Breaking Gender Stereotypes: 15 Social Taboos for Men But Not Women

Being a man in this day and age can be daunting.

We are often held to certain expectations of what it means to “act like a man,” coupled with societal taboos that create an unrealistic ideal for us to strive for.

But why should men have to adhere to these standards when women don’t?

From physical appearance and emotional range, all the way down to everyday behaviors, there are plenty of gender stereotypes and double standards that we need not apply anymore.

Let’s take a look at 15 social taboos that are strangely okay for women but forbidden by society for men.

#1. Being Late

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As bad as it sounds, women can get away with being late.

People seem more lenient regarding women missing an event or being a few minutes late.

Men, on the other hand, are looked down upon if they show up late.

#2. Playing Dumb

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Women can easily play dumb, and people would probably forgive them.

It seems like an endearing quality that people would overlook in women, but its opposite is seen in men.

Men would be seen as unserious or not intelligent.

#3. Being Cuddled

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It seems like women can get away with being cuddled, hugged, and kissed by anyone.

This is not the case for men who might get labeled as “soft” or “weak” if they let down their guards.

#4. Eating Small Portions

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When women order small portions or say, “I’m watching my weight,” people don’t question it and tend to support or encourage the practice.

However, when men do the same, people think they are weird or could be labeled “not manly enough.”

#5. Engaging and Flirting with the Opposite Sex

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Women can easily engage and flirt with the opposite sex without people thinking twice about it.

Men might not get away with this as women perceive them as womanizers or creepy.

#6. Talking to Little Kids

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It is not a big deal if a woman walks up to kids that are not hers.

She can interact with them, and everyone is happy.

But if a man does the same thing, people question his motives.

#7. Being Protective

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Women can be protective of their partners or anyone close to them.

Men are perceived as controlling or jealous if they exhibit the same behavior.

#8. Dating Younger People

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Have you ever noticed that society seems to give women a pass on dating younger men, but men aren’t so lucky?

It’s a double standard that’s hard to ignore.

Maybe it’s the idea that men are supposed to be providers or that women mature faster than men, but either way, it seems like a bit of a bum deal for guys.

#9. Being Emotional

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Women are seen as emotional beings, and their responses to things are expected to be passionate.

However, men who show any signs of emotion other than anger are seen as effeminate.

#10. Domestic Abuse

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While domestic abuse is a serious matter, it is not treated the same depending on the victim.

Unfortunately, the fact remains that women are more likely to get away with this heinous behavior, as men are not taken seriously when they bring up this accusation.

But if a woman accuses a man of the same thing, he is often found guilty before the facts are presented in the court of public opinion.

#11. Crying

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Society considers men “tough guys” and expects them to act like it.

However, women are at liberty to cry when they need to.

Besides, men usually don’t mind seeing women cry.

#12. Not Working

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For some reason, not working is something women are judged less harshly for than men.

Whether taking a break to raise kids or simply choosing a less demanding career path, women seem to get away with it more easily than their male counterparts.

If a man isn’t working, he is labeled lazy and probably plays video games all day in the basement.

#13. Complaining

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Women can often get away with venting their frustrations or airing their grievances more so than men.

Whether it’s due to societal expectations or gender roles, the fact remains: complaining is a touchy subject that can vary depending on who’s doing it.

#14. Getting Discounts

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It’s not to say that men can’t receive discounts, but let’s be honest: women seem to have more leeway when negotiating.

All they have to do is flash a pretty smile or act flirtatious, and they can get a discount.

Conversely, men have to work hard for even the chance to get a deal.

#15. Asking Your Friends to Go the Bathroom with You

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It’s like a rite of passage for ladies to ask their friends to go to the bathroom together.

But have you ever heard of a group of guys asking each other to hit the john together?

It’s not exactly a socially acceptable request and often results in awkward stares and uncomfortable shuffling.

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