19 Outrageously Effective Hacks to Reclaim Your Sanity in a Chaotic World

In today’s world, it often feels like chaos is the new normal.

Between a global pandemic that refuses to fully release its grip, an increasingly polarized political climate, constant notifications and demands on our attention from social media and screens – it’s no wonder so many of us feel like we’re teetering on the edge of insanity on a daily basis.

How did our lives get so stressful, fragmented and out of control?

And more importantly, what can we actually do to wrestle back some sense of calm, clarity and sanity when it feels like the world is conspiring to do just the opposite?

Today, I’m sharing 17 outrageously effective hacks and strategies that have helped me to reclaim my peace of mind even on the most manic of days.

Small tweaks you can start implementing right away that may just change your life.

#1. Limit Social Media

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Limiting time spent on social media can be a game-changer when managing your productivity and time.

It’s no secret social media can be an addicting source of entertainment.

Before you know it, half your day is gone, and you have not accomplished anything.

By setting boundaries for yourself, such as scheduling social media “check-ins” for specific times of the day or limiting overall time spent scrolling, you can free up valuable hours on other important tasks.

Taking control of your social media usage saves time and can improve focus and reduce stress.

#2. Limit Your Choices

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Regarding decision making, we tend to think that having more options is always better.

However, having too many choices can actually be overwhelming, causing us to waste precious time and energy trying to weigh all the options.

By intentionally narrowing down our options, we eliminate unnecessary decision-making time and can focus on the options that really matter.

Whether it’s choosing a restaurant to eat at or a new phone case, limiting our choices can help us make quicker and more decisive choices, ultimately saving us time and reducing stress.

#3. Stop Staying Up Late

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The importance of a good night’s sleep can’t be overstated, and staying up late isn’t doing your body or mind any favors. 

Staying up past your natural bedtime will lead to tiredness during the day, decreasing productivity and making it harder to fit all tasks into the available time.

Instead, try to go to bed earlier so you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle your day.

#4. Multi-Task Smartly

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Time is a precious commodity we never seem to have enough of in our fast-paced world.

This is why it’s essential to learn how to multi-task efficiently.

Multi-tasking smartly means getting more done in less time without compromising the quality of your work.

Doing this allows us to maximize our time and achieve our goals faster.

For example, you can listen to an audiobook during your morning commute, answer emails while waiting for a meeting to begin, or use voice dictation software to write reports while doing other tasks.

#5. Stop Snoozing

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Are you tired of hitting snooze every morning and feeling rushed to get out the door on time?

Instead of wasting those precious minutes hitting snooze, start your day off on the right foot by getting up when your alarm goes off.

By eliminating the temptation to sleep, you’ll have more time to enjoy a leisurely breakfast, exercise, or prepare for your day.

While an extra 15 minutes might not sound like much, you will be amazed at how less stressful your mornings are.

And if you think you need those extra minutes of shut-eye, do yourself a favor and go to bed 15-30 minutes earlier to make up for it.

#6. Schedule Time to Veg Out

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In today’s fast-paced world, there’s never enough time to accomplish everything on our never-ending to-do lists.

Finding time to take care of ourselves can be challenging between work, family obligations, and social events.

We can become more productive by scheduling downtime to relax, reflect, and recharge.

Taking just a few minutes to veg out can help reduce stress, boost creativity, and increase focus, contributing to a more productive and fulfilling life.

#7. Automate Purchases

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With the increasing pace of our fast-paced lives, people are looking for ways to make daily tasks more time-efficient.

Automating purchases is one such hack that can save people precious time.

Instead of spending hours browsing different shopping sites and finally making a purchase, you can automate the process.

You can get notified about offers and sales by setting personalized reminders and alerts.

This saves your time and ensures you don’t miss out on any great deals.

Moreover, with automated purchases, you don’t have to worry about manually entering your card details and address each time you buy something.

#8. Take Advantage of Waiting Time

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Let’s face it, waiting time can be one of the most frustrating times of our day.

Whether waiting in line at the grocery store, sitting in traffic, or waiting for a friend to arrive, these moments can feel like wasted time that we’ll never get back.

This is where the concept of taking advantage of waiting time comes in.

Using these moments to our advantage, we can make the most of our day and save valuable time.

That might mean catching up on emails, listening to an audiobook, or practicing mindfulness meditation.

Whatever your preferred method, taking advantage of waiting time is a time-saving hack that can benefit anyone looking to make the most of their day.

