Why a Positive Attitude Matters


Positive AttitudeRegardless what you do in life, you need to have a positive attitude. In fact having a positive attitude is more important than the knowledge you bring to the table. If I were running a company and had to pick between two people for a position that was going to decide whether or not my business succeeded or failed, I would pick the one with the positive attitude over the one with the knowledge of making a business thrive and a bad attitude. Here’s why.

A Positive Attitude is Like a Drug

I don’t know if any of you have been around someone who has a positive attitude, but it is infectious. It consumes that person and spreads to all others in the room. A positive person tends to be more curious about things. This results in them doing a better job than a negative person because they are always looking for new ways to do things. This can lead to cost-cutting implementations at work or more free time in our daily lives.

I have both a best friend and a fiancé that have a positive attitude. After I talk with them about my business ventures, I am instantly motivated to get to work because they fill me up with so much energy and excitement.

The Pessimist

On the flip side is the pessimist. Even if he has all of the talent in the world, all of his complaining and depressing views will sap the energy out of the room. I can attest to this first hand. Years ago I dated a woman who always looked at the negative side of things. Every day at work, I would get at least one phone call from her (usually two or three) about all of the bad things that she was going through that day. I never realized it at the time, but it would always depress me. I would hang up the phone in a worse mood than before and would be less productive. Once the relationship ended and I entered into a new one with a person that thought positively, I realized what the pessimist was doing to me.

Even if that pessimist has all of the knowledge, you will dread working with them. You will avoid them just so you don’t have to be put through the pain. As a result, productivity suffers and no one is at their best.

A Positive Attitude Wins Out

For the reasons I pointed out above, I would pick the person with a positive attitude any day of the week. You may be asking “if I have a negative attitude, what do I have to do in order to switch over to a positive attitude”? This is a great question. When I first began to switch over my thinking to a positive attitude, there was just one thing I would do: catch myself.

By this I mean whenever I would realize I was thinking negatively, I would “catch myself” and stop. I would tell myself that I was thinking negatively and switch it around. Let’s say I was stuck in traffic. My old thought would have been, “of course this is happening. Next thing you know it will be five hours later and I’ll still be sitting here.” I would catch myself at this point and tell myself that there is a reason why I am stuck in traffic. I would try to think of the reasons why. Reasons include:

  • My neighbor will have left for work allowing me to park in front of my house.
  • I need this downtime because I’ve been running all over the place lately and need a break.
  • Because my friend with whom I am to go to dinner with is running late and now we will meet at the same time.

It eventually turned into how many interesting, positive things I could come up with. As time went on, doing this and catching myself became easier and easier until I go to the point I am at today having a positive attitude.

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  1. Sure. Positive attitude will sure make any day.

    We don’t know what will happen when. In case of negative situations, the person with positive attitude will see the things as something that will make them a better person.

    Positive attitude is always better!

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