312 Affirmations For Attracting Clients And More Sales

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Today’s post is all about affirmations for attracting clients.

Whether you are a coach, sales representative, or entrepreneur, it is important to develop a positive mindset towards your business. Your clients can feel it! 

The truth about doing sales is that it is hard, and you often face with rejections.

The worse thing you can do is to take them personally, leading to a manifestation of more negative thoughts.

Make use of the following affirmations to attract more clients and improve your mental strength in order to succeed in your business. 

Can affirmations help you attract more clients?

First of all, it is important to know a little more about affirmations and the Law of Attraction.

It states that like attracts like, and what that means is you will attract what you think. 

For example, if you harbor negative thoughts like “this is my life, I will never get more clients”, this thought will manifest itself in your life, and I guess you know the end result.

You can turn things around by making daily positive affirmations a part of your life.

You need to be clear about what you want and strengthen it with words of affirmation.

When you believe in your goals and intentions, you will naturally do things that will lead to the outcome you desire, such as that long awaited job promotion.

Sounds like a lot of hot air?

Well, you are not alone, and yet, thousands upon thousands of people have benefited from it or are actively seeking ways to improve their lives with it.

There are also lots of research conducted in this field with very positive results.

How to manifest more clients for your business?

To be very honest with you, you might not be successful in using this.

And before you close the page and think about bashing me, please let me explain further.

Affirmations can only work when you truly believe in something. It is no use when it is a half hearted statement made for the sake of making it.

You to fill your subconscious mind, think it, breathe it, and live it every day. 

Only when your thoughts and actions are clear and in line with each other then will you have an aha moment and start to reap the benefits.

In simple words, you need to make it your reality. 

The section below shares tips with you on how to use affirmations, and with time and practice, you will be able to visualize clearly what your dream outcome is and gravitate towards it.

List Of Affirmations For Attracting More Clients

This list was created to help as many people as possible who want to attract more clients for their business.

They work regardless of the type of business you are in, so be sure to take some time to browse through them.

Suggestions on how to use them are listed above to help guide you.

Below is a brief overview of what you can expect to find, and be sure to grab our one-page affirmations worksheet to guide you along.

Affirmations for attracting customers

I am now able to turn my expertise into income.

I easily attract clients who can pay me.

I honor my goals with great responsibility.

Success, money and happiness come easily to me.

I love how excited and happy our clients are to work collaboratively as a team.

My business dreams are constantly manifesting.

I am a top performer.

My business is setup for massive success and prosperity.

My clients know that they are ready to work with me, and I draw to me people who are ready to step up in their business, relationships, and health.

I leave a dent in universe with my work.

Whatever I can dream up for my business I can achieve.

Every day I am closing new business.

It is easy to attract my perfect, ideal clients.

Productivity is about working smarter, and that’s what I do.

They find me easily in myriad ways.

Even my prospective clients recognize my value.

My money goals will manifest this year.

My clients are so excited by the work we do together that they happily give testimonials of our wonderful work.

My wonderful clients share with others the transformations they receive in our work together, and as a result, many new wonderful clients come into my life.

I am worthy of financial security.

Every dollar I spend comes back to me multiplied.

I have the best company in the world.

My clients know I am aligned with my highest purpose.

I sell my ideas because I believe in my ideas.

I will transform obstacles into opportunities with grace and creativity.

I care about my clients and their satisfaction and that’s what makes my business successful.

I always attract my ideal clients in abundance.

I make a great boss because I care for my employees as well as the company.

Each day I get closer to realizing my business goals.

I am worthy of success.

I let myself move with confidence in the direction of my goals.

My mind is sharp and clear and I find it easy to reason well.

I always strive to improve my services and products.

We laugh, we create and we increase our income together, easily and effortlessly.

My bank account fills to overflowing, because my clients happily sign up for whatever programs I offer!

I love my customers and I appreciate that I can share my values with other people.

I am great at managing and organizing projects.

I feel confident that I can achieve anything I set my mind to.

I am passionate about my business and that shows in everything I do.

I know my Divine, perfect clients exist! And I let go of any fear that they do not exist.

