19 Essential Life Hacks That You Simply Can’t Do Without

Are you looking for ways to make your life simpler?

Look no further, because we’ve got 19 essential hacks that will simplify everyday tasks and ensure that your life runs smoothly.

Whether it’s a clever kitchen hack or an innovative way to organize your closets, these tips are guaranteed to give you back precious minutes in which you can enjoy doing things that really matter.

Peruse our list of hacks now and discover how easy it is to take the mundane out of day-to-day living!

#1. Borrow Textbooks For College

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One of the biggest expenses for a college student is textbooks. One way to save is to buy a used book version, but this isn’t always possible.

Here is a hack one person recently shared.

“WorldCAT allows you to be linked to almost any library in America, and all you have to do is find your book in the system and fill out a request form at a library and it should be there in a week. I’ve saved probably $2,000 doing this in my first two years of college.”

#2. Surround Yourself With People You Admire

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We all have a certain circle of people that we hang out with or talk to on a daily basis.

This can be family, friends, or colleagues at work, and depending on who those people are, it can have an immense effect on how you live your life.

Research shows that the five people you spend the most time with play an important role in determining how successful and fulfilled you feel. 

So, try to be selective about who you let into your life and make sure they’re positive influences rather than negative ones!

#3. Meal Plan

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Life is busy, and we often take the easy way out because we are stressed, tired, or both.

But the simple act of meal planning can change all this. Think about it. It’s Thursday night, and you are exhausted. But you need to figure out dinner.

The solution you may turn to is ordering a pizza. But this costs money, and it’s not good for you. Do this multiple times a month, and it all adds up.

A better solution is to take some time on the weekend and meal plan.

You can cook meals for the week and then only have to reheat them, not make an entire meal from scratch.

Or you can write down what you will make on a given night. So when Thursday rolls around, you know you are making fish.

#4. Buying Gift Cards At Grocery Stores

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This hack can save you a lot of money, but many people are unaware of it.

If you have a credit card that offers cash back or travel rewards for shopping at grocery stores, know that you earn your bonus on anything you buy.

For example, I have the American Express Blue Cash Preferred card and earn 6% cash back at grocery stores. Around the holidays, I make it a point to buy as many gift cards as possible because I get 6% cash back on them.

Plus, my grocery store (and most grocery stores) offers bonuses on their loyalty card for buying gift cards around the holidays.

If I purchase $100 worth of gift cards, I earn $6 in cash back from my credit card. The store offers 4x points for every $25 spent on gift cards, so I earned 400 points that I can redeem for $10 off my next shopping trip.

Other people mention their store offers fuel rewards, and when they use this trick, they earn $0.50 or more off every gallon of gas.

#5. Walk With A Purpose

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This is a productivity trick more people need to start using. Walking around like you are there for a reason makes you get things done more quickly.

As one person said, “For some reason, people think you’re busy and you don’t get hassled.”

But this isn’t the only benefit of walking with a purpose. It helps you to be more confident and get more things done.

#6. Be Punctual

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When you’re punctual, you can control your schedule and make the most of your day.

You can show your colleagues and friends that you value their time and respect their schedules, which can work wonders for your personal and professional relationships.

Plus, when you’re on time, you can fully prepare for whatever task lies ahead, giving you a competitive edge.

Make it a point to show up 5-10 minutes early for everything; it will be shocking how much it benefits you.

#7. Bedtime Routine

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I’m about to let you in on a little secret that will change your life forever: having a bedtime routine is a cheat code. Seriously.

You may think I’m exaggerating, but hear me out. By establishing a regular bedtime routine, you’re setting yourself up for success in several ways.

First, it helps regulate your body clock so you’re more likely to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep throughout the night.

Plus, it gives you a chance to wind down and relax after a long day, which can lower your overall stress levels.

Getting enough sleep will give you more energy and focus the following day, which can help you have more long-term success in life.

So make bedtime a priority and get some sleep!

#8. Build A Network

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When you have a strong network, you can access resources, information, and opportunities you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Your network can connect you with new job opportunities, introduce you to potential clients or customers, and even help you find a romantic partner.

Plus, having a strong support system behind you can give you the confidence you need to take risks and pursue your dreams.

