12 Frequently Used Phrases by Women That Insult Men


Are you a woman who finds herself using certain phrases inadvertently that may be interpreted as an insult to men? If so, you’re not the only one.

In today’s world of allyship and inclusivity, awareness is key when it comes to communicating effectively and respectfully with everyone.

To kickstart a meaningful conversation about this very important topic, let’s take a look at 12 frequently used phrases by women that can come off as insulting or demeaning to many men.

It’s time for more insights into the power of language and how we can use it carefully in order to create positive interactions between genders.

#1. “Men Can’t Be Sexually Assaulted”

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Although this might sound ridiculous to some, there are absolutely some women out there who believe that men can’t be sexually assaulted or harassed.

After all, to them, men are built to like sex and want it 24/7.

This is an ongoing issue that leaves men feeling helpless after they’ve tried to speak out about their trauma.

#2. Being in (Insert Situation Here) Builds Character

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Sexual trauma isn’t the only type of trauma that men experience.

But even in this department, some women will comment that going through that trauma builds character and that they should get over it now that it’s already happened.

#3. “Be a Man”

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While toxic masculinity is a concept that has existed in some way, shape, or form for a while, toxic femininity can undoubtedly be a thing, too.

One phrase that women use that can be incredibly toxic is, “Be a man.”

No matter what the context may be, this tells him to stick to the traditional norms expected of him, even if it’s detrimental to him.

#4. “We’ve Taught Him Well”

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Some women see men as creatures who need to be trained.

As a result, some women will watch a man do something he’s “expected” to and then take the credit for training him to do said thing.

Men should be able to do good things for others or go about their lives without feeling like animals.

#5. “How Are You Tired? I’ve Been Doing…”

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Some women will immediately invalidate their partner’s feelings of exhaustion and compare what little they perceive to have been doing to what they accomplished throughout the day, stating that they can’t have been tired because they didn’t do nearly as much.

As many will figure out, there are other paths to a happy relationship than the comparison game.

#6. “You’re Babysitting Today?”

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One of the biggest pet peeves of fathers everywhere is women who will make jabs at men who are out with children on their own.

Rather than seeing a father taking care of their child, they’ll ask if they’re babysitting or stuck with them for today.

Even worse are partners who assume their husbands can’t properly care for the children.

#7. Minimizing Their Pain or Discomfort

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Another thing that women might minimize is a man’s pain or discomfort.

They might tell them that what they’re going through isn’t that bad, which shuts men down and prevents them from seeking help in the future.

#8. “Why Don’t You Have a Girlfriend/Wife Yet?”

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This kind of question seems well-meaning on the surface.

But to men, it’s a question that often says, “What’s wrong with you that I can’t figure out just by looking at you or talking to you?”

This can be a significant blow to the self-esteem of most men.

#9. Commenting That You Managed to Do Something Correctly

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No one likes being talked down to, but that happens frequently when men do anything other than fixing things.

Many men have come forward saying that doing something like the dishes or vacuuming was often met with shock and comments about how women can’t figure out how they managed to get the job done.

Of course, this creates resentment and makes men not want to do those tasks.

#10. Comments About Any Physical Attribute

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There seems to be a double standard when it comes to what men are allowed to say to women and what women are allowed to say to men.

While men shouldn’t comment on any part of a woman’s body, it’s quite common to see women comment on a man’s height, weight, genital size, and other areas.

However, they expect no repercussions after bringing these things up.

#11. “She’s Got You Trained”

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Many men get told this by not only their friends but also by their mother-in-law and other relatives when they do something nice for their significant other or do something that they’re asked to do.

It’s insulting because it implies they’re obligated to do things rather than doing them out of love.

#12. “I Would Like You If You Were Taller”

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Saying that you would only like someone if they had different physical attributes they can’t change can kill a man’s self-esteem and make them self-conscious about their physique, which may very well affect them in the future.

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