I always achieve my goals on time.

My work makes a difference.

They are committed to their personal and spiritual growth.

I get everything I want by helping others get everything they want.

I honor the work we do together, and my clients honor that work as well.

I have the potential and capabilities to run my own business.

My work leaves me stronger and happier at the end of day.

I make sales every day.

I am firmly on the path of achievement

I know that my thoughts are powerful thoughts of energy, so I always focus on what I want which is an abundance of a perfect ideal clients.

Positive affirmations to attract more customers

The passion I have for my work allows me to create real value.

It is so easy to find my perfect clients and it so easy for them to find me.

I know the value I bring to my clients when we work together, and my clients recognize that value.mon

I easily attract the clients who can pay me.

I am a successful and I make a difference.

I have more clients than I need.

Successful people are attracted to me.

I keep moving forward with my plans.

I am ready to receive success.

I choose to focus on the positive today.

I am good at making sales.

I am persistent in all that I do.

I am ready to manifest amazing business opportunities today.

It is so easy for my clients to find me.

I have a consistent flow of new clients, bringing me money all the time. And I feel so grateful for every one of them.

It is my time and I am ready to receive all the financial rewards my business will bring.

I enjoy multiple streams of income.

Today, I am completely open to receiving my perfect, ideal clients in abundance.

Everyday I set goals and always achieve them.

Success and growth are inevitable outcomes of my work.

My message is very clear.

Being my own boss is responsibility I handle with care.

I am grateful for the wealth I have obtained.

I consistently contribute to the success of others and that makes me happy.

Entrepreneurship is the safest bet to security and wealth.

Everything I need to be successful is available to me.

I attract my ideal customers and clients with my energy.

My business helps me serve my life purpose.

My Divine ideal clients are looking for me right now, and I am open to receiving them now.

Everywhere I go, people want to know me, and they want to work with me.

My classes, my workshops and my programs always fill easily and steadily with fabulously wonderful clients!

I celebrate my successes.

I am an entrepreneur.

I always do a lot more than expected.

My business is overflowing with opportunities.

My clients are delightful to work with.

My clients come to me in a variety of ways.

Every day I’m more confident in myself.

New clients flow to me in avalanches of abundance.

Day by day in each and every way I am becoming better and better.

I am a wonderful coach and my clients love working with me.

They are thrilled with the work we do.

I am a perfect match for my ideal business.

Money is no longer an issue.

I am a Divine client attraction magnet.

I choose to be happy. I choose to be healthy.

Money comes easy to me.

I am blessed to work with successful people

My clients find me in many different places.

I am confident in my ability to make money.

Affirmations for clients who are easy to work with

I love my clients, and my clients love me.

With each success I achieve, I attract more success.

I am decisive and make good decisions.

I started my business at right time in my life.

An abundance of business is always available to me, and my passion.

I trust the Divine to bring these perfect clients to me now!

My clients are powerfully magnetized to me and to my work.

It is easy for me to do this.

I draw to me people who are ready to step up, and ready to take action for what they want.

My clients love getting their work, their sacred work, out into the world powerfully.

They know that when they work with me, they, too, are aligned with their highest purpose.

I am driven by passion and purpose.

I happily serve my clients with an open heart and generous soul.

The success of my fellow entrepreneurs fuels me with energy and joy.

I love that the law of attraction is in the process of unfolding and attracting everything I need to make this happen.

Today I will make more sales then yesterday.

I am worthy of financial success.

Sales and success come easily to me.

My energy is in alignment with my ideal client and they know this!

My income is rapidly increasing.

I enjoy working with my ideal clients.

I’m a responsible person and always get things done on time.

My client list is filled to the brim and it overflows!

My clients are easy to please, and even easier to work with.

My clients are ready and willing to do the work they need to do in order to be successful in their goals and in their dreams for their life.

The prosperity of every kind is drawn to me by my clients.

Obstacles and challenges strengthen me.

I am grateful for the ability that I have to give.

My business is successful in every way.

I see the transformation my clients make with the sacred work we do together and I value it.