And it doesn’t end there. A network helps in your personal life too. Maybe you are traveling to Disney and are looking for some first-hand advice.

If you have an extensive network, some may be able to help.

#9. Investing Money

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Many people know they should invest money, but they put it off. The issue here is they don’t realize how much investing can change their lives.

The earlier you start, the longer your money has to grow, which means in the future, you will have many options in life.

For example, one person talked about how he and his wife invested their whole lives. Fast forward 15 years into their marriage, the wife quit working because she disliked her job. She took a few months off to figure out what she wanted to do next.

They survived financially because they invested so much money and could pull some out to bridge the income gap.

Yes, the stock market goes down, but if you can invest for the long term, you can easily become a stock market millionaire.

#10. Ask For A Manager And Compliment The Staff

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We typically ask to speak with a manager when we have an issue. Then we complain to them, trying to get our way.

But one person has a twist on this idea. Instead of asking for a manager to complain, ask for a manager and compliment the staff.

Many people said they had received discounts, free desserts, and other things using this trick.

It works because 99% of people complain when they see a manager, so when you offer compliments, it means a lot.

#11. Dressing Nicely

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When you dress sharply, you not only look good, but you feel good too. People treat you differently, doors open that you didn’t even know existed, and opportunities come knocking.

It’s like you have an invisible force field of confidence around you, making navigating through social and professional situations easier.

Plus, when you dress nicely, you stand out from the crowd in a good way.

#12. Smiling

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A simple hack that anyone can do is to smile.

Many people report that a friendly smile can make life easier and even get what you want when you are complaining.

Here are some of the popular examples people have reported about smiling:

  • You can hear a smile through the phone (and, of course, people can see it on your face).
  • People often return a smile with a smile, which spreads positivity.
  • Smiling can make you happier, which is a nice feedback loop to be in.
  • Fake it ’til you make it; smiles and confidence will open doors for you in life.

#13. Being Nice

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Being kind, compassionate, and helpful to others can help you leave a lasting impression, build relationships, and create a positive reputation.

It encourages people to want to work with you, take you seriously, and be your friend.

Plus, spreading positivity and making others feel good can help boost your self-esteem and satisfaction.

As one person said, “Be nice. It costs little and is worth a lot.”

#14. Underpromise and Overperform

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This hack might be controversial, but it works. When you have an assignment, and your manager asks when you can have it done, respond with an answer a few days later than you think.

Then work hard to make it great, and deliver it a few days ahead.

Not only will they be surprised at how well it is, but the fact that you turned it in early will also wow them.

#15. Get Larger Discounts

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Here is a trick that even blew my mind. When shopping online, it is smart to enter a promo code to save money.

If I don’t have a code, I search online, hoping to find one. But most times, this never works, and I lose my order because of so many pop-up ads and additional tabs.

Here is the solution one person offered. “If any website offers a percentage coupon code like “10percentoff” try higher values like “20percentoff”, they often have them.”

Pure genius.

#16. Getting A Job Interview

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If you’ve applied for many jobs but failed to get an interview request, you can use this cheat code one person recommended. It sounds crazy, but apparently, it works.

“Several times in life I’ve cold called a company to confirm my interview time. I didn’t have one prior to my call, but in their confusion and inability to even find my resume I’ve managed to secure an interview about four out of five times. Twice I’ve gotten the job.”

#17. Admit When You Are Wrong

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Admitting when you are wrong or have made a mistake is incredibly difficult. 

But it’s one of the most important things you can do to improve any area of your life, from relationships to career success.

By being honest and accepting responsibility for your actions, you will build trust with others and show that you are capable of learning from mistakes and growing as a person.

This will help you become more confident in yourself and your decisions, which can have an incredibly positive  effect on how you live your life.

#18. Being Polite Goes a Long Way

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A simple hello or thank you can make all the difference when communicating with people.

Even if it’s only in passing, your politeness will be appreciated and remembered by others.

#19. Make Time for Yourself

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Taking a few moments each day to relax and do something that makes you happy is essential to staying balanced and healthy.

Whether it’s taking a walk outside, reading a book, or listening to your favorite music, making time for yourself is an important part of self-care.

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