ticking one off.

The added benefit is that you do not have to actively remember what you need to do, lessening the amount of stress you give yourself.

One look at your list and you know what you need to be doing. Easy peasy.

Enlisting help from friends and family

The importance of a support system cannot be understated.

No one can do everything on their own. This is the fact.

And when someone else holds you accountable, you will be more motivated to get things done right.

They might even have good tips to help you reach your goals quicker.

Rewarding yourself

Each time you reach a milestone, you should reward yourself.

I mean, it does not have to be a 100-person party, but even a small treat can do wonders for your mind.

Self-care is an important part of life and you should give yourself the love you deserve.

What do you enjoy doing? Taking a hike in the national park? Staring at the stars? Spa day? Go do it and pamper yourself.

List of Procrastination Affirmations To Help You Reach Your Goals

The list below exists to be a guide for you. You can use them as is or simply use them as a reference to develop your own affirmations. How long affirmations take to work depends greatly on you, but sticking to them is the key to success.

Take your time to browse through the entire list before writing down your own. You can also get a bunch of useful affirmation resources when you join our mailing list. They will surely come in handy as you work towards a better you.

Goal affirmations

Focus affirmations

Positive affirmations for getting things done

Affirmations for achieving goals

Affirmations for taking action

Mantras for procrastination

Affirmations to stop procrastinating

Affirmations to avoid distractions

Affirmations for dedication

Stop procrastination affirmations

Action affirmations

I act with courage and confidence.

I am always appreciated for my proactive nature.

I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.

I am willing to explore new and uncharted territory.

I always try to learn more while I am completing all my tasks.

I know that I have the skills, resources and energy to get my to-do list done.

Every day I get better at what I do.

I love getting a head start on my projects.

I choose to be an active individual and I choose to love being active.

It’s very simple to focus on the task at hand. All I have to do is to pay attention.

I realize there will be obstacles but I have the strength to get through them.

I have a strong willpower.

I have an unshakeable perseverance.

I rise up to any challenge that comes in the way and I face it with courage.

I cherish the feeling that I get when I complete all my tasks.

I always believe in giving complete work.

I can tackle any task in front of me.

I choose discipline over regret.

I welcome challenges and will persist through the hard times.

I’m the kind of person who always dives straight into my work.

I can work my way into the flow state whenever I wish.

I use my laser focus to get the results I envision.

I am able to release negative thoughts and feelings that do not serve me.

I get things done fast.

Everyday I will keep moving forward.

I am ahead of my peers because I complete all my work in time.

As the rain is over, the sky clears up and calm, stillness, clarity, and vibrancy takes over everything.

I enjoy getting things done.

I always live in the present and leave anything for tomorrow.

The key to unleash my confidence is to do things on time and beat procrastination.

I am a highly productive person.

I have written a list of my life-time goals.

I am turning into a proactive person.

All I need to do is to take a deep breath and relax.

I am going to make today amazing.

I am extremely productive.

I will be observant and attentive throughout my entire day.

I am focused.

When I put my intention and energy towards a goal, I set in motion all that is necessary to achieve it.

I believe that I am a very energetic person.

I find it easy to start big projects when I break them down.

I can direct my focus and concentration effortlessly towards anything I want.

I am so close to my goals, I will not give up.

I always get a head start and have plenty of time to complete my work.

My planning, action and hard work will translate to the achievement of my desires.

Every day I do one new thing to improve the quality of my life.

By finishing my tasks now, I give my future self the gift of freedom.

I try to keep myself focused even when I don’t wish to.

There is no person as organized as I am.

I am dedicated to complete my tasks at hand on time.

