499 Sexual Affirmations For An Amazing Sex Life

Sex is an integral part of our lives, and it is a truly beautiful and unique way for 2 persons to bond.

The thing is, we are sometimes not confident about ourselves.

It could be something about our appearance, our abilities, or something else that limits us.

Sexual affirmations are meant to boost your confidence and bring about positivity.

They are meant to improve your sense of sexuality, develop the right mindset about it, and heal your sacral chakra.

If you feel ready to take the step to become more sexually satisfied, to improve the intimacy between you and your partner, and to enjoy a fulfilling and passionate sex life, read on as we explore more.


How do Affirmations for Sex work?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to turn you into a sex addict.

That’s a totally different subject for another day.

We are talking about becoming more confident about ourselves when it comes to the subject of sex.

Many people are shy to discuss it or even feel embarrassed at times, but you shouldn’t need to feel this way.

Each of us has the right to feel however we want about ourselves and we do not need to feel bad.

Whether you are a man or woman, you have every right to feel beautiful about yourself, to be positive, and to practice self-care.

When you do that, you will notice your life improving and discover a level of stability you never had.

best sexual affirmations for couples

Sexuality affirmations are great tools to help you build up your self-esteem.

They are tapping into your subconscious mind and rewiring the way you have been thinking all this while and getting rid of the negative thoughts that have been harboring inside.

When you start repeating positive affirmations, your brain starts to place priority on these statements.

It’s like saying “I need to have at least one apple a day”. When you start doing that, your brain automatically focuses on this need or desire.

Suddenly, you realize your day hardly passes without your stopping by the fruit basket for an apple.

Also, there is this interesting and scientifically proven theory known as Reticular Articulating System (RAS).

In very simple terms, it is the part of your brain that controls your autopilot behavior and also acts as a filter for incoming information. It allows info that is important to pass through to you.

When it comes to affirmations, they make use of RAS to rewire you to behave in a certain way.

It’s kind of like when you desire something, for example, you wish to get your hands on the latest gadget, you seem to start seeing it everywhere.

That’s the power of your brain working to get you where you want.

List of Sexual Affirmations for Better Confidence

The following is a long list of positive affirmations that you can make use of to derive your own statements.

It is meant to give you ideas and reference points so that you can develop affirmations that truly resonate with you.

Take your time to browse through the list as it covers a wide variety of topics related to sexuality.

Most importantly, you need to figure out statements that you can truly believe in and make progress from there on.

Sex Affirmations For Men

Sex Affirmations for Women

Positive Affirmations for a Satisfying Sex Life

I always give great oral sex.

I am radiating with sexual energy.

I am in the mood to ravage my partner.

Being open to new sexual experiences is important to me.

I am entitled to happiness, be it mental or sexual.

The universe is here and I know it will help me achieve everything and anything.

I exude sexual confidence

I let go of comparisons and focus on the pleasure in my body and being present.

My body is tingling with the anticipation of receiving oral sex.

I am desirable, playful, and seductive in and out of the bedroom.

My sex life is exciting and fills me with joy.

I always reach climax.

Having orgasms is the most natural thing in the world.

I am patient and compassionate about my partner(s)’ sexual insecurities.

I can have multiple orgasms.

I will feel good about my naked body.

I let my higher self come forward.

Sexual exploration is natural and normal.

I ooze confidence from every pore of my body.

Others should love and treat me with kindness because I deserve to be treated like.

I’m grateful for my body.

I confidently share my body with my partner.

My sex life is thrilling, and it makes me grateful to be alive.

I will maintain my erection for as long as I want.

My body is sexually charged.

I communicate successfully with my romantic and sexual partner(s).

I honor my sexual and emotional needs.

I am noticing that my partner is more turned on by my sexual confidence.

I accept my sexuality and I forgive any past sexual traumas

The Universe always guides me toward the highest good.

My body is capable of giving me tremendous pleasure.

I deserve sexual pleasure.

What other people think of my body and my sexual expression has nothing to do with me.

I am full of sexual energy and potential.

I love sharing my body with my partner.

