151 Brilliant Glow Up Affirmations

Are you feeling stuck in a rut and ready for a change? Are you looking for a way to boost your confidence and self-love? If so, incorporating glow up affirmations into your life might just be the answer you are searching for.

So if you’re ready to take the first step toward becoming your best self, then keep reading!

In this blog post, we’ll go over the top tips for incorporating glow up affirmations into your daily routine and how to make the most out of them.

With a little bit of dedication and consistency, you’ll be well on your way to a glowing up in no time.

What is a Glow Up?

First things first, let’s define what exactly a “glow up” is.

A glow-up is essentially a transformation or improvement in your overall appearance, mindset, and well-being.

It’s about feeling more confident and self-assured in who you are and what you have to offer the world.

Why affirmations can be a helpful tool in achieving a glow up

Now, let’s talk about why affirmations can be a helpful tool in achieving a glow-up.

Positive sentences that you repeat to yourself every day in order to realize your goals and enhance your general well-being are known as affirmations.

Affirmations can actually rewire your brain such that you start believing them and acting on them when you repeat them to yourself repeatedly.

For example, let’s say you want to improve your physical health and self-confidence.

You could start by repeating affirmations like “I am strong and capable of taking care of my body” or “I am worthy of love and respect, no matter what my appearance may be.”

As you repeat these affirmations to yourself on a daily basis, your brain will start to internalize them and you’ll start to notice positive changes in your behavior and actions.

I have personally seen and experienced the power of affirmations firsthand in my own life.

When I first started using affirmations, I was struggling with low self-esteem and a negative body image.

But as I consistently repeated affirmations like “I am beautiful and deserving of love” and “I am worthy of respect and appreciation,” I began to see a shift in my mindset and attitude.

I started to feel more confident and self-assured, and it really made a huge difference in my life.

Benefits of using affirmations

Affirmations, at their core, can help you to increase your sense of self-worth and self-acceptance.

You’ll begin to internalize and believe them more and more when you repeat affirmations that highlight your abilities and worth.

Your sense of self-worth and self-confidence will rise significantly as a result of this.

Affirmations can also help you feel more confident and increase your focus and clarity of thought.

It can be quite challenging at times to remain concentrated and on task when you’re frequently plagued with random thoughts and self-doubt.

However, by repeating affirmations that encourage positivity and clarity, you’ll be able to better focus on your objectives and goals, which will boost your productivity and success rates!

Importance of making affirmations specific and believable

Ready to start using your own glow-up affirmations? Hang on to your horses.

Let’s discuss the significance of making your affirmations as specific as possible.

Doing that while writing your affirmations is crucial.

For example, instead of saying “I am successful,” you can improve your affirmation to become “I am a successful business owner with a booming company.”

Your affirmations will be more narrowly focused in this way, which will make it easier for you to picture and realize your objectives.

Another point is about making your affirmations believable.

They won’t work very well if you repeat them even though you don’t really believe them.

Try starting with something more believable, like “I am worthy of love and respect, even if I don’t always believe it.”

As you consistently repeat this affirmation and start to internalize it, you can gradually increase your level of belief and positivity.

Over time, it can then evolve into something that sounds like “I am worthy of love and respect, no matter what my appearance may be.”

List of Glow Up Affirmations

It is easy for me to change my habits.

My emotions are my responsibility and I make sure I feel happy from within.

I will glow up no matter what.

I show gratitude to my body by keeping it healthy.

I always make decisions that are best for me.

I can’t wait to glow up.

I attract the very best from everything and everyone.

I feel confident in myself.

I take care of my skin and I take care of my hair because they make me look great when they are healthy.

I always set healthy boundaries with everyone in my life.

Today, I look and feel beautiful.

I release all worries about imperfections.

Maintaining and creating healthy boundaries is easy for me.

I am getting closer to a stable peaceful mind every second of the day.

Setting health boundaries support my wellness as well as improves the quality of relationships in my life.

Whenever there’s a decision to be made, I always take time to understand all the consequences before making a decision.

I can easily convey my boundaries to others.

I can easily take up new habits.

I allow all the toxicity to leave from the amazing relationships I have in my life.

I always dress in a fashionable manner that suits the occasion and place.

I love to stay fit and it is one of my priorities.

I allow good and positive changes to take place.

I appreciate all my good features whenever I look in the mirror.

Discipline is important to me because it helps me grow.

I am proud of myself for staying persistent to achieve all my goals.

I’m becoming more confident day by day.

I always dress appropriately & what I wear becomes fashionable.

It is very easy for me to stay disciplined.

I attract positive experiences and positive events.

Anyone can glow up.

I am very grateful for my appearance, taking care of it and appreciating is being kind to myself.

I embrace my flaws because nobody is perfect.

I listen to my body and give it enough rest.

People want what I have.

I let go of any negative thoughts.

I deserve to look good.

I admire so many things about myself.

I see myself as the person I want to be.

I celebrate myself and my successes.

Every day, in every way, I’m becoming better and better.

I know that true beauty comes from within.

I am ready to become the best and most fit version of myself.

It is easy for me to decide because I know myself very well.

I release any negative beliefs about mental and emotional well-being.

My mindset is evolving.

I always remember to celebrate and pat my back every time I accomplish something important to me.

Practicing expressing gratitude adds to my happiness.

I can express and convey everything with ease, positivity, and kindness.

I allow positivity to enter my life.

I allow disciplined to enter my life at a pace that is aligned with myself.

affirmations for a glow up

I enjoy eating nourishing meals.

Every day, I’m getting closer to my glow up transformation.

I am optimistic and positive.

Every part of my body radiates beauty.

I find it satisfying to take care of myself every day.

