416 Travel Affirmations That Helps Travelers Achieve More

I think it’s fair to say most people love to travel or aspire to travel.

Seeing the world has a deep-rooted sense of romanticism and adventure that is hard to resist for us mortal beings.

While we all wish that each trip goes perfectly, there are times when things don’t always go our way.

This is why before each trip, it is good to recite travel affirmations, whether it is to see your dreams come through, to travel safely, or to find the greatest adventures.

Are you a traveler or traveler to be? It is normal to feel nervous as you are embarking on something that is unknown to you.

Your thoughts are what define you.

Make use of these positive affirmations for travel to replace the negative thoughts with more positivity!

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What are travel affirmations?

Affirmations are basically short sentences that are positive and encourage affirmative actions.

They might not have happened yet, but you wish to manifest that outcome.

It turns your doubts, fears, and negativity around and puts them in a positive light. 

For example, you might always hold on to a thought that goes, “I can never afford to travel”.

In this case, your mind is already stopping you from doing it, even though that may not be true.

Using positive affirmations for travel can help to rewire your subconscious thoughts and make you gravitate towards your real truth.

Instead of the sentence above, you can switch it by saying “I am saving lots of money to travel right now”. 

The more you recite and repeat this to yourself each day, the more you will believe in it, and you will naturally take action to achieve it.

It is not magic, but I sometimes do think it is.

Over time, you learn to trust yourself instinctively.

It is amazing what our minds can do. 

What about you? What are your intentions and what do you wish to manifest?

List Of Travel Affirmations To Feed Your Wanderlust

This is a long list of travel affirmations that cover various outcomes that travelers want out of their trips.

It could simply be for safety, or it could be you wanting to discover new adventures. 

Whichever your intention is, I recommend that you browse through the entire list.

It is randomized on purpose so that you would read without prejudice.

Take your time to read through them and pick out a few that really resonates with you.

You may use them as it is or you can modify them to fit your unique situation.

Remember to get your own one-page affirmations worksheet (near the end of this list or up above) and get started right now!

Affirmations for nervous flyers

I am grateful for this journey and the exquisite beauty it brings to my life.

Booking flights is exciting.

I am free to design the life of my dreams, and my imagination knows no limits.

Today, I can be anything I wish to be.

I am superior to negative thoughts.

I have packed everything I need.

My pilot has flown thousands of hours.

I am creating a life of adventure and happiness.

I invite peace into all my interactions with others.

I am living in the moment and not holding on to any negative past energy.

I am able to travel more for enjoyment rather than work, whenever I want to, wherever I want to go.

My desire for new experiences inspires others to break free.

My airplane has been thoroughly checked and is cleared for flight.

I am comfortable being uncomfortable.

I am experiencing and controlling time travel now, whenever I choose.

I am capable, strong, and confident.

I travel often.

I trust the crew.

I always receive help and guidance when I need it.

The people around me are friendly and helpful.

I am always safe.

I can find and accept help.

I find peace in exploring new places.

I am grateful for a safe journey, a smooth journey and a comfortable journey.

I nourish my body with positive thoughts, good food, and plenty of rest.

I attract positive events and opportunity into my life.

Think positive.

I travel in style.

I am happy with the me I am right now in this moment.

I forgive myself for past mistakes.

I am open and willing for new adventures.

I know I will love exploring a new city.

There are ATMs and banks everywhere.

I am on the right path to achieving my goals and dreams.

I welcome peace into all my interactions with others.

I allow positive energy from the universe to flow through me.

My spirit is pure adventure.

I am lucky for the opportunity of a fresh start, full of love and laughter.

Visiting far away places is fun.

Flying to business meetings is easy.

I am grateful and open to the abundances of the universe.

My body carries me masterfully through this world.

Travel is my destiny.

This is such an exciting trip.

Travel makes me an optimist.

I accept invitations to travel with friends and family.

I have a lot of love in my heart for the world.

Today is fresh and new.

Turbulence is normal.

People are kind, welcoming, and helpful.

I continue to be amazed by the beauty of the world around me.

Affirmations to overcome fear of flying

I am smart enough.

Flying is easy for me.

Flying is safe.

I am naturally positive when flying.

My journey is my own and I am grateful to go through this unique experience.

Planes make noise. This is normal.

I inspire others with my courage.

I am having a blast exploring my new area.

I look forward to taking flights.

I love seeing sights in person.

I am here, now.

Inhale security, exhale fear.

I allow my soul to shine.

I choose to let go of the negative, and focus on the positive.

I surrender control of my itinerary.