My body is capable of providing me with a great deal of pleasure and I am thankful to the universe for giving me such a body.

I have great sexual abilities and grow stronger daily.

My body is beautiful.

Exploring my body and developing my sexual wellness is one of my top priorities in life.

My vulnerability is part of my power.

My sexual confidence is magnetic.

I release any pain or negative energy surrounding my sexuality and my body.

I am becoming sexually confident.

Telling my partner what I want during sex is natural and easy for me.

I am filled with erotic energy.

I am adventurous, comfortable, and confident in the bedroom.

I release the past and the future.

I will provide immense sexual pleasure to my partner.

I embrace my sexuality and my sensuality.

I’m in touch with my most primal sexual desires and I am feeling great about myself.

I AM powerfully seductive

Improve Your Sex Life Affirmations

Positive Affirmations for Sexual Confidence

Affirmations for Healthy Sexuality

I am grateful because my boyfriend is attracted to my sexual confidence. After all, it is a natural part of my life.

Feeling good is my birthright.

My body is tingling with sexual desire.

My genitals are healthy and normal.

Oral sex is turning me on more and more.

I satisfy my partner physically, mentally, and spiritually.

I am grateful because I know I am whole, complete, and free when it comes to my sexual needs.

I am excited, turned on, and ready for an intense orgasm.

My entire body tingles with sexual arousal and I feel so happy about it.

I am open to the enjoyment of oral sex.

I can take up space.

Sometimes I like to have lasting connections with people who are like me, but sometimes it’s nice to be in service to people who are unlike me in many ways.

My body tingles with sexual magnetism.

I am comfortable and safe sharing my sexual desires and preferences with my partner.

I accept my partner’s body and enjoy its taste.

I am grateful to my body and I love my body.

I am relaxed and calm.

The people I share the planet with, they came here to learn, and I cut them a lot of slack.

They are not people who came here to make me feel good about myself, so I don’t burden them with that.

I respect myself as I enjoy every moment of sexual exploration.

Every sexual encounter is distinct, one-of-a-kind, and thrilling.

I am grateful because I know that I can be as sexually adventurous as I want.

My body is becoming more sensitive to sexual pleasure.

Feeling good naked comes naturally to me.

I will feel secure when naked.

I have a strong sense of purpose in life.

I am secure in my body and celebrate its sexuality.

It is important that I feel a deep emotional and sexual connection to my partner.

There is no definition of beauty.

Sexual pleasure is a gift that I can give myself.

My purpose is to be joyful.

I’m working on getting over my sexual fears.

My sex life is exciting and it makes me feel happy to be alive.

I am a worthwhile, full-fledged human being whether or not I’m currently in a relationship.

Whoever I come into contact with today, I trust that they are the best people for my growth and the best opportunities for my soul’s full expression.

My sex life is exciting, gratifying and dynamic.

Feeling deeply connected to my partner turns me on.

I’m proud of my sexuality and sensuality. I don’t care what anyone else has to say about it.

I am a sexual force to be reckoned with. My partner deals with me in the best way possible and I am grateful for it.

I have a natural sexual confidence and can endlessly please my lover.

I choose to have fun right now.

I’m working on boosting my sexual magnetism and I am grateful for the same.

It is safe and easy to communicate my sexual desires.

My bedroom is a safe sanctuary full of peace, freedom, and sexual satisfaction.

Masculine sexuality is my natural birthright.

I will develop confidence in my naked body.

I can take up a lot of sexual encounters with my partner. I am grateful for this ability.

In this changing world having a healthy genital is such an exception and I am grateful that I am a part of this exception.

Beautiful, sexy, attractive women are increasingly attentive to me.

I now perceive sex as a healing, natural, and caring act.

Sexually and emotionally, I’m in great shape and I am grateful for it.

I have a powerful sex drive.


Sex Pleasure Affirmations

Affirmations for Female and Male Orgasm

Affirmations for Sexual Enhancement

I see and hear my partner. They see and hear me.

I deserve to feel good.

I enjoy sex more when I relax and connect with my body.