#9. Use Technology

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Technology is a great way to save time.

You can now use autocomplete when writing or replying to emails.

Automatic bill pay services save you time from writing checks or scheduling payments.

Take the time to figure out how technology can help save you time, and then use your additional free time to do the things you love.

#10. Get Organized

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Searching for things, rearranging work schedules, and constantly multi-tasking are the bane of our existence.

It often feels like time is slipping through our fingers, and we could use a few more hours in a day.

Fortunately, an efficient solution to this problem exists: getting organized.

A well-structured schedule, decluttered workspace, and routine maintenance can increase productivity.

Knowing what needs to be done beforehand lets us strategize our day and get work done much quicker.

#11. Learn To Say No

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We’ve all been guilty of overcommitting ourselves at some point.

Saying “yes” to everything may feel like the best way to ensure productivity and success, but it often leads to overwhelming stress and burnout.

This is where the power of “NO” comes into play.

Learning to say “no” can be a complete game-changer regarding time management.

By prioritizing the tasks and activities that are truly important or necessary, you create space in your schedule for the things that matter and reduce the clutter of unnecessary obligations.

Saying “no” means freeing time to focus on the tasks at hand, ultimately resulting in greater efficiency and productivity.

#12. Spend 5 Minutes Doing

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When everything feels out of control, it can be paralyzing.

A simple trick to overcome this feeling is to spend 5 minutes on a task.

Just focus for 5 minutes to get something done.

Don’t worry if it will take you an hour, just commit to 5 minutes.

Once you get going, you will find you can commit more time, getting more done.

#13. Create Routines

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Creating routines is a time-saving hack that can potentially change your life.

By establishing a routine, you streamline your daily tasks and allocate time more efficiently for the things that matter most.

Whether exercising, meal prepping, or studying, adherence to a routine makes every activity less daunting and helps you achieve your goals faster.

Setting up a routine eliminates the need for constant decision-making, ultimately relieving stress and improving overall mental clarity.

While it may take some time to establish a routine, you’ll find that the initial investment is more than worth the time and energy you’ll save every day.

#14. Create A To-Do List

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It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of tasks that we have on a daily basis.

From work assignments to personal errands, our plates can become full quickly.

This is why having a to-do list is such a valuable time-saving hack.

It helps us prioritize our tasks and stay organized.

With a to-do list, we can see exactly what needs to be done and in what order.

Of course, you must prioritize your list by prioritizing the most critical items to ensure you are best using your time.

Plus, crossing off completed tasks gives us a sense of accomplishment while propelling us to tackle the next item.

#15. Plan Your Morning The Night Before

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Do you ever wish you had a few extra minutes in the morning?

Maybe for a cup of coffee or to go for a short walk?

A simple solution can be found in planning your morning the night before.

By taking a few minutes before bed to lay out your clothes, pack your bag, and set up the coffee maker, you can eliminate the rush and chaos of a morning scramble.

This time-saving hack can give you a smoother start to your day, allowing for a more relaxed morning routine and extra time to savor those small moments that can make all the difference.

#16. Stop Procrastinating

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Because our lives are so busy, we do everything possible to save time.

But while we think we are saving time, the reality is we aren’t.

For example, you might walk up and down the grocery store aisle trying to find the shortest line possible.

In the 10 minutes you wasted trying to find the ideal checkout line, you could have gotten in line and been done already.

The same is true when driving around looking for a parking space close to the store or speeding up to get home quicker in stop-and-go traffic.

#17. Prioritize Tasks

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Not all tasks are created equal, so identify the most important tasks you need to complete and prioritize them accordingly. Start with the most difficult or time-consuming task first as this will help you build momentum for the rest of your day and free up more time in the day for yourself.

By prioritizing tasks, you can effectively manage your workload and have more time for rest and leisure activities.

#18. Stop Waiting

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One area where people waste a lot of time is waiting.

How often have you spent an hour on hold trying to get through to customer service?

Or how frustrating is it when you are done with your meal and waiting for the server to give you your check?

There are simple solutions to these and other situations.

When dining out, ask for the check when the server comes while you are still eating.

When on hold, many services now offer to call you back.

#19. Ask For Help

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If you are in a relationship or have others around, it is perfectly fine to ask for help.

You don’t have to do everything yourself.

Your loved ones would be happy to help in any way they can if you explain the challenging time you are going through.

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