I meet new and interesting people every day.

I consciously embark on an amazing sentient journey.

I will relax on planes.

Travel makes everything seem

The world is beautiful.

The plane has enough fuel for the trip.

Affirmations for world travel

I am beginning to enjoy flying.

I am already settled into the life where I live now.

I appreciate my abundant life.

Travel is freedom.

Breathe in, breathe out.

My heart seeks a journey.

I will overcome any obstacle I encounter along my way.

Each day is a new opportunity to be amazing.

I am already settled into my home.

I always spread joy and love wherever I go.

There is no limit to what I can do or to the love I can receive.

I have everything I need in this new place.

All of my dreams are coming true.

I am right where I need to be.

I will look forward to traveling.

I can rely on the help of strangers.

I am grateful for all the good things in my life and for those yet to come.

I enjoy traveling all over the world without a care.

Travel cultivates cheer in me every day.

I simply decide to be excited for the day.

I know that travel enriches my life and introduces me to new adventures and cultures.

Travel opens my mind.

I am open to the misadventures.

My spirit wants adventures and I know I will enjoy it.

The journey is the goal.

I can travel more for pleasure than work.


I graciously accept gifts of the universe with gratitude.

affirmations for travelers

Travel Affirmations for When Things Don’t Go According to Plan

I find my true self through travel.

I am alive in this moment.

The hotel’s front desk is open.

Life begins now.

I accept that there will be boring or hard parts of travel.

I rise to overcome any challenges that come my way.

I will miss my friends and family here, but I can call them anytime and speak on the phone.

Wealth of the world flows freely into my life.

Incredible things are headed my way.

I find joy in the simplest of things.

I follow my intuition and trust where it is taking me.

When I look back I see only positive things from my traveling.

I welcome spontaneity in my travels.

I am creating the best possible life for myself and those I love.

I welcome the opportunity to learn about different cultures and customs.

I have worked hard to be here.

I am worthy of adventure and love in all its forms.

Others see me as a frequent flyer.

I go from barriers to possibilities.

My thoughts create my experience. When I think about travel, I attract more travel into my life.

I will fly often.

The best is yet to come.

I will create sunshine for the joy of others.

I attend spiritual workshops and travel to exotic locations whenever I want.

I like flying.

I am carving out the wild and true lifestyle I desire.

Through travel, I learn to embrace happiness in the largest and smallest of places.

I can fly anywhere in the world.

Every day holds new opportunities for great things to happen.

I release my fears and can fully enjoy my journey.

I give back to the world as love flows into me.

I choose to be calm.

Life is an adventure.

Affirmations for solo travlers

I’m excited to be living in a new home in a different city.

I will live fearlessly.

I am open to new and exciting adventures.

Pilots practice for all situations.

I am more fluent every day in my new language/customs/culture.

I am aware of my surroundings.

I am grateful for this moment.

I only listen to positive thoughts.

I am enjoying my flight.

A journey in life is a journey to your soul’s destiny.

I pause and reflect before reacting.

There is so much to explore and see.

My mind is at ease.

My pilot is skilled and capable.

I am in charge of the trajectory of my adventurous spirit.

Today is a good day.

A smile is a smile in any language.

travel affirmations for travelers

Travel Affirmations for Building Connections

I am safe; all is well.

I am peaceful in my place.

The world is my oyster.

I am open to receiving all of the good that there is in the world.

Thank you angels, Universe, God, Mother Mary for travelling with me.

I am divinely protected. From the moment I awake to the moment I fall asleep.

My body is strong enough to get me through my travels.

I am prepared to prosper beyond my wildest dreams.

I let go of expectations.

This is so much more profound in person than in pictures!

Travel helps me to inhale with positivity and peace and exhale negative thoughts.

I will not be limited.

Travel teaches me courage and to embrace my vulnerability.

Travel brings me joy.

I create my own travel itinerary.

The food everywhere is nutritious and plentiful.

I have enough money to have every important experience.

Curiosity leads me to interesting new places.

I accept and welcome all experiences.

People like me.

I am protected.

I meet new and intriguing people daily.

My health is in my control, no matter where I live.

People reflect my positive attitude.

My hotel is beautiful and trustworthy.

I am so grateful for the opportunity of knowing a new home.

I am the energy that I wish to attract.

We are able to travel where we want, when we want, and have unlimited resources to do so!

I deserve the happiness that this new start offers to me.

My new city is safe, exciting, and will present me with new opportunities.

I will have a carefree life.

I am grateful for the life I have, and the opportunity to travel and be healthy.

I am complete, with nothing to prove.