Whether or not I’m in a relationship, I know I’m a valuable and full-fledged human being.

I am deserving of all of the intimacy, pleasure, romance, and sexual connection I crave.

My orgasms are becoming more powerful.

I’m gaining sexual self-assurance and I hope this self-assurance remains with me till the end.

I am confident and comfortable in my sexual and relationship identities.

I’m letting go and letting my sexual energy flow.

I breathe, relax and open to pleasure.

I am deserving of fulfilling and passionate sex life. My partner and I both are working towards it under the guidance of the universe.

I will unleash my sexual confidence.

I am confident in my naked body.

I am always in the mood for sexual pleasure.

I know how to please myself and I know how to please my partner. It comes naturally to me.

I am sensitive to my partner’s needs

I am grateful for my body and the tremendous sexual pleasure it provides me.

My bedroom is a secure haven of calm, independence, and sexual fulfillment for my spouse and me.

There is no such thing as beauty in bed or let’s say there is no definition for the same. Everyone including me is good in bed and I am grateful for it.

I’m comfortable in my skin and I don’t want to change myself for anyone.

I have the capability to become an incredible lover.

I am starting to need sex all the time.

Exploring my sexual pleasure is my right.

I am grateful because I know I value closeness and respect boundaries.

My relationships are visible and audible to me. They see and hear what I’m saying.

Body, I’m not going to be cruel and abusive to you anymore.

My sex drive is powerful and strong.

I am a sexually charged person.

I have a radiant, magnetic energy that attracts my lover to me.

I will focus on connecting emotionally with my partner to heighten our sexual pleasure.

I am grateful because I know my body is deserving of being cherished, appreciated, and cared for.

It’s a turn-on to bring pleasure to my partner.

I naturally relax and let go when receiving oral sex.

I am worthy of feeling sexual.

Each day I become more in touch with my body and its sexual needs.

I’m confident I can bring out the best in my partner and myself.

Oral sex is bringing my partner and I closer together.

I am an expert at generating sexual attraction and desire in my partner. The universe is guiding me on every step and I am grateful for it.

I am finding myself turned on by the thought of oral sex.

My sexual confidence is growing.

I will perform oral sex with enthusiasm and enjoyment.

I have an intense sex drive.

Everything about my body appeals to me and my partner. I am grateful to the universe for giving me such a wonderful body.

It feels so nice, to come into contact with people who understand me at a spiritual level.

It’s important to me that I learn to enjoy oral sex.

My partner enjoys my touch.

I am confident and grateful for the way I am.

I am free to pursue my sexual needs in a secure environment and I am grateful for it.

I am developing a powerful sex drive.

Sexual confidence comes naturally to me.

I am grateful because my sex life is in full swing. I am sexually satisfied and fulfilled.

Body, I’m sorry about saying mean things about you, please forgive me.

I feel good, regardless of where they’re at emotionally.

I enjoy thinking about sex.

I trust that I am safe with my partner.

I can please my partner endlessly.

I work to build trust with my partner so that he is aware of my needs and desires just as I learn his own.

I trust my body fully.

I will express my sexual nature.

Thinking about sex and getting excited is normal.

It comes naturally to me to tell my lover what I want during sex and I am grateful for this.

I deserve pleasure in my life.

I am grateful because I’m brimming with sexual vigor and possibility.

My partner is starting to notice my newfound enjoyment of oral sex.

I have an attractive body.

I enjoy the moment and release expectations.

I choose to enjoy the present moment.

I deserve to experience sexual pleasure.

My sexual self-assurance is increasing with each passing day and I am grateful for it.

I express my sexuality in a positive way.

I attract and enjoy sex every day.

I slow down and relish every moment of sexual pleasure.

I get to have pleasure in my body right now.

My body is the ultimate pleasure temple.

I am starting to explore my wildest fantasies.

I choose to focus on sexual pleasure instead of specific acts.

I am confident with my physique and enjoy its sexuality no matter what other people think.

I am becoming a highly skilled lover.

Sexual arousal is a pleasurable experience. I am grateful because I know that in the bedroom, I am daring, at ease, and self-assured.