I have the power, the intelligence, and the capability to achieve any goal.

I take action on all that inspires me.

My perfect clients are very coachable; they are open to hearing what I have to say.

I will honor my dreams and remind myself daily that I deserve success, happiness and money just as much as anyone else.

I create an avalanche of financial abundance and give back in amazing ways.

I am open and receptive to new avenues of income.

I am building a successful company everyday.

I always attract perfect clients.

My clients are hungry for my unique work.

Being successful is natural for me.

I am in great demand.

I am thankful for the opportunities that come my way.

I attract my Divine, perfect clients now.

My income is constantly increasing.

I easily attract successful clients with my energy.

I am a highly successful and passionate salesperson.

My clients know me, they like me and they trust me.

My business is growing at exactly right pace.

I always do better than I did yesterday.

My clients are fun to work with.

Affirmations for great clients

I am thankful for each and every person who contributes to the success of my business.

I’m energized in my business.

Money and wealth comes to me easily.

Success and achievement naturally come to me.

I am destined to achieve what I want to achieve.

I am attracting powerful, positive and healthy people into my life.

My clients love working with me.

I am serving a higher purpose.

I attract success. I attract happiness.

I have a long waiting list of great clients eager and ready to work with me!

I believe in the value I create, in lives of others through my business.

I believe I deserve to be financially free.

I take calculated risks when I need to without fear.

What I focus on grows, so I focus on my business.

I treasure the freedom my business affords me.

My perfect clients find me easily and effortlessly.

I easily attract the clients I want.

My business is growing just the way I want.

I love being positive.

I track my goals and cross out the ones I achieve every day.

I release pessimism and doubt about achieving my goals.

I can easily manifest any goal I set for myself.

I am filled with gratitude that all of this is true, right here and right now.

Entrepreneurship is path of service and prosperity.

My business attracts wealthy and powerful people.

My clients and I play, work and grow together.

I welcome them now into my business and into my life.

Money comes to me in fun and surprising ways.

I can accomplish anything I set my mind on.

I am guided all day, every day, and in every way, to the places where my clients are.

I easily let go of any fear that my perfect clients will not (or cannot) find me.

I powerfully envision what I want.

My business meets and exceeds my needs and my family needs.

It is so easy for me to market my work because I listen to what my clients want and I offer it to them.

I have a great team that adds a lot of value to my business.

My success and failures do not define me, they grow me.

Every day I improve.

I attract success and wealth.

I am so lucky to have new customers coming to me every day. They make me feel good.

Money flows into my business easily and effortlessly.

Nothing will stand in my way of accomplishing my goals today.

My business makes me and other people happy.

My business is a huge success.

I am happy. I am successful. I am fulfilled.

The choices I make are in alignment with my dreams.

I attract more wonderful clients than I could possibly work with.

I know exactly who I love working with, and it’s easy for them to find me.

Somehow my clients last longer and don’t slip through my fingers anymore.

They know that I under-promise and I over-deliver, and they appreciate this.

My business is a magnet for my ideal clients.

Affirmations for sales

I am attracting new clients each day.

I am grateful for the endless opportunities that I have.

I understand running a business is not easy, but I have faith and confidence that I can do it.

I serve my highest work to my clients and customers.

My divine client list beautifully reflects the sacred work that I do.

I know how to delegate tasks to other people easily to save me time.

When I make a decision I always consider my clients’ needs and how I can improve my business.

Affirmations for making good decisions

They are grateful for the transformations that we create together.

My perfect clients are drawn to me just like a bee to a flower.

I enjoy the challenge of achieving my goals.

I am energized by challenges in my business.

I love how quickly new clients agree to our services and sell themselves on working with us.

Today I am going to be better than yesterday.

I know the Divine guides my right and perfect clients to me always and in all ways!

I easily share my message with the world, and this powerful message draws to me my perfect, ideal clients.

Successful and supportive people are attracted to me.

I am able to listen to people’s advice and criticism, learn from them and implement them into my life.

My income is growing everyday by doing some things I love.

A productive day full of ideas lies ahead of me.

My clients are hungry for my sacred work.

