The 17 Things You’re Ignoring That Could Be a Serious Threat to Your Life

Are you going through life completely unaware of the dangers that are lurking around every corner?

Are there threats that could put your life in danger right under your nose, and you don’t even know it?

There are probably a number of potential risks to both physical and mental health that we never take into consideration.

It’s time to buckle down and take stock of these 17 crucial things many people tend to ignore, they could be serious threats to our lives!

It’s time for must-know advice about how these hidden hazards can turn into harm if they’re not handled with care.

#1. Hearing

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Most of us know that exposure to loud noises over a long period can lead to hearing loss.

But few realize what defines loud.

As a result, people playing their headphones or car radio too loud could be causing serious damage.

And while you can get hearing aids to help you recover some lost hearing, you will never naturally get it back.

#2. Pain Medication Side Effects

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Overt the short term, taking a pill for a headache or a muscle pull isn’t an issue.

But it can be when you consistently take them every day.

The ingredients begin to build up in your body and can lead to serious health consequences.

As a result, it is critical you talk to a doctor if you need these medications for an extended period of time.

#3. Retirement Savings

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Many people put off saving for retirement until they are close to retirement.

The problem here is that they miss out on decades of compound interest. 

This means they need to save thousands more every month for a comfortable retirement.

They would be miles ahead if they saved earlier, even a few hundred dollars a month.

So while you might have a lot of financial commitments now, you still need to prioritize saving for retirement.

#4. Nursing Homes

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Not all older individuals have the privilege of aging in place. 

Most people need to go to a nursing home to age comfortably. 

However, they may not pay much attention to the nursing home they choose. 

There are a lot of nursing homes that fall below the standard of care you wish to have, which can greatly impact the rest of your life as you continue to age. 

Make sure you do your due diligence when looking into nursing homes to get the best possible quality of care and treatment.

#5. Voting and Politics

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Politics is a tricky subject. Everyone has opinions and beliefs that ultimately determine how they interact with the world around them. 

At the same time, people don’t take voting and politics nearly seriously enough. 

Many people won’t vote, but avoiding casting a vote will inevitably lead to less impactful change than you want to see. 

Even if you don’t necessarily align with certain people, sometimes just one vote can make a difference. 

A lot of people also believe they hold no power, failing to reach out to try to convince people to join a cause.

#6. Parenting

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Some people become parents by accident, and it may show. 

Parenting lays the foundation for the rest of someone’s life. 

If they’re given all of the tools they need to navigate life with ease, they will have a much easier time growing up and navigating life. 

If they’re neglected, not taught essential life skills, and otherwise pushed to the side in terms of priorities, it can greatly affect their life path. 

Parenting is a serious responsibility and should be treated as such. 

#7. Disinformation and Education

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These two tend to go hand-in-hand, so it makes sense to mention them together. 

Starting with the first area, people often don’t take disinformation seriously enough. 

Disinformation isn’t just something that can be ignored, it can be dangerous. 

Whether it’s a lack of education, poor critical thinking skills, or poor research skills, many people will buy into things without doing their due diligence, which can pose a serious risk to people around them. 

Moving onto the bigger issue is a lack of focus on education. 

Not all education meets expectations, and higher education opportunities can often be out of reach. 

A lack of education can make life substantially harder, limiting opportunities and preventing you from advancing. 

On one hand, there are factors going against people looking to educate themselves. 

On the other hand, some people may not put much stock in education. 

Overall, if there’s an opportunity to learn and advance your own education in some way, take advantage of it as soon as possible.

#8. Big Rigs

semi truck
Photo Credit: whitestar1955 via Deposit Photos.

People treat semi-trucks like other cars on the road, cutting in front of them or tailgating them without realizing the danger.

These trucks weigh anywhere from 25,000 up to 80,000 when fully loaded. This is why they leave a gap between themselves and other cars.

It’s not for people to cut in, it’s to leave room to stop.

If they are in an accident, odds are the trucker will walk away. The drivers of the cars involved, not so much.

#9. Mental Health

Photo Credit: AndrewLozovyi via Deposit Photos.

Health is often neglected overall, a clear trend in this piece. 

However, mental health can be one of the bigger areas. 