I am developing my sexual mind-body connection.

I am intent to find someone who is okay with my sexuality. I know the universe is listening to me and will also help me achieve this.

I will no longer be ashamed of my beautiful body.

My sexual self-assurance is alluring and I love that about me.

I pay attention to what my body requires. Once I understand what it needs I try my best to acquire it in different ways.

I just always want sex.

I am a sexual man.

I am sexually powerful.

I know I will receive intimacy because the universe is here to guide me and also support me whenever needed.

I can see that our interactions are part of some larger picture, and I really don’t need to know what that purpose might be.

I am full to the brim of orgasmic, sensual, sexual energy.

Oral sex is a normal and enjoyable part of my life.

My partner loves and appreciates my naked body.

I am starting to enjoy sex more than ever.

When it comes to my partner(s)’ sexual fears, I am tolerant and sensitive. I also expect the same from him.

I am entitled to happiness in my life whether it’s on the bed or off the bed. I am grateful because I know I am getting this happiness.

My body is a beautiful gift of nature.

I am grateful for the sexual pleasure my body provides for me.

Having orgasms is becoming easier and easier.

I’m honest and direct and communicate what I need.

I am responsible for my orgasm.

Oral sex is natural and normal.

affirmations for better sex

I can communicate effectively in my romantic and sexual relationship (s).

I am in full control of my sexual thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

I am open to new sexual experiences.

I love everything about my body.

I enjoy having multiple orgasms.

I am masculine and attractive.

I’m saying yes to sexual pleasure.

I forget about having to perform and instead focus on what feels good.

I am confident in my body.

I enjoy being naked.

Staying hard for long periods of time is something I just do naturally.

I try to please my partner all the time and he tries to do the same to me.

I’m going to show off my sexuality without fearing what people might think about me.

I will enjoy giving oral sex.

I am sexually generous.

I’m choosing to create a satisfying sex life.

I trust the universe to bring me smart, caring people who engage with me in large or small ways.

I like to please my partner in whatever way I can.

I’m thankful for my partner.

I am developing magnetic sexual power.

I am grateful because I am sexually secure and happy.

I am wonderfully, miraculously made and the positive energy of the universe flows through me.

My sex drive is naturally strong.

I accept rejection from a potential sexual partner with respect and humility.

I’m letting go of the past and discovering the ecstasy of being a confident and sexual person.

My bed is a peaceful sanctuary where I feel safe and satisfied.

I enjoy sexual spontaneity and creativity

With respect and humility, I accept rejection from a potential sexual partner.

I know how to tell my partner what I want, what I like, and what I don’t want or like.

I have an abundance of connections with people who are spiritual.

I am ready for love.

I am surrounded by wonderful opportunities, no matter where I go.

I can maintain my erection and have multiple orgasms.

I am super hot.

I am naturally relaxed and comfortable with my sexuality.

Being naked around other people is easy for me.

My spouse and I see sex as a holy area, which we honor and respect. I am grateful for the understanding that my spouse and I have concerning sexual arousal.

My confidence in my body is improving.

In the bedroom, I’m fully aware of all of the sensations available to me during my sexual encounters and I feel grateful for it.

Being nude is starting to feel more natural and normal.

My body is naturally wired for sexual pleasure.

I am grateful because my deepest sexual desires are expressed and are also supported by my partner.

I am passionate about expanding my sexual knowledge.

I will give my companion a lot of sexual pleasure.

I am sexually adventurous.

For me, sexual arousal is a pleasurable experience that comes naturally to me.

I am grateful because sexually and emotionally, I am safe.

My body is flawless and deserves to be adored just as it is. I am grateful because my partner understands this and gives me all the pleasure I ask for.

My libido has come to life and I am grateful for it.

Feeling sexually confident is a natural part of my life.

best sexual affirmations

I attract love into my love easily.

I am a sexual goddess.

Feeling sexually satisfied is my natural right.

I appreciate and support my physique since it is the best. I am grateful for having received it.

I cultivate and sustain important connections that are sufficient enough to give me sexual pleasures.

