12 Taboo Pieces of Relationship Advice That People Swear By


If you’ve ever been in a relationship, then you know how difficult it can be to make things work.

We all go through ups and downs in our relationships — no matter who we are with.

But sometimes, the advice that family members or friends give us isn’t quite up to par, and ends up harming (rather than helping) our relationship.

That’s why we’re here today!

We want to discuss some of the more taboo pieces of advice about relationships that people swear by but may not be so popular when spoken out loud.

Everyone deserves happiness and love in their lives, so if this wisdom works for many – why not learn from it?

It’s time to discover 12 daring pieces of relationship advice that could drastically enhance your connection with your partner!

#1. Spending Time Apart

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It’s common to think couples should always be together.

But spending time apart can be beneficial.

It allows individuals to pursue personal interests, maintain friendships, and enjoy solo activities.

This independence can bring new experiences and stories back into the relationship.

It’s a way to appreciate each other more, understanding that personal growth enriches their shared journey.

#2. Being Friends with Exes

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Staying friends with an ex can raise eyebrows.

However, some couples find it’s a testament to their trust and maturity.

Past relationships can transition into platonic friendships without lingering romantic feelings.

As long as boundaries are clear and communication is open, this friendship can coexist with a current relationship, showing that both partners are secure in their bond.

#3. Keeping Secrets

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Total transparency is the cornerstone of a solid relationship.

However, occasionally keeping certain things to oneself, especially if they protect a partner’s feelings or avoid unnecessary distress, can be thoughtful.

The key is discerning between harmful secrets and those meant to shield.

Ultimately, the intention behind the secrecy plays a significant role in whether it benefits or harms the relationship.

#4. Taking Separate Vacations

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Separate vacations seem like a sign of distance.

However, for some couples, it’s a chance to recharge individually.

Exploring different interests or visiting family alone allows personal growth.

When reunited, partners often bring fresh experiences and stories to share, rekindling excitement in the relationship.

It’s about valuing personal space as much as togetherness.

#5. Watching Adult Movies

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Many assume watching adult films can harm relationships.

Surprisingly, for some couples, it can be a form of bonding or sparking conversations about desires.

If both partners are comfortable and set boundaries, it can become an experience they share without judgment.

However, it’s essential to ensure it doesn’t replace genuine intimacy or foster unrealistic expectations.

#6. Sleeping in Separate Beds

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The idea of couples sleeping apart often raises eyebrows.

Yet, for some, it enhances their relationship. Different sleep patterns, snoring, or restless movements can disrupt sleep.

By choosing to sleep separately, couples can ensure a good night’s rest for both.

This can lead to better moods, increased affection, and more productive days.

#7. Having Arguments

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Though arguments are often viewed negatively in relationships, they can signify engagement and passion.

Disagreements can pave the way for understanding differing viewpoints and fostering more profound connections.

When approached constructively, arguing can lead to resolutions, personal growth, and a stronger bond.

It reminds couples that their relationship is a dynamic entity, constantly evolving.

#8. Talking About Past Relationships

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Discussing past relationships can seem like treading on thin ice.

However, sharing these experiences can provide insight into personal growth and lessons learned.

It’s not about comparing the past to the present but understanding the journey that led one to their current partner.

When approached with maturity and trust, these conversations can reinforce the reasons a couple values their current relationship over previous ones.

#9. Flirting with Others

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Flirting outside a relationship often sounds like dangerous territory.

Surprisingly, some couples find it harmless or even a self-esteem boost.

If both partners are clear about their comfort zones and communicate openly, casual flirting can exist without threatening the relationship’s core.

Trust and regular check-ins ensure both parties remain on the same page.

#10. Not Always Saying “I Love You”

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Though saying “I Love You” is a cherished phrase, some believe actions speak louder.

While verbal affirmations are lovely, showing love through gestures, support, and understanding can be just as impactful.

For some couples, daily routines, small acts of kindness, or simply being there for one another convey love just as powerfully.

It’s about recognizing and valuing the many languages of love.

#11. Talking About Money

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Money discussions can be daunting for many couples.

They fear it might lead to disagreements or reveal mismatched financial goals.

However, by openly talking about financial expectations, debts, and aspirations, couples can foster mutual trust, ensure both are on the same page and avoid future misunderstandings.

It becomes a means to align on shared goals rather than a point of contention.

#12. Going to Bed Angry

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Common wisdom suggests resolving arguments before bedtime.

But there are times when taking a break and sleeping on an issue proves beneficial.

It provides time for emotions to settle and for both partners to see things with a fresh perspective come morning.

Sometimes, a night’s sleep can lead to better understanding and more effective communication than forcing a late-night resolution.

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