Financial Fails to Fortune: 14 Regrets and the Smart Money Moves We Wish We Knew


Personal finance can be overwhelming, especially when your hard-earned money is at stake. 

With its complex jargon, lack of straightforward advice, and conflicting opinions, it’s tough to know the smart money moves. 

Hindsight often provides clarity, but learning from past mistakes is crucial for a future filled with fiscal wisdom. 

Discover the 14 regrets we’ve all faced and the smart money moves we wish we knew.

#1. Not Getting an MBA Earlier

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Higher education is more challenging to pursue when you’re older.

If you’re eyeing an advanced degree, get it now.

There are plenty of inspiring stories out there of older individuals pursuing degrees like an MBA, but they don’t show you how much they had to sacrifice at that age to make it happen.

#2. Missing Out on Financial Education in General

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Not everyone grows up with parents who understand finances or classes that teach you more about them.

By the time they have access to more money, they don’t know what to do with it.

Look for mentors or online courses that can help you learn more about finances as early as possible so you know what to do with your money ahead of time.

It’s never too late to start!

#3. Getting Into Get-Rich-Quick Schemes

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Get-rich-quick schemes make it seem easy to make a ton of money quickly.

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as easy money.

Learn from others and avoid online consultants promising you fast cash, MLMs, and other opportunities that sound too good to be true.

#4. Stacking CDs

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Certificates of deposit are one way to begin investing, but they’re not the most lucrative.

Many people started with CDs and ended up locking their money into contracts that weren’t worth what they thought they were.

If you can, look for better investment options instead of CDs to help grow your money.

#5. Buying a Home Too Early

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Buying a home can be a great way to invest your money in something that retains or grows in value while also providing you with stability in your life.

That said, buying the wrong house can be a big mistake.

Don’t be like others who bought a house too early without considering it.

Consider whether homeownership is in the cards and what you can afford before you get a mortgage and a home.

#6. Not Buying Bitcoin

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There are so many unsuspecting investments that have blown up over the years.

One that you likely know is Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is still sitting comfortably at around $28,000 a coin at the time of writing, which is nothing to sneeze at, given how little it was worth when it first came out.

The lesson?

Don’t be afraid to take some risks that might pay off from time to time.

#7. Blowing Money on Frivolous Things

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Spending is necessary, but too much spending can be a bad thing.

Many are regretful that they spent money on frivolous things instead of buying only what they wanted or needed so they could save and invest more.

#8. Going After the Wrong Degree

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A college education can improve your likelihood of securing a higher salary.

This isn’t always the case, however, depending on the type of degree you get.

Some people regret getting certain degrees and have to return to get another one instead.

It’s a big ask, but try to find what you’re comfortable doing and what will pay you well before you commit to higher education.

#9. Not Taking a Gap Year

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Diving right into adulthood is encouraged before you even graduate high school.

But once you get on that ride, there’s no getting off.

People regret getting into debt immediately and having to support themselves without having time to enjoy life before they got on with it.

Take a gap year to experience life before you start your studies.

#10. Worrying Too Much About the Future

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Thinking about your financial future is important as this helps you plan ahead.

But there are plenty of people who get burnt out and become chronically stressed or anxious as a result of their financial concerns.

If you’re young, breathe, create a plan of action, and trust that things will work out like they’re supposed to.

#11. Ignoring Health Issues

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It can be easy to ignore health issues when you’re young.

Most assume they’ll take care of themselves.

But they can have significant physical and financial consequences when they don’t.

Don’t put off necessary healthcare to save a few bucks.

It could cost you more in the future.

#12. Paying Student Loans Off Too Aggressively

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The focus on predatory interest rates and other student loan issues has been a major topic lately.

But some people were concerned long before it hit the news, paying off their student loans as fast as possible.

While they paid them off, it came at the cost of their mental health.

Pay what you can to avoid interest, but don’t make yourself sick and miserable trying to get ahead.

#13. Saving Instead of Focusing on Investing

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Saving money is smart regarding having something to fall back on in an emergency.

But even when money sits in a high-yield savings account, you aren’t growing your wealth.

Many wish they hadn’t prioritized saving as heavily, as investing their funds would’ve helped them grow their wealth more effectively.

#14. Taking Time to Make Hard-Earned Money But Not Using Any of It to See the World

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Working extremely hard is great when you’re trying to make money.

However, time passes quickly, and you lose opportunities to do things with your hard-earned cash.

Don’t be like some and forget to have fun on occasion.

Get out and see the world while you’re still young.

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