I am overcoming my sexual insecurities.

I am at ease with my nakedness.

I am a great lover.

I trust my instincts.

I embrace my sexual self.

I am skilled at giving oral sex.

Sex is a sacred space that my partner and I treat with honor and respect.

The people I meet come from all walks of life, and I have no wish that it should be otherwise.

My sexual expression is quite attractive and I am grateful for it.

I am transforming into a sexually adventurous and open person.

I experience harmony with my partner.

My genitals function exactly as I want them to and bring intense pleasure to myself and my partner(s).

I have all of the skills and techniques I could possibly need.

I completely accept and love my body.

My body has needs that should be acknowledged and respected.

I am free, whole, and complete.

My bed is a safe sanctuary where I am free to express myself sexually.

I enjoy experimenting with what my partner wants.

I can’t wait to share this experience with my partner.

I always look forward to sex.

I enjoy spoiling my lover and I am grateful for it.

My masculine sexuality is becoming more powerful.

I am on the brink of having a powerful orgasm.

I am grateful because my bed is a serene haven where I feel protected and content.

My sexuality is uniquely mine, as special and beautiful as I am.

Thank you body for giving me pleasure and taking care of me today.

My body is feeling more sexual every day.

I am sexually connected and Divine.

I will fantasize about my partner and build sexual tension.

I’m going to show off my sexual prowess to my loved one.

Sexual pleasure is a beautiful gift that I deserve to receive.

I will stay hard after ejaculating.

I am beginning to feel sexually charged.

I pay attention and listen to what my body needs.

My sex drive is increasing.

I give and receive ecstasy in sex beyond my imagination.

I am noticing that I feel more relaxed and at ease when naked.

I forget about performing and savor the pleasure of being with my partner.

I am comfortable being naked around others.

I am sexually and emotionally thriving.

My sexual ideas, feelings, and behaviors are completely under my control. This makes me feel like a complete person.

I naturally enjoy oral sex.

I am grateful because I know that I’m up for new sexual adventures with my partner.

I am bonding with my partner through oral sex.

I drive my partner wild.

affirmations for better sex life

It turns me on to bring pleasure to my partner.

Sexually pleasing my partner is a priority in my life.

I am grateful because, in my sexual and romantic identities, I feel confident and at ease.

It’s good to feel good.

I am magnetically attracting beautiful, sexy women, increasingly.

I love trying new things sexually.

Intimacy with my partner is a beautiful journey

I will master the skill of giving great oral sex.

I am having sex more and more.

I am worthy of love and kindness from others.

I resist comparing my sexuality with the needs and pleasures of others.

I will relax, let go, and allow myself to climax.

I am ready for a beautiful experience.

Sexual experimentation is a healthy and natural part of life. I acknowledge this fact and I am grateful for it.

I am a powerful sexual being.

I’m a force to be reckoned with when I am in bed and my partner knows this very well.

I feel confident and empowered.

My sex life is improving.

I have a lot of sexual vigor and I like showing it to others.

I have more control when I’m present in my body.

I am a sexual being.

I know how to make myself happy and how to make my lover happy. It’s something that comes naturally to me and I am so grateful for it.

I will not be cruel and abusive to my body.

I am grateful because my orgasms are tremendous and frequent, and they please both my body and mind.

I’m ready to experience miracles.

I am romantic and passionate.

I am worthy of all the intimacy, pleasure, romance, and sexual connection that I desire.

I have faith in my capacity to select suitable sexual partners and form meaningful bonds.

I am sexually and emotionally secure.

I am thankful to the universe for giving me sexual and romantic opportunities.

I will have powerful sexual experiences.

The beauty of living in a spiritually-challenged culture is that I really am so, so needed here.

I have a great sex life.

I am grateful because I know I am a goddess of sexuality. For me and the partner, I pick, sex is a spiritual and soulful energy exchange.

I listen to my body and give it what it needs.

I release all thoughts that do not serve me.

My sexual inclinations are well explored and embraced. I feel happy about it.

Exploring a partner’s pleasure gives me great pleasure.