  • I help my team to get the work done quickly.
  • I am proud of myself since I am a very dedicated person.
  • I free myself from the paralysis of perfection.
  • I have clarity and energy.
  • My time is valuable to me.
  • I am becoming more productive with each passing moment.
  • I learn a great deal from setbacks. Setbacks help me improve my strategy and approach, and gain even more clarity.
  • I enjoy completing my tasks.
  • It is extremely easy for me to focus on my work and have clarity.
  • For today, I am truly attentive on my work.
  • I first get my work done and then take rest.
  • I know where I am going. I only need to supply the action to get there.
  • I let go of the past and future, and focus myself on the present.
  • Focusing on my goals gives me something to work towards.
  • I am becoming better at concentrating on my work with time.
  • I can accomplish everything that needs to get done today.
  • As I let go of procrastination now and begin to take consistent action, all I ever wanted in life gradually begins to turn to reality.
  • I value my dedication to staying focused.
  • I choose to let go of overthinking, and just do it!
  • I free myself from the doubt and pessimism that keep me from achieving my goals.
  • I prioritize my tasks and enjoy the sense of achievement as I complete them one by one.
  • I never let work to pile up.
  • Today, I block out distractions and remain committed to my tasks.
  • I complete a task early so that I can take out extra time for myself.
  • I am clear in my values and that makes it easier for me to make clear decisions.
  • I value integrity and get done what I have promised myself I would.
  • I invest my time and energy wisely, towards more meaningful things.
  • I am focused and determined to get more done.
  • I am motivated to always get more done.
  • I am successful.
  • I am a highly disciplined person.
  • My focus is getting better every day.
  • I clearly see the obstacles to keep me from achieving my goals I move over, under, through or around them.
  • I give my soul and heart to complete a task.
  • Focusing on tasks comes naturally to me.
  • I know that hard work pays off and I am fully committed.
  • I will never quit.
  • I will be myself, not what others want me to be.
  • I’ve got this.
  • I will keep moving forward.
  • I enjoy working hard and getting things done.
  • I believe in the effort I make. I know that my work will generate results.
  • Giving up is easy. I will continue striving for my goals.
  • I focus on my ability to focus, and as a result, it continues to expand.
  • I can tackle any project with effort and ease.
  • Every act of discipline creates more freedom for my future.
  • I have the willpower to complete all the work that I get.
  • I am an inspiration for many people who wish to remove procrastination from their lives.
  • I will follow through with every choice I make.
  • I am productive because I am very ambitious.

I find it easy to direct my attention on important tasks and not get distracted.

My results come from an aligned place within me.

I look forward to my goals, yet at the same time, i’m deeply grateful for what I have right now.

I have good work habits.

I am strong, determined and focused.

I give myself permission to be imperfect.

I am an inspiration for people who wish to complete their tasks on time.

I dive straight into my work everyday.

I am consistent in getting all the work done in time.

I value time.

I prioritize my tasks and joyfully execute my day.

I can always find time and energy to do what needs to be done.

With laser-focus, I know exactly what needs to be done and I do it.

My mind is energized, clear and focused on the process of my goals.

My future depends on my today.

I inspire the people around me to practice discipline.

I can focus and concentrate at will.

I naturally turn procrastination into productivity.

I am extremely committed to my goals.

I have an amazing work ethic.

I am naturally inclined to focus on my goals and vision.

Taking immediate action is better than putting things off.

I find the work I need to do to be fascinating.

I will turn my dreams into goals.

Confusion is just the mind analyzing things, and I allow my mind to take a moment to analyze and gain clarity again.

I am the most active person in the entire world.

I believe in my abilities.

Focus easily come to me.

I have the ability to direct my focus at will.

I allow myself to focus on one small step at a time.

No excuses. Just results.

I have a focused mind that is clear of distracting thoughts.

I release all negative programming of self doubts and fears that keep me from moving forward.

I find myself accomplishing more and more, day by day.

I am calm and focused in all that I do.

I take the action and leave the outcome up to God.

I do not let the distractions come in between me and my goals.

I am competent, committed, and consistent.

Progress and effort is all that matters.

I take care of the future by taking care of the present moment.

I enjoy the success of finishing a task.

I am a proactive person.

I choose to be free of the trap of procrastination.

I have the power to change my life and overcome procrastination.

I am changing into someone who effortlessly gets things done.

I unleash my inner potential that accelerates my growth.

I know deep inside when to step forward and when to step back.

I always respect the task that I receive and give my 100 % to it.

Great things don’t happen overnight. I realize that the process takes patience and perseverance.

Being proactive comes naturally to me.

I am in charge of my emotions and today I choose to be happy.

If I do now, I won’t worry about it later.

I am finding that I naturally choose work over procrastination.

I love the feeling of getting a head start.

I choose to focus on the rewards of accomplishing my most pressing projects.

I am committed to anything I put my mind to.

Today I will take a big step toward reaching my goals.

I make no excuses to get things done.

The best time to start something new is right now.

I’m going to make the most out of today.

This is the time. This is the place. I am the one. I will act now.

I am free of all distractions in the world.

I always strive towards achieving my goals.

No matter how much the workload is I always complete before the deadline.

I work diligently everyday and set goals for myself.

I know I can now easily steer my focus into any direction of choice, whenever I want.

I have the strong willpower to get done all the tasks.

I will follow the beat of my inner drummer.

I am always moving forward and working on my goals.

I am filled with energy.

I am highly loved by my colleagues due to my persistent nature.

There is nothing that can ever distract me from my goals.

Everyday I am attracting everything I desire in life.

Every small step I take makes a big difference.

I always get started right away.

I cross all the things on my to-do list by the day end.

I approach my tasks with confidence and enthusiasm.

I am extremely consistent.

Every day my discipline is improving more.