I radiate beauty from the inside out.

I choose not to take things personally.

I am confident in my abilities.

It is ok to forgive because it can open the ways for peace to enter my mind.

I am a magnet for love and positive attention.

My energy makes it easy for everyone to feel connected to me.

I am grateful for everything I’ve accomplished successfully in my life.

I trust myself to create an amazing life.

I always choose the outfits that suit me the best.

The more I love myself, the more beautiful I become.

I’m working on myself every day.

I am expanding my perception of what is possible for myself.

I always make myself look and feel the best.

I am allowing mutual respect & trust in all my relationships.

Seeing situations and things in positive light allows me to become peaceful.

I feel motivated to take care of my health.

I control my fears, they don’t control me.

I recognize and appreciate all the positive events that happen in my life every day.

I make sure to make myself feel special and good whenever I can because I deserve my attention.

My relationship with food is great.

I have a very recognizable and amazingly different way of talking.

Kindness and the energy of love are very apparent in my personality.

Everyone is going to be so shocked by my glow-up.

I am unique and special.

I embody my confidence with kindness and manner which makes me stand out.

I love taking care of myself.

I am grateful for everything good and positive that has happened to me in any form.

I feel good in my own skin.

I cherish all the positive things in my life.

I have a clear vision of myself.

Success comes easily to me.

I enjoy the idea of becoming my ideal self.

My fears do not hold me back.

I am allowing love and gratitude in all the relationships in my life.

I focus on my growth.

I am always able to tap into my intuition when making decisions.

I forgive myself.

I love and adore every inch of my body.

Meditation and deep breathing help me calm and I can easily do them.

This is my time to shine and I am stepping into my power.

I am conscious about what I eat and how food is affecting my body and this allows me to stay healthy.

I’m proud of what I have accomplished so far.

The more I recognize my successes the more accomplishments come into my life.

I take out time to do things I enjoy.

My relationship with my body is great.

I give myself time to process my emotions.

Setting healthy boundaries also helps me get closer to success because it helps me maintain my integrity.

I enjoy following a routine and staying disciplined.

I open my heart to experience all the emotions with an awareness that the value of happiness increases as I allow myself to feel my feelings.

I prioritize and take care of my health.

I feel more beautiful every day.

I enjoy working out.

My dressing and fashion sense is improving every day.

I am ready to allow discipline in my life.

I am never alone, the universe has got my back.

I allow myself to feel confident and worthy.

The more I smile, the more beautiful I look.

I do not judge myself or others.

I am aware that everyone I love loves me and has my good in their heart.

Good habits are actually very easy to take on.

I am allowing family, friends, love interests, and social interactions, all to heal.

My body is my home and it’s my responsibility to make it as beautiful as I want.

I have the power to change my life.

It is easy for me to stay consistent when I am adopting good habits.

I know who I am and my confidence comes from knowing myself so well.

My confidence is growing every day.

I’m proud of myself for wanting to change my life and body.

I love myself fully, deeply, and completely.

I enjoy my company and because of that, I am able to enjoy solitude.

I emit the energy of love.

My hair looks healthy and shiny.

I embody my ideal self every day.

I always dress the way it makes me feel confident and comfortable.

It feels good to glow up.

The source of my confidence comes from within that’s what makes it so powerful.

I let go of the things that hurt me and allow peace to enter my life.

My love for myself is unconditional.

I become more and more peaceful as I become aware of the truths of life.

I allow my higher self and my guardian angels to help me make great decisions.

I am deciding to step into my powerful self of who truly I am.

I take care of my mental and emotional well-being.

I allow myself to process my emotions at a pace that is aligned with me.

I recognize and celebrate all the successes in my life.

I feel beautiful today.

I take care of my needs because I love myself.

I am not my negative thoughts or emotions.

I allow myself to enjoy life and feel happy because I deserve happiness.

I am beautiful.

I choose to view life in a positive light.

My mind is focused on becoming the best version of myself.

My skin is smooth and healthy.

I’m taking control of my life.

I have a great sense of style.

I take out time to take care of my beauty.

I am blessed.

I am the creator of my own reality.

Techniques for making affirmations more powerful

Here are 7 techniques that you can incorporate into your daily positive affirmations routine to see real results!

Be current:

Affirmations should be expressed in the current tense and in a positive manner:

For instance, you may state “I am a person who completes work on time” rather than “I will quit procrastinating.”

Include emotions:

By including emotions, you can increase the impact of your affirmations.

For example, you may say “I am overflowing with confidence and self-assurance” instead of just saying “I am confident.”

Make them specific:

Make sure that your affirmations are specific to your ambitions and goals.

For instance, you might say “I am successful in attaining my goals and reaching my full potential” rather than “I am successful.”

Regularly repeat them:

The more often you use affirmations, the more effective they become.

Try saying your affirmations out loud or in your brain multiple times each day.


Close your eyes and visualize yourself accomplishing your objectives or bringing about your aspirations as you speak your affirmations.

Your affirmations will become stronger and more potent as a result.


Affirmations should be spoken in the first person since doing so makes them more powerful.

They become more significant and personal to you as a result.


It’s critical to firmly believe in and have faith in your affirmations for them to materialize.

Your affirmations become more real the more you believe in them.

In Conclusion: Glow Up Affirmations

Now that you know the benefits of affirmations and how they can help you with your own personal glow-up, will you be trying them out?

Start with a few simple affirmations that speak to you if you’re interested in incorporating affirmations into your everyday practice.

Try to see yourself accomplishing your goals as you repeat them to yourself aloud or in your brain numerous times each day.

Very soon, you will realize that they become a regular part of your daily routine and assist you in making positive changes in your life.

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