14 Things People Ridiculously Argue Over


Do you find yourself getting into heated debates with your family or friends over things that seem trivial?

Let’s explore some of the most absurd disputes and arguments people have, and why they matter more than we might think!

Whether it’s politics, opinions on certain subjects, or just everyday differences of opinion, these aspects can often lead to a lot of tension between people if there isn’t an open line of communication.

Join us in exploring 12 unbelievably common things people get into surprisingly serious fights about.

Also tune in as we try and uncover the truth behind the root cause of these issues and how best to avoid further disagreement.

#1. Close the Cabinet Doors After You’re Done Using Them

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Another minor annoyance that is a big hill for people to die on is people not closing cabinet doors after they use them. 

This one can be very relatable. If a ton of cabinet doors are left open at a time, it gets in the way of navigating the kitchen and makes everything stored look messy. 

At worst, you might even accidentally bump your head or arm on one of them while trying to get around. 

Always push in your dining room chairs AND close cabinets when you’re done with them. 

#2. All Water Tastes The Same

Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Actually, not all water does taste the same.

Depending on where you get it, from the tap or a bottle has a major impact on the taste.

So too does the place you are at.

Large city water will taste different from small town water.

Even different brands of bottled water tastes different.

#3. Clear the Microwave Clock When You’re Done Cooking Something

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Microwaves aren’t just valuable appliances to help you heat food. 

Many people use these in their kitchen as a clock too. 

This is why it can be mildly infuriating when they walk by only to see a flashing number instead of an actual time. 

Some people don’t care whether or not a microwave is cleared, but others have a strict rule about clearing the remaining time on a microwave if you pull your food out sooner than you anticipated cooking it. 

It’s a strange hill to die on, but it’s one that many agree with nonetheless!

#4. People Loving Having Their Box of Cables (and Other Seemingly Useless Stuff)

Photo Credit: Airborne via Deposit Photos.

If you like to hold onto things and never let go of them, you likely have a hill you’re dying on if you live with a partner. 

Most of us have a box of junk or a junk drawer, but some have boxes of specific items, like cables. 

These people argue that this is quite helpful as they may need these cables later if they lose or break another one. 

This might apply to people who also hold onto screws, nails, batteries, or other seemingly useless but potentially helpful stuff.

#5. Some People Don’t Load the Dishwasher Properly

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How one loads the dishwasher can be a major source of strain in any relationship. 

Generally, the biggest gripe is with how people load the dishwasher is limited to loading it wrong, like dishes in the wrong place, dishes packed too tightly together or facing the wrong way, etc. 

However, there’s another hill people will die on: people who load the dishwasher wrong by putting dishes in with food still on them. 

Sure, some dishwashers are capable of getting the baked-on residue off. 

But do you want to test it and leave your dishes coated in a film of whatever you ate last on them? 

#6. People Need to Move Out of the Way in the Grocery Store

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The grocery store, to many, is not a leisurely place. 

People want to get the items they need and get out. Still, some people feel compelled to take their time shopping around. 

This wouldn’t be an issue, except that the same people who take their time also tend to lack spatial awareness. 

These types of people tend to leave their carts in the middle of the aisle, where others have to wait or move around to the other side of the aisle via the next aisle over. 

Overall, people need to be more aware of what’s happening around them and move when others are also trying to shop.

#7. Push Your Chair in When You Leave the Table

Photo Credit: serezniy via Deposit Photos.

People generally don’t like their homes in disarray. 

But some minor things can bug people even if they don’t attract a ton of attention. 

One such thing is when people leave their chairs pushed out rather than pushing their chairs back in after they’ve finished eating. 

This can bug many people as the chairs are sitting askew and not back in their proper places after people have left them. 

If you’re going to sit around a table, it’s generally good manners to push your chair back in once you’re done at the table. 

#8. I Feel Sentimental About This, So We’re Keeping It

Photo Credit: NewAfrica via Deposit Photos.

There are two types of people: practical and sentimental. 

Those who are practical throw things away as soon as they have outlasted their purpose and begin to look old and worn out. 

If there’s a better version of something out there to purchase that could fulfill the role of something you have, why not go with that? 

Those who are sentimental want to hold onto old things, especially if they still work. 

One person talked about how they decided to hang onto their N64 even though their wife wanted them to throw it away, and that’s how they’ll keep it.

#9. Not Knowing How to Use Words Correctly

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You can’t fault people learning a language when they say something incorrectly. 

However, there are plenty of native English speakers who still don’t seem to have a grasp on the language. 

One excellent example is the confusion when using ‘they’re,’ ‘their,’ and ‘there.’ 

Another great example is ‘your’ and you’re.’ 

Plenty of people misuse these terms daily, which can be a massive pet peeve for certain people. 

Some believe that others should know how to use these common words correctly, and it’s a very common hill for people who know how to use them correctly.

#10. Highbeams Are Too Darn High and Need to Go

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Drivers who live in areas where more drivers need to turn on their high beams understand the struggle. 

Too many cars today are equipped with far brighter lights than they need to be. 

Even worse, some will add kits to their car to get a much brighter view of the road. 

The problem? Those drivers in front of them struggle to see as there’s glare in the car and every single mirror they need to have visible. 

Most people think extremely bright car lights need to go, which is a hill many people would happily die on.

#11. Self-Plagiarism Should Not Be Considered a Form of Plagiarism

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Self-plagiarism is generally a problem when publishing things or writing essays for class. 

Some people think that the rule is ridiculous. 

If you’ve written something in the past, you can’t plagiarize yourself. 

Those are your words, and you’ve already created them. 

You can’t steal them away from yourself like you can plagiarize words published or said by other people. 

It’s a hill people will die on, but one that’s very unlikely you’ll change anytime soon. 

#12. Putting a Service Dog Vest on a Non-Service Dog

Photo Credit: AndrewLozovyi via Deposit Photos.

Too many people want to take their dogs with them everywhere they go, so they decide to get a service dog vest for their pet.

They think it is harmless, but it is not.

Not only is there dog not certified, but many cities and municipalities have laws against doing this.

There is a reason for a service dog, because a person truly needs a service dog, not because it would be convenient to bring the animal everywhere they go.

#13. Watching Our Favorite Series, Without Me?

Woman watching tv show
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

It’s a debate as old as time: should we watch our favorite series together, or apart?

For some couples, watching something separately is preferable since it allows them to digest the plot and form their own unique opinions.

Others argue that watching shows together strengthens their bond and creates fun memories.

Regardless of which approach you choose, one thing is certain: watching a series without the other person is off-limits!

Phew. Now we can move onto more important things, like planning out our next Netflix date night.

#14. Boneless Wings Are Chicken Nuggets

boneless wings
Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

Here a topic that has sparked debates throughout history: 

Are boneless chicken wings really just chicken nuggets? 

On one hand, some argue that they’re practically the same. 

Both are breaded and fried until perfectly crispy and golden. 

However, the distinction lies in their shape and size. 

Chicken nuggets have a defined form, while boneless wings are often made from chicken strips and lack a specific shape or size. 

So, technically speaking, boneless wings can’t quite be called “nuggets.”

But let’s be honest, the verdict is still up for grabs! 

What’s your take on this delicious controversy? 

Are boneless chicken wings just another name for chicken nuggets? 

Help settle the debate!

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