I find it easy to maintain focus and clarity.

With every passing day from now onwards, focusing is becoming more and more effortless for me.

I clearly visualize the attainment of my goals.

Now I focus on any task easily.

I am willing to do the thing I am resisting.

I can control my impulses.

If ever I find my mind distracted, I redirect my focus towards positive, productive, and beneficial things.

I always see my goals as an important part of my life.

I look forward to getting things done.

I am the best employee in the company concerning getting things done on time.

I can finish all the tasks that are given to me.

I am often appreciated for my productivity.

I am always dedicated to complete all my projects and works.

I always honor the commitments that I have made.

I am fully committed to my goals and objectives.

I concentrate all my efforts, potentials, and abilities towards achieving this goal.

I choose temporary hassle now for a greater future, rather than being lazy and getting nowhere in life.

I never put off things to be done later.

The time management skills that I possess are great.

I will face my fears head on and I will learn from them.

I always complete my work for the day.

My desire to get on with things is stronger than my desire to procrastinate.

I focus on the result I want to achieve.

I do what needs to be done, whether I feel like it or not.

I choose to be a productive person.

I take extraordinary action toward my goals.

I am consistent.

I am focused on the task at hand.

Every day I am improving my discipline.

I can do hard things.

I let go of unnecessary arguments and endless debates.

The sense of focus that I have is very strong.

All of my problems have solutions.

I am equipped with all the tools I need to complete the task in front of me.

I strive for positive change.

I feel so relaxed and accomplished when I am done with a task that I was putting off before. It greatly enhances my self-esteem.

I love taking action to achieve my goals.

I choose to focus on all the good that happens in my life.

I choose to step up.

Every day I am moving my life forward.

I have the agility to get things quickly.

I now choose to be a person of vision and live a life directed by my vision.

I live in the present, never dwelling on the past, and take action to ensure a wonderful future.

Confusion is just a temporary state. Eventually, the mind reorganizes itself and attains crystal clarity.

I am motivated to finish my tasks.

I am unafraid to try and fail. I welcome the growth that comes from these experiences.

I have full faith in my abilities.

Nothing will stand in my way of accomplishing my tasks.

I will concentrate on my number one priority today.

Wasting time is a thing of the past.

I know my priorities and I focus on them before anything else.

I avoid wasting time at all costs.

I may stumble, but I never stay on the ground.

I may make mistakes, but I don’t quit.

I can finish all my tasks.

I do not allow distractions to come my way.

My daily goals will ensure I reach my long term goals.

Failure is not an option.

I am free of fear, doubt and procrastination now.

I am done feeling bad about myself for procrastinating something. I choose to change now.

My actions support my goals.

Others admire that I make things happen now rather than later.

I finish my projects effortlessly.

I am determined that I shall not let lack of energy affect my work.

Every human is born with the ability to focus. Focus is naturally a part of me.

There is no try, only do.

I am focusing so easily right now as I read these affirmations.

Accomplishing and getting things done feels wonderful.

All I have to do is to just bring my attention towards the desired task and I get laser-focused.

I align my energy and my abilities towards the fulfillment of my goals.

I patiently work on my goals, and I know that eventually, I will get there.

My ability to conquer my challenges is limitless. My potential to succeed is infinite.

I will always get started right away, even if I don’t feel like it.

There is nothing and no one that can stop me from doing what I strive for.

I never doubt my abilities.

I realize my priorities and I am clear about what is more important in life.

Nothing will stop me from getting what I want.

I want to do what I need to do.

I have a strong concentration.

I am patient.

Being focused comes easily to me.

I can do things easily.

Procrastination is something that I find very awful.

When I take action, it changes my life.

I will become someone who takes action.

I believe in doing the best in everything.

I enjoy starting a task and finishing a task.

I am flexible in my approach towards my goals. When one thing doesn’t work, I creatively keep finding other ways until I find what works.

I am a survivor.

I will turn my steps into actions.

I set goals everyday and strive to achieve them.

I have control over my emotions.

I am never lethargic.

Every day I complete all the work that I plan to do.

I do proper planning each day to complete all the work in hand.

I believe that consistency can help me become the best version of myself.

I use my laser focus to solve any problem or challenge I ever encounter.

My expertise is to get things done quickly and efficiently.

Others rely on me because I always follow through.

I make time to do what I need to do.

I begin to gain clarity as I put my intention towards it.

I act now.

I am dedicated to my goals.

I always move a step ahead to get better at what I do.

My life is filled with joy and abundance.

I believe in doing work.

My work ethics are phenomenal.

My focus is sharp and disciplined.

I am always motivated to complete my task.

I honor the commitments I make in a timely manner.

I can manage all the tasks that are thrown at me.

I am determined to get everything done.

