238 Vision Board Affirmations For Daily Motivation


“An extraordinary life begins with an extraordinary vision.”

A vision board is a collage of words, images, and symbols designed to reflect your dreams and goals.

When you create your vision board, it is first designed the way you are in the present moment.

But then, you begin to look at where you are now and start to create a collage of images that depict your future version of yourself.

Besides the usual suspects, vision board affirmations are great additions to manifest this future you.

Whatever method you choose to start your vision board, remember that there is no right or wrong way to do so as long as it feels authentic to you.

That implies selecting items that you genuinely desire rather than those that you believe you should desire.

Before you go on creating your dream board, consider joining the community in accessing our free affirmations resources.


What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is nothing more than a visual collage of images and text that represent your life’s objectives and dreams.

By creating collages that depict your goals on a poster or corkboard, it will become second nature for you to recall them and keep them top of mind every day.

A vision board is also an effective approach to use the Law of Attraction to attract the people, resources, and opportunities that will assist you in achieving your objectives and realizing your dreams.

This physical guide is commonly used to manifest the following:






positive mindset


self care

heal chakras


Benefits of Using a Vision Board

A vision board is a great tool that you can use to help you achieve your goals in life.

This is an excellent way to be able to picture where you want your life to go, and it works on many different levels.

Here are some reasons why you will benefit from creating and keeping up to date a vision board:

Make sure your objectives are one of the first things that come to mind every day.

Allows you to more easily apply the Law of Attraction to your life.

Making a vision board may be a calming and powerful process for gaining insight on what you truly want your life to look and feel like.

It motivates you and improves your mood.

It broadens your perspective on what’s possible.

Allows you to focus on the big things and not get caught up in the minutiae.

They’re a lot of fun to make! A fun activity to do with family and friends.

You can share them with others to solicit their help in realizing your goals.

4 Steps To Create Your Vision Board

How do you write an affirmation on a vision board?

It does not need to be complicated at all when it comes to creating your own vision board.

Some will adopt the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) method while others will decorate their vision board elaborately. It is all up to you.

After all, the content is what makes it work, and that content must be something you have been desiring.

Here are a few steps you can consider:

Make a list of your goals first (remember to set a deadline)

Source for photos from the internet or magazines that will inspire you

Organize your photos into a collage

Fill your vision board with motivational words of affirmations

Recommended Vision Boards

You can create your own vision board, but if you need a hand, you can consider checking out the following:

Vision Board Kit For Women

Magnificent 101 Vision Board Kit

Alternatively, you can also check out our post on the best premade bullet journals.

Yet another fantastic way to keep track of your goals!

List of Vision Board Affirmations To Keep You Motivated

I am worthy of being heard.

I have everything I need to succeed.

I’ve got this.

I see the Divine light in everyone.

I hear and speak the truth.

I love my body.

Nothing can stop me from the success I desire.

My body is healing.

I have the power to control my health.

I release grief to the Divine.

I live in truth and clearly communicate with others.

I deserve to be healthy and happy.

I am capable, strong, worthy, and always enough.

I expand my awareness through my higher self.

I deserve happiness.

Every dawn, I am born anew.

Everything that is happening, is happening for you.

I deserve to enjoy life.

I am relaxed.

I am stronger than I realize.

I am free of limiting beliefs and open to limitless possibilities.

I am doing my best for my child.

I see and think clearly.

I am supported by Mother Earth.

Everyday I am learning and growing.

I revitalize my life.

Anything I can imagine, I can create.

I create the life I want to live.

I strengthen my bond with God’s Divine energy.

I live in the present moment.

Every day I feel healthier, happier, and more energetic.

I live from my heart.

I am connected to my true path and purpose.

My insight is welcomed, valued, and needed.

I always remain calm and peaceful, even in the midst of chaos.

My voice matters.

I allow God to guide everything I do.

I am my true self, and there’s nobody else I’d rather be.

I am strong and courageous.

I am a powerful creator.

I create the life I want and enjoy it.

I am one with the Divine.

I am grounded, safe, and prosperous.

I am enjoying all the benefits of eating mindfully.

I make a significant difference to the lives of people around me.

I am connected with the unlimited abundance of the Universe.

My self-confidence is growing stronger every day.

I can and I will.

My body is healthier every day.

I live a healthy lifestyle.

I am braver than I think.

I deserve the love I am given.

I am living my dream life.

I trust myself.

I believe in myself.

I love myself.

I feel complete peace from within.

My life is a blessing.

I take time to work out each day.

I am infinite and boundless.

I am a timeless, eternal being connected to the wisdom of the Universe.

I am worthy enough to follow my dreams.

I am unafraid to be amazing.

Today is my day.

I am dedicated to building a stronger body.

I feel protected in this world.

My thoughts create my reality, and so I focus on things in my life that bring me joy.

I can succeed. I will succeed.

I am grateful for the amazing blessings in my life.

I am open to new adventures in my life.

I allow the Universe to work through me.

I celebrate each goal and success with gratitude.

Through courage and hard work I can achieve anything.

I achieve success in every area of my life.

I have unstoppable confidence within me.

I find alternative treats that are healthy for my body.

Every day I create the feeling of unlimited freedom in my life.

Healthy mind, healthy body, healthy life.

The sun will rise and so will I.

When I show up, magic happens.

I love who I am.

I speak love.

I can do anything I set my mind to.

I am connected with the wisdom of the Universe.

I am fearless in the pursuit of what sets my soul on fire.

I open myself to the wisdom of the Elders.

I am happy, healthy and fit.

I am living to my full potential.

I consciously create my life.

I trust the Divine.

I accept healing and allow love to flow into me.

A new vision of myself is emerging.

I am calm.

I am newly strong and wise.

I am centered.

I am energetic.

I can accomplish anything.

I am aligned with my purpose and truth.

I trust in my abilities.

I open my heart to the guidance of God.

I have the strength to follow my heart.

The world needs more of me, not less.

I choose to live in peace.


I embrace pleasure and abundance.

All that I need is within me.

I am fierce and free.

Every day brings me more freedom.

I am loving to myself and to others.

I seek experiences that nourish my spirit.

I am aligned with my higher purpose.

I am learning to slow down and be in the moment.

I nourish my spirit through creativity.

I’m becoming more peaceful and content.

My life is filled with possibility.

Everything I do today leads me to a better tomorrow.

I have what I need to accomplish my goals.

I am worthy of success.

I am confident about my sexuality.

I am open to receiving all the abundance life has to offer.

I find things to smile about every day.

I allow love to find me easy.

I can find peace inside myself.

My love for myself is bold, fierce, and unconditional.

I choose to trust the universe to guide me.

I am an active listener and allow others to speak their truth.

I am love. I am lighted. I am connected to all.

I am energized.

My dreams are coming true.

I am compassionate and exude unconditional love.

I choose to be positive.

I will enjoy discovering new and healthy foods to try.

I embrace what serves and guides me.

I love the mother/father I am.

I choose peace.

Getting in shape is something I can accomplish.

Every day I am getting closer to total freedom.

I surround myself with people that bring out the best in me.

I am vital.

I am aligned with the Universe.

I enjoy being a parent.

Nothing will stop me from being successful.

My new partner and I are sharing the joy of mutual love, trust, and respect.

I let go of negative feelings about myself.

I am peaceful and grounded.

I am supported by those around me.

I am debt free and grateful for all the money flowing into my life.

I am emptying my head of busy racing thoughts.

Every day I take action to achieve my goals.

I am eternally loved.

I am unstoppable.

I allow my creativity to flow through me.

I am in control of my future and will succeed.

I choose to embody freedom in all that I do.


I will succeed.

I am at home wherever I am.

My light illuminates the whole universe.

I expect positive outcomes in everything and I naturally attract great results.

I am empowered and I empower others.

My time is now.

I am empowered to seek out my dreams.

I will be kinder, smarter and wiser.

I will overcome any challenges.

I am surrounded by co-workers who are positive, enthusiastic, and supportive.

I rejoice in the success of others.

I replenish my energy.

I fully expect to achieve greatness.

There’s no limit to what I can achieve.

I express myself creativity through speech, writing, or art.

The only force that can stop me is me.

I am calm and at peace.

I trust the divine plan.

With every breath, I release anxiety.

I am natural.

I am able to make decisions and choose with awareness.

I am balanced.

My goals are in perfect alignment with my personal values.

I am confident in all that I do.

I prioritize health and fitness.

I am creative, loving, and passionate about life.

I own my own power and feel fully alive.

I attract good relationships.

I forgive myself, I forgive others.

I am a creative being.

I attract only honest, loving relationships into my life.

I deserve to be treated with respect.

I trust my intuition to make intentional parenting choices.

I feel the power of divine love.

Spirit is always guiding me.

I am co-creating my own love story.

I breathe in the light of God.

My potential is limitless.

I express my feelings easily.

I choose to feel calm and peaceful.

I trust my feelings and give them ample room to grow.

I deserve good things in life.

I shine my spirit and light on everyone around me.

I am focused, motivated, and committed.

I am age defiant.

I invite sacred transformation.

I show up every day as 100 percent myself and know that I have amazing gifts to share with others.

I believe in me.

I am patient and understanding with my children.

I surround myself with successful, positive people who believe in me and want to see me succeed.

When there is chaos around me, I am the calm.

Everything is always working together for my greater good.

I am rooted in the energy of Mother Earth.

I choose love.

I am positive, peaceful and worry-free.

I deserved to be paid what I am worth.

I go with the flow.

I am loved.

I can climb this mountain.

I am always worthy.

I honor the Divine in me.

Yes, I can.

I will not settle for less than I deserve.

I have the freedom to create the life I desire

I am good at anything I put my mind to.

I am more than enough.

I am a success and I will make it a great day.

I am focused on my goals and enjoying my career.

My strength is greater than any struggle.

I am financially free.

Every small step I take makes a big difference.

I can do hard things.

I am powerful.

I am unafraid to shine the light inside of me.

I am healthy and full of energy.

I am beautiful.

My life. My terms.

I am insightful and intuitive.

I am capable of achieving my goals.

I am successful and driven and what I want to be.

Solving problems and creating solutions comes naturally to me.

I am connected to the Divine Source of the Universe.

I love myself and this new life that I have created.

I give and receive love freely without fear.

I am releasing all negative emotions from my system.

I welcome my transformation.

I acknowledge my own self-worth and my confidence is rising.

I will say yes to energizing my body by eating healthy.

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