365 Divorce Affirmations To Make You Stronger And Overcome Heartache

In today’s post, we will be covering a list of divorce affirmations, and learn how to make use of them to get through the tough times.

A marriage is a life changing experience, and when it falls apart, so can a person’s world. All that you believed in and all the promises made are now gone.

How do you deal with that? How do you get through all this heartache? What about love?

In my opinion, it starts with yourself, more specifically your mindset.

You can choose to treat this as the end of the world, or you can treat this as new beginnings.

There are always two sides to a coin, and in this instance, you get to pick which side to fall.

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Why use divorce affirmations?

When a divorce happens, there are a million things going through your mind. “What’s my life going to look like?”, “What will my children think?”, “Which lawyer should I use?”, “Where do I live now?”. All of these are important questions to ask, but they distract you from yourself. It puts fear in you.

Divorce affirmations are positive sentences to put the focus back in your life and take control of it.

It helps you to move forward and not dwell in negative events that have passed. Now that you have hit rock bottom, there is only one way to go: UP!

Although life has changed and all normalcy is gone, you can find a new normal, a normal that works for you. And it does not have to be depressing.

Make use of the affirmations for divorce below to help you heal and cope, and with patience and time, lift yourself out of the hole you are in now. Time to fix your broken heart and be a champion again.

How to use affirmations?

Identify the negative thoughts that you wish to get rid of or something that you wish to manifest.

Affirmations work in both scenarios, but you need to be clear about what you want.

Use the following list as a source of inspiration and guidance. 

You may use any affirmation as it is, or modify it to make it your own.

The key thing here is that the affirmations MUST resonate with you and is a statement you truly believe in.

Pick out at least 2 affirmations and start using them. 

Begin a routine of practicing at least twice a day of reciting the affirmations with each session lasting 3-5 minutes. Repeat each one 10-15 times daily.

You can do this in front of a mirror, or speak out loud, or do it in your mind. Do not skip any sessions.

Download and print out your own affirmations worksheet below to use as a guide for manifestation.

Stick it on your mirror/journal/vision board, or anywhere you can easily access throughout the day so that it can serve as a constant reminder to you. 

Alternatively, you can check out our Daily Positive Affirmations Cards that is designed and organized for you.

All you need to do is print them and take it everywhere you go!

Be patient! It usually takes a month or so to see results.

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List Of Divorce Affirmations

The list below covers a number of situations, be it an amicable or disagreeable ending, whether you are a man or woman, and more.

You should take your time to slowly read through them and identify that ones that resonates with you. 

The positive affirmation should be in line with your focus in order for it to be truly effective.

I hope you will benefit from these affirmations and carve out a new life for yourself soon.

I recommend that you make use of our simple affirmations worksheet to help you put pen to thoughts.

It makes things clearer for you and can be a daily reminder for you to recite affirmations.


affirmations to get over divorce

Affirmations for divorced parents

This divorce is like healing therapy for me.

I am a strong and independent woman and I don’t need a man to complete my life.

I am allowing myself to feel all my emotions

What my ex says in the heat of the moment does not define me.

I am not stupid or gullible for loving – I will survive and learn from this experience.

The anger I’ve held toward my ex is now dissipating.

I release the heavy burden of shame, guilt, self-hatred, and self-judgment.

I am a free bird now.

I keep positive when in the company of my ex.

I am a beautiful person. Inside and out.

I release any unforgivingness I have stored in my heart.

I have no grudges against him.

Goodbye to nightmares and toxic marriage.

I no more have any barriers and obstacles in life, I just have myself.

I am grateful for each day that brings me one step closer to my perfect life.

I release any strain I have stored in my heart.

Parting our ways away is the wisest decision.

We are ending on a happy note.

I release any lack of joy I have stored in my heart.

Change is the only constant and I will move through this with grace and ease.

I am excited about this new beginning.

I am learning to trust myself.

These affirmations will help me make better choices in my life.

I will not have a place for mean people in my life.

It’s ok to feel lost at times this is only a temporary situation.

I am tolerant and will take this divorce positively.

I feel like I got my liberty and freedom.

I am able to say goodbye to anything halting my spiritual and mental growth.

Relationship works when both want to work and in our case, we both gave up!

I am learning to forgive my own shortcomings.

I release and completely let go of the belief that I have a bad heart.

My children are my strength!

I release any sense of loss, I have stored in my heart.

I matter.

Life has a different plan for me.

I’m not the perfect mother, but I’m exactly the one my children need.

Any troubles I’ve had with my ex I release now.

I know where we filter and so I will try not to repeat these mistakes if ever I get into another relationship.

Everything is happening as it should be.