I ignore all the distractions and concentrate my mind on the task at hand

I am productive and I pay close attention to detail.

I always set small goals to get the work completed.

I always start projects early.

I am determined to achieve great things in my life and won’t stop until I get it.

I am finding it easier to begin large projects.

I am a doer.

I take charge of my life and get things done.

I get up from my desk only when all my work is complete.

Today I do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can do what others can’t.

I effortlessly tackle difficult tasks.

I extremely respect other people’s time.

I am free from self-doubt.

I am a driven person.

My attitude determines how I feel.

Accomplishing tasks gives me a lot more pleasure and satisfaction than being lazy.

I have the ability to focus on what needs to get done.

Among everything I do I love working the most.

I will find solutions in these difficult times.

I am in control of my destiny.

I take immediate action on opportunities that resonate with me.

Laziness does not exist in my dictionary.

I will work with abundant enthusiasm and confidence.

I am dedicated to finishing all my projects.

I feel accomplished when I reach a goal.

I have a dedicated and focused mindset.

I never doubt myself, I just take action.

I believe in organizing and implementing a strategy to get things done faster.

I will face difficult situations with grace and courage.

My mind is clear and focused.

I am disciplined.

I possess the ability to get things done faster.

My mind is very focused and clear about the work that I have to do.

My future self will thank me for all that I’m doing right now.

I motivate people to become proactive in life.

I am becoming a focused person.

I complete projects with plenty of time to spare.

I always believe to deliver the best quality work before the deadline ends.

I am persistent.

I act quickly.

I am present in this moment.

Every big goal is achievable when it’s broken down into chunks and divided into smaller goals.

I believe in the importance of discipline.

I work hard first and play later.

I always remain consistent and my graph goes up.

No distraction can last long enough to deviate me from my goals.

I let go of all that no longer serves me.

I utilize every moment of the day for my betterment.

I feel great when I do things on time.

Procrastination is nothing more than a petty mind game and overthinking. I beat it easily whenever I want to.

I choose to start this task with a small, imperfect step. I will feel terrific and have plenty of time for play.

I am someone who seizes the moment and takes action.

I am done with delaying things. I take action now.

I take charge of my time and achieve my goals.

There are so many great things in life waiting for me to take action, so I commit to stepping up and taking action from now onwards.

My goals are very important to me.

Nothing distracts me.

I am positive, proactive, and productive.

Making things happen is just what I do.

I am grounded, focused, and attentive.

I don’t sweat the small stuff or the minor setbacks.

All resistance to achieving my goal has vanished.

Taking immediate action is becoming a natural part of who I am.

I am in control of my actions.

I never put things off.

No matter how late it gets I complete all the day’s tasks then go to bed.

I’m strong enough to overcome procrastination.

I will live my life as the exciting adventure that it is.

I release negative thoughts and choose to approach each task with confidence and positivity.

Amazing how proficient and focused I have become.

I will turn my goals into steps.

I have the willpower to do my assignments.

It is better to give a complete work rather than perfect.

By taking care of this present moment, I set myself up for a beautiful future.

I am willing and able to get things done on time.

Everything I do today leads me to a better tomorrow.

Staying focused is an art and I am the master at it.

I practice discipline every day.

I am mentally prepared to be productive.

Tasks are always done in proper order by me.

I am motivated and driven.

I’m getting closer to my dream life one day at a time.

I feel lighter and better about myself when I do not procrastinate.

Making the best use of my time comes easy to me.

I am full of energy.

I can easily overcome procrastination now.

I’m excited to get this done and see the results.

I believe in me.

One day at a time. One step at a time.

I am organized, efficient, productive and proud of all I accomplish.

I don’t have to get it all done at once, but only take one step at a time.

I am energized to get all my projects done.

I am free from distractions.

No matter how hard it gets, I will never surrender.

My subconscious mind knows deep within which direction I should take. I just need to dig deeper to know the answer.

I am a quick worker.

Procrastination is my enemy.

I will complete an action every day.

I not only focus on the end goal but I also enjoy the process, the journey that I’m on right now.

It’s normal for me to start projects early.

Things are usually much easier than I expect.

I don’t participate in leisure activities until my work goals have been met.

I take charge and get things done right now.

I will do whatever it takes to reach my highest potential.

I am committed to being focused on my goal. I am worth it.

I enjoy starting quickly and beating others to the punch.

I always motivate the team to complete the project before the deadline.

Being productive comes naturally to me.

I will stop procrastination and change my life.

Imperfect action is better than procrastination.

I remove all the thoughts and things in my life that don’t serve me well.

I am consistent in my disciplinary habits.

I am a magnet for success.

I concentrate all my efforts on the things I want to accomplish in life.

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