Every sexual encounter is different, unique, and exciting.

I am sexually fulfilled and satisfied.

I’m willing to let go of all inhibitions.

I let my body take the lead.

I am a sexual woman.

I joyfully engage in sexual behaviors that are aligned with my values.

My sexual desire is healthy and natural.

I embrace intimacy and I honor boundaries.

I love to communicate with my partner about what turns us on.

I’m feeling the power of my sexual glow.

I am starting to enjoy being nude with my partner.

I surrender the outcome to the Universe.

I am comfortable, relaxed, and open to sexual pleasure.

My body already knows what to do.

I am always excited to give oral sex.

My body is beautiful just the way it is.

My sex life is out of this world.

Exploring my sexual fantasies is important.

I am open to receiving love.

I have full confidence in my naked body.

I am sexually confident.

I am finding it easier to just relax and share my body with my partner.

I practice empathy and compassion to myself and all living beings.

I am grateful because I know my sexual and emotional needs are respected.

My orgasms are deep and profoundly enjoyable.

My sexual powers are increasing.

My sexual expression is beautiful.

My lover is attracted to my sexual confidence.

I am always hard during sex.

Every pore on my body exudes confidence. My sweetheart is drawn to me by my dazzling, magnetic energy and I am grateful for it.

Fulfilling sex life is a priority in my life.

I have the right approach to lovemaking: I am relaxed, playful, creative and masterful.

I am grateful because I know I am a fantastic lover.

My life has a great meaning for me because this life is what gives me sexual pleasure and I am grateful for it.

Sexual pleasure is my prerogative and I’m ready to go for it.

I crave intense sexual pleasure.

I now desire to be ONE with my partner

I love my natural, gorgeous body that’s capable of giving and receiving so much pleasure.

I am becoming more excited about having sex.

My mind and body are primed for sex.

I savor the euphoric feeling of letting go.

I trust my ability to choose worthy sexual partners and to create meaningful connections.

I love pleasuring my partner.

Each day I feel better and better about my naked body.

I am a beautiful, radiant woman.

It is safe and beautiful for me to be sexually expressed.

It’s okay to express my feelings.

My body is attractive.

My connections are the right ones.

I have the kind of sex life that others could only dream of.

I am good in bed, and am always open to getting better.

Sexual arousal is a fun process that happens easily for me.

My emotional bond with my partner helps me to achieve orgasm.

I make feeling good my highest priority.

I am becoming a highly sexual woman.

I am starting to enjoy the taste of my partner’s body.

I have intense and frequent orgasms that satisfy my body and mind.

I am beginning to crave sex all the time.

I fearlessly approach women.

I maintain healthy sexual boundaries and don’t invest the whole of my heart or body outside those boundaries.

I explore and embrace my sexual desires.

I will relax and accept the pleasure of receiving oral sex.


My body is beautiful and I embrace every part of it.

I seem to be meeting smart and interesting people now, whom I easily relate to and connect with.

Sharing my sexual needs and preferences with my spouse is a comfortable and safe experience for me and I am grateful for it.

I am capable of multiple orgasms.

I love my body and the ways it brings my partner and me pleasure.

I deserve a meaningful and passionate sex life.

I am an amazing lover.

I appreciate my sexuality and my partner’s sexuality.

Having powerful orgasms is becoming easier and easier.

According to my ideals, I live, love, and indulge in sexual practices and I am so happy for myself.

I love the taste of my partner’s body.

I am fully present in the bedroom, tuned in to all of the sensations available to me in my sexual experiences.

I am always ready to have sex.

My libido is awake and alive.

I am fully expressed in my sexuality.

I exude sensual power that is absolutely irresistible.

The immense universe of sexual pleasure is mine to explore.

I am masterful at creating sexual attraction and desire between my partner and me.

I am the kind of person who is totally at ease in the nude.

As long as I have a strong connection to spirit, my connections with other humans are based on affection, not need.

I have so much love to offer the world.

I have unlimited sexual power.

I develop and maintain meaningful relationships.

I am irresistible.