I clear anyways I have squeezed the joy out of my heart.

I am grateful for my past relationships and am ready to move on.

I clear anyways I have hardened my heart.

There is no point in staying in a marriage where we both do not respect each other.

I am willing to let go and believe in god’s plan for me.

Everything I desire in life is in front of me.

I am capable of making healthy decisions for my personal and spiritual evolvement.

I am capable of loving again.

I do not blame my ex-husband for anything.

I am whole on my own.

I can choose kindness towards my ex, whether they deserve it or not, so that we can work well together.

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There’s no reason to be embarrassed or ashamed of my divorce.

I will no more be taken for granted.

I am likeable, lovable, and worthy of love.

I forgive myself for all the hurtful things I said and did out of anger to my ex.

I did this for both of us and our children.

I am not broken.

I have an ex who leaves me alone when I want to be.

I am loved and lovable.

I have learned a lot of things from this relationship.

I release any thoughts related to my past and focus completely on the present.

The past is behind me, I have to live in the present moment.

I let go of feelings of hate, anger and bitterness towards my ex.

I am capable of trusting again.

I am free to be the best version of me.

I am a being of love.

I’m ok with my divorce.

My heart is healing.

I can handle being a single parent.

I am working hard to better myself physically, emotionally, and financially.

I had to face this beachside the marriage was a week from both the ends.

I release and let go of all anger and resentment towards my ex.

I can find happiness in any situation.

I know that when I let go of someone good things will happen for me.

I always treat our children with love.

I know I have worth and value.

I will avoid putting the blame on him because I realize we both had our faults.

I forgive myself.

I am blessed with a second chance.

Relationships are an opportunity for me to learn and grow

I am a good partner.

This marriage could not work doesn’t mean I will close the gate of my heart.

Not loving every moment of motherhood doesn’t mean I don’t love being a mom.

I will open my heart when I am ready

I clear any ways I feel disheartened.

I attract positive and healthy relationships.

This is an inevitable bliss!

Just because my former partner wasn’t happy doesn’t mean that I am not enough.

I am a sexy, handsome and strong man.

It is difficult but it is necessary!

I release any restriction I have stored in my heart.

If I do nothing today besides hug my kids, then I’ve done enough.

I didn’t waste years of my life – I grew and gained relationship skills during that time.

The future is mine. All I have to do is claim it.

Even though I lost someone I still have a lot of love to give.

At least I did not quit it at once.

I am becoming stronger

I will get over this phase as well!

I deserve to have a friendly ex.

I remain happy whether married or single.

I will create a life I deserve and need on my own.

Affirmations for single moms

I release the belief that I am unlovable, that I have stored in my heart.

I am happy it was there.

Creating a new life is an exciting opportunity.

I am unstoppable now.

This is not the end of my life, but the beginning of a new chapter.

I clear any ways I believe that my heart is broken.

I’m okay with the fact that my ex is dating again.

I loved my partner and that is okay if our relations did not work out!

Many fail in marriage so did I, no big deal.

I have an ex who always picks up our kids on time.

Being a divorcee is just part of who I am.

I can rebuild financially and master new skills to care for myself and my children.

I am a work in progress and am constantly improving.

Being single brings me great happiness.

I’ve decided to be a friendly ex.

I am always all that I need to live a joyful life.

I release any stress I have stored in my heart.

My wounds are healing.

I know my ex-spouse is a loving human being.

I’m through with anger and frustration with my ex.

It is okay to feel a little happy, but I am glad this happened.

I am not accountable for any questions.

This is not a climax!

It is better to end than to make each other terrible for each other.

I am learning to laugh more.

It is okay and natural to be angry or bitter, but I choose not to let those feelings define me forever.

I heal and bless the entire divorce experience.

I am an attractive person.

I deserve good people in my life.

He is no more my husband but he is still my children’s father and I will never come in between them.

I am grateful for everything I’ve had and currently have in my life.

I am grateful for all past relationships.

I am learning to be more tolerant of other opinions.

I forgive, not because they deserve it, but because my children and I deserve peace.

I am finding peace.

I am ok with being on my own.

Everything is unfolding as it is supposed to

I learned a lot about myself in my past relationship.

I will live a peaceful life from here on.

I clear any ways in which I have denied the love in my heart.

I clear any ways in which I may have become hard-hearted.

I am fully capable of being alone right now and I’m okay with it.

I can handle this.

I do not feel incomplete.

There is something better waiting for me.

I forgive my ex-spouse.

Divorce is not a setback for me.

I have big plans.

I am open to meeting new people and forming new relationships.

I rejoice in the process of creating positive change in my life.

Affirmations for single dads

I am allowing myself to feel joy, laugh, and smile

I am enough.

