Get Ready for the Ultimate Cheesy Breakup Lines, Cheddar or Not


Ah, the dreaded breakup.

It’s never easy and can often times be a very emotional experience.

But no matter how tough of a situation you may find yourself in, there’s one way to take some of the sting out: with cheesy breakup lines that are sure to put a smile on your face (and maybe even cheer up your friends who feel for you).

From lighthearted puns about cheddar cheese to silly one-liners that play on classic phrases, we’ve compiled some of the cheesiest, and funniest breakup lines so when it comes time for calling it quits, you’ll know just what to say!

Hey Girl, are You a Newspaper? Because There’s a New Issue with You Every Day

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This is a good one, except if you are young. In this case, not knowing what a newspaper is, or how often it comes out could pose an issue.

Are You A New Year’s Resolution? Because We Stopped Working Out

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This one is simple and to the point, and even seasonal!

I Will Always Cherish My Initial Misconceptions of You

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This is a harsh break up line that sums up the idea that you were great in the beginning, but as I got to know you, I realized how many issues you have.

You Remind Me of Halley’s Comet, I Don’t Want to See You Again for Another 74 Years

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The only way this one works is if the person has an understanding of Halley’s Comet. Otherwise, it will go over their head.

Hey Baby, Are You in a Tunnel Because We’re Breaking Up

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This one could backfire, especially if you try to use it while either one of you is driving.

Girl You’re Looking Like a Snack and I’m Going on a Diet

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The cheesiest of all the break up lines listed.

Are We Tectonic Plates Because We’re Drifting Apart

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Another break up line that the person needs to have an understanding of some science, otherwise, they won’t be able to fully appreciate the line.

Our Relationship is Like My Financial Status: Broke

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The only problem with this breakup line is it’s not saying the relationship is over, only that it has issues.

Babe Are You a Checkered Flag Because We’re Finished

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This break up line is great for racecar fans.

Hey, Are You an Anchor Because You’ve Done Nothing But Weigh Me Down

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This break up line offers some advice to the person that they need to be less controlling in future relationships.

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, Trash is Dumped And so Are You

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A spin on the classic roses are red poem, perfect for breaking up.

We Need to Cover More Ground so We Should Split up

frustrated couple
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This one is simple and gets right to the point.

If You Take The “L” Out of LOVER, it’s OVER

man with a sour face
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A classic cheesy break up line, but not that creative.

Hey Babe, I Think it’s About Time We Cancel Our Gym Membership, We’re Not Working Out Anymore

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Another cheesy break up line with a little creativity. 

They Say One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure, I Hope You Find Someone Who Treasures You

dishonest man
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Not so much cheesy, but it at least gives the other person some hope as they go to try to find a more suitable partner.

Raise Your Hand if You Have a Boyfriend, Not so Fast

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This one is sure to create issues as you mislead your partner into thinking they are in a relationship, only to double cross them.

I Think We Should Be Able to Spread Our Wings, And Fly in Different Directions

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It has a nice lead-up to the punchline. 

Then it takes a turn to leave anyone surprised.

Are you a Wi-Fi signal? Because Our Connection is Pretty Weak

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This line is harsh, but it’s also funny in its own way, especially when you consider that this person was probably trying to be cute and clever while breaking up with their partner.

The best thing about this breakup line is that it actually conveys the speaker’s real feelings for their partner without having to say much else.

Do You Have a GPS? Because I Need to Find My Way Out of this Relationship

man concentrating
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This is a funny and clever way to break up with someone without coming right out and saying it.

It’s also a great line for those who don’t want to hurt their partner’s feelings since it takes the focus away from them and onto the relationship in general.

Plus, it could be seen as an indirect way of saying that the relationship never had any direction to begin with.

Either way, it’s a funny and memorable phrase that won’t soon be forgotten.

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