I find my perfect soulmate and we experience pleasure every day.

I am turned on at the thought of receiving oral sex.

I feel more sexual pleasure when I let go.

As I accept myself more, I become more desirable and attractive.

I am deeply grateful for my sexuality. It’s not like anyone else’s in the world.

My sex life is thriving.

I am overflowing with love and gratitude.

Sexual pleasure is a wonderful gift. I am grateful because I am entitled to this gift.

I connect with my partner from a place of love

I have powerful orgasms.

I deeply enjoy my sex life.

Let me claim my strong and unwavering connection to spirit.

My husband is very sexually attracted to me; our marriage is a very passionate one.

I have intense sexual energy within me.

Sex is a spiritual, soulful energy exchange for me and the partner I choose.

I am open to the sexual flow with my partner.

My body has needs that deserve to be heard and honored.

Right now, I get to experience all the pleasure in my body and I am so grateful to it.

Great sex is important for my health and well-being.

I am grateful because I know how to communicate with my spouse about what I want, like, and don’t want or enjoy.

My orgasms are naturally powerful.

I am grateful because I know I believe in my instincts. I have every ability and technique that I could require. In bed, I’m decent, and I’m always looking to improve.

I live, love, and engage in sexual behaviors according to my values.

I’m ready to receive love in abundance.

I can offer myself the gift of sexual pleasure with anyone and also sometimes alone if it is needed.

I am totally relaxed when naked around others.


I can climax easily and frequently.

I am grateful because my genitals do precisely what I want them to do and give me and my lover a lot of pleasure (s).

When I encounter a blockage within the positive flow of my sexual energy, I gently and willingly work to clear it.

I am beautiful.

My sexual power is limitless and I would like to thank the universe for giving me this power.

Oral sex helps me to feel close to my partner.

My emotional connection to my partner heightens my sexual pleasure.

I am open to giving and receiving unconditional love.

My lover enjoys my naked body.

I am the best lover my partner has ever had.

I am a highly sexual person.

I’m brimming with orgasmic, sensuous, sexual energy and I am so grateful for it.

I am transforming into a powerful sexual male who is always ready for sex.

I must explore my sexual fantasies and I am grateful for exploring them.

I will no longer be embarrassed by my attractive body rather I will be grateful for it.

I enjoy attempting new sexual experiences with my partner. It gives me a different kind of pleasure.

I express my deepest sexual needs.

I am in touch with my natural sexual energy.

I’m thankful for my body and the incredible sexual pleasure it gives me whenever I ask for it.

My body is perfect and deserves to be loved just as it is today.

I’m brimming with appreciation and love. I am grateful to the universe for giving me such a wonderful life.

My body deserves to enjoy the food that I eat.

Ejaculation is the most natural thing in the world.

My body is wired for sexual pleasure.

I am in touch with my deepest sexual nature and desire.

I feel good naked.

I exude sexual assurance and I am grateful for it.

My soul mate truly knows me

I feel safe being open and loving

I always please my partner.

Sex is an important part of my life.

I choose to think loving thoughts.

My body deserves to be caressed, loved, and treasured.

In and out of the bedroom, I am appealing, playful, and seductive. I am grateful because my partner thinks I’m crazy and fun-loving.

My body is entitled to appreciate the foods I consume and also the sexual feelings that arise.

Sexual desire is burning inside me.

I accept my body.

I am able to let go of inhibitions and enjoy wild sex.

Being naked is the most natural thing in the world.

I’m a sexually generous person and I am grateful for it.

I will have a powerful orgasm.

To myself and other living beings, I cultivate empathy and compassion regardless of each other’s sexuality.

I am stunning. I adore my beautiful, natural body, which is capable of providing and receiving immense pleasure. I am also grateful for receiving such pleasures.

I am developing a deep acceptance of my naked body.

I am as sexually adventurous as I please to be.

It makes no difference to me what other people think of my body or sexual expression because I am comfortable with who I am.

I’m starting to go into my most irrational fantasies and I am grateful for it.

I am ready to give and receive love.

I am free and safe to explore my sexual desires.

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