12 Hidden Truths and Intriguing Facts About Men That Women Are Unaware Of


Are you a woman curious about what goes on inside the head of men?

Have you ever wondered why they think and act in certain ways that seem strange or mysterious to us females?

Here, we will be diving into 12 hidden truths and intriguing facts about men that may surprise and intrigue you.

From their perspective on love to how they view themselves, delve deeper into the heart of masculine mysteries and gain insight into how these insights could help improve your understanding between genders.

By understanding these 12 hidden truths about men, women can start taking strides towards creating a more cohesive relationship dynamic with their male counterparts.

Are you ready to discover some truly eye-opening revelations?

#1. There’s a Strong Desire to Slap the Top of Every Door Frame

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Much like the previous point, this is another funny mention that seems quite universal, especially among a bit taller men. 

Some men discuss how they always need to slap the top of every door frame when they pass the threshold. 

These might be the same men who also tend to hang from the top of every door frame. 

They may have even gotten into the habit because there was something above a door frame they always needed to touch. 

Whatever the reason, this seems to be a widespread activity. 

#2. Men are Simple Creatures

confused man staring
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Many women wonder what men think about.

They might even consider some men are deep in thought about an issue.

But the reality is, most men are very simple.

They think about the upcoming game or what they are going to have for dinner, not how to solve the world’s problems.

#3. Some Men Are Literally Thinking About Nothing

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Have you ever been asked what you’re thinking about, only to realize that you’re not thinking about anything? 

This is more common than you might think. Even though some people might not consider this an acceptable answer, the reality is that plenty of people tend to zone out randomly and think about absolutely nothing as they stare into space. 

If they are thinking about something, they might be daydreaming like another man thinking about how he could make beer in 16th-century England. 

Don’t worry. It’s not always that deep when a man is quiet!

#4. There’s a Natural Urge to Fix Things Instead of Listen

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One insightful mention is that men tend to have the drive to fix things rather than listen. 

This means that when women come to them with a problem, men feel they need to act on it rather than sit there and absorb what she has to say. 

Fortunately, this is an easy fix. Many men ask that women tell them what they want before starting a conversation. 

If they need help with something, they’ll be there to offer advice or fix whatever it is that’s the problem. 

If they want someone they can listen and vent to, they’ll sit there and listen.

#5. Keeping Something Because a Woman Complimented It

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There are a lot of men who hold onto something because a woman complimented it once, and now they love it. 

One man talked about how a woman complimented his haircut four years ago, and he still hasn’t changed the way he gets his hair cut because of this. 

Another talked about how he was uncertain about a specific pair of shorts. 

However, after getting a compliment from a woman about those very shorts, they became his favorite shorts moving forward. 

If a woman shows appreciation for something, a man will likely keep it!

#6. Guys Can Take Hints, But They Sometimes Don’t Want to Be Wrong

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There’s a common misconception that guys aren’t able to take hints when a woman is interested in them. 

However, as evidenced by men’s responses, this isn’t always true. 

Some men can understand the hints but worry that they might be reading too much into them or that the hints are not hints but just kindness. 

Men don’t want to interpret the situation wrongly and then be embarrassed or humiliated as a result. 

Most men want the interest to be communicated directly so they don’t have to guess whether or not someone is into them.

#7. Men Have Just As Many Emotions and Struggles (Even If They’re Not Visible)

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Many men are taught from a young age that showing emotions is not socially acceptable. 

As such, many men are made to act like they don’t have emotions, and others might believe this is true. 

However, many men reveal they’ve struggled with emotions and more serious disorders like depression and anxiety. 

Even if it seems like a man is doing okay, something could be brewing underneath the surface. 

Men are human and have the same experiences as everyone else. 

Don’t be afraid to go out of your way to ask someone else how they’re doing or offer a helping hand. 

#8. Arousal Is a Biological Function

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Arousal is a biological function. It’s something that happens to men that they can’t control. 

The problem? When it happens, others often perceive it as a sign that they’re turned on. 

In reality, arousal can be spontaneous, and it’s not something men may even want to act on. 

Instead, they wait for it to go away so they can return to whatever they’re doing. 

Even though some people always see male arousal as a sign that men want something, most men recognize that it’s simply a part of life and work around it as best they can.

#9. Some Men Want to Be Tossed Things, Not Handed Them

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This is a rather silly one, but many men spoke with each other about wanting their partners to throw more things to them. 

Whether it’s the TV remote, a shirt, or something else, men want others to toss things to them rather than just handing them things. 

Why? Who knows? Maybe there’s an innate urge to toss things around with others. 

Perhaps some men feel accomplished when they’re able to catch a difficult throw. 

Whatever the reason may be, many men would appreciate it if things were thrown their way.

#10. Men Enjoy Intimacy As Much As Women

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Some women don’t believe that men want the same things they do. 

However, men couldn’t agree less. Many men want the same kind of attention that women receive just as much as women do. 

Some men spoke out about wanting women to hold their hands more. 

Others talked about how they, too, would like to be cuddled in bed. 

Even the small things can make a big difference, like someone thinking about their loved one and buying them a small gift. 

There might be a stigma around men and their emotions, but they’re there, and men want to be loved too.

#11. Men Like Others Showing Interest in Their Hobbies

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Hobbies are personal things, but that doesn’t mean that men don’t want others to express an interest in their hobbies. 

Many men get excited when they can geek out about their favorite things. 

Whether they deeply enjoy fishing, gardening, woodworking, or something else, they love it when people go out of their way to ask questions and learn more about whatever hobby the man’s engaged in. 

It’s even better when someone else participates in that hobby with them. 

#12. Men Want to Be Needed

sad man covering mouth
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As much as some men act annoyed when their wives need their help, most relish the idea of being needed.

Whether it is for a simple task or something more complex, there is an innate need in men to want to be needed.

#13. Men Remember Compliments, Forever

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When it comes to compliments, men remember the nice things you say about them. Whether it’s a small comment or a big gesture of admiration, it touches their hearts for years to come. 

This doesn’t mean they expect you to live up to every word, but they appreciate the love and appreciation behind each compliment. 

So don’t hesitate to tell your man how amazing he is and how much you love him. Those words will stay with him forever!

#14. New Shirt, Same Shirt

excited african american man
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Let’s face it: men are creatures of habit. 

They often stick to the same clothes for years because they know what works and what makes them feel comfortable.

That doesn’t mean they don’t want to look good, but they prefer reliability over trendiness when it comes to fashion choices. 

So if you’re looking for a way to show your man that you support his style, buy him the same clothes again and again. 

He will appreciate your thoughtfulness and you’ll both love that he looks great in them!

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