My perfect clients are looking for me, and they are ready to work with me.

I respect and honor my clients, and my clients respect and honor me.

My clients love their transformation.

My clients know exactly what I do, and they know how I can help them.

I release all resistance to money. I am worthy or positive cash flow.

I am making a difference in the world with my products and services.

It’s ok to make mistakes and I will not let them hinder me.

I have a very long waiting list of clients.

My perfect clients happily pay for my services because they understand the value of the transformation they receive.

I believe in myself and trust in my abilities to succeed in all that I do.

I love work and feel charged and energized by work.

I am always guided by the Divine to my perfect clients at exactly the right time.

My clients see the transformation they make in the sacred work we do together, and they value it.

I don’t spend money on frivolous things and save as much as I can.

My business is getting larger each and every day.

Being a entrepreneur is my natural path in life.

I find solutions.

I am smart and successful.

I am highly skilled and successful entrepreneur.

I create wonderful business opportunity everyday.

I believe in myself and have patience to endure the hard times.

I take really good care of my clients, and they know this and appreciate it.

Supportive people are attracted to me.

Every decision I make is for the benefit of my goals and aspirations

My failures have made me a better entrepreneur.

I am always in the right place and right time because this is the only place and the only time.

My prospective clients understand the value of my work, and they are clear that they want it.

There is an opportunity in everything that presents itself to me.

I can achieve any goals I set myself in business.

There are no limits to what I can achieve.

I know that I can connect with my perfect clients in the most wonderful way possible.

I know that every day, in every way, my Divine clients are finding me and they are asking to work with me.

I know how to manage my time well.

I crush my goals.

I appreciate all the lessons that owning my business has taught me.

My service is a gift to this world, and i’m compelled to share it.

My clients will get the best from me.

I am a magnet for success.

My clients have chosen to let go of playing small and they step into their greatness.

I am operating in a positive space that allows me to receive more money.

I take entrepreneurship serious without taking myself to serious.

I deserve to be successful in all I do.

I am a perfect candidate to run a business.

My business allows me to have a life I love.

My clients are thrilled to support me as I provide fantastic value for them.

Making good decisions comes easy to me.

I visualize the results and benefits of my goals.

I happily market my sacred work to the world, because I know the world is looking for my gifts.

I can achieve any result I want when I put my mind to it.

They know that without me, that transformation would not have happened in a way that it did.

People like me and enjoy working with me.

I am a lean, mean, goal-achieving machine.

I am ready to have a great day.

Every dollar I circulate comes back to be multiplied.

I am worthy of money.

I know exactly the right places to go to find my perfect clients.

I love the freedom my business provides for me.

I easily attract the clients who want to work with me.

I am ready to put my clients first in all that I do.

It is so easy to get new and wonderful clients!

They want to hear what I have to say, and do they take action for themselves.

My sales pipeline is full of new business.

I’m in the process of unfolding all that I need to do, know or have to attract my ideal design and marketing clients.

I succeed with ease. I succeed with grace.

I have more than I will ever need.

I love what I do.

My clients are committed to their vision.

My revenue is growing each month.

I am open to receiving new opportunities and people that will enhance my future.

I know exactly with whom I love working and I attract them to me easily and effortlessly.

My account never stops growing.

My work makes a difference in this world.

I easily attract my ideal clients.

I easily attract sales.

I plan my work and work my plan.

My clients remain with me for a very long time.

My clients have a strong wealth consciousness.

It is easy for me to get things done.

People refer fabulous clients to me all the time!

I am very clear about who my perfect, ideal client is.

My clients are committed to the vision they have and they take action to create it in their lives.

I now create an abundance of my perfect, ideal clients.

I now draw to me a wonderful array of perfect ideal clients.

I invest in myself and my business everyday.

It is so easy for me to attract this person into my business.

Financial security brings me joy.

My clients love the transformation we create together.

As I become more and more successful, I help more and more people.

I work when I want, where I want, with people I want to work with.

I love how clients gladly pay us top dollar for our premium services.

All my thoughts and efforts lead me to the success I desire.

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