I have released my fear and can fully enjoy my journey.

I can explore anywhere I want & the resources for travel are always available to me.

I am so very full of peace and gratitude for this journey.

I let go of all the worries that drain my energy and feel as light as a feather.

I ask, I believe, I receive.

I am happy right here, right now.

I am allowed to prosper and accept abundance into my world.

My future is filled with amazing travel opportunities.

I am the architect of my travel fortune.

I move my body in a way that honors and respects it.

I always have what I need when I need it in my adventurous heart.

I have power over my life no matter where I live.

I find pleasure in the hidden and most secret of places.

I pass through all security checks with ease.

I accept and embrace all experiences.


affirmations for more travel

Affirmations for travel anxiety

Today will be an adventure!

I let myself be guided toward positive experiences.

I find my true self in the farthest corners of the earth.

I practice good health routines and habits no matter where I live.

Loved ones will be able to visit me, or I can visit home anytime I like.

There is no rush and everything is figureoutable.

Flying is safer than driving.

I am free to explore at my own pace without limitation.

It’s adventures like this that make me stronger.

Long flights are relaxing.

I choose to be relaxed and happy.

Turbulence is just like a pothole in the road.

My body carries me expertly through this world.

I let go.

I am powerful.

I welcome adventure into my life.

I am grateful for the opportunity to explore the world.

I walk into this situation expecting love and openness.

Today is a beautiful day for an adventure – rain or shine.

I have all my documents prepared.

I have all that I need and more.

I am deeply fortunate to be in the position to travel.

I am always safe.

I simply enjoy traveling.

I honor my energy and respond as necessary.

Today is a new chapter and a fresh start.

I am fully present in each moment.

My home is my sanctuary.

Every day in every way, travel is making me happier and happier.

I invest in myself wholeheartedly.

I move through the world with ease.

I do not judge my own thoughts.

Money flows freely and easily to me

I surround myself with positive vibes and allow travel to lift my spirits.

I am grateful for every single one of my adventures and opportunities to grow.

Each day is a new day.

My gratitude knows no limit.

I am thankful for safe journeys.

My world is brimming over with joy and love.

I easily make good friends.

My life is free from fear.

My mind is open to new ways of living.

I always find my hotel without a hitch.

Today’s flight is smooth.

I am grateful for my life and being given the opportunity to travel to a new city.

I feel secure within my own power and knowledge.

My fear of flying is gone.

The past holds no power over me.

I attract success and wild adventure.

affirmations for adventure travel

Affirmations to manifest more travel in your life

I have the means to travel abroad whenever I want to.

My life is filled with travel.

I am willing to embrace new challenges, whatever they may be.

I relax when on planes.

I am grateful to be able to explore the world.

My positive outlook and attitude are contagious!

The airplane is in tip-top shape.

I invite new opportunities into my life.

Traveling is just part of life’s great adventure.

I always find my way.

I’m so grateful to be exploring this beautiful planet of ours.

Millions of flights take off and land every day peacefully.

Our takeoff and landing are uneventful.

Check-ins always go smoothly for me.

I know I will meet new people and make new friends in my new city.

People are warm and helpful.

I celebrate this life.

I create opportunities to travel more often.

I find joy and connection in my new life.

I love to fly and explore the clouds.

New countries welcome me with open arms.

Every day, millions of people fly around the world safely.

I will visit far away relatives.

Travel inspires connection.

I am grateful, I am enough, and I have enough.

I will book flights without hesitation.

I am excited and ready to travel.

I am surrounded by beauty.

No matter where I live, I am in control of my destiny.

I know what to avoid eating and drinking, no matter where I go.

Plane rides are enjoyable.

All I need to know at any given moment is revealed to me. My intuition is always on my side.

My reservations are confirmed, and a beautiful room is ready for me.

I live life to the fullest.

Everything I need is here.

Adventure makes me strong and peaceful.

I am grateful for any opportunity to travel.

I have nothing to be fearful of.

There are kind people everywhere.

I am secure. There is no cause for alarm.

I am open to receiving an abundance of love and wild adventure.

I’m going to find lots of new and exciting things when I travel.

I love to travel and explore the beauty of the world.

Travel makes me radiate positive energy.

I greet all life with love in my heart.

I am grateful for the time I have to travel.

I let go of all fear and doubt, and life becomes simple and easy for me.

I cannot wait to get settled into my new home in a new city.

My happiness is contagious.

I am in charge of how I feel.

affirmations for travel anxiety

Travel Affirmations for Your Upcoming Trips

My heart is bursting with joy.