Getting the proper mental health support can be challenging because some people might not believe in mental health. 

They may not notice these issues or attribute them to something else. 

The problem? Mental health issues like anxiety or depression can impact physical health and how you navigate daily life. 

As with the above, if you aren’t able to pay for mental healthcare on your own, look for free opportunities or talk with therapists in your area to see if you can find one that accepts sliding scale payments.

#10. Sleep Deprivation

woman on cell phone in bed
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We live in a highly productive world, and that increase in productivity often means we have to pull time away from other activities to get more done. 

One primary source of this time is sleep. 

However, taking time away from your sleep can do more harm than good, even if it does seem like you’re getting ahead. 

Sleep deprivation can reduce focus and memory, increase fatigue, and put you in very precarious situations if you’re handling heavy machinery or in a line of work helping others. 

Make sleep a priority and see if there are other areas in your life that you can cut down on instead. 

#11. Passwords

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Every online site we visit seems to require a password, and they need to be more and more complex.

Because they are difficult to remember, people tend to use the same one over and over.

While this seems like a great solution, the issue is that you make it easier for someone to steal your identity.

It would be the same if you had a single key that opened all the doors to your house and car.

While creating different and complex passwords can be annoying, dealing with identity theft is much worse.

#12. Dental Hygiene

Photo Credit: AndreyPopov via Deposit Photos.

Dental hygiene goes hand-in-hand with personal health, but it’s slightly different. 

Dental hygiene can be more challenging to care for, especially without the support of a dentist. 

The problem? Not everyone has dental insurance or can pay for dental care. 

However, letting problems build up is not a great solution. 

Unmanaged dental problems can cause cavities, gingivitis, and even periodontal disease if left untreated for extended periods. 

Dental hygiene should be taken very seriously, and there are free resources out there that you can take advantage of to get your teeth attended to without breaking the bank. 

#13. Forest Fire Warnings

forest fire
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If you live in a state where you encounter frequent wildfires, you know how devastating these natural events can be. 

A small fire can quickly eradicate acres upon acres of land. 

At worst, people can lose their lives and their homes in the process. 

That said, not everyone takes these events seriously. 

Some people refuse to evacuate even when there’s a warning in their area. 

True, some of them get lucky and aren’t in the path of the fire. However, others aren’t so lucky. 

If there’s any evacuation notice or a warning about a specific natural disaster in your area, like a forest fire, treat it very seriously and take the necessary action to get yourself, your family, your pets, and your most important belongings to safety. 

#14. Personal Health

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Personal health doesn’t receive as much attention as it demands or is as emphasized as it often should be. 

For some, it’s a matter of simply not noticing problems when they arise or not thinking they could be as serious as they might be. 

For others, it’s a lack of access to affordable healthcare resources or even simple things like health insurance. 

Ignoring your health can lead to major problems down the road. 

Let them pile up long enough, and you can be looking at a severe emergency at the worst possible time. 

If you can’t afford traditional healthcare, use available free resources and leverage preventative measures like working out, eating a healthy diet, and engaging in other healthy habits to keep yourself in good health for as long as possible. 

#15. Driving

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Most people share a common sentiment nowadays: the world is full of substantially more terrible drivers. 

This could be due to several reasons, including the fact that there are fewer rigorous driving requirements, people aren’t teaching their children how to drive, or that you need a car to get anywhere. 

Whatever the reason, many people don’t take driving nearly seriously enough. 

There are so many distractions in the car that pull them away from the road, and a minor second of being distracted can lead to disaster.

#16. Bad Hygiene Habits

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Poor hygiene can not only damage our physical and mental health, but it can also wreak havoc on our social life as well. 

It’s important to take care of our bodies by showering regularly. 

Taking the time to practice good hygiene is essential for overall physical and mental well-being.

#17. Ignoring Pain

old woman in pain
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Another cause of misery is ignoring pain.

Many people are so busy with life that they don’t pay attention to the pain their body may be feeling.

By ignoring our bodies’ warning signs, we can often find ourselves in a lot of physical and emotional distress.

Taking the time to listen to what our body is telling us and seeking out medical help when needed can help us stay healthy and happy.

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