Wake Up and Discover 14 Astonishingly Dystopian Facets of Our ‘Normal’ Lives

Do you ever stop and think about the dystopian reality that lies just beneath the surface of our everyday lives?

It’s easy to get caught up in daily routines: wake up, go to work, come home, make dinner, watch TV, rinse and repeat.

But pause for a minute before slipping back into autopilot mode.

What do we miss when we take life at face value?

At first glance things appear ‘normal,’ but if you peel away the layers of complacency, you will uncover an array of unsettling truths.

From climate change crises to dwindling natural resources and corporate monopolies controlling governments, what was once only imagined in sci-fi literature has become an alarming reality. Come along as we explore 14 extraordinary facets of our society which are anything but ‘normal’!

#1. Having to See Ads Everywhere

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Advertisements are inserted in every possible place our eyes might wander.

At first, we might have seen them only in magazines or on television.

But now they’ve made their way onto TV loading screens (for those with a smart TV), onto our phones, everywhere in the sky, buildings, and even in the sea.

Quite frankly, we shouldn’t be bombarded with ads everywhere we go.

However, it’s become so ingrained in our culture and commonplace that many of us throw our hands up and deal with it.

#2. Lack of Freedom

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We all crave the freedom to live our lives how we want, to go and do the things we enjoy.

And while many of us do enjoy a lot of things, we are tied to our phones an awful lot.

So much so that they take away some of our precious freedom.

We need to always be connected, which hurts our relationships and leaves us missing on on many of the great things life offers.

#3. Running Out of Sick Days

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Being sick and being able to stay home is a luxury many can’t afford.

For those who can, they generally have a limited number of sick days that they can use before they need to essentially work, regardless of how they’re feeling.

This puts their health at risk as well as the health of their coworkers and customers.

It’s a harsh reality, but it’s one that you’re not going to find too many people fighting against, as they need to work to make money.

#4. The Concept of Ownership Disappearing

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If you’re someone who feels as though they’re a little behind in life, you’ve likely heard your parents or your grandparents talk about how they were able to buy a house, a car, and a host of other essentials at your age while supporting themselves and others.

Of course, this isn’t their America.

Corporate greed, inflation, stagnant wages, and beyond define modern life.

However, there’s another disturbingly growing trend that’s becoming commonplace today: a lack of ownership.

Everything is a subscription, from housing (which is highly unaffordable, causing prospective homeowners to give up and stick to renting or those already renting remain trapped) to TV (Netflix, Hulu, Paramount+, etc.).

You have to have a subscription to use things in your car.

You have to have a subscription to use your fitness tracker.

You can’t go anywhere without needing a subscription.

It’s normalized, but plenty of people aren’t happy with it.

#5. The Amount of Trash We Produce Regularly

trash in dumpster
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America is not a country known for being a low-waste country.

But how often do you think about the waste that we collectively produce?

Probably not much.

Consumerism is what our country revolves around, and it’s something that we’ve been programmed to do to such a degree that we don’t know or don’t care about the enormous amount of trash we create through all the products we consume.

We also might not think or care about where that trash goes once it’s picked up.

#6. The Normalization of Debt and Credit Scores

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Debt is the norm these days, and it’s often tied to our need for credit cards to improve our credit scores.

People get credit cards to boost their credit scores, end up overspending because they don’t have enough money, plunge into debt, and then stay there.

It’s a vicious cycle that has continued since the advent of credit cards that remains due to economic issues.

It’s become routine, but it’s still quite sad.

#7. People Using Platform or Advertiser-Friendly Language

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Have you ever heard people use quirky language to say another word, such as “unalive” for “dead”?

If so, it’s not just a new type of generational speak.

Many people engage with a wide range of social media and entertainment platforms, many of which will outright ban certain words and shadowban users and creators who use those words in any capacity.

As a result, this censorship has introduced new words (or new ways of saying specific words) into our vocabulary.

Online censorship of specific words doesn’t stop the use of those words.

It just makes those saying them more crafty about getting their message across.

#8. Always Being Monitored

man spying through blinds
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It’s important to preface this by saying that people have constantly been monitored, and the bulk of everyone being monitored likely isn’t a major concern or someone who has much to hide.

With that in mind, you might feel a sense of uneasiness and insecurity to know that you’re always being monitored.

From smartphones and smart home products that are always listening to data collection from every website you visit to doorbell cameras and other CCTV equipment, all eyes are on you 24/7.

It’s a reality that has just become more invasive over the years.

#9. Healthcare Being Connected to Employment

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It’s not uncommon to hear Americans talking about healthcare being a right.

Some might prefer the benefits of privatized healthcare, but even those individuals will likely agree that healthcare these days is too darn expensive.

Of course, this is a feature, not a bug.

Healthcare is often tied to employment, meaning people need to find and stick to those jobs to have coverage to support their healthcare needs.

It’s become so widespread that it’s something people understand about our system and something very unlikely to change if powerful employers have anything to say about it.

#10. Anti-Intellectualism or Pseudo-Intellectualism

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Is it wise to be smart?

Not always, according to some people.

The rise of anti-intellectualism has resulted in massive groups of people who don’t want to be educated, as well as pseudo-intellectualists who have been indoctrinated into a particular way of thinking and believe that they’re smarter than others despite lacking key critical thinking skills.

These types of thinkers or non-thinkers, alongside normalizing poor education, don’t bode well for the future.

#11. Stories About People Working Extremely Hard to Scrape By

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You don’t have to look too hard to find stories about people having to do the most to be able to afford basic things, whether it’s rent or medical care.

These stories are often tagged as inspirational, motivational, or even heartwarming, telling tales of people who have had to go the extra mile for whatever reason.

The reality?

Sadly, people must work hard to survive in a system that does not provide them with the most basic needs.

#12. Working Decades to Afford Retirement

cash in hand
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So many people work hard for 40 or more years of their life and then had just enough to survive the time they have left.

Meanwhile, you read stories about how 80 people control the world’s wealth.

#13. Required  to Finance, Even If You Have The Cash

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The percentage of people using installment plans to pay off a purchase has skyrocketed in the past decade. 

But what about when you have the money but are still required to finance, this is incredibly common in many retail stores and car dealerships.

It’s often the case that you have to agree to a financing option in order to get the best price or even proceed with the purchase. 

It doesn’t make sense, and it’s an annoying practice; but it’s one of those things that we have just come to accept as part of life.

#14. Bots Taking Over the Customer Service Industry

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It’s no secret that technology is taking over many facets of life, and customer service is no exception.

Chatbots and voice-activated assistants are quickly becoming the go-to for companies looking to provide quick customer service solutions.

These bots can answer frequently asked questions, help troubleshoot problems, and even place orders for customers.

Although they may never completely replace customer service reps, their presence is likely to grow in the near future.

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