I am safe, confident and happy as I travel.

I feel good about traveling and know that only good things will happen.

I am open to understanding others.

New countries embrace me with open arms.

Every time I drive I arrive at my destination quickly and safely.

I will not stress over things outside of my control.

I enjoy taking long flights.

My true self is with me no matter where I live.

My curiosity inspires others.

I release harmful thoughts of my past and look to the future with excitement.

I have unlimited choices.

I love exploring new places.

I am open to new ideas and the questioning of my own long-held beliefs.

I am content and at peace.

I am grateful for safe journeys.

I know everything will work out how it should.

I will overcome my fear of flying.

I am able to draw energy from the world when I see new places.

As I allow more abundance and love into my life, more doors will open for me.

My happiness grounds me and I allow my fears to drift away.

Every moment in my life leads me to integration and connection.

The flight attendants are well-trained and know how to handle anything that comes up.

My new favorite place is out there.

I am peacefully allowing this moment to pass.

I am a confident, relaxed traveler.

I easily grow roots in my new home.

I observe my emotions with calm detachment.

I am open to the spontaneous nature of travel.

The world is an abundant place.

Flying is fun.

Negative thoughts are not me.

People understand what I am trying to say.

I am centered, peaceful, and grounded.

I have the power to manifest trips and travel.

Traveling makes me happy and frees my spirit.

I am joyful as I travel and explore the planet.

I am worthy and deserving of the life I desire.

My smile is a universal connector.

I easily find everything I need.

I will create the life that I desire.

A river of perfect wealth always runs toward me, washing over me.

I am calm when flying.

I am surrounded by supportive loved ones always.

I allow the abundance of the universe to flow through me.

My intuition is my guide and I trust where it is taking me.

I travel to the most beautiful places.

I enjoy traveling.

Travel teaches me to look on the bright side.

I let go of fear.

travel the world affirmations

Health Affirmations for Travel

Travel gives me the opportunity to grow as a person and learn more about the world.

My journey is peaceful and enjoyable.

My body is strong enough to carry me up mountains, down rivers, across oceans, and into city streets.

I allow different cultures and traditions to inspire me.

The more love I give to my endeavors, the more I receive.

I always find something good to eat.

I can travel wherever I want, whenever I want.

I am on a wonderful adventure.

I am open to new experiences.

I am worthy of everything good that comes my way and I will accept it with gratitude.

My pilot is well-trained.

I see beauty out my window.

I am not alone. I am connected to the people in the world around me.

My new city is magical and magnificent.

There is plenty of airspace for all the planes flying today.

Others are attracted to my adventurous spirit.

I create the life I deserve.

I visit new sights regularly.

I am grateful for the adventure.

My soul and body are fit for the trip.

I travel and live the life of my dreams.

Other people would love to have the travel opportunities I have.

I face the challenges of today with a positive and cheerful spirit.

Every journey is an adventure.

I am the happiest I have ever been.

The universe will provide me with adventure and love.

Everything that I need today will be made accessible to me.

I myself appreciate how far I have traveled.

I always have exactly what I need right in front of me and along my path.

I am gentle with my words and my thoughts.

I am in charge of how I feel and feel great about traveling.

I am the master of my destiny.

I am brave and grateful to have learned it.

My fears are not realities.

Positive affirmations for travel

I am able to control my anxiety and fears.

I live and breathe excitement and seek out new experiences.

I am a worldly, fun, experienced, and interesting person.

I am safe traveling by myself smartly.

Everything that I need today will be made available to me.

My joy is contagious and attracts good people to me.

I am smart.

I am connected to the people and places I love.

Travel is living life to the fullest.

I wake up in a new place joyful and inspired to make this day great.

I remembered everything I need.

I am grateful to be in the position to explore the world.

Today I choose to let go of all past negative influences.

A new city will bring new and rich experiences in my life.

I find joy in stillness.

Seeing new things is inspiring.

affirmations for more travel adventures

Travel Affirmations for Safety

Airplanes are designed for safety.

Something incredible is going to happen to me.

I will not let anxiety or fear tell me what I can or cannot do.

I fit into my new neighborhood or village exactly how I am.

Travel fills my days with laughter.

I release control of my itinerary.

Every day, in every way, I am integrating into my new community.

I am looking forward to traveling and all the experiences it brings.

People are as curious about me as I am about them.

I travel safely to every exciting destination.

I accept that challenges will come my way and rise to overcome them.

I am calm and content.

People accept me for who I am.

I discard all expectations.

I’ve always wanted to see this.

I will banish my fear.

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