We both are not good for each other.

I am not alone. I am grateful for the friends and family I have.

I will calmly observe my emotions with complete mindfulness.

I have a lot to offer.

I release any disconnection I have stored in my heart.

This is just a small part of my story.

My ex always pays child support and on time.

I am releasing the past.

I will prioritize my career, children, and myself now.

I am deserving of love.

I release any unhappiness, I have stored in my heart.

I see perfection in the natural world around me.

It is getting easier day by day

There is nothing to be embarrassed about. Not everything in life works out the way we hope for and that’s ok.

I gave this relationship much attention and care but it did not last.

I feel special knowing that I am part of something greater, which has meaning beyond my wildest dreams.

I am still the same beautiful and attractive woman I was when I first got married.

I am happy this way.

I can deal with this.

I choose happiness and let go of toxic marriage.

This is the inevitable phase.

However I react to my ex I’m still a good person.

I had loved her.

I am learning to trust the process.

I release any bitterness, I have stored in my heart.

I have power over my own life.

I honor the love I shared.

I release any resentment I have stored in my heart.

My happiness does not rely on being with someone else.

I don’t have to make this journey alone.

I give all relationships my all.

I release all negativity surrounding my divorce.

There is a bright spirit within my ex and I see that now.

I do not care about people’s opinions for me.

I am worthy of love despite this circumstance.

I choose to put my children first and help them to have a stable home life.

My ex and I are equal in the eyes of God.

I am glad that we gave our hundred percent.

Getting divorced is better than being in a toxic relationship.

I am ready to live my life free of the past and by looking forward to new adventures.

I will survive this also.

I am willing to go with the flow of life and trust the Lord to guide me.

My future is better than I could ever imagine.

We are ending doesn’t mean I don’t care about him.

I am a strong person and will do better in all ways.

I am healed and whole.

I forgive my ex for all the hurtful things he said and did out of anger.

I learned a lot of past relationships that will aid me in my new relationships.

Positive affirmations for separation

This is done so that I can restore my peace of mind.

I release any grief, I have stored in my heart.

I will hold on to the positive memories from the past, and let go of the negative memories.

I enjoy sharing my life with a supportive family and friends.

I clear any ways I may have lost heart.

I release any constriction I have stored in my heart.

I am a good person with a lot to offer.

I am ready to put the past behind me and look forward.

Each day I choose to seek and acknowledge my personal happiness.

I am open to a new person in my life.

I have no guilt.

I can navigate a new business relationship with my ex as co-parents and in legal negotiations. We can function as partners, if not spouses or lovers.

I will give myself the time to heal and then start a new phase of my life.

I have a purpose in life.

I am learning to trust again, by first trusting myself, my own good judgment and gut instincts.

I am open to meeting new people when the time is right.

I lived without this person for years and I can do it again.

I am ready to start a new chapter in my life.

I am open to change and embrace the new opportunities that will come into my life now.

Tomorrow is a precious gift for which I am grateful.

How others treat me reflects their character, how I treat others reflects mine.

I am sad but happy that we will get another chance to restart our life.

I’m through bad-mouthing my children’s father/mother.

I will take deep breaths and let go of any stress and worry I have.

Being a good mom takes courage, and today I’m feeling brave.

The past is over. I move beyond my mistakes and focus on living in the NOW.

I choose to be happy and hopeful even though it may seem too difficult.

I am learning to be more forgiving of imperfections, both real and imagined, in others.

I clear anyways I have closed my heart.

I can no longer stay in that relationship because it was hampering my mental stability.

I will live and work harder for myself and my children.

I choose to focus on the positive aspects of my former partner.

Marriage fails, so did mine and that is fine.

I give the relationship over to the Universe.

Affirmations for a broken marriage

I am grateful for what I learned in my past relationship.

I can make new friends and discover new interests. My life is not ending.

I wasn’t happy, so I ended it.

I enjoy spending time with myself.

Marriages fails, so did mine and that is fine.

I have no regrets and complaints against anything and anyone.

I have forgiven everyone for the wrong they did to me.

I am not ‘damaged goods’ but a strong person with a resilient heart.

The things that I went through did not define who I am.

I cannot hold on to someone who doesn’t want me, it’s not healthy.

My ex and I created good memories together and I choose to focus on those and not the end of the marriage.

I forgive myself for getting divorced.

I will not hold on to regrets or things that I can no longer control.

The past has no power over me.

I will survive and thrive, one day at a time.

I am not a failure.

Affirmations for someone going through divorce

I am not giving up on my life.

I release and let go of all blame because I understand we both had our faults that contributed to the divorce.

I am excited to start my new life.

