Great Inspirational Moments in Movies

I love watching movies. I like all genres, from action to comedy, to drama and romance. Unless it looks really bad, I will watch it…and even if it does look bad, there is a good chance I will watch it anyways. Below (in no particular order) are my personal favorites if I were giving away an Oscar for the Best Inspirational Moment in a Movie. I’ve added these to the Breath of Optimism YouTube page as well as some others, so be sure to subscribe!

Rocky Balboa

Any Given Sunday

Pursuit of Happyness


Friday Night Lights


What are your favorite inspirational movie moments?

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2 thoughts on “Great Inspirational Moments in Movies”

  1. The pursuit of happiness is one of my favorite movies. Everyone has their own movie scene that they just love and that inspires them. Thanks for the collection.

  2. This is an awesome blog! I used to watch these types of videos all the time. It got to the point that I was listening to these videos on my phone while I walk to class. That is because it provided a means of inspiration, something we all need sometimes, and it gave me the courage to realize that I needed to keep moving forward and that I was exactly where I needed to be at that point in time. The struggle was difficult, but I kept an open mind and learned more than I ever imagined!

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