14 Unforgettable Things The Pandemic Erased From the Changing World


It’s been over a year since the start of the global pandemic, and we can already see how much the world has changed.

The pandemic has drastically altered day-to-day life for nearly everyone, creating new expectations and realities.

But what about those things that have been completely erased from our lives?

These are experiences, activities and joys that were once part of normalcy but seem all but impossible today.

From cherished tradition to unforgettable moments, here are 14 unforgettable things we’ve lost in this swiftly changing world as a result of COVID-19.

#1. Loved Ones

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We tend to think about things being lost in the pandemic being something tied to our beings or the world around us.

But among the most valuable things people lost during the pandemic were their loved ones.

Before the vaccine and even after (for more vulnerable groups), many people tragically lost their lives to the virus.

These people will never return, unlike some of the other items on this list.

This is one of the worst losses people could have imagined from the pandemic.

#2. Being Able to Afford Things

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Life before the pandemic wasn’t necessarily cheap, but many people could afford it or didn’t notice how expensive things had gotten over the years.

However, that all changed with the pandemic.

The economy began to stagnate, prices rose exponentially, and, unfortunately, they never came back down.

While the prices of many things rose due to shortages, it became clear in some industries that businesses just jacked up the prices to take advantage of the situation and make consumers pay more.

Now, very few things are affordable or attainable for the average consumer.

#3. People Who Know How to Drive

angry driver
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People have gotten worse on the road.

While the cause of it is unknown and could be blamed on everything from people who just no longer care to pent-up anger and other emotions caused by the pandemic, people are much more reckless and no longer care about road safety rules and practices.

Even worse, many more stories about accidents or intentional incidents like shootings scare people from doing basic things like driving to work.

Until there’s a safety crackdown, a lot of people likely won’t feel safe on the road anytime soon.

#4. Small Businesses

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The pandemic changed store hours, foot traffic and item availability, but many small business owners weren’t able to stay afloat.

In February 2020, the US had over 30 million small businesses.

By July of that year, more than 100,000 had closed permanently due to the pandemic.

#5. Confidence and a Sense of Self

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As I previously mentioned, mental health became a problem for many during the pandemic.

Isolated and with nothing to do, people started to think about who they were or engage in harmful coping mechanisms to get through the situation.

Many people came out on the other side with little self-confidence, not much of an idea of who they are, and issues like addiction, weight gain, and mental disorders.

Some may never recover, given the state of the world and some developments that have happened along the way, while others will have to work hard to try to feel normal again.

#6. The Illusion of Safety

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Is the world really safe?

Is the country really safe?

These are some of the questions asked during the pandemic and long after.

People no longer have the illusion of safety they once had, and it shows.

#7. Stores Being Open Late and Advertising Correct Hours

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Before the pandemic, there was a pervasive sense of order.

There was a schedule that people stuck to, especially when it came to visiting specific stores or even food establishments.

But once the pandemic happened, that sense of order disappeared.

Many people took notice of restaurants and stores completely shifting their schedules and no longer staying open late or 24/7.

Even worse, the advertised hours available online or at the storefront were very unpredictable, with some places not being open during their advertised time or just not being active very much at all.

This is a trend that has continued even after the pandemic officially ended.

#8. Social Skills

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The lockdowns implemented to try to control the spread of COVID had a major impact on socialization and overall mental health.

Those who spent a while in captivity struggled to cope with not seeing anyone or doing anything.

Over time, they started to lose the essential social skills that they had previously cultivated.

Now, many people struggle to interact with others, barely caring what others say, unable to form a ton of sentences, or simply finding themselves exhausted after interacting for an extended period.

Many people are just burnt out, even in their social lives.

#9. Enjoying Your Job

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One of the most significant issues caused by the pandemic was job loss.

Unable to physically be at work (and for those who worked in industries where in-person interaction is essential), many people were laid off, especially as some companies lost a ton of money because of the lack of spending.

But while job loss is a big concern and not something we’ve necessarily recovered from (plus factors like low wages and a lack of benefits), people enjoying what they do also disappeared with the pandemic.

Many people now find themselves very jaded, working in an environment where they’re understaffed, dealing with rude individuals, or even one where they’ve had to watch the people around them get sick and pass away.

Many wish they could return to a time when things seemed better.

#10. No Traffic or Smog

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For a brief period during lockdown, no one was on the road.

Many people enjoyed this because there was substantially less traffic, making it much easier to get from Point A to Point B.

Of course, another major plus came from a lack of cars on the road: less smog.

But with the reintroduction of cars on the road and the end of lockdown (employers are now even chipping away at remote work and trying to make workers come back to the office), low traffic and no smog are a thing of the past.

#11. Civility, Especially in Public

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Even people who weren’t great in the first place knew that they had to act or behave a certain way in public.

But in light of recent events, a lot of that civility and decorum has gone out of the window.

People are much ruder post-pandemic and are not afraid to make their problems (or perceived problems) your problems.

Some people have become ruder and more dangerous to others in public.

Everyone just wants to go out safely and enjoy their day without negative encounters.

#12. Mental Health Challenges

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Mental health is an important part of our lives. During the pandemic, many were required to stay home for long periods of time with limited social interactions.

This lead to feelings of loneliness, anxiety and depression in many people.

#13. Free Food Samples

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Free food samples are one of the most beloved things at grocery stores. 

Nothing beats a good sample of your favorite snack! 

However, with the heightened safety regulations in place, free food samples have sadly become a thing of the past.

#14. Planning Vacations Abroad

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Traveling abroad was a luxury many of us enjoyed.

Exploring new places, tasting different cuisines and immersing ourselves in diverse cultures are all part of the travel experience that we’ve come to miss.

Unfortunately, with most international borders closed due to the pandemic, traveling abroad has become a distant dream for many.

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