I am healing more and more every day

I’m now free of any residual anger toward my ex.

I have a life, this is not the end.

Opportunities and advantages come with each door that I open.

I am loved.

I forgive my ex for all the hurtful things she said and did to me out of anger.

My heart is opening up to new possibilities.

There’s value in showing my kids my vulnerability.

I am working on me, for me.

I still care about his well-being.

Letting go of people is easy for me.

I am allowing myself to let go

I release any resistance, I have stored in my heart.

I forgive my ex.

It’s okay to retain a friendship with my ex-spouse.

I choose happiness, health, and harmony.

Everything in life happens for the perfect reason.

This divorce will not let me down by any means.

I am no more on any person’s foot.

No one loves me more than me.

I love that I feel so joyful.

Affirmations for surviving divorce

I clear anyways I need to put more heart into my life.

He is not a bad person, he just couldn’t be a good husband for me.

I release any fear I have stored in my heart.

Success and good fortune flow toward me in a river of abundance.

I release any denied or repressed feelings, I have stored in my heart.

This is the end of one marriage, not the end of love in my life.

I accept the divorce and I accept my ex for who she is.

I am ready to make room in my life for someone new.

I choose how I feel, and I feel amazing.

My future looks bright. I have a lot to look forward to now.

I have no hard feelings for my former partner.

I am ready to accept that I have to move on.

I release any hurt I have stored in my heart.

I will do good in life.

I choose to accept the uncomfortable gift they have given me by releasing me from a partnership that no longer serves us.

I am at peace and ready to move on.

I’m always peaceful when speaking with my ex.

It is time for a new chapter in my life now.

I am not scared of letting someone go as I know it’s for the best.

I clear anyways I am out of rhythm with my life.

Many have survived divorce, I am not the only one.

I know good things are waiting for me.

I will free my spirit to find love and friendships in the future.

The things I have been through will not hold me back.

I am learning to be less of a perfectionist with myself and others.

I release any discontent, I have stored in my heart.

I have no hard feelings for my former partner.

Divorce affirmations for woman

I welcome change into my life.

I feel good about the future.

I will no longer hold on to things, I am learning to let go of things that can’t stay with me.

I am ready to move forward with my life.

I still respect her and her decision.

I know that everything will be okay.

I now recognize that my heart is doing the very best it can to support me.

I will not make it hard for me and my family.

I set myself free and forgive myself for any wrongdoing.

I am grateful for the lessons.

I release any anger I have stored in my heart.

I release any disapproval, I have stored in my heart.

I couldn’t be a good wife but I will be a good mother.

I release any conflict, I have stored in my heart.

I release any aggression I have stored in my heart.

I am grateful for everything I have in my life right now.

I will find love again if I open my heart and let go of the past.

I am grateful for the relationship I had with my former partner.

Divorce is not the end of the road. It’s a new beginning.

Thank god I am ending this here itself.

It’s okay to be divorced.

I send peace love and light to my ex today.

I am not vulnerable.

I am excited to create a new life for myself.

I release any insecurity I have stored in my heart.

I am a great mother.

It’s okay to feel lost at times this is only a temporary situation.

I ended it because we were not happy with each other.

Destiny has plans for me as well.

It is baseless to stay in a marriage where your efforts are not counted.

I am learning to love myself unconditionally

Now I can focus on my career.

I let go of everything that has happened to me and open myself to new things.

The past has no power or control over me.

I do have any second thoughts or regrets that this marriage ended.

I am no more yoked with a toxic marriage.

I’m through with bad-mouthing my ex.

My ex and I agree on the amount of child support.

I am giving a fresh start to my life and relationships.

It’s okay to be peaceful during the divorce process.

Mistakes I made during the marriage do not define me.

If he is fine without me then even I am good without him.

I know I can’t make someone stay in a relationship with me forcefully.

I open myself up to the excitement that each day can bring.

I tried but could and that’s okay.

Divorce affirmations for men

The way I see my ex is a reflection of how I view myself.

It’s okay to be happily single.

I’m a success at getting through this period of my life.

I will not get stuck here.

I have an opportunity now to create the life I want.

This has to be and so it is happening.

I am okay, with or without a spouse.

I am grateful for a new day to play in.

My marriage ended not my life.

I have forgiven my ex-partner and myself and now I will move on.

My relationship with my ex is improving daily.

I see the miracle every day.

People change and make mistakes so did I, not a big deal!

I have a bright future ahead of me.

Every day I feel and connect to the beautiful spirit that I am.

I am a beautiful person inside and out.

I am intelligent and capable of making good decisions.

I give and receive love easily.

I have an endless amount of strength within me.

My life is filled with an abundance of positivity and joy.

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