6 Best Premade Bullet Journal For Productivity Jump

I first stumbled upon bullet journaling a few years ago, pleasantly surprised by how therapeutic it can be on top of being a productivity machine. It’s really interesting how effective they are considering that these days, people are moved on to using digital apps to help them with organization.

Personally, I find that there is something romantic about writing with a physical journal and pen, which is what draws me to journaling.

In this post, I will be sharing with you a list of the best premade bullet journals that can help you declutter and get organized quick.

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Best Premade Bullet Journals: Table of Summary

In the sections that follow, you will find out more about bullet journaling, its benefits, and how you can choose the right journal. If you are in a rush, here is a summary table of the best premade bullet journals in this post.

For more information about each of them, you can scroll down to read more and simply click on the images to learn more.

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What is Bullet Journaling?

BuJo, or bullet journal, differs from regular notebooks which are simply blank or lined pages for you to fill.

Bullet journals contain sections that allow you to track your to-dos, organize your weekly or monthly tasks, keep a record of your mood, or even act as an affirmations notebook.

While doing so, you also practice the art of mindfulness, according to its creator Ryder Carroll.

In simple terms, they are your personal organization system plus your personal written meditation.


8 Benefits of Bullet Journaling

1. Become more mindful

Due to the fact that you need to be present while writing your thoughts, you force yourself to think clearly about the things on your mind. This brings you into a state of mindfulness. During this process, you need to keep engaging your mind so that you can write the right things into your journal.

2. Take time to reflect

One common theme among modern people is that we tend to move so fast. So fast that we never took the time to reflect on our actions and things that have passed. We never get a chance to learn from our lessons. Journaling forces you to do so though, as you are likely going to migrate some of your content across pages.

3. Organize your thoughts and get them out of your head

Many of us have so many items in our things in our to-do list and find it hard to keep up and keep track. Bullet journals are great for organizing what you need to do. I find that writing down the things I need to do gives me a sense of relief and allows me to be more focused on completing each one.

4. Improves and stimulates your creativity

One thing about using mobile apps is that they are mainly in plain text. On the other hand, using a bullet journal gives me an outlet to design and color it however I want. It’s really comforting to use your favorite colors, add on your favorite stickers, or simply doodle away.

5. Makes you more productive

One of the biggest benefits of bullet journaling is that it makes you become more productive. As your tasks are now listed nicely in a section or page in your journal, you become more focused on the task at hand. The effect becomes exponential quickly as you realize your productivity increases, you will want to do this more and better each time.

6. You decide how much you want to spend

You can start bullet journaling with a plain notebook, pen, and ruler. That’s how easy and cheap it takes to begin. On the other hand, you can also invest in thick, high-quality, and luxurious paper for your bullet journal. You can also choose to use special pens and equipment to help you with the designs. It is all up to you the budget you wish to set aside on this.

7. Helps you keep track of your goals

Goal setting is a common activity we all do, but sometimes we have too many things on our minds. We wish to get a promotion, lose weight, get fitter, travel more. But if we don’t have somewhere to keep track of all these, we will easily lose our direction and not do the things required to achieve them. Just like positive affirmations, bullet journals are reminders to you.

8. Relieve stress

Writing is a fantastic activity to help someone ease stress and release tension, particularly when one is writing about one’s emotions. Expressive writing can help you to cope with stressful events in your life by providing an outlet.

Why you should use a premade bullet journal?

Is there a premade bullet journal

As you can see, the benefits of using a bullet journal are indeed numerous. The small issue here is that setting one up requires a fair bit of time and effort, something that not all of us have or wish to do.

Which is why premade bullet journals were created to further enhance the useability of bullet journals and make it easier for more people to start.

Since it does require time and effort, some people who are just starting out might get turned off and not get started at all. What a shame that will be!

Also, there are people who are simply not that good at creating something from scratch, so premade bullet journals are perfect in this sense.

Investing in a premade journal allows you to enjoy all the benefits faster and simpler, which means more productivity!

What to look out for in a premade bullet journal?

This is something you do not need to sweat over. Bullet journals are inherently simple tools that can be enhanced with ready-made pages.

In this case, you really only need to pay attention to these points:

  • Good quality writing paper (preferably with dotted lines for a traditional feel)
  • Variety of journal templates such as To-Do list, Weekly/Monthly Organizers, Mood Tracking, Sleep Monitoring, Gratitude list etc
  • Sufficient space for you to write extra notes or for doodling

List of the 6 Best Premade Bullet Journals

1. The Bullet Keeper Journal (Perfect Planner by BK)

A preprinted bullet journal that has a very simple and clean design, plus lots of opportunities for you to customize it.

  • It comes with undated weekly and monthly calendar planners, allowing you to start anytime you want (there are 5 weekly layouts together with 12 monthly calendars)
  • Comes in dotted grid paper
  • There are a lot of empty spaces for you to write random thoughts and add your drawings!

2. Legend Planner

This is a really beautifully designed planner that will appeal to all kinds of planners. With its inclusion of stickers, you can create tons of cute pages that help you get organized fast. It also has premade sections that allow you to track habits, to-do lists, reflections, and many more.

  • Aesthetically beautiful designs
  • Lots of templates included
  • Sections to track goals easily

3. The Happy Planner

When it comes to journaling and the use of planners, The Happy Planner probably has one of the largest fan clubs. It is easy to see why when you lay your eyes on them. Design-wise, it appeals to a wide group of people as they are all so pleasing to the eye. Functionality-wise, they have all the requirements that check all the boxes of a good premade bullet journal.

  • Super easy to use
  • Comes with tabs (not found in most planners!)

4. Clever Fox Planner

Again, yet another high-quality and well-made journal. I love Clever Fox for its simplicity and it seems as though they made that their key design principle. The sections and templates are laid out thoughtfully, making it a breeze to use.

  • Comes with additional features such as gratitude pages and vision boards
  • Lots of open spaces for you to personalize
  • Well priced!

5. PlanBerry Planner

This is a toss-up with the Scribbles Journal for my top choice. There is so much to offer from this brilliantly designed journal that takes your bullet journaling to the next level. That is not to say that beginners cannot benefit from its user-friendly layout and templates that will make journaling a breeze.

  • Many unique templates included
  • Beautiful design externally and internally
  • Comes with tabs and stickers

6. Scribbles Journal (Top Choice)

I am saving the best for last here. Scribbles That Matter was the first premade bullet journal I used and to this day, I still use them. I love the fact that they make use of very high-quality materials to build the journal, both for its front cover as well as the writing paper inside. There are templates included that make it very easy to get organized. In a nutshell, they are to me the epitome of what a good bullet journal should look like.

  • Weekly and monthly layout templates
  • Lots of blank pages for extra notes and drawings
  • Pre-printed decorations included
  • Lots of options available in their store

Additional Bullet Journal supplies

Wanna get fancy?

To complement your newly acquired premade bullet journal, you might wish to take a look at these supplies too! Here are some of the best pens for bullet journaling, all tested and proven to write smoothly by me!

In conclusion: The Best Premade Bullet Journals

There is no doubt that premade bullet journals have made life easier not just for me but thousands of others who are seeking to improve their organization ability and to become more productive.

The added element of being mindful makes this a really therapeutic activity that anyone can take part daily.